Sergio Ramos Destroying Everyone ● HD

Sergio Ramos Destroying Everyone ● HD
#SergioRamos #Ramos #RealMadrid

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Nino Productions
Nino Productions:
I will "❤" each comment with Hala Madrid on it. Vamos!

Viji _123
Viji _123:
Liverpool fans: he is a dog

Barcelona fans: he is not good

Football fans: he is world class
best defender in this generation, and it's not even close.
Wow, brilliant video Nino!
Tilikum 21
Tilikum 21:
Ramos is the best defender for: Neymar
Pique is the best defender for: Barca fans and Barca fans
Corona virus
Corona virus:
He is not destroying them , people say he a bad person but that is what a truly defender must do. To be strong , not afraid anyone. Hala Madrid
# Milton
# Milton:
Real Madrid was a Kingdom divided in 2 parts
While Ronaldo ruled on the North
Ramos made sure everything was working properly in the South
Mohammed Shahid
Mohammed Shahid:
Look at him man... he is going for the ball all time... aggression and its peak... just wow
آجي نهضرو
آجي نهضرو:
Can't believe that people compare Van Dijk with this man , RAMOS is on an other level in this game ... Hala Madrid 🏆🏆🏆
Luis Enrique
Luis Enrique:
I really like Van Dijk and also respect to Godin
But Sergio Ramos is undoubtably the best defender of his generation and one of the greatest ones I have seen in Real Madrid since Hierro!
Great video crack 😁👍👏
Love him or hate him the best defender he is 💯
Pisn Disn
Pisn Disn:
I love how he plays so agressive
Our captain
Hala Madrid
Shweta Gurung
Shweta Gurung:
People hate him because he's too good..
Pradeep Singh
Pradeep Singh:
Van Dijik has left the chat
I’ve seen even some Barça fans say Ramos is the best CB in his prime over VVD. Best defender of this generation. Has won everything, been consistent for over a decade! Scores crucial goals and great pen taker, great header, and above all a great leader!! He may be dirty at times but he’s not afraid to come in for the tackle!

