Sensible Transfers: Tottenham Hotspur

Sensible Transfers: Jose Mourinho's Tottenham Hotspur.
How Tifo Scouts for Sensible Transfers:

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In this episode of our 'Sensible Transfers' series, we turn our attention to Jose Mourinho's Tottenham Hotspur. There are two clear areas where we believe Spurs should consider investing: Defensive Midfielder & Right Back.

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100+ comentarios:

As a spurs fan, I can proudly say that we will not sign anyone from this video
So I guess this was made before Kane's injury.
Walubiri Edward
Walubiri Edward:
Tottenham really do need a full back
Jonny McKee
Jonny McKee:
Sensible transfer for Spurs: Sign no one.
Chad Mercer
Chad Mercer:
We need:
Defensive mid, right back, left back, striker.

+ a miracle
David Robinson
David Robinson:
Tifo: Sensible Transfers
Me: I'll take Bale, Dybala, Lemar, Rabiot, Koulibaly and Meunier plz
Matic and Fellaini should do the job
Sample Text
Sample Text:
Spurs have been linked with Korean striker Fu-Kin No Wan to replace Harry Kane.
Lucas Eduardo
Lucas Eduardo:
Its 3Am what am i doing here
I love you all, Tifo!!💙💙
(This comment originally appeared on the Athletic)
The Happy Sociopath
The Happy Sociopath:
Stage is definitely not ready for a move to the Premier League. Didn't know his stats were that impressive though so that was eye opening. Great video as always.
Patrick Stone
Patrick Stone:
I feel like everyone forgets that Lo Celso can very easily play DM. Back at PSG in his initial breakout season, he was playing in the 6 and putting up exceptional ball winning stars while also putting up great progressive stats and still pretty damn good creative numbers. Lo Celso can literally do everything you need in midfield
Gonçalo Martins
Gonçalo Martins:
Finally looking at Portuguese league, after Grimaldo for Chelsea and now Palhinha! Great video as usual!
Sidhaant Anand
Sidhaant Anand:
Brilliant video!! More "Tactics Explained" videos for more clubs/managers!!
Have you guys considered doing a post-match analysis for some games? Would love to see that
Lee Cattermole would be a good fit
Louis Carpenter
Louis Carpenter:
Sensible transfer: literally anyone I beg
Jude Bachelet
Jude Bachelet:
Why aren't you a scout dude
celestial rex
celestial rex:
Patrick Burner is 23 years
Vikrant Sethi
Vikrant Sethi:
Vojvoda, I wanted him since I saw him play against England
Finally someone who says sporting club portugal instead of sporting lisbon
tao serumola
tao serumola:
Its a shame that we probably wont sign anyone coz Levy probably claims he cant afford a pen 🖊
I asked for this and I received. Thanks tifo
Astro Not
Astro Not:
Burner is only 19?? i thought he's 23
Andrew Issner
Andrew Issner:
Zlatan should have waited he could be a great fill-in for Harry Kane!
I love how this series brings the spotlight to unknown players
Eric Dier "competent" 🤣🤣🤣
Android 17
Android 17:
Youcef Atal
We need an all underrated tifo team
Abhijith K Anish
Abhijith K Anish:
Daniel Levi wants to know Tifo Football's Location
Тони Андреев
Тони Андреев:
Great video as always, although I don't think Eriksen offers anything with his current motivation/state of mind.
It's harsh to say it, because he has played well for a lot of years and has done a lot for the team, but currently he just takes space on the pitch.
Can you do Manchester United again?
I think perhaps you need to reconsider how you choose the targets, as they need to be more realistic. Spurs are not going to sign 5 players who are risks in the hope that they may be successful one day. Especially not with Mourinho in charge.
Shakeel Ahmed
Shakeel Ahmed:
LOL - All of the targets suggested for Jose were tall.
What do you think about Krzysztof Piątek joining Spurs as their new target man ?
A. Sharqawy
A. Sharqawy:
They also need a Striker, a Left Winger, and probably a Centre back and a Left Back!
Vojvoda is a joke of a player, he's hardly good enough for the belgium pro league let alone the premier league
Daniel Clrn
Daniel Clrn:
Defensive midfielder - Tomáš Souček
joshua kenny
joshua kenny:
would love to see one of these videos done on man united.
Please do Everton 😁💙💙
Jacob Daglish
Jacob Daglish:
Seems odd that Sporting have loaned out Palhinha when his stats look so good; if he’s good enough for Spurs then surely he’s good enough to be playing regularly at Sporting?
Turned off video when you called Eric Dier 'competent'

