Senators Ask Mark Zuckerberg for Help

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before the Senate Judiciary and Commerce Committees to explain how and why the personal information of up to 87 million users was made available for sale by a foreign company without those users knowing it. It's always interesting to see our Senators asking questions at a hearing like this, especially when the subjects they're covering aren't in their areas of expertise.

Jimmy Kimmel Guesses 'Who's High?'

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Senators Ask Mark Zuckerberg for Help

100+ comentarios:

Subham Agrawalla
Subham Agrawalla:
He is the only one who never forgot my Birthday
Scarcity Studios
Scarcity Studios:
every senator looks and sound like a james bond villian
Zuck is so sweet. He went to entertain the elderly at the retirement home!
Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry:
The senators just wanna learn how to delete their search history
Google CEO suffered more than this kid 😂😂😂
People are dumb if they honestly think their personal info they post online is somehow safe 😂😂😂 so naive
Cosmic Tuxedo
Cosmic Tuxedo:
People who have no idea how internet browsers work are the ones panicking from this lol
Every browser uses cache history to send ads to you based on what website you visit and what you click on. Not just Facebook. This is nothing new...
Jimmy Kimmels audience are all brain dead... laughs at everything.
Cor Poral
Cor Poral:
Imagine if these guys ran the country

Oh wait...
John Smithee
John Smithee:
No matter where you are, no matter what you do, Mark Zuckerberg isn't aware of that.
king time
king time:
This man looks really smart, he should make a website or something
Bet he couldn't wait to get out of his human skin... We are not alone... Reptiles walk among us...
Lmfao Mark Zuckerberg memes about to blow up the internet
Am I the only one who don't use facebook anymore ?

That poke question ...😂
Oso Emparado
Oso Emparado:
God! Trust me on this. I'm not that familiar with American congress. For a moment I thought they really asked those questions😆
Sangamesh Kuri
Sangamesh Kuri:
Mark after seeing this show : I m gonna buy your show and kick you out🤣🤣🤣🤣
Akshay Tatikondalwar
Akshay Tatikondalwar:
3:21 the guy behind mark seems more robotic
He has to analyze everything to react to the situation
Ritabrata Roy
Ritabrata Roy:
Sometimes,I think if there was the "The Tonight Show With The Senators"
Sheldin Venus
Sheldin Venus:
Facebook remembered your birthday when no one else did
369Shahin shahin
369Shahin shahin:
"Certain kind of chocolate." He's talking about BBC.
Mark:” I love it. I like bring people together.”
John Danielson
John Danielson:
The editing is amazing! Kimmel’s got a great editing team
Official James Parker
Official James Parker:
I KNEW the memes would happen first from this channel, lol.
Dominik Schulz
Dominik Schulz:
Reptile or Robot?
Horned Broccoli
Horned Broccoli:
*this is the first time I've heard his voice*
Lam Par
Lam Par:
Senator : " How do you get all these personal data from internet, Mark ?" Mark .Z : " Senator, i don't understand what you mean. "
Hehehe. Well edited 😂😂😂😂
Producción En Línea
Producción En Línea:
2:28 My stupid ass thought they were real questions lol
The Like Button
The Like Button:

