Sheffield United vs Tottenham LIVE WITH EXPRESSIONS OOZING @tottenhamtobs @James Redmond TV

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Tottenham goals: 10:32
Sheffield United goal: 1:21:49
Michael Tu
Michael Tu:
James before the Ndombele goal 🤣🤣🤣 CLASS
Everytime there is a good goal, Saeed and James will not spoil it. Respect
Erik Lamessi
Erik Lamessi:
1:24:43 James is too funny 😂
ndombele playing like prime yaya toure
Sir Dacier
Sir Dacier:
Ready to Tango NDOMBADBOY 🐐
Martin Hawkins
Martin Hawkins:
finally a win thank you Lord 😇
Karen Ding
Karen Ding:
respect for hamez not spoiling that beauty 😂
Young Gooner
Young Gooner:
The stream was lit
Caleb Barraza
Caleb Barraza:
Tobs gets the notification before the goal happens 🤣🙏🏽
Made By Vade
Made By Vade:
Great win. But guys... its time to watch my DELE ALLI TOTTENHAM LEGEND CAREER VIDEO.. he is leavin for sure. #ThankYouDele #ggndombele
Ethan Riekert
Ethan Riekert:
Rodon is a baller
Gainmaker 5000
Gainmaker 5000:
Oozing Hyung!!
People United
People United:
EXPRESSION you are dying you can't see it but I can
James Daoud
James Daoud:
Hahaha hames slick with that countdown to Ndombadboy’s goal
Ndombele’s goal JEEEEZ
The Realist
The Realist:
Aurier showing he is the number one RB at the club, Doherty needs to step up cause I haven't been impressed. Dier can jump but not towards the ball, absolutely useless, Davies not good in the air, Toby and Rodon should be given a go together.
Henry Sagoe
Henry Sagoe:
We will win nothing without a word class left-sided centre half
alex sibanda
alex sibanda:
Ndombele goal was insane. Ndomb-boy is class, not many players have Ndombele's skill set! Magical!
Luke Evans
Luke Evans:
I like this tobi guy
Hayden Choi
Hayden Choi:
10:34 Goal
45:44 Goal
1:21:51 Goal
1:24:44 Goal
Aurier is 5ft 9
musa jallow
musa jallow:
Ndombele Is The Most Gifted African Player ,better Baller Than Pogba
Darren Anderson
Darren Anderson:
Individual brilliance for the goals aside anyone else just get pissed at watching that? 3-1 up against a team that’s already relegated and he can’t give Vinnie a 20 minutes run out. Also wtf was with that double time wasting substitution with seconds left. the mans got ptsd from the West Ham game...embarrassing!
Brian Moore
Brian Moore:
Why do you always have that Scouser on? You know plenty of Spurs fans who would be better than us having to listen to this guy?