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I want a boyfriend
But I just keep hitting dead ends
Try to take a short cut but I get cut
Again and again
I want a boyfriend
Tell me are there any good ones left
I keep finding wrong ones but I want love
Again and again
I want a boyfriend

I been up all night
Pretty restlessly
Think I might know why

I’ve been doing just fine
But baby that don’t mean
That I’m feeling anti you and me

There’s a difference between a want and a need
Some nights I just want more than me
I know that there’s a fine line between
It’s not what I need but-

I want a boyfriend
But I just keep hitting dead ends
Try to take a short cut but I get cut
Again and again (yeah)
I want a boyfriend (uh huh)
Tell me are there any good ones left
I keep finding wrong ones, but I want love
Again and again
I want a boyfriend
I want a boyfriend

I could phone a friend
Use a hotline or something
But that won’t get the job done
(Uh huh)

‘Cause every time I try
Every time they lie
I get a little anti you and me

There’s a difference between a want and a need
Some nights I just want more than me
I know that there’s a fine line between
It’s not what I need but-

I want a boyfriend
But I just keep hitting dead ends
Try to take a short cut but I get cut
Again and again (yeah)
I want a boyfriend (uh huh)
Tell me are there any good ones left
I keep finding wrong ones, but I want love
Again and again
I want a boyfriend (uhhh)
I want a boyfriend (uhhh)
I want a-
I want a boyfriend (uhhh)
I want a-

Music video by Selena Gomez performing Boyfriend. © 2020 Interscope Records

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100+ comentarios:

Rama Farssi
Rama Farssi:
She release this song so that her exes dont appear on google when you google "Selena gomez boyfriend" such a genius 😂
Unnati Singh
Unnati Singh:
Cant wait for someone to say "who's here after quarantine!!"😂😂
Sabrina S
Sabrina S:
Yes, Selena. I’m 21 years old, never dated anyone, and I want a boyfriend too. It’s just so difficult to find the right one. :/

*Edit:* *Wow!* *2.3K* *likes!* *Thanks* *guys!*
Best Peep
Best Peep:
Selena Gomez: *I want a boyfriend*

Justin Bieber: *If I was your boyfriend*

Ariana Grande: *Break up with your girlfriend*

Billie Eilish: *Isn’t it lovely? All alone..*
Alejandra Gutierrez
Alejandra Gutierrez:
I feel like this would be something Alex Russo would do after she breaks up with Mason for like the tenth time.
Kristina Ć.
Kristina Ć.:
My interpretation of this video would be: You know story when princess kisses a frog and it becomes prince, so basically here is the other way round. They are all princes and all nice and great until she kiss them (which is metaphore for falling in love), so when she fall in love, and get to know them better, the illusion of perfection dissapears and they become frogs. In other words, they show their real face. So I think that's the struggle why she can't find right one. I don't know, it maybe isn't true, maybe you have better version, so feel free to comment it, I'll be glad to read it.😊
Laís F
Laís F:
selena: "i want a boyfriend"
Garima Shukla
Garima Shukla:
Selena I want a boyfriend
Justin Bieber I dont Care
Charlie Puth I'm only One call away
Alan Walker: I'm On My Way!
Justin Timberlake: Can't Stop The Feeling!
The breakpoint
The breakpoint:
63k dislikes are justin bieber's fans
Dhara soni
Dhara soni:
When life gives you boyfriends, *DO NOT CHOOSE JUSTINS* ⚠
The Logical Thinker
The Logical Thinker:
Now when you Google "Selena Gomez Boyfriend" this song comes up. Brilliant.
Edu Oliveira
Edu Oliveira:
She's literally saying "there's a difference between a want and a need", you guys missed that line?
The comment you need
The comment you need:
Selena: I want a boyfriend

Also Selena: When You ready come and get it
anamika daimari
anamika daimari:
Stay safe at home everyone. May everyone pass through this problem safely.
Official.Jack. c
Official.Jack. c:
How is this lady single wow she is extremely gorgeous any guy will want her
zynkdina 7
zynkdina 7:
*She doesn't need a boyfriend, but a boyfriend needs her, because She's RARE.*
maysoon k
maysoon k:
I love how she’s like “I want a boyfriend” she could literally get *ANY* boy she wants, she’s so gorgeous
Liberty Agyemang
Liberty Agyemang:
I swear TikTok is gonna snatch this song
Syeda Begum
Syeda Begum:
Justin: if I was your boyfriend
Ariana: Well you ain't my boyfriend
Selena: I want a boyfriend
I’m still waiting for her Disney wizard show to be rebooted
ra d0
ra d0:
Now when you google “Selena Gomez boyfriend“ this song will come up.a genius.
Shama Malik
Shama Malik:
Selena gomez =like
Justin bieber =comment
Elise _de_la_serre
Elise _de_la_serre:
Look at her now : she'll find love only if she wants it

