Serena Williams defeats Sloane Stephens to advance | 2020 US Open Highlights

Serena Williams takes down Sloane Stephens in straight sets, 2-6, 6-2, 6-2, to advance to the fourth round of women's singles at the US Open.
#USOpen #USOpenHighlights

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100+ comentarios:

L. Smith
L. Smith:
38 years old; I've been watching her since Serena first stepped on the court. Going to hate when she and Venus retires.
Novy B
Novy B:
It's really unfortunate that bloggers make such mean comments about Serena. Her clearly defined biceps enable her to hit the ball with such strength. She is truly blessed and I wish for her all the best. Go find your passion ....jealousy will get you nowhere.
Lisa Hazard
Lisa Hazard:
I am watching women's tennis because of this woman... Serena...
She's my all time favorite ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lynn Turman
Lynn Turman:
I think the fact that there's no crowd is gonna work to Serena's advantage.
khayree jannah
khayree jannah:
Serena is most definitely The G.O.A.T.!!
frank wright
frank wright:
I have said this time and time again about Sloane Stephens. I get that Serena brings out the best in her opponents and they normally play above the rim when they play her because they feel like they have no other choice, I get that. At the same time, I will never understand why Sloane really goes after her serve and really goes after her forehand when she plays Serena, and then completely abandons that style of play against the other players. Sloane would be so much more successful if she played like that on a regular. Big up to Serena, I will never get enough of Serena, she is the Goat without a doubt, so glad that Serena showed up and got the win.
Novy B
Novy B:
I was so pleased to see Olympia cheering for Mommie and having fun.
Serena will be damned if she ever loses to Sloane again.
Nick Giganti
Nick Giganti:
She’s hungry to win the title, finally playing like a grand slam champ
Angelo Dumapit
Angelo Dumapit:
ESPN loves Serena and we love her too.. God bless you and good luck keep on winning girl!!!
Jaden W
Jaden W:
Look at the comments of Serena’s matches when she wins vs when she loses they only hate on here losing games
Littleone Forever
Littleone Forever:
Serena taking it all the way
Humble Beans
Humble Beans:
Sloane played incredible in this tournament. If Serena could take her down then she is capable of winning the whole thing
Norris Lindsey
Norris Lindsey:
Have watched Serena and Venus most of their careers. Aways pulling for their successes, and impressed by their longevity in Tennis.
She definitely sent a message to the other players! That the Queen still go it.
Matias Carranza
Matias Carranza:
Olympia is the cutest little thing on Earth, and her mum, the best female player on Earth 😍😍😍💜💜💜
S. Mc.
S. Mc.:
Bro Mate
Bro Mate:
Sloane just done a disservice to the rest of the field by playing The GOAT into form.
That was so great!🤗 Her little boo boo watching mama win & at the winners podium 🤗 Just warms your ❤️!
Special K
Special K:
Serena 🐐 tennis 🎾 🏓👸🏽💪🏾👑💥
David King
David King:
Two black queens . A shame former champions (serena a 6time champion ) having to meet in round 3 . Happy to see Sloane playing probably the best match she has played of 2020 . I would say the same for Serena for the 2nd and 3rd set , that its the best ive seen her play this year . Good luck serena #24.
Darius Brock
Darius Brock:
Go Serena Go!!! Wishing you all the best against Sakkari on Monday!!!
Aretta Murrow
Aretta Murrow:
Serena you are the best good competition let you know you got what it takes. U know all your help and strength comes from above.
Harlow Herro
Harlow Herro:
One of the most dominant athletes in all of sports. Truly Legendary.
Eoin McElligott
Eoin McElligott:
What a match !! Let's go ladies !!!
Jeron Burleson
Jeron Burleson:
Congrats Serena lets break the record!
Sara Todd
Sara Todd:
YAY Serena! You're amazing. We love you!
chicago-knin boy
chicago-knin boy:
Anthony Yusef
Anthony Yusef:
The last 2 sets was probably Serena's best the entire year. Her movement is not where it once was but lets be honest at 39 it probably never will be. However she is striking the ball as well as ever and her serve is still the greatest weapon in the women's game. I think no fans in the stands helps her keep her emotions in check and gives her clarity of thought. I think its a daunting task to win 2 more majors to have the record all to herself, time is not on her side.Even though I would love to see Margaret Court's name erased from that record being the bigot that she is.. I think Serena has it in her to win one more and then sail off into the sunset... GO Serena
Katrina, the commentator, is absolutely horrific. Constantly praising Stephens while talking down or not acknowledging Serena's performance. Obviously she loves Stephens and does not want Serena to win. I thought Mary Carillo is a big time Williams hater, but today Katrina outperformed Carrillo. What a shame to have these sort of one sided commentators to call a match.
Bernardo Brito
Bernardo Brito:
Notice that the organizers nearly always put the Black players on the same side of the tourney draw.

