Sergio Ramos is UNSTOPPABLE in 2020

▶️ Sergio Ramos Best Moments of the 2019/20 season
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100+ comentarios:

Age is just a number. El Capitan is still unstoppable! 💪🏼
Mahmoud Waheed
Mahmoud Waheed:
After CR7, Sergio Ramos is the best signing we made in the last 20 years.
A leader, a goalscorer, he isn’t just a defender... he’s just the best leader and defender in the world! Hala Madrid and Hala Ramos❤️
Fake Weeb
Fake Weeb:
You can say he played dirty but you can't deny he's a world class defender
Shubham Chouhan
Shubham Chouhan:
Sergio Ramos is more than a defender
He is a legend ❤️
Alex Ioannides
Alex Ioannides:
“He’s like a bear Graham...If you see him hibernating, do not wake him, he will eat you!” What? 😂
The anonymous NL
The anonymous NL:
COMMENT: Virgel Van Dijk 👑
liverpool fans really want vvd to be the best cb, little do they know ramos seems to just get better every game lmao
Sayantan Sarkar
Sayantan Sarkar:
Then they compare him with Van Dijk!!😂😂😂! “You can’t confuse F1 with karting” - once said by a Madrid Legend
Fikri Ajani
Fikri Ajani:
I can't imagine when sergio retires from football.. no one can replace him 😔. Leader, Goalscorer, Great Defender, Legend.
It kinda baffles my mind how pure strikers like CR7, R10, Pele etc are quoted as probable goats. Ok, Messi does have the playmaking ability but in general, how can you not immediately point to players like Ramos when it is about the BEST FOOTBALL player. Ramos went into the limelight as a Full Back with RMA. He transitioned into a Centre Back and pretty quickly became a steady top 3 in the world for most of the decade. Not only that, his leadership is somewhat unprecedended. Further, he is a big time aerial threat, an actual danger on free kicks and a big time penalty taker.
How many other players have done what he is doing on that kinda level for such an extended period of time?