When your facial_expression.exe glitches during a Senate hearing at Capitol Hill.
Madeleine Wilson-Witte
Madeleine Wilson-Witte:
The questions tho 😂😂😂 I couldn't stop laughing once I heard them
rip to the people who thought this was real
Rayyan Akber
Rayyan Akber:
This how every tech support responder feels when the elderly call
power man
power man:
I almost believed that last bit 😂😂😂
John Pangarakis
John Pangarakis:
I love how no one actually knows the senate well enough to tell the first one is fake before they start talking lol
Vtg gas_295
Vtg gas_295:
😂😂 I can't believe those questions are real!
The Zucc memes are 🔥🔥🔥
that last bit was so good, hahahahha, I almost believed it
The girl in the green is what most of us feel right now!
Mukesh Jain
Mukesh Jain:
Seneater asking questions seems like a comedy show here... I mean really.. 😁😁😁😁
yeah throw a laugh track on this, make are privacy a big joke jimmy
1:55 it's a really good question that informs the huge change we've had generationally in what we're willing to allow happen with our personal lives and personal information/data. But the answer is: Don't go on Facebook. Facebook is built purely as a data collector, that's the business. So don't use Facebook if you don't want ads influenced by your personality.
Riley Kaplan
Riley Kaplan:
Love that 'Single Ladies'-thing at the end :D
Bhargavi Suhas
Bhargavi Suhas:
The more difficult thing than, to answer their questions, is to control laughter at those questions!
The senators asking questions that needs to be fake I’m so confused.
Alina Lewis
Alina Lewis:
OMG! Editing on point :D:D
Dewayne Thomas
Dewayne Thomas:
And now we know why facebook got Al Franken to step down. He actually had a clue about what he was talking about.
Jarratikan Solo
Jarratikan Solo:
Mark "I'll answer that when I'm not under oath" Zuckerberg
Aryaman Mehrotra
Aryaman Mehrotra:
The question still remains
‘Must there be a Superman?’
John Yonard Pauly
John Yonard Pauly:
We as user, has our own settings and controls to report and block malicious or illegal pages/activities in facebook. Kinda hard to everything in more basic ways
Guy Ebner
Guy Ebner:
Was that legit? 😂
'Cuz it was surely legit funny lol
that smile on 3:29 <3 <3
Mohaimen Hossain
Mohaimen Hossain:
look behind mark those two there reaction is priceless to every ques
chiara bossio
chiara bossio:
Jyoti Karamchandani
Jyoti Karamchandani:
3:24 You so fuckin' precious when you smile
Fw Wryh
Fw Wryh:
Needs more laughter track.
Aditya Saini
Aditya Saini:
Love u mark Zuckerberg, God bless you.
Stefan Merkur
Stefan Merkur:
“You don’t know me”
Mark Zuckerberg: “oh but I do”
Yoboy Jassi
Yoboy Jassi:
3:21 that priceless grin🤣🤣🤣
Josh VH
Josh VH:
Even Mark laughed 😂😂😂
max chatterton
max chatterton:
nobody can match his stoyle.
Bhagwati goswami
Bhagwati goswami:
I almost choked , its hilarious
Jün André
Jün André:
*"If someone pokes me, is that a sex thing?" XD*
Godfather Rs
Godfather Rs:
You know you are boss when you shut someone's poking straight from its CEO of Poking
J Connor
J Connor:
thank you for making that the thumbnail
Clearly Mark Zuckerberg knows how to code
For a second i thought those senats were real... damn got fool again by jimmy
seems like real!! well-edited haha great job!!
I like the third senator asking intern thing the most.
Imagine Knowledge
Imagine Knowledge:
Lol I thought it's real . You nailed it.
Taerin Kim
Taerin Kim:
These Senators are so lovely
Sam Diaz
Sam Diaz:
Mark: uh senator do you have your phone ... Please open it and go to settings no no the menu icon then the gear looking one congressman.
GilKyu Kim
GilKyu Kim:
This meme is never gonna die~
Just some Space Guy
Just some Space Guy:
The U.S Congress nearly made him laugh while the E.U Congress nearly cry
Eyes had I
Eyes had I:
I feel like the six hour interview would be better with them just reading the terms of service
I watched the stream and to me its actually a comedy show...lmao
I know this is all a big joke, but this is going to make the ill-informed think that the trial shown here would believe it to be the real trial. And the ill-informed will only be further misinformed.
'I'm focused on helping people connect, even before I started Facebook', actually means, 'I'm actually focused on monetizing people & stealing and selling their data profile, even before I stole the idea of Facebook from the Winklevoss Twins. My whole life has been about stealing people's ideas and personal info' 😂😂😂😂
Jimmy, anyone with enough tech savvy can get their hands on your personal information if they want.
Selling data is nothing new and people get your data all the time.
So stop being shocked.
melodram patheticism
melodram patheticism:
Liked that Beyoncé reference at the end of the vid 👌
Damn that looked so real
Asif Mehmood
Asif Mehmood:
The last one was epic
Koshik Raj
Koshik Raj:
Wow! I almost believed this :D
A person who knowingly, voluntarily, or
intentionally gives assistance to another in (or in some cases fails to
prevent another from) the commission of a crime. An accomplice is
criminally liable to the same extent as the principal. An accomplice,
unlike an accessory, is typically present when the crime is committed.
mishaaa f
mishaaa f:
zucc lowkey lookin like a whole snacc
Breaking News
Breaking News:
This some high quality SNL stuff on ABC! NBC, takes notes.
Mohammed Alshamlan
Mohammed Alshamlan:
Great editing
Nick R. T.
Nick R. T.:
I thank you for your candor. Well he's an erudite, they probably get him the candor juice thingy first.
Cunnik K
Cunnik K:
Seeing Mark Zuckerberg in big boy clothes 😂😂he defended himself
H U.
H U.:
Damn I thought that was real...
Jay Hamzaoui
Jay Hamzaoui:
🤣🤣🤣 almost had me with the senators questions.
Mo Bashar
Mo Bashar:
Jimmy I love you last word you said that was too funny put a ring on it😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Literally thought it was real
Jack QYH
Jack QYH:
Well there is another senator need his help: Eugene Melnyk needs his money to re-sign Erik Karlsson.
Nolan Abell
Nolan Abell:
Every single one of those senators needs to be fired due to incompetency
I watched the entire 5 hour hearing and the first senators question was the one real one. The rest of the senators in this video were actually made up by Jimmy Kimmel.
ASIF 李宽:
they should put lie Jimmy's lie detector on his head😂😂😂😂
Adam Gonzalez
Adam Gonzalez:
I love how Jimmy Kimmel and the rest of the liberal shows, never show Ted Cruz talking to him.... 🧐🤔
Wandz J.R
Wandz J.R:
hold a second was that mark zuckerberg trial video actually real 😂😂🙊🙊🙉🙉
Catherine Yong
Catherine Yong:
are those replacements? I thought the question that was actually asked at the end was something to do with the hotel Mark stayed at
New Message
New Message:
I kept expecting Zuck to tell them that 'The Internets are a series of tubes..."
Michael Cross
Michael Cross:
Does no one find it interesting that the general reaction one is left with after watching this is a laugh and a shrug? About an issue that should not merit a laugh, or a shrug..or to be parodied. Coming from a public figure and media outlet?