"Sex and The City" Reboot Confirmed Without Kim Cattrall | Daily Pop | E! News

"And Just Like That" the story continues with Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda--but not Samantha. Will the revival be just as good without Kim Cattrall? Watch "Daily Pop" weekdays at 11am|10c, only on E!

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"Sex and The City" Reboot Confirmed Without Kim Cattrall | Daily Pop | E! News

100+ comentarios:

Ashley T R
Ashley T R:
Kim Cattrall was my favourite character! To me she made SATC. I really cannot imagine the show without her.
Without Samantha, it's just "And The City." Won't be watching.
Emoretta Robinson
Emoretta Robinson:
Since Jennifer Hudson was Carrie's assistant in the first movie they could invite her back. Just an idea
The fact that they changed the title says a lot. It wouldn’t be the same under the SATC title. Samantha was the show!
Sue Menz
Sue Menz:
Like Two and a Half Men without Charlie Sheen......it will be short lived.
Amy Zorah
Amy Zorah:
Morgan is spot ONNNNNNNNN.
The Unimportant
The Unimportant:
Y'all....I think it's very possible that they're going to kill off Samantha's character....
h ep
h ep:
Kim will get the last laugh. Reboots flop big time lol
Joanna Beltran
Joanna Beltran:
Shut up I’m so excited but I do wish she would come back
grace marie
grace marie:
Without Samantha it's "Nothing and the City"
KL Howard
KL Howard:
What, are we going to be following women in their 50s living their best life. SATC was good while it lasted. Don’t bring it back!
Amy Zorah
Amy Zorah:
Morgan has been through same thaaaang in her friendships. Clearly 😭😂
Lady M
Lady M:
I'm ready to see the next Chapter. We can't say is bad without Kim. We must see this Chapter to see how we feel.
Rossy Contreras
Rossy Contreras:
I feel you Morgan. All of those things really make me sad!
I"m pretty sure they made an interesting enough script without Kim. If not, that would be a big fail for everybody. Fingers crossed. I really do think they found someone else to replace Kim's sexy beast character. Anyways, I'm all for it! :))))
Lupita Pitta
Lupita Pitta:
Can I auditioning to the part? I'd love to do it.
heyitsnayaa Arok
heyitsnayaa Arok:
It’s like watching friends without Phoebe 😢it doesn’t work 💔
Rizanna Dyussembina
Rizanna Dyussembina:
Talking about diversity- never seen asian woman on E. There’s not enough of asians in LA? 🤷🏻‍♀️
Daring Danielle
Daring Danielle:
Yes!!! I love the idea of addressing falling out with friends
Melanie B-E
Melanie B-E:
They can bring in Nicollete Sheridan for a sexy part.
Donna D
Donna D:
Yaass Ladies I am all for this and can't wait. 😍 I would love to have Samantha back but that is her choice. Carrie is my absolute favorite!! 💘 I also love Miranda and Charlotte too. ❤💖
Omggggggg Morgan’s point! I want to watch her version
dark.demon .queen
dark.demon .queen:
They should do like the “L” word has been doing.... 50/50 “old” cast and new... has really good balance but still let’s you see your favorites again while introducing new ones.

This could end up being another “Charmed” tho as well 👎 so we’ll see
Lo Tru
Lo Tru:
The poor doggie had to suffer and watch dis XD.
grace marie
grace marie:
we love Kim Cattrall!
barbara dekker
barbara dekker:
Kim Cattrall CHOSE to no longer be a part of it. I Loved Samantha's character but tbh the show is Mainly about Carrie. Her friendships are the 'B' story line. They'll be fine without Samantha. 🤷🏽‍♂️👠 the show must go on.
Alicia torres
Alicia torres:
Kim did the right decision, we are over it! What else is there to say and talk about in the movie, I won’t be watching it!
Taylor L Winter
Taylor L Winter:
They should've just replace kim with Sharon Stone
Amy Zorah
Amy Zorah:
Why do they make Carissa read allll the intros. They’ve got baby girl working overtime. 🤣
Without the most interesting to look at. Well Miranda is also a real boss
The Mystic Agent
The Mystic Agent:
LOVE IT!! Yes! tell us why Samantha is the foursome anymore! TELL US, in the new series! Own the conflict!
Erica Duvall
Erica Duvall:
How about Dominique Jackson Electra from POSE..now that is diversity!!!💕
If I was kim I wouldn't do it either. She has her own show there is a possibility that she might make a few cameos.
Carolyn Stumpf
Carolyn Stumpf:
30:27 Anyone want to do this with
Hitachi Uchiha Magic Wand
Hitachi Uchiha Magic Wand:
Were people really asking for this?
This is reboot is going to be epic!! I can’t wait!!!
Antonyo Mikel
Antonyo Mikel:
I prefer jennifer coolsige' character comeback.. .
Glynis Marthinussen
Glynis Marthinussen:
Kim makes that show 😫
S L:
I’m here for it!
Harry S. Lund
Harry S. Lund:
1:46 the Man... I feel bad for him
Wynter Wren
Wynter Wren:
They're really beating a dead horse on this one. The movies were terrible. I loved the show but who ever wrote the scripts for the movies needs to consider getting a new day job.
Cathy Morgan
Cathy Morgan:
Yay yay yay! Can't wait!
Ernest Jackson
Ernest Jackson:
amazing content keep it up
Jacqueline Payne
Jacqueline Payne:
The tiff from Kim Katrell’s point of view was lack of ability to get behind the camera. She wanted to shoot more episodes than she did. The director and Sarah kept throwing the ball of blame on the other.