Boyfriend : I want a boyfriend

Next song : I've found love ...
No body
No body:
Selena : I want a boyfriend. Me: never had one, but still want too
Abhinab Saikia
Abhinab Saikia:
So, one of these frogs is Justin Bieber right?
Lohit Nambiar
Lohit Nambiar:
So this is what Alex Russo did after she became the family wizard.
Bruh its 37 million in 1 month ? Tf..
Who love selena❤
Amirul Mumin
Amirul Mumin:
The songs I most like of Selena's from 2014 to 2020

2014- My dilemma
2015-Same old love
2016- We don't talk anymore
2017- Wolves
2018- Taki taki
2019- Look at her now
2020- Boyfriend
In these 6 years I have become a true fan of her! SELENA GOMEZ is my 1st fav singer
Saijal Motwani
Saijal Motwani:
Imagine Justin being one of the frogs ... lol😂
PP Blog
PP Blog:
Selena: “i wanna boyfriend “
Corona: “Not today”
sharwan lal saini
sharwan lal saini:
"I wanna boyfriend "

All the backbenchers raises hands
Tiffany Lin
Tiffany Lin:
who's been here since day one? Selena has made such a comeback!!!
Lucinda Yang
Lucinda Yang:
Selena: i want a boyfriend...
Millions of fans: YES PICK WHATEVER U LIKE
Megha k-mix
Megha k-mix:
Selena Gomez: i want a boyfriend

Justin Bieber: What do you mean?
Use me as a “I didn’t come from Tik Tok” button
mochi태 태
mochi태 태:
Who is here after getting to know BTS dolls are included?
yoonmin forever
yoonmin forever:
someone want to explain why she doesnt age!!!!!QUEEN!!!!!
Prakriti Prasad
Prakriti Prasad:
Tbh I find Mabel’s boyfriend better
Jee Raa
Jee Raa:
When she says
"I want a boyfriend.
Tell me are there any good one's left? "
Lack of subscribers
Lack of subscribers:
Selena is really a genius, she knows that all her fans and other people always search "Selena's boyfriend" that's why she released the song named boyfriend so when fans would search Selena's boyfriend the song would be the only thing that would come.
It reminds me so much for her old videos. it’s been around 10 years stanning this awesome woman and i have no regrets.
Uttaran halder
Uttaran halder:
I want a girlfriend
Lucas Martins dos Santos Corrêa da Costa
Lucas Martins dos Santos Corrêa da Costa:
Ah yes, the right thing to do when you have a bad date: Poison them
ozgul yilmaz
ozgul yilmaz:

Selena , ariana and justin : bOyFrİeNd
Peren Alda Bayrak
Peren Alda Bayrak:
Selena: I want a boyfriend
Male celebrities who has a crush on Selena: Why don’t you recognize I’m so RARE
Selena will be back with Confidence her own self
Giorgi Chichinadze
Giorgi Chichinadze:
Can't wait for someone to say "who is here after quarantine"😂😂
leah 354z
leah 354z:
I'm the only one that this beat it has when she saying 'I want a boyfriend' it remind me of somewhere? And idk where
Prince Narayan
Prince Narayan:
Same old love
Lose you to love me
I'm so rare
I want a boyfriend
Efendiev Cognitive
Efendiev Cognitive:
Now when you Google "Selena Gomez Boyfriend" this song comes up. Brilliant...
Jonathan Trauner
Jonathan Trauner:
Lit song Selena. All my love to you from Jerusalem Israel. See you at my Oscar Academy Award winning victory speech in Beverly Hills Los Angeles California in May 2021 on the 15th when I turn 27 years old
Billy D'Andrea
Billy D'Andrea:
Penis Gochy Menelicy od Magicala
Penis Gochy Menelicy od Magicala:
Kto z Polski? 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱
High_Stakes Table
High_Stakes Table:
Two guys under car when you pull away/red heads curley/straight smoking/FIND joint ... Some dates, really like the big moist ones ... I should have been best end wet ones ... (product/warm towel) There's a difference between CBD for pain and good weed ... drive car gently bouncing of road into pot field inhabited by real estate/stock brokers
Now when you Google "Selena Gomez Boyfriend" this song comes up. Brilliant
Aracely Matias
Aracely Matias:
The back round singer sounds like Jiminy from BTS and a little bit of jin
Your Dream
Your Dream:
I wanna a boyfriend but I just keep finding wrong ones
Her exes hearing
Jungkook With luv
Jungkook With luv:
did anyone come here after the BTS Mattel dolls were in here💜?
Michael Deakin
Michael Deakin:
Dunno if anyone will know what I’m on about but I have the secret to getting with Selena Gomez

