SERGINO DEST - Welcome to Barcelona - Amazing Skills, Tackles, Goals & Assists - 2020

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Sergiño Gianni Dest is a 19 year old American/Dutch footballer who plays for FC Barcelona. This video shows all of his goals, assists and overall play from the 2019/2020 season.

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0:00 - Intro
0:15 - Player Info & Stats
0:45 - Highlights
07:05 - Outro
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*New Barcelona right-back! The American/Dutch 19 year old scored 2 goals and had 6 assists in 39 games last season with an average rating of 6.76/10. Here's a quick video highlighting his best bits, introducing Sergiño Dest! PLEASE LIKE, COMMENT AND SHARE!* 🔵🔴🇺🇸
Henrik Lehmann
Henrik Lehmann:
Wanna say how much I appreciate the work you put into these videos, unparalelled on these. As much as I was excited for Dest, I waited to watch any comps until yours haha
His moments vs Alphonso Davies:
Usmnt looks bright with so many good looking young players.
Antonio Medrano
Antonio Medrano:
He looks like a player that could probably play different roles
Peterson says to teeth
Peterson says to teeth:
He will be best right back since he belong barca.. like dani alves
Zondo Zondo
Zondo Zondo:
Barca have got themselves a gem
Muhammed Saine
Muhammed Saine:
Such a great young player very good at dribbling and has a very good attacking work rate he just needs to get a little bit better at defending and he will be a very good right back
Jason Lika
Jason Lika:
This guy is beautiful to watch. Never seen him before this video. Well done Barca.
shake ghazali
shake ghazali:
welcome to our home❤️💙
Mat Nor
Mat Nor:
Good signing...Barca become stronger .....I hope.....👌👌👌
If he works on his strength, he will be a beast.
Y’all see what he did to Alphonse Davies 😳
Simone Capato
Simone Capato:
it's amazing how he is able to quickly jump the opponent
Giovanni Presotto
Giovanni Presotto:
One minute watching and is enough to say that he is a brilliant signing. If he improves his form and passes he will be one of the best RB.
Marcus Watson
Marcus Watson:
And you’re telling me this guy plays for the USA!? God bless we have some real talent for this next World Cup.
Oumar k.muhamed
Oumar k.muhamed:
Great video .. hope to see grimaldo in the next one
Andi Filalll
Andi Filalll:
first time im watching him - looks really good - quick feet. jerky movements. great agility and speed. I hope he can develop into a superstar and learn from messi
Mimi Lau
Mimi Lau:
The next dani alves 2🙏🙏🙏
Ibrahim Rofi
Ibrahim Rofi:
Very skill full
kfc kill fad children
kfc kill fad children:
HE's Nast-Y🤟🏻💥
Kenten Gordon
Kenten Gordon:
The future of football, once he remains injury free and committed to the game.👍
Rohith 10
Rohith 10:
Visca El BARCA ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Nokbe Teron
Nokbe Teron:
The best thing i have seen today in Youtube. Keep it up Barca ♥️♥️
Manhatan Antoniette
Manhatan Antoniette:
finally football video without annoying music
Yt- Baltazar ツ
Yt- Baltazar ツ:
I really love his playstyle it reminds me of Dani Alves. Hopefully he could be the next big thing and make a name for himself in the future. He’s already in the come up, can’t wait to see him play with Barca!
yeet boi
yeet boi:
Even if he doesn't do well in his debut season I'd be willing to give him more time. He's a gem and has the potential to be one of the best in the future.
Binay Bohara
Binay Bohara:
4:57 alphonsy
Pascal Wrobel
Pascal Wrobel:
Oh boy i'm waiting for the day we play against Bayern.
Joao Victor
Joao Victor:
Vem pro barçaum ser feliz 😻❤
Omar Faruk
Omar Faruk:
Koeman make this team as 2nd team of Netherland..❤❤
He go in left side always.
Brandon Mccomas
Brandon Mccomas:
Finally a American I can be proud to watch and he's good enough to say no thanks MLS I'm playing where the big boys play lol
Butter Bean
Butter Bean:
Reminds me of the cars movie when the new modern cars take over dest and Davies are the definition of modern full backs
GhostWishing GT
GhostWishing GT:
The kid’s a baller and you can tell 👏🏼
Andy Garcia
Andy Garcia:
Can you make one on Weston from Juve
Deep Indeen81
Deep Indeen81:
Wow, he is a showman like every typical brazilian player . I see dani alves in him, with barca teammates around him and style of barca possesion gameplay he can do well .