After that Kim never was able to do other projects as she wanted 🤷🏻‍♀️
AK Sonya
AK Sonya:
Wow I am shocked by these reactions, I am so happy this is happening. I don't care that Samantha isn't coming back. I have sadly lost girlfriends over the years and it was devastating but that was their choice and I have lived a beautiful life. So will the rest of the ladies. YES I am all for it.
Bondi Bella
Bondi Bella:
How the hell can they not have Kim ! And just like that the show is BS
Ivaylo Iontchev
Ivaylo Iontchev:
Kim as Samantha was the best part of the show/movies. The other 3 are annoying, especially Sarah.
Elva Metz
Elva Metz:
1:11 😘Yang suka AllAH lik 💙 🇰 🇮 🇸 🇸💖
Amy Zorah
Amy Zorah:
Issa Rae is like 20 years younger too Jusss.
Nika Polskaya
Nika Polskaya:
That's new character
Sussan Ambrozic
Sussan Ambrozic:
It's going to be boring with Kim Catrell, aka Samantha💜💜
Sophie Hart
Sophie Hart:
Am I the only one that doesn't like Kim Cattrall ? I like Samantha but the actress is such a diva and creates so much drama.
Linda Williams
Linda Williams:
Tisha Thibodeau
Tisha Thibodeau:
6:01 So cute and sexy 😋🤗
Courtney Renfro
Courtney Renfro:
Bring Sam back .
clarissa Florin
clarissa Florin:
It will be nothing without her samantha makes the whole show
Angelo Zackary
Angelo Zackary:
2:44 Beautiful 💋💋love u💋💋
Ralph Tidd
Ralph Tidd:
OnE likE AnD GoD WiLL fOrGIvE YoU
Russel Furtado
Russel Furtado:
Without Kim Catral as Samantha, the show will NEVER be the same, but I will watch all the same anyway, just to criticize, loll
Lo Tru
Lo Tru:
0:11 xx
Sharon Gandhi
Sharon Gandhi:
30:02 i love to do
basic instinct
basic instinct:
L e g e n d a r y !
Debra Rodriguez
Debra Rodriguez:
1:11 😘Yang suka AllAH lik 💙 🇰 🇮 🇸 🇸💖
Marylou Watanabe
Marylou Watanabe:
2:32 I like 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
TC Nance
TC Nance:
Needs Samantha....or Someone to Play Samantha...or Samantha Type??
Sharon Stone??
Shalaka Kamat
Shalaka Kamat:
Samantha is probably dead in the series.
Rose Conrad
Rose Conrad:
2:32 I like 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Roger Riley
Roger Riley:
5:09 Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh 😍
kevin c
kevin c:
without Samantha Jones might as well call it 3 Dull Women. Kim Catrall was THE star of that show, trust!
LA Safari
LA Safari:
Enough. And NOT without Samantha!! Not here for this. Over it.
Nika Polskaya
Nika Polskaya:
Can't wait
Miss B
Miss B:
Wow this is how much SJP needs to prove they don’t need Kim.
They should have cast new actors.
Deb Hood
Deb Hood:
Awesome vdo 🔥
I’m thrilled they’re coming back with or without Samantha.. It’s not like they didn’t want her.. she kept refusing.. and I’ve waited and waited.. I’m over it.. Just tell me time and place I’m there.. Thanks don’t get me wrong Samantha was phenomenal but how many times can you say NO
Hau Vu
Hau Vu:
Shaunna Mee
Shaunna Mee:
If the Spice Girls can go on tour without Posh then SATC cast can do it without Kim.
I going to miss Samantha she was my favourite tv scrubber I loved because she was real, honest, a real friend and funny.
I agree with Morgan a storyline on making and losing friends will be fantastic to explore.
Lindsay Lindsay
Lindsay Lindsay:
They shouldn’t have made the show without Kim! She’s the favourite!
Why can’t they let It go!? I mean that’s goood for Kristin Davis coz miss thing was nowhere to be seen!!
Victoria -
Victoria -:
😯 I don't think it's the same without Kim. Also... it was good, it was over...leave it there.
Lan Huy
Lan Huy:
Yang milih allah like 40000 ya.
henry riley
henry riley:
I for one will not be watching

S&TC without Kim as Samantha would be like having no Rose or Blanche in Golden Girls

It just won’t work 🤷🏻‍♂️ so yeh I won’t be tuning in
Tim Simms
Tim Simms:
for me it was

1. Miranda
2. Carrie
3. Samantha
4. that other girl
Harry Lara
Harry Lara:
Very happy new hera 💋
L R:
NO RECAST! It's unnecessary, people get written off of shows all the time. If you recast this particular character you are just asking for fans to tear you apart for your choice of actress. Just honor the memory of the charactrer, show the reality that people grow apart and move on. It's not that hard.
caricia angela
caricia angela:
SATC is not what it is without Kim Catrall.
Elva Metz
Elva Metz:
Love Me ??? 💋😍❤
William Cutler
William Cutler:
Very happy new hera 💋
Loved Kim as well but I think her head got a little big and unfortunately these girls created such an iconic show and characters, I think it was hard for them to break out of typecast I'm sure Samantha died from cancer being she had it on the last season. I think to make it stick for the times, they meet a new friend preferably someone of color who is funny and interesting, Done! That would be awesome, always a fan, one of the few shows you can watch and enjoy over and over!
Honey Honey
Honey Honey:
Antajuan Grady
Antajuan Grady:
i will see it
Lisa Parker
Lisa Parker:
Leave the past in the past. It is done.
Tisha Thibodeau
Tisha Thibodeau:
beautifull 💋💋love u💋💋
Josie Branham
Josie Branham:
Sorry, but without Cattrall, there is no SATC.
C Wemba
C Wemba:
I love kim
Jeff Bernal
Jeff Bernal:
30:27 Anyone want to do this with
Jordan Sainte-Marie
Jordan Sainte-Marie:
Let it diiiie