"Who is the one player you would start a franchise around?" - I can completely understand if someone would take a clinical finisher but if you really dig into the metrics of what Ramos is doing and has accomplished over the years, you would be hard pressed not to take him.
Adam Faturrachman
Adam Faturrachman:
really wish both Real Madrid and Juventus reach UCL quarter final so i could watch him and CR duel.
Black Hammer
Black Hammer:
The best and most complete CB in the football history. Thanks for everything, captain. Hala Madrid y Viva Ramos 🇪🇸🤍💪🏻
Dangerous Minecrafter
Dangerous Minecrafter:
Has he even missed a penalty this season !?
This guy is incredible
Being as cool as Sergio Ramos should be everyone's goal in life. What a man, what a player!
Jawiin Xaamood
Jawiin Xaamood:
Super sergio Ramos🏋️‍♂️💪💪💪💪🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♂️⛹️‍♀️⛹️‍♀️
Slick-on -acid
Slick-on -acid:
He’s cocky but no can hide the fact that he gets the job done
For Lenovo
For Lenovo:
Fifa should make him the best cb in Fifa 21
Dam remember when ppl compared him wit vvd
damn ramos, perfect defender🔥 not a defender playing twitter...
Chance Bg_Tv
Chance Bg_Tv:
The best defender the all time, respect captain 🤗♥️🙏
Yousef Khadka
Yousef Khadka:
Liked the video without even watching it😂
Uti Lok
Uti Lok:
Ramos balon D'or 💪💪💪
Ángel ツ L.
Ángel ツ L.:
El defensa total, lider, con carácter, con calidad, con mentalidad y con gol, defensa único.
Boyan Djonev
Boyan Djonev:
Honestly most of the strikers in La Liga have less goals.💪
Samuel Brocanelli
Samuel Brocanelli:
Best center back in Real Madrid history ❤️🇪🇦
Diana Flores
Diana Flores:
1:27 that Beckham touch.
Erick Martinez
Erick Martinez:
Ramos is the greatest defender ever he has all the characteristics you need in a defender
As someone who used to dislike this man with a passion, when you watch him live and see his determination, grit, aggression, passion and pure defending ability it's hard to deny that he's been the greatest defender of the past decade.
Amirul Ashraf
Amirul Ashraf:
" Cool as a cucumber, Sergio Ramos "
A Complete defender... A great spotkicker too..
Kamrul Islam Emon
Kamrul Islam Emon:
Ramos is way more than enough, than having 5 defenders of Juventus.
Spartan Ham-1226
Spartan Ham-1226:
6:03 "best commentating iv'e ever heard"
jehovah turkson
jehovah turkson:
The greatest defender of all time.
Mario GV
Mario GV:
Best defender in history 💪
Latif Jr
Latif Jr:
He is back just like his long hair a few years ago
Dennis Palmqvist
Dennis Palmqvist:
Looking at current form. Ramos is the best defender in the world rn.
This man is insane. Definetly deserving of a Ballon D'Or one day
2:42 min that long pass....
Hussain beirouty
Hussain beirouty:
When Ramos is on the pitch y is the even a keeper
Becqali KZ
Becqali KZ:
Capitan 🇪🇸 vamos
King Zamo
King Zamo:
Certainly one of the most underrated players in the history of football. This man is one of the best all around football player EVER not to mention the BEST CAPTAIN 🤩💖💖💖💖#HalaMadrid
typical guy
typical guy:
he defends and scores is that even legal? FIFA should do something about this
Narender Gandhi
Narender Gandhi:
god why why did he get red card in 1st leg
Giral Buana Solin
Giral Buana Solin:
His passion, his love 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Anzal CR7
Anzal CR7:
*sergio ramos💜💜💜💕💕💥💥*
Kristian La Vigne
Kristian La Vigne:
Thug Life ;) BEAST Mode :)
Hassan Abdi
Hassan Abdi:
Imagine if he left Madrid, it wouldn't feel right💯
Mohammad Sameer Kakar
Mohammad Sameer Kakar:
This lad is like Wine and Gold. He will be very hard to be replaced.
hydrolife tech
hydrolife tech:
That Pop Smoke beat drop at 5:00 🔥🔥🔥
Jack Dolah
Jack Dolah:
Eternally grateful for him ❤️❤️
Ooo first comment....guess I’ll say thank you captain my captain, best CB and now ST in la liga 😅 wonderful season for the skipper.
Pat 40
Pat 40:
El Ramos De Madrid ❤🔥💛🔥❤
Benjamin Torres
Benjamin Torres:
Say what you want about him
but Ramos deserves Ballon Dor at least once imo
David Mariano
David Mariano:
Ballon D’Or 2020 winner
The best center back in the world, there is no comparison between Ramos and Van Dijk!
Pralay Gaikwad
Pralay Gaikwad:
Sergio Ramos :
Leader striker Defender
In this order..
Hala madrid
He always has been...🔥🔥
marwan mohamad
marwan mohamad:
Greater than just defender the most stronger player on the earth captain of Spain and captain of Madrid wow what a legend ... Madrid’s fan to death
Akshay Rathod
Akshay Rathod:
Definately gonna miss him Vs city
Dark Soul
Dark Soul:
Still Beast 💪🔥, Still Favorite ❤️😇
Jeffrey Perez
Jeffrey Perez:
What’s the name of the second song “you don’t mess with god” 🔥🔥
King F
King F:
what is the song at 3:00 called?
Boyan Djonev
Boyan Djonev:
More than a Player. Respect.♥️
Gold Lemon
Gold Lemon:
Best defender in the 21st century
Atef Laifi
Atef Laifi:
No doubt، He is the best defender of all time ❤️
Saunak Football
Saunak Football:
The song even sounds rough and tough like Ramos 🤩😂
He’s weak
Spider Beast668
Spider Beast668:
The goat 🐐👑
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez:
He has always been good but he realized RM needed that extra umph after Ronaldo left. He is filling the void Ronaldo left in many ways. Not as many goals sure but in other ways
Atif Rizvi
Atif Rizvi:
- when life gives you adversity and problems tackle them like ramos
D Ndk
D Ndk:
The first clip was Valverde 😂
Probably the greatest CB of all time 💪
Muhammad Misbah
Muhammad Misbah:
The Legend, The Myth 💯♥️
El Capitan Sergio Ramos Garcia 🏳️🏳️
Jules Ramos
Jules Ramos:
vamos mi Madrid! hasta el morir!
Sergio cariño ☺️ born leader
Rampravesh Gond
Rampravesh Gond:
Sergio Ramos is most effective player than any other players
Damian Robles
Damian Robles:
But could he do it on a cold, rainy night at stoke? Mustafi could
Hunter Sb
Hunter Sb:
First view 😍❤️
Our Best Captain 💪💪👑
Skills Dribbling
Skills Dribbling:
The best ♥️✌
Foqus Lab
Foqus Lab:
easily the best CB of his generation
Jose Valverde
Jose Valverde:
My player 💯🔥
piano or bass
piano or bass:
3:32 he's unstoppable, making penalty and for the 100th time, refree looking to the other side
The Game Boy
The Game Boy:
Never ever compare him to van djik..
Batman Baccas
Batman Baccas:
Imagine Ramos going one full season without a card it impossible
Rap God
Rap God:
I'm so happy we are Champion of Spain, thank u Our Captain, an all Real Madrid squad☺😘, hala Madrid
Sanskar Baral
Sanskar Baral:
Maldini Ramos Ferdinand Alves 🔥. Thats my favourite back 4 of all time.
Golden boy
Golden boy:
Age is just a number, our caprain sergio ramos on 🔥🙏❤⚽✌
Aylmer Perdana
Aylmer Perdana:
The man, the myth, the legend! - Studio C
Fz David
Fz David:
The best ramos 💯💯💯💯
For as old as he is his work rate, drive and passion is very high, a dream player for managers.
Oh, Captain, my Captain...
Others hate covid - Ramos Thanks to covid that made me who i am now- Viking
Burhanuddin Abbas
Burhanuddin Abbas:
fun fact: Sergio Ramos led Real Madrid to their 34th La Liga title, the same age as him, the GOAT
The great wall alwys my fav Ramos
The great wall alwys my fav Ramos
Jack Zamudio
Jack Zamudio:
Dios mío! 😍
Hendry Entertainment
Hendry Entertainment:
Pucuk semakin dingin kapten💪💪💪
4:41 what a rapping
Mikel Legend
Mikel Legend:
Balon d’oro for Ramos