Serena Williams moves past Kristie Ahn in straight sets | 2020 US Open Highlights

Watch the highlights as Serena Williams moves past Kristie Ahn in straight sets during the first round of the 2020 US Open.
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48 comentarios:

Lance Grimmez
Lance Grimmez:
if its not Naomi or Serena i aint watching!!
If Serena did minimize those errors this would been a quick win! Those errors was killing her but the serve is back on
mz.Bossy C
mz.Bossy C:
West coast stand up the beautiful QUEEN 👑🤩 is back Serena Williams that OYA energy 📣📣📣🤎🤎🤎🤎💯
Xavier Robinson
Xavier Robinson:
The serve is finally back. And the footwork peaked thru the blinds towards the end. So let's see how this goes
Rascl Fru
Rascl Fru:
She is still out there winning
Wishing Serena well this season.
King Bouleé
King Bouleé:
Once her serve is on point, nobody can defeat Serena! Those 1,2 punches are detrimental!
Jeremy M
Jeremy M:
#24 here we come! How befitting it will be of her tying the record on U.S. soil and having the record of most us open titles in the open era.
Fine Girl
Fine Girl:
If you are waiting for Serena to cry because of a loss, you will be waiting a long time.
Hashish Freelorn
Hashish Freelorn:
3:11 this girl has me LOL'ing & the commentary was HILARIOUS
Stephen H. Smith
Stephen H. Smith:
Still one of the fastest tennis players in tennis history!
andrienne djiki
andrienne djiki:
The GOAT in action
Angie S
Angie S:
Congratulations Serena Williams bravo 👏🏼
Good job Serena!!
Thouxanband Swavy
Thouxanband Swavy:
She the Michael Jordan of tennis
She told her Come on
Marko Navarro
Marko Navarro:
Janice Thibodeaux
Janice Thibodeaux:
Saw that win
B D:
66th comment
Nico Jax
Nico Jax:
Hey how are you
Nike J
Nike J:
Yo them kicks she got on.
J.A.B Eight-time
J.A.B Eight-time:
Who else wants to see win it all ? 🥇❤️
Fake'Republican Trump
Fake'Republican Trump:
💙Serena Williams💙
🦅🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸 a true American beauty like no other. 😍🥰😍
Ruth Wells
Ruth Wells:
Good game Serena 👍
Real one
Real one:
Kyan King talk about him NBA
Fine Girl
Fine Girl:
Eunece Morris
Eunece Morris:
Play Smart, not hard!
Larry Branch
Larry Branch:
Yes kfc has now French fríes
Lavonza Brown
Lavonza Brown:
She won this match but I give her two more matches and she will lose. Just seems like she doesn't want it as bad as use to and Venus definitely doesn't but they will continue to play because they love the game. They are great champions and have done amazing things for tennis... I don't think Serena will win another Grand Slam but I hope she proves me wrong...
Natural Heel
Natural Heel:
King Wani
King Wani:
Jayson Tatum tonight

34 points
8 rebounds
6 assists
8/17 FG
14/14 FT
4/7 3PT

Boston 2-0 ! 🔥
She's so much better compared to last week, she's looking hungry again!
Calvin Hill
Calvin Hill:
She should get better as she plays
I’m so sick of y’all I love Serena if she win or lose y’all are so fake only enjoy her if she wins im a ride or die type supporter if she wins or lose💕💕
Don’t get me wrong ,let’s go Felix
Paper Chased Me
Paper Chased Me:
Who’s Here for Serena 🥳
King Wani
King Wani:
Serena too thick
Jan Merc
Jan Merc:
Reality all players were very rusty and on edge ! The men’s tennis was a circus 🎪! Now let us just have fun with it and not put a number in it ! Ahn is a tough player and the last they met, beat her, so this was commendable!
brandon causey
brandon causey:
I wonder when she's going to start crying about being oppressed
Can’t wait to see her cry again once she loses 🤣🤣🤣😭
George Rusch
George Rusch:
Another soft "draw" ? (same O same O) for SW Aug. 31 plays Ahn #96, today plays #117 at 7:00 pm in 2019 she was playing players ranked over #200 in the early rounds of US Open smh. Meanwhile Azarenka #27 plays Sabalenka #11 at 7:00 pm and still lying about her weight SW 5'9" 155 lbs. Angie Kerber 5'8" 150 lbs. yeah Kerber an inch shorter is only 5 lbs. lighter than SW lol SW hasn't weighed 155 lBS in 20 years. Too funny, try 180+ lbs. of Muscle, everything is such propaganda, and deceit, crazy world.
Kris S
Kris S:
She looked heavy and slow.
Simone Corleone
Simone Corleone:
Too much pizzas for Serena.
Patrick Ruch
Patrick Ruch:
Serena Williams my favourite women athlete of all time. Serena Williams second favourite tennis player of all time behind Novak Djokovic. She uses her fame, power, wealth and prestige as a platform to not only be an extremely marketable tennis player but also to fight for the expansion of human rights and equity and equality. When it is all said in done she could very well go down as not only the greatest women’s tennis player of all time but one of the greatest tennis players ever regardless of gender. God bless Serena Williams.
Why is Serena twice as jacked a her sister?? 🤔

Edit: She's clearly on the juice.
Real one
Real one:
The women wear too much clothing for this sport to ever take off.