'Sex And The City' Star Willie Garson Has Died At Age 57

"Sex and The City" star Willie Garson has died at the age of 57. His friend and "Bosch" star Titus Welliver broke the news of Willie's passing on Twitter on Tuesday. "There are no words. I love you dear brother. We are fewer," he wrote. Shortly after Titus’ statement, Willie’s son, Nathen Garson, shared a heartbreaking tribute on Instagram to his late dad, alongside a carousel of photos of him. Willie's cause of death has not been confirmed, but multiple reports share that he passed following a short illness.

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aaron broughton
aaron broughton:
Wow this heart breaking, even though he was a character on tv Stanford was one of the those friends we all wish had, funny/supportive/and stylish, it brings some peace to know we will get to see you on "And just like that" one more time , R.I.P Willie Garson you will be missed.
Candice Bridges
Candice Bridges:
I'm truly saddened by this news of his passing. Sex in the City will never be the same without him. I will miss you. Rest easy. 💔
Wayne A. W.
Wayne A. W.:
57 is so young still. Loved watching him on the game show "25 Words or Less" hosted by Meredith Vieira.
Sam Free
Sam Free:
I'm so sad to hear this. What a great loss for all he's known and loves.
OH NO! Very shocking. He was only 57. I loved him in Sex and the City, Stargate SG1, Hawaii Five-O & Supergirl (recurring role) just to name a few (including his guest appearances). My deepest sympathies and condolences to his family. R.I.P. WG. You will be missed.
Teresa Baxter
Teresa Baxter:
My deepest condolences to the Family and Friends of Willie Carson (Stanford Blatch on Sex In The City) your character was so much fun to watch. Thank you for being you Willie Carson.
james friel
james friel:
sad that Willie is gone. I loved him on SG1 and he was great in all his roles.
Ebony B.
Ebony B.:
This is rally sad, may he RIP.
I'm going to say this.
If Sarah, Kim, Cynthia, and Kristin are not getting along, they need to make up right now because you just never know.
Pat Star
Pat Star:
Very shocking. Loved his role in Stargate SG1. His guest appearances were always fun and special.
Nicholas Garrick
Nicholas Garrick:
Oh no this is so sad willy garson was one my favourite actor loved him in SITC ,and white collar may he rip😔🕊.
Theresa Mchugh
Theresa Mchugh:
Wtf?? Is all i can honestly say 🙏 im in total shock.. My ❤ hurts 😢
Einez Crespo
Einez Crespo:
RIP Willie Garson.
I didn't know him, but it seems that lots of actors are dying lately!
Condolences to his family!
Lynn Dvorak
Lynn Dvorak:
So horrible and sudden. Great guy and actor! I'm so, so sad.
This is sad. He will be greatly missed. Loved him Hawaii Five-O and White Collar.
Morag Orr
Morag Orr:
So sad he was brilliant in sitc he will be missed by all the cast
Sandra Dima
Sandra Dima:
Rest in peace!
Sandy Ramirez
Sandy Ramirez:
Omg Rest In Peace 😭🕊
Phyllis Crumpler
Phyllis Crumpler:
My condolences to his family
MC O'Keefe
MC O'Keefe:
Rest In Peace 🕊😭
Maria Lewis
Maria Lewis:
OMG ... never watched Sex & City bit he was excellent in White Collar and a hell of a great poker player!!! So sad to lose him at only 57
SATC will never be the same without him. RIP Stanford Blatch!
I cant....i cant describe how sad this is making me rn....just sitting in the kitchen...speechless...crying
Rip Willie Garson 🙏🏻🎭
Don't monitize off of news of someone's passings, how disrespectful. Rest in peace.
Ana Pinheiro
Ana Pinheiro:
So sad 😢😢😢 RIP
Peter Franks
Peter Franks:
Loved him in Hawaii Five-O, even as far back as Quantum Leap (play it again, Seymour, Oswald)
M. Griffith
M. Griffith:
So sad! So young.
Francine Smith
Francine Smith:
Megan McKnight
Megan McKnight:
According to his IMDb page it says he died of cancer
Valouexx Popeline
Valouexx Popeline:
So sad😢😥
Well... he got to wear a LOT of very good (and expensive) clothing playing the character of Standford. I guess he died of excess. Good on him!
Joe Juarez
Joe Juarez:
The world is becoming more and more empty.
John Smith
John Smith:
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Was he vaccinated?
Yukari 327
Yukari 327:
I’m so sorry for this news..... did he vaccinated for attending for shooting the new show?
Brent Yalowica
Brent Yalowica:
RIP Buddy, now I can make my move on Anthony, xoxoxo
im eddie wilson
im eddie wilson:
FUCK sex in the city! No person ever mention his work on the biggest show of all time!????!!! STARGATE SG-1!!!!!!! RIP dude and Don S Davis and Bill Paxton and many talented others
Oh wow, thats horrible!
Peter Pan
Peter Pan:
Willie g
I just read his Wikipedia page and was shocked to learn that he was heterosexual.
I guess I am shocked because I believed he and his character on Sex and the City were the same.
That is just a sign of what an excellent actor he was.