El Capi ramos ⚪️⚪️ Hala Madrid
Ricardo Bingling
Ricardo Bingling:
Sergio Ramos played in the era when you had insane elite attacker's ronaldinho used to toy with him for fun, Henry ,del piero, roy makaay the list goes on... Vvd who🤣
Uniquë boee
Uniquë boee:
Everyone hate him when he is against them but everyone loves to hav him in their team ❤✌
Aarish Irfan
Aarish Irfan:
Best defender alive. Enough said.
Alastair Walls
Alastair Walls:
When you put your CBs on "Agressive Interceptions"
Shaikh Sabir
Shaikh Sabir:
Question:What is defending
Answer:Sergio ramos
GAMER I 『99』
GAMER I 『99』:
His Tackles Amazing
Headers Amazing
Strength Amazing
Moreover , he doesn't afraid anyone
fut fifa football
fut fifa football:
The man that teaches us a lesson : to not to be afraid of anyone.
Hari Nivasan Chandrasekaran
Hari Nivasan Chandrasekaran:
Definitely the best defender of this generation and one of the best CB's of all time !!
No defender will ever be able to achieve his class....He has been the best defender and will be the best defender..... HALA MADRID RAMOS The king of MADRID🇪🇸👑
El Rey Jiren
El Rey Jiren:
The best defender in the wordl
IjU Z:
When CR7 left madrid went down a little i don't know what will happen when Ramos retires
Pradeep Singh
Pradeep Singh:
More deadly when plays with mask.
Avtar Mann
Avtar Mann:
He's such a great player and defender
Saurav Khadka
Saurav Khadka:
No one come closee to my captain😌❣️
Besg deffender in the world😍 dont compare him to kids like silva pique vandjik chellini
Sun Sin
Sun Sin:
2:19 Suarez asking for a penalty cause the midget got destroyed, what a joke!
آجي نهضرو
آجي نهضرو:
My heart ❤, my captain 💪 ... the best defender of all time , haters gonna hate but that's the truth 😉👊👊
Ali ElShimy
Ali ElShimy:
Yeah van dijk is good ... but Ramos is a legend 👑👑 Hala Madrid
Shabeeb Ali Shabi
Shabeeb Ali Shabi:
He will destroy every thing infront of him
Abdullah Rakovic
Abdullah Rakovic:
This is the best Nino Productions sergio ramos video
Hala madrid
Ritz Football
Ritz Football:
El capitan... Amazing edit btw
Sourabh k
Sourabh k:
Ramos literally destroys players😂
Timonas Bloze
Timonas Bloze:
I think every manager who played againts real madrid told the strikers how to get past ramos.
# Milton
# Milton:
I call him the housekeeper
'cause he cleans everything
urmomgay lmao
urmomgay lmao:
He's my inspiration
Shut Up
Shut Up:
The best cb in the world
watching him vs Suarez is one of the most beautiful things to watch as an Atletico fan 😂😂
Jolaman Joltu
Jolaman Joltu:
In the World best capitan and best player
Hala Madrid
Kat Madridista
Kat Madridista:
Best Defensive and CAPI of all Time! Never loved a Footballer more than him ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
manisha mishra
manisha mishra:
Ramos breathes Hala Madrid y nada mas!
Defination of a defender
Hala Ramos
God Ramos
mohaimen khan
mohaimen khan:
His tackles are so damn calculated it legit seems beautiful
محاكاة _ MOhakah
محاكاة _ MOhakah:
you are the best ever NINO
Sai Shiva
Sai Shiva:
Nino I have been your fan through 2017. We almost witnessed everything together. When we lifted the ucl against Liverpool, when we all were a bit nervous bcz of their excellent form , and the time when cr 7 left, almost every major event we were together brother. Recently you were not that active, but it feels great to see you back.
Anmol Gill
Anmol Gill:
10 min video editing so much clips is difficult good job nino # Hala Madrid # All time favourite Ramos # King Ramos
CA.Dileepan S.R.
CA.Dileepan S.R.:
Hala Madrid... That's what Ramos emits
Viva ramos 😘
Vishvajeet Rao
Vishvajeet Rao:
El Mehdi Bouhajeb
El Mehdi Bouhajeb:
Another AMAZING video 🤷🏻‍♂️
Nino 👑❤️
Diini Cadawe
Diini Cadawe:
One bad season everyone forget who you are sergio ramos is best defender of all time 💪😎
Excellent work man I appreciate it. Hala Madrid!!
_throne _hunter_7
_throne _hunter_7:
His form is slowly coming back
Shief S
Shief S:
Best defender
1st Ramos
2th Virgil
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan:
This man has more Defending capacity in a singular brain cell than Arsenal’s whole defence
That’s why for me he’s the best defender
Sir Ushno
Sir Ushno:
One of the Best Defenders and Captains of all time🔥
Chico S
Chico S:
Legends say Ramos even tackled the doctor who wanted to cut off his birth cord
Vic DubC
Vic DubC:
Antwi Bright
Antwi Bright:
De beast on de pitch ** hala Madrid vamos!!!
It's All About Football
It's All About Football:
A true passionate leader for us....Hala Madrid!
Dimitris K
Dimitris K:
I cant imagine Ramos in another team!
dan schriver
dan schriver:
I love how hed wear both captains bands at the same time. The madrid one and the champions league respect one. He was always on another level than everyone else. He was playing chess while mfers were playing checkers
Mey Haqim
Mey Haqim:
Such a waste to see him play at cb,he is CF for real.nahh..😂
Hala Ramos .. Hala Madrid <3 <3
Saish Kumar
Saish Kumar:
The Wall 🔥 🔥
Nassim B
Nassim B:
Notice how the most agressive defenders are also the best: Ramos, Pepe, Puyol, etc.
stephen lyan
stephen lyan:
His tactical awareness is just on a different level. He knows what to do at the right moment.
Viral 10
Viral 10:
Our Capi❤❤.
khaled bakr
khaled bakr:
The capitano😍😍
Hala madrid
FTB Productions
FTB Productions:
Heart of our defense ❤️❤️
Akshat THOLE
Akshat THOLE:
Our captain is absolutely a beast.
Hey bro can u the next video on Gareth Bale.
tishan steve
tishan steve:
really loved it in 0:39 🔥👌(puta🤬)🐕 and 2:12 😂(when lil fellow meets 🐅🔥💯)
well edited. #halamadrid
M Ezz
M Ezz:
Rock of defense 👏🔝👏🔝 hala madrid ❤🔝❤
LC Game
LC Game:
He reminds me of my self when I play floorball
Taking down and stopping everyone 😅
Samuel Keller
Samuel Keller:
Only to compare him with oder Center backs is disrespect
Rabi Shrestha
Rabi Shrestha:
Legend. I love this man
Diego Calahorro
Diego Calahorro:
From striker to center back and he is amazing
Balkan King
Balkan King:
Ramos is the best ever ❤️💪
Param Thakkar
Param Thakkar:
Hasta el final, Vamos Real!
Best defender so far.💙 ¡Hala Madrid!
Alpha Dream
Alpha Dream:
This is me in the next era
Germán von Büren
Germán von Büren:
AMAZINGG!! And the quality too
Kashif Jamal
Kashif Jamal:
Ok he is dog but he is defence god 🔥🔥
Essiella Pawiro-Oelomo
Essiella Pawiro-Oelomo:
Imagine ramos and van dijk playing together🤔
Somnath Ghosh
Somnath Ghosh:
Ramos love you ♥️💛♥️💛
Balkan King
Balkan King:
❤️ Hala Madrid ❤️ Forza ❤️
The video said why Ramos is captain of real mardrid

p.s. I'm Korean !
Mukhammed Zamanbek
Mukhammed Zamanbek:
Such great statistics for 33 year-old player. Amazing. HALA MADRID!!!!
The Clea
The Clea:
Football is blessed that we have someone like Sergio
aimanaliff yusoff
aimanaliff yusoff:
Sergio ramos rules:
1. Get the ball first
2. If fail, break the legs
You can't ever pass against him
Pareja Joven
Pareja Joven:
Buen viendo el mejor defensa 1#ramos
This satisfies me
Benjamin Broock
Benjamin Broock:
people thinks he is a bad person he just has a strong attitude and personality he is a true defender the best
Yusuf Ahmed Khan
Yusuf Ahmed Khan:
Best captain
Balkan King
Balkan King:
❤️ SERGIO RAMOS ❤️ the best 💪