moha kuruud
moha kuruud:
We will see once he faces Vinicius and mendy
Diego Enrique Balladares Borges
Diego Enrique Balladares Borges:
This is a Hazard great!
Sven h
Sven h:
1:17 he can do the elastico which means he should have 5 star skills in fifa 21
왠만한 공격수들 하이라이트보다 눈이 즐겁네 ㄹㅇ 스페인가서 피지컬만 키우면 괴물될듯 ㄹㅇ
Shourya _
Shourya _:
He plays like a striker 💯
Tactical Manager TV
Tactical Manager TV:
USMNT has been all over big european clubs past few months !!
W I D E P U T I N:
Have him in my career mode insane he is
Squidward Tempoles
Squidward Tempoles:
can you add a snippet about the player's weakness in the video? it will be more complete
just a suggestion😁
Top Shelve
Top Shelve:
What an exciting prospect!
Me gustan los jugadores que juegan con freestyle tipo Neymar :)
L Jay
L Jay:
Bayern are missing out
수비수 아닌가 저게 뭐노 공격 존나 야무지게하네
Ashraf Afandiyev
Ashraf Afandiyev:
the best transfer of the season
But the question is.. can he past through AWB?
Roland Bartholo
Roland Bartholo:
Very promising !
Josiah Crowder
Josiah Crowder:
He's abusing Alphonso Davies
Ron Simpson
Ron Simpson:
3:17 That “fakie” kickback was SICK!
Bandana Rath
Bandana Rath:
He can do elasticos!!! He's a defender right😲😲😲
Tonmoy Ahmed
Tonmoy Ahmed:
Alphonso Davies got slapped 😲🥵🥵🥵
KEVIN Arias:
Amazing channel is good.
He got flair tho.....
Juan Rifky
Juan Rifky:
He should be the next level of DA
Lili Supriyanto
Lili Supriyanto:
Paulo Dybalaa
Paulo Dybalaa:
Please ScoutNation next Telles and Cavani
Goku Plays
Goku Plays:
He is very talented considering this is only his 2nd professional season.
Rio Brata
Rio Brata:
i think he's capable to play RW OR LW
luis cruz
luis cruz:
Buen intro del video 👊
Damn .. I know these are HIGHlights but .. they basically got a winger at FB now?? .. Havent had that since Dani Alves left
This kid is saucy with the dribbbles
Snedan Lopes
Snedan Lopes:
After all that happened to Barca he still decided to play for Barcelona over Bayern.. Respect 🙏
Sujan Thapa
Sujan Thapa:
Combintion of dani alves and marcelo⚘
ABAAS Ahmed:
New dani alves
Pranad Dessai
Pranad Dessai:
I see only the Netherlands connection
Joao Vitao
Joao Vitao:
They already finding replacements for Nelson Semedo 😁 Meanwhile all the prospects at _La Masia_ watching from the sidelines of the lower division clubs they get loaned to each year. 💁
Don Maurice
Don Maurice:
Looks like a player made for Barcelona,let's hope it works out
@ 1:16 why we would have need against Bayern...
He is so smooth on the ball. So steez, USMNT needs players like this. Confident, technical, trained in the European system
Nyengir Kuda
Nyengir Kuda:
Body balance membleh..
Olumuyiwa Leke
Olumuyiwa Leke:
He is a very brilliant player. He will be very useful for barca
100k subscribers without a video challenge
100k subscribers without a video challenge:
Where's his defense???
Saadak JiM Alle
Saadak JiM Alle:
Too much Talent🙏🙏
Benjamin Ombeni
Benjamin Ombeni:
This guy seems like he can play well in midfield
Imrancr7 Hakim
Imrancr7 Hakim:
Sergio roberto first team dest at bench
Golazo de Diego Torres futebolista argentino de zurda, brasileirão b :
juego CRB X AVAÍ. 2020
Mexi Zelda
Mexi Zelda:
Him and messi are going 2 murder the Liga
Nixe Five
Nixe Five:
He is phenomenal
The Angel Sisters
The Angel Sisters:
Who saw his skill show
Extraordinary Person
Extraordinary Person:
a young marcelo 😭😂😂😂
MangoJuice G
MangoJuice G:
Highlight song??
MangoJuice G
MangoJuice G:
Highlight song??
Sera que ele é bom mesmo essa diretoria do Barcelona só contrata Semedo.
Dani Alves ver2
syaz azmy
syaz azmy:
Is he really a fullback? With skills like that.. He could play different role like kimmich
Ahmed Abdelrahman
Ahmed Abdelrahman:
Wowww 😲
Tony Rivera
Tony Rivera:
Un jugador promesa a futuro como siempre #crack #fcb
Danilo Matzinger
Danilo Matzinger:
Dani Alves 2.0

It will be so nice to watch him
Tito Dacosta
Tito Dacosta:
This kid got that confidence and elegant style in his play so let's see if he got that consistency as well like Dani Alves 🙏
Marcelo Bielsa
Marcelo Bielsa:
Guy plays like a winger in a left backposition,basically a very good fullback,very good for a team like.barca who like push their fullbacks forward
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محمد صلاح صلاح:
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