Sebastien Haller - Magical Skills & Goals

Sebastien Haller - Enjoy his best Skills and Goals in the Bundesliga!
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Sebastien Haller has the build of a classic centre-forward, but the Frenchman is much more than a token bulldozer. Quick, skillful and capable of playing out wide, Haller is the perfect team player. Along with Luka Jovic and Ante Rebic, he was part of the most feared front threes in Europe last season and played an integral role in Eintracht Frankfurt's DFB Cup win the previous campaign. What is your favourite Sebastien Haller moment? Let us know in the comments!

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100+ comentarios:

Lèvin de Heer
Lèvin de Heer:
Who is here after Ajax update?
Normadic N
Normadic N:
He's like a younger Giroud but has pace. So good first touch, and brings others into play. Wow.
Everton fan here, what I like about Haller, except his spectacular goals, is he is quite unique. Every footballer jumps, runs, dances, etc after a scoring, but Haller walks calmly back, like he hasn't done anything.
Samir Riad
Samir Riad:
He became under rated in 18/19 thanks to luka jovic
Negrones Gamer
Negrones Gamer:
Joga muito!
Al Za
Al Za:
What a players, so underrated when he played next to Jovic.
Christophorus Winahyu
Christophorus Winahyu:
He’s this season UCL leading goal scorer so far, but yet not everyone recognize him…INTERNET COME OOON…
Old Greggs Creamy baileys
Old Greggs Creamy baileys:
On paper West Ham are one of the most exciting teams being put together in world football. What a project to be a part of for any player.
Elliott Wong
Elliott Wong:
As an MU fan, I sadly say that we missed out on a top striker because of the simple-mindedness of Ed Deadwood. 😫
Comb In His Headpiece
Comb In His Headpiece:
Reminding me of Giroud, big strong striker, good in the air, with a good touch.
I’m so excited to see him in the claret and blue ⚒
Jack Grogan-Fenn
Jack Grogan-Fenn:
Really hope we can get this over the line. Could be the perfect player for us #coyi
I wonder how many he will get being supplied by Pablo fornals and Felipe Anderson
Rumpel JA
Rumpel JA:
Very very good player.
West ham is really putting a crazy team together, I would be surprised if they don't make the top 6. I actually expect them to push for top 4 but miss out just.
After watching this 3 minute video West Ham fans are in the pub like "he's cushty, the bees knees. I've been watching him for years, he's mustard. 30 goals guaranteed, I kid you not fella".
Poor West ham. This guy was a star in Bondes Liga, but as soon as he came to England the star was off.
Stijn . B
Stijn . B:
0:29 you literally saw the opponents player looking like ‘WTF JUST HAPPENED, DID HE ACTUALLY PULLED IT OFF’😂
He's perfect for the pl
Luisa Harfich
Luisa Harfich:
And of course, the Bundesliga had a video prepared, just in time for the signing.
Can’t believe West Ham are gonna sign.... him he’s good enough to play for clubs like Liverpool and Dortmund
Nguyễn ThếAnh Official
Nguyễn ThếAnh Official :
he's has a style of David Trezeguet and strong balance .
Most important player for SGE.
Good luck Sebastien,but…😭😭😭