Therefore the Black players have to beat each other, and you rarely get all-Black finals.
Rondo NumbaNine
Rondo NumbaNine:
Serena owns women’s tennis
David Talkington
David Talkington:
She is such an incredible tennis GOAT! I would like to see her lose some more of the baby weight she gained to give her more fluidity of movement and to help her energy. Not fat shaming here just think it could help her save her joints and help her!
Myriam LOE
Myriam LOE:
Well donne See..I Saw an improvement on your game..Raisin' your level at the right Time yass good Luck for the rest on the tournament
KC Chen
KC Chen:
ESPN's YouTube moderators need to do a better of job of getting rid of these bots (or people with no lives) in the comment section. -__-
Doreen Burton
Doreen Burton:
With God help u can do it keep fiting u will come out on top
madhu minakshi
madhu minakshi:
I show daughter was clapping for mummy's win.end of game serina see her daughter and smile ,it was so adorable.
pamela neely
pamela neely:
Serena is just to sexy in this dress
Richard Ross
Richard Ross:
Great match! So relieved and happy Serena survived this. I think this is probably her toughest test until the final.

What are you doing about all the spam accounts making stupid comments ????
Beverley Vincent
Beverley Vincent:
Well done Serena, a match well played.
Kohene Moore
Kohene Moore:
All that chocolate goodness on the court at once!💪🏿🦵🏿& hella🎂!
Mercenary 1914
Mercenary 1914:
Bless up everyone!
Angela Hunter
Angela Hunter:
They are so beautiful... two black champs
Niu Seed
Niu Seed:
Tennis Wonder Women ,! You rock the world Serena... thank you from her majesty the Pacific! ;)
Marian Williams
Marian Williams:
Keep it up Serena. Let's get this tournament under your belt. Bravo!
Connie B
Connie B:
Serena’s head (knowledge of how to Play and what to do to win) and heart (desire to win and belief) are more than Sloane’s. Sloane’s got the talent and game but desire and versatility questionable.
Ms. A
Ms. A:
I love you Serena, such a wonderful player and a classy and beautiful woman.
Maria Cusimano-byram
Maria Cusimano-byram:
Yes congrats serena!😁👍
MK Carter
MK Carter:
Another step closer to the title 💪🏽🎾 Lets get #24 Queen!!!
Olympia so cutee <3
Eben Dickson
Eben Dickson:
Sloane is tough
Jason toby
Jason toby:
Great performance in the 3rd sets : heavy topspin, not rushing the nall, focusing on the depth of her shots and attacking at the right moment, so 2013!
I love Serena, she’s been my favorite tennis player since she first came out. But she really has to stop starting off slow in tournaments. What does she need to do to get her excited? She’s going for the record and grand slams, how can she not be pumped up from the beginning? Frankly it’s getting a little aggravating watching her matches. You rarely if ever see Federer start off slow to this extent.
Sloane Stephens is so beautiful😳wow her skin is literally glowing
David Fallaw
David Fallaw:
Getting 2014 US Open vibes from Serena’s outfit and play.
It will be a different show when she gets to the finals.
Brian's Thought
Brian's Thought:
I do not owe anyone anymore because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Jacqueline Walker
Jacqueline Walker:
I love to watch Serena play, she is so exciting to see. Hope she can go all the way. 👏🙏🌹💨💨👉👉💥🙌🙏🙏.
Soilah Mbamba
Soilah Mbamba:
Serena Williams is arguably the greatest athlete (not the best, the GREATEST) of the 21st century, male and female included
Connie B
Connie B:
Players get to go watch? Not fair. We fans can’t go! Wow!
James Winny
James Winny:
I really need serena to win a major again, tennis was always fun for me when Federer and Serena were winning trophies.
Truly one of the best athletes of all time! GOATTTTT
Secret Bears sugar
Secret Bears sugar:
Serena the Love of my Life
drew acabu