Jimin Park
Jimin Park:
Selena: "I want a boyfriend."
Covid 19: "Not today, girl."
Maybe this is what Carole Baskin did to her husband - she turned him into a tiger using this Selena Gomez' essence.
I feel heartbroken to see only 37M views on this! I myself have watched this more than 100 times!
Vanaja Ls
Vanaja Ls:
Selena gomex : I want a boy friend

Justin Bieber : on my way
hayley Marshell
hayley Marshell:
If you want a boyfriend, MY advice stop turing them into frogs 😂 i swear you will find one soon 😂❤
shravya ch
shravya ch:
Justin: boyfriend
Ariana : boyfriend
Selena: I want a boyfriend

Beyonce : All the single ladies
Edmilsom Pereira
Edmilsom Pereira:
A want a boyfriend 😍
Michy Jo
Michy Jo:
"Sometimes, I throw up."

~Weird tiny Elephant thing, Ice Age 2
Infinit Space
Infinit Space:
C'mon justin we all know you disliked this.
Horse Lover
Horse Lover:
Selena Gomez: I want a boyfriend!!

Me: Girl, I’m single too ❤️

I love you so much Selena keep up the good work❤️❤️❤️
Lala Babe
Lala Babe:
Selena: “I want a boyfriend”
Taylor: “Then I’d be the man”
Nashidi islam
Nashidi islam:
Кто с 2020 года
Ariana : You ain't my boyfriend
Mabel : I wanna boyfriend
Selena : I want a boyfriend yeah i wanna
Kenzie Smith
Kenzie Smith:
I feel like Selena Gomez and weekends music video is very similar and talking to each other Hopefully they’ll get back together!
selena: i want a boyfriend.
the weekend: yeah right b....
Rolan Bouzas Wensing
Rolan Bouzas Wensing:
Selena Gomez: "I want a boyfriend"

Every man on the planet: 🚀
Edwardm Walker
Edwardm Walker:
Hello.Golly i hope that she like me.I wouldnt Want to be turned in to a Froggy.🐸
Prajakta Yeole
Prajakta Yeole:
Who else wants to see a combo of Selena Gomez and Alan Walker??
I think it will be a hit !!!!!!😂😊🤔❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🤍
SPDSubhash Patrick.
SPDSubhash Patrick.:
iam a big fan of u from india , mam.
EM Lyrics
EM Lyrics:
I love you selena! Everytime I open youtube I give view to this again and again 💜😙
Hassaan Saleem
Hassaan Saleem:
"I want a boyfriend"
"I need a boyfriend"
*See the point girls*
The video went from a 1 to a 100 real quick tho
Abigail Keaveney
Abigail Keaveney:
This song has so many good parts and so many very not good parts just like actual boyfriend's :)
Divine nesixa
Divine nesixa:
Exactly how I feel like how many more dates do I need to go to actually find the one 🥺😄😁🥰
Donald Renteria
Donald Renteria:
The glow up is real you can start with a penny and be a millionaire tomorrow stay focus stay bless stay being a good person and karma is real
Edmilsom Pereira
Edmilsom Pereira:
Será que eu sou o único brasileiro por aqui???🇧🇷🇧🇷🤔😍
Matt Brooklyn
Matt Brooklyn:
“I want a boyfriend... but i gotta social distance” 😷
Rakhi Biswas
Rakhi Biswas:
Justin biber also made a song in boyfriend but that is old
Amr Mansy
Amr Mansy:
I love this song very much
😂❤?..Who is agree with me
Lucky one
Lucky one:
Selena: I want a boyfriend
Where did you find the others to
that you keep getting bad ones?? 🤷🤷🤷
ebru -
ebru -:
where is the 100 million ?
Tua Yandal
Tua Yandal:
Who here thinks she is better without justin bieber
Iggy Const
Iggy Const:
No entendi nada solo mejor amigo creo?!👆😲
Macarena Olea
Macarena Olea:
Hello Selena, I send greetings from Chile, I hope you are very well, you are beautiful, a strong woman, I love you, I hope to hear more music from you, I really love it! thanks, Macarena Olea
Natalia Depp
Natalia Depp:
Selena: I want a Boyfriend
Me: I want a New Life and headphones
Yahle Adossi
Yahle Adossi:
The amount of songs with the title "Boyfriend" is out of one's mind
marsel martin
marsel martin:
If Selena can’t get a boyfriend then there’s no hope for any of us ...
Zaynab Thamin
Zaynab Thamin:
You'll get a boyfriend

They are good ones left but they're just hard to find
Designer Flo
Designer Flo:
This song is fire and the outfit WOAH, love the first one feeling inspired, by this fit, that 1950's diva, I dig & totally copin that🔥🌹
Jess Rose
Jess Rose:
This song is so relatable
Edit: but I'm ugly
Megan Gee xó
Megan Gee xó:
1:05 Justin Cheating Bieber
1:07 The Weekend
1:10 Charlie Puth