Just kidding...i watched til the end :P
honestly I'm glad Palhinha is getting his career back on track after the disaster at Sporting. I really rated the trio of him, Podence and Martins.
thejas dp
thejas dp:
AC Milan need a complete rewamp please do a video on them
NoiseyBoy 72
NoiseyBoy 72:
I see spurs signing no one from this video, at least not in this window, but I do see them picking up a cf out of necessity.
sad asd
sad asd:
Tanguy is an absolute beast made of glass*
Varad Naik
Varad Naik:
I think Matt Doherty would play for hotspurs in season 2020/21
Branko :D
Branko :D:
Next for psg!!!!
Hasan Ramzan
Hasan Ramzan:
I like these video. But signing unknown players for small prices isn’t always sensible. That player may not be able to adapt to that team or league.
Nyght Fëis
Nyght Fëis:
I hope they sign the young rising star Jesse Lingard.
Emy Emyik
Emy Emyik:
Subscribed already
Jordan Valentini
Jordan Valentini:
Odds of a Juventus sensible transfers?
One of my favorite series not just on football, but on the entirety of youtube. Please keep these coming Tifo <3
Hafiz Yusri
Hafiz Yusri:
Tifo is a better scout compare to your fav club scout
10K subs with no videos challenge
10K subs with no videos challenge:
You should be a coach your really smart
Ninja Dog
Ninja Dog:
You forgot mou doesn't play youth
Mohit Mishra
Mohit Mishra:
can you do bayern?
MrBoss InTheBin
MrBoss InTheBin:
Patrick burners 23??
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes:
I am here just to find the correct tactics and team combination for my spurs team fifa career mode
Stridey Gaming Jesters
Stridey Gaming Jesters:
Sounds like an AI. Also, I haven’t heard him take into account the variables of a players stats in a lesser league when playing in a harder league.
Chungus Comix
Chungus Comix:
FINALLY a spurs vid
hidden treasures
hidden treasures:
Yea, who needs Bale when you can get some unproven french youngster from Ligue 2
Since when did you have to be 6ft+ in order to be a good DM? Actually, nearly every player you guys pick for scouting is at least 6ft+. You do realize there are some *pretty good* players under that range right?
El Sushirama
El Sushirama:
Damn you guys are good 😎
Malik Apls
Malik Apls:
Do a man utd part2
Would be interesting to see how many of these sensible transfers have been actually realised so far...
Sanjog Nepal
Sanjog Nepal:
Send this to levy
Max Haynes
Max Haynes:
we need a new gk aswell
Abdulrahman Salat
Abdulrahman Salat:
Can you takumi minamino how he can important to liverpool style
Iman Arif
Iman Arif:
I think you should scout a replacement for harry kane since at this time its winter transfer and harry are badly injured
David Castañeda
David Castañeda:
David Castañeda
David Castañeda:
Ťêâm Ťěmpěšt
Ťêâm Ťěmpěšt:
can't wait for it to all end in tears and get a manager in. COYS!
Mohammed AZ
Mohammed AZ:
great video as always, right back and Defensive mid thats what we really need , wish we can get this video to jose
Nasser El-Omari
Nasser El-Omari:
Patrick Burner is 24 😂😂😂
Hasade O
Hasade O:
Im checking out all these players profiles on EA FIFA 20🤭
Please do Wolves!
Kamvalethu Mbuntshu
Kamvalethu Mbuntshu:
You didn't mention a good goalkeeper mate
El Sushirama
El Sushirama:
Danilo Perreira? 🤔
Liam Kirby
Liam Kirby:
Do West Ham
RumorS 365
RumorS 365:
Why no mention of Sander Berge??
Anyway, please make the nxt vid on Man Utd... Thank you
Shaurya Souto
Shaurya Souto:
Someone get Ed Woodward on this please
Thupten Yathatsang
Thupten Yathatsang:
Hey tifo, can you do one for man utd.
Joshua David
Joshua David:
Please do 1 on Man United!
Ryan Mohan
Ryan Mohan:
Can you do a video with Barcelona under there new coach?
Elias Sorensen
Elias Sorensen:
Spurs need a keeper. Predrag Rajkovic could be an interesting sign.
Alex Hartley
Alex Hartley:
Thanks. As you say 'Sensible Transfers'. Would it be possible to do one for West Ham please?
Zuhair Yassin
Zuhair Yassin:
tousart has a room for improvement
João Lourenço Magalhães ferreira
João Lourenço Magalhães ferreira:
I'm a Braga supporter and I can say that Palhinha is a really underrated player, he is a huge presence in our midfield and a superb ball winner
Krish Dev
Krish Dev:
Can you do Bayern?
Mohamed Abdourahman
Mohamed Abdourahman:
Hopefully we'll get a sensible transfers Arsenal, Bayern and Real Madrid soon
Vandit Panvelkar
Vandit Panvelkar:
This appeared in the Athletic
Patrick Abo
Patrick Abo:
Please more Spurs videos 💙
Eric Navarro
Eric Navarro:
You guys at TIFO are usually on point but you lost me as soon as you said "a development option" ..... when is the last time JMo developed a young player? 🤨🤔
Gaurav Rawat
Gaurav Rawat:
They need to sign Marcus alonso
Lorenzo Louis
Lorenzo Louis:
Greaaat video as always. But i think Spurs need an upgrade on left back.
Christian C
Christian C:
Spurs should sign Jimenez from wolves the dudes been working hard for the team and has been scoring goals and could help replace Kane while he is injured
daniel albo
daniel albo:
Nah it’s good keep aurier
Heiko van der Laar
Heiko van der Laar:
Man, these illustrations. Would you have recognized Mourinho without the initials and club crest on the jacket?