drew acabu:
Sloane wears Nike these days?
Let me tell you what Sloane did gave Serena her goat confidence back because Sloane was playing amazing in this tournament and what she did was awaken Serena to say hey I still got it I can do it I’m the goat! The other girls really got to bring it bring it now
Anthony Mauro
Anthony Mauro:
Nice description, ESPN. "Straight sets". People actually get paid good money to run these channels.
Ryan H
Ryan H:
I love this gal, the GOAT 🐐
Jerome Austin
Jerome Austin:
Greatest of all Time
Jonathan Muldrow
Jonathan Muldrow:
Weird not hearing the racist banter in the crowd. And how tf is Serena never ranked #1?
Lena Gulley
Lena Gulley:
You goo girl :)
Regina Gillis
Regina Gillis:
Keep the faith!!!
Kat Televised
Kat Televised:
Awesome and wonderful sportsmanship
Sage 421
Sage 421:
Serena Williams looking good! Great Competition this year! Wow she looks good!😃😃😃
Williams LIMON
Williams LIMON:
Sooo cute to se her baby girl and husband supporting her 😍😍
She has no peer!!!
Mike Vick
Mike Vick:
Ms. Williams is Beautiful 😍
sundance kidd
sundance kidd:
what a comeback. hope she wins us open title
Maya S
Maya S:
My Queen forever, SERENA!!
andrienne djiki
andrienne djiki:
Getting closer and closer to #24 y’all.
Bull Terror
Bull Terror:
33's can die lady
Grow with Will - Level Up Your Business Skills
Grow with Will - Level Up Your Business Skills:
Serena doing Serena things. 🐐
javier book shadows contributor du
javier book shadows contributor du:
217th comment
Dominique Fitzgerald
Dominique Fitzgerald:
Serena 🐐💪🏾🎾
Alrighty Then!
Alrighty Then!:
Lets go Serana! Just 2 more majors!
Nesto Leon
Nesto Leon:
Great game, ladies! Brava, Serena!
Marinegirl Powers
Marinegirl Powers:
I love watching Serena. .Sloan seems to bored or mad when she plays. She does not seem to exert herself at all. Serena is coming back to her old self.
Linda Hitchcock
Linda Hitchcock:
Steven Biko I think you are confused! !!
Khang Nguyen
Khang Nguyen:
Does anyone know what that weird echo noise is that goes through the whole stadium ?Sometimes you hear it after time Serena grunts. Is it just someone's grunt ?
Mahjong Live Streaming
Mahjong Live Streaming:
That day looked all the more possible when Stephens defeated Williams a couple of weeks later in the quarterfinals of the Australian Open. That upset, which ended a 20-match winning streak for Williams, also created tension.

Not long after the match, Williams cryptically tweeted “I made you.” Stephens was convinced that Williams was referring to her.

Later that year, in an interview with ESPN, Stephens said Williams had gone from friendly to remote since the upset.

“That should tell everyone something,” Stephens said with her mother trying to slow her down. “How she went from saying all those nice things about me to unfollowing me on Twitter. Like, seriously! People should know. They think she’s so friendly, and she’s so this and she’s so that. No, that’s not reality!”
Jeremy M
Jeremy M:
Serena = 🐐 #24...NOW
Roger Hills
Roger Hills:
With 6 out of the top 10 WTA players not here it not much of a tournament.
joe Batts
joe Batts:
Serena the Best!!!!
Elle the Unicorn
Elle the Unicorn:
serena really said in tennis i will always win
B.U.d Music
B.U.d Music:
The main thing that I notice in this match is that Serena's footwork is MUCH MUCH better and she has slimmed down a bit more. Once that 1st set was done, I knew that it would only be a matter of time before Serena would start to take over. Serena's had a tough set of matches and it's these types of matches that will get her back into "fighting" shape
Iwien Wiwin
Iwien Wiwin:
Leisa Mayes
Leisa Mayes:
Sloane plays like "SLAW" If you would just keep it up, but she goes away for some reason!! No fight No FIRE
Lourdes Regalado
Lourdes Regalado:
24 Grand Slam is coming go Serena👍