Lost Modeste→ get relegated
Lost Goretzka,Mayer→ terrifying
boris brian
boris brian:
*The Admin is as hard-working as this player* 😀👍
If doesn’t leave, how many points might Frankfurt get...
Ethan Rothermel
Ethan Rothermel:
The Bundesliga has a way of turning out 9s like him and Joelinton who aren't traditional strikers but can still be highly effective. Haller especially seeing as he's just so good. He reminds me of Giroud while Joelinton is like Firmino in a sense.
Zwei 25
Zwei 25:
Welcome to West Ham Sebastian Haller
goran oblic
goran oblic:
Geduld hebben okay Ajacieden in de komende 4 1/2 jaar krijgen we genoeg te zien van Sebastian Haller Assits en vooral veel heel veel doelpunten
Blij met Haller als Ajacied
Here to see if he’s going in my dream team
He is officially at West Ham. The great Times at Eintracht. The Eintracht Fans Loved you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. I saw His 90th Minute Goal vs Werder Bremen. I was on that Game.
Clean Shaven Doom
Clean Shaven Doom:
He already drops the H from his name. Thats how you know he was meant for east london
Drew Berndsen
Drew Berndsen:
Hello West Ham fans! I’m a Chelsea supporter and I love this signing. He’s the most complete ST on the market out there right now. You’ll be selling him after next year for almost double his price.
Is he able to go back to the French National Team after his excursion in Côte D'Ivoire's? I don't know the rules, but he is most definitely a talent France cannot afford to lose.
NIO Electric Vehicles
NIO Electric Vehicles:
Oh look a player that can score with headers.. The only player at ajax that can score with headers is tagliafico oh and klaassen but he doesn't come in the 16 a lot like in the backdays
James P
James P:
Incredible edit!
Luka poop
Luka poop:
Im so happy that he moved cuz im a west ham fan 👌👌 we needed a quality number 9 In our squad after arnautovic flopped and left To china and he could get the number 7
Guru Sevilla
Guru Sevilla:
he is just like kanoute ...wish sevilla signed him...good luck westham
I mean if the rumors are true I would expect him going to a bigger team than west ham
michael copperthwaite
michael copperthwaite:
Welcome to West Ham Seb! Make yourself a Hammers legend! 'X' COYI 'X'
Shuckle Miracle
Shuckle Miracle:
watching for fantasy premier league 😁
Manolaras _7
Manolaras _7:
Who else heard the marco reus' HI GUYS twice in thes video😂
Muhtasim Rosul
Muhtasim Rosul:
Farmersliga effect : Gundogan(ok he is still considered great from the bench), Kagawa, Haller and many more shined in their comfort zones but never got the spotlight immediately after they left for epl.... Unless these guys are from bayern or even bvb none of them will ever survive in the more competitive leagues I repeat never.....
west ham is sitting on a real nice team
Aidan Patrick
Aidan Patrick:
Come on you Irons! ⚒
مرداس ال حمد
مرداس ال حمد:
I'm from Saudi Arabia and one of the strongest fans of this strong player and I hope to move to a better team
Igor Кremer
Igor Кremer:
3 star skills
I was watching this thinking he would do bits at West Ham and then go to the comments and apparently he’s close to joining them
Subhan Qureshi
Subhan Qureshi:
i was hoping united will sign haller to replace lukaku when he leaves..but now he is joining west ham..woodward is clueless.
Paul Anthony Ahoua
Paul Anthony Ahoua:
It's the best
Ndondy Secka
Ndondy Secka:
Reminds me of Thierry Henry🤔
anderson can actually look forward to getting assists now.. rather than the endless wasted opportunities
Aladdin Mofo
Aladdin Mofo:
Wanted him instead of Braithwaite. Damn barca missed out bigtime
Ajibola Oyediran
Ajibola Oyediran:
He plays like giroud
Angelo Novani
Angelo Novani:
Non sono razzista anzi tuttaltro ma devo ammettere che nel calcio moderno come in quasi tutti gli sport dove il fisico ha la sua importanza i colored sono i più forti.
Haller is a beast
Patrickvwk Ajax
Patrickvwk Ajax:
Welcome to Ajax
atas meja
atas meja:
And now, westham signing him...
Welcome to premier league 👍🏻
James Nnake
James Nnake:
Manchester united really need this guy
Simon Gayetaye
Simon Gayetaye:
who's here after Ajax called him
András Dr. Lipovits
András Dr. Lipovits:
Cote d'Ivoire IVORY COAST !!! c'est magnifique
Mencha Emmanuel
Mencha Emmanuel:
Gembel Gb
Gembel Gb:
Calon bintang,,,
pemuda fana
pemuda fana:
Rasanya seperti sedang melihat Giovani Elber 😊
Ford Prefect
Ford Prefect:
Why has he lost the ability to run.
Jonas Christensen
Jonas Christensen:
Good luck in the Premier League
shashank shetty
shashank shetty:
Brilint player he is Haler
im K
im K:
Welcome back!!😎
Neil Turner
Neil Turner:
Welcome to West Ham
Onwards & Upwards ⚒⚒⚒👍
Peter Williams
Peter Williams:
Looks better than Neil Mellor , David Kelly I'm not so sure of .
2:19 I like it.
Eintrachat losts great ones.
I don't see Eintrachat's good future...
lol he just signed for West Ham 😂
Omega Osiris
Omega Osiris:
I see a little bit of Berbatov in him, being a big man with really good technique.
Welcome to West Ham you beautiful man ⚒️⚒️⚒️⚒️
Ansar Bimoldinov
Ansar Bimoldinov:
All James Rodriguez goals 2018 2019
BigDog Tabooya
BigDog Tabooya:
Reminds me of andy carrol
Isa Smailović
Isa Smailović:
About time he signed for a decent club welcome to 60+ thousand every week ironssssss
Why can't he do this for west ham 😢
Kong Toch
Kong Toch:
I hoped for a bigger club than West Ham for this guy.
Minh Nguyen
Minh Nguyen:
Finally outta jovic’s shadow now that he left...
Instead of West Ham fans going to one of them highlights channels the bundesliga wanted to be first for them views 😂
lets all pray his FPL price will be either 6.5 or 7
Salvatore Calabretta
Salvatore Calabretta:
Welcome to AS Rome. Awesome
This guy remember me of davie selke
Bubble Smasher
Bubble Smasher:
You upload this as a move to West ham is near lol
Organic London Gardeners
Organic London Gardeners:
Sebastian Acuna
Sebastian Acuna:
⚒⚒⚒Welcome Mate⚒⚒⚒🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Laith Mussa
Laith Mussa:
What’s this song called because I always hear it in the player highlights videos
Welcome to West Ham ⚒
looks like the type of player who will do well in the premier league, good signing for west ham.
xTRQ !
xTRQ !:
Wish he played like this for Ajax..
is that father of Luis Suarez?
Welcome to AJAX!
Alec Kusabs
Alec Kusabs:
But can he do this on a cold night in Stoke!
mohamed adje
mohamed adje:
Welcome to Ivory coast Haller
masha bear
masha bear:
Aaaaannnnnd...westham about to relegated😂😂😂😂
Awa Cherif
Awa Cherif: