Sheffield United Vs Tottenham [PREDICTED LINE-UP]

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Ongeziwe K. Besi
Ongeziwe K. Besi:
Rodon and Toby needs to start tomorrow
I’m sorry but Toby should be the “undroppable” center back instead of Dier. Really missing Jan atm😩
Jamie Mcintosh
Jamie Mcintosh:
I’d go ndombele alongside the Viking, with Alli as a no.10
GK - Hugo
RB - Aurier
CB - Rodon
CB - Toby
LB - Reg
CM - Sissoko
CM - Ndombele
RW - Bergwijn
CF - Kane
LW - Son
Prison - Eric Dier, for attacking the spurs faithful
Jack Collins
Jack Collins:
if we don't score more than 1 goal we don't win simple as that
Josh Wiggan
Josh Wiggan:
Aurier Toby Rodon Regulion
Hojbjerg Ndombele
Bergwijn Alli Son

Maybe Bale over Bergwijn
Jack Collins
Jack Collins:
Dier could score 5 own goals and still wouldn't get droppped by jose
Patrick Ennis
Patrick Ennis:
I would love for Jose to spring a surprise, as Sheff will have practiced for Son and Kane all week, put them on the bench, and start with Ali and Vinicius, and Lucas, and bring on Son and Kane later if we need them!! I believe Vinicius has a lot of goals in him giving the chance to get use to Premier league football, Id say 15-20 a season easily. Hes a real goal poacher. I mean it dont matter what defence we play they will be shit anyway so lets try something different.!! I believe Ali and Vinny will cause them problems and get goals, and we will win with those 3 in starting line.
Mohammed Al Hameli
Mohammed Al Hameli:
We need Toby and Rodon to play
Alpha T
Alpha T:
Dier is Mourinho’s Son
I do NOT want to see Sissoko on the wing. Play him as a CM or don’t play him at all
Immortal Training
Immortal Training:
I wanna see Bale behind Kane, with Hojbjerg & Ndombele in the middle.
If dier starts with the amount of crosses sheffeild put in the box were done here
Tony Buttigieg
Tony Buttigieg:
This is one of the best line ups we can have but I still dont feel safe even against a team like Sh utd, it all depends on how much effort and heart the boys give ,and we cant expect to win games with 1 goal and rest on it.
Island Life
Island Life:
Hope we can get this 3 points now we playing another bottom table team
We gotta attack attack
Score 4 then sit back
Not just 1 COYS 💪🏽
alex sibanda
alex sibanda:
We need a lineup with at least 4-5 goal scorers
If we're playing cautious againt Sheffield United, I'm not watching another Spurs-match until Mourinho is gone.
Dylan Blake
Dylan Blake:
When we control the game eg against Leeds we win. When we sit back from going 1-0 up Eg wolves Fulham palace we draw. Now I’m no rocket scientist and I’m not a qualified football coach but it seems pretty simple of what we should do
Sandile Buthelezi
Sandile Buthelezi:
Am I the only one who feels like theys something missing if didn't watch Sim & Ben predicted lineup
alex sibanda
alex sibanda:
Hugo, Aurrier, Toby, Rodon, Reguilon, Hojberg, Ndombele, Dele, Bale, Kane and Son
Dominic Busby
Dominic Busby:
I'd like to see more creativity from Jose. What we are producing week in week out at the moment is not good enough. We need more goals consistently. Some great suggestions in here.. I'm bored of watching him try play it safe. A draw is as good as a loss
mike nayler
mike nayler:
How can Bale be better in 2nd half of season when Mourinho never plays him.
Aurier Rodon Toby Davies
Højbjerg Ndombele Reg
Son Kane Bergwijn
L K:
I never want to see Sissoko RM !
Will G
Will G:
Goal factory:

Aurier Toby Rodon Sergio
Bergwin PEM Alli Son
Kane Vinicius
Korfingshile Headphones
Korfingshile Headphones:
After Spurs draw with Fulham, I'm rapidly losing interest in this season. If they do not win this, I'll switch off completely. Must win game. Need to put a string of results together. Urgently.
p T
p T:
I'll tell you now, it's going to be 1-1.
Kristoffer Larsen
Kristoffer Larsen:
I would actually like to see I bit of a different lineup

Aurier, Toby, Rodon, Regulion
Højbjerg Ndombele
Lamela, Dele, son
Big Dog
Big Dog:
Tanganga start with Toby hasn’t put a foot wrong and always gives his all.
Erik Hooverson
Erik Hooverson:
I’m with Ben—2-0. COYS!
shepherd ndhlovu
shepherd ndhlovu:
Hoping to see a Rodon/Dier pairing .. I'm curious about something 🤔 #COYS
its gonna be a 3-4-3 formation I'm sure of it
phil tang
phil tang:
Can Lucas Moura be our new freekicker please. 😁
Its gonna be hard, but if it works, it'll be 3-2
Can't wait for us to go 1 nil up in the 6th minute, to sit back and concede in the 87th minute ....
Patrick Umerah
Patrick Umerah:
I agree with you... 2-0, it is!
Niki Mitchell
Niki Mitchell:
We need to upgrade our centre backs if we are going to push on.
Mal Thy
Mal Thy:
john racher
john racher:
Great content and views as always lads, yes I am pretty worried about this game. We will either win it by 2 or 3, or a 1-1 draw (conceding to another set piece!). Just found out we haven't beaten them home or away for about 46 years!. I remember an awful game away to Sheff. Utd. back in 1993, it was my first ever away match I attended that was not in London. I took the afternoon and the following morning off work to travel all the way up there-cost me a fortune on travel + ticket, only to see us get torn apart 6-0. I was mortified, I had to face massive ridicule and embarrassment when I got back to work. Then to make matters worse I soon followed that up by going to Anfield and watched us getting thrashed 6-2! Oh, my word, the life of a fan. It didn't stop me though and went whenever I could. Sadly have not been to a live game for some years, due to circumstances, but always follow all the on line blogs/vlogs/streams etc. I will be there in mind and spirit today, and only hope we can get the 3 points, COYS!
Saint Tongpha
Saint Tongpha:
Tanguy playing deeper next to Hojbjerg, yes please.
Sissoko playing on the right, never again please.
Allan Smith
Allan Smith:
This team is just sooooo! predictable! just as of all of the lame dead draw results, I suggest ruffle the team feathers and unshackle this squad and go for a 3142 away game
Doherty Toby Rodon Regulion
Ndombele Hojberg
Sissoko Bale Son
KillerRabit OfCaerbannog
KillerRabit OfCaerbannog:
Mourinho goal difference in PL: 317, Klopp (attacking coach): 232, Pep (extremely attacking coach): 271.

I rest my case.
6ix YardBox
6ix YardBox:
This the game that would end our any chance of the fighting for the League, if we dont pick up 3 points we done. Hope we get the win though COYS
Bhushan Parthasarathy
Bhushan Parthasarathy:
There’s no 1-0 It’s either 1-1 or 2-0 It up to our players.
Black Jesus
Black Jesus:
Who's ready for a 1-1 loss!
DMT 1985
DMT 1985:
Khulasande M. Majola
Khulasande M. Majola:
We need to play a 4-4-2 formation with Kane & Vini up top.

Lloris (GK), Aurier (RB), Toby (RCB), Dier (LCB), Reguilon (LB), Lamela (RM), Ndombele (RCM), Hojbjerg (LCM), Son (LM), Kane (ST), Vini (ST)

Score prediction: 2-0
We need this win
Doherty Toby Dier Reguilon
Alli(RM) Ndombele Hojbjerg Son
Bale Kane
Jesse T
Jesse T:
Aurier, Toby, Rodon, Sergio,
Pierre, Tanguy,
Bale, Alli, Son,
This Sissoko slander is delusional. After our usual good performers he’s been the best of the rest
Ayaan 137
Ayaan 137:
I say give moura an opportunity bergwijn misses many chances
alex sibanda
alex sibanda:
If we go for 1 nil, we'll lose the game coz we so vulnerable with set pieces
Dean Cox
Dean Cox:
Im just gonna bet 1-1 for every game for the rest of the season ...this time next year we will be millionaires rodders
NoGame NoLife
NoGame NoLife:
Really just need a solid CB like Varane at Madrid, a solid right full back and another DM.
Let's do this lads, it's a learning situation
Ali Ahmed
Ali Ahmed:
3.1 2.0
Kent Capers
Kent Capers:
I’m going with 2-0 Spurs. I also agree that I would like to see Ndombele and Dele on the pitch together to mix things up.
If Bergwijn plays I think we win, if he doesn’t play I think it’ll be a draw
Alf Bennett
Alf Bennett:
Dele needs to play ,we need his creativity ,and bring Bale on with 25 mins to go ,Fulham 2nd half should be a wake up call ,need to hold the ball better and be savvy
Kerem Ohri
Kerem Ohri:
He might have actually have been talking to regulion
zanir ebrahim
zanir ebrahim:
This is a better line than last game. 2-0 Spurs. And Stevie to score one of them. But would like Vinny to feature too, somehow!
paul wilkinson
paul wilkinson:
we need the pace upfront and Berwin adds that and takes pressure off son/kane
Aryan Narula
Aryan Narula:
We should get Kim Min Jaw
Sashah Soheili
Sashah Soheili:
Lloris, Davies, Dier, Alderweireld, Aurier, Hojberg, Ndombele, Son, Dele, Bale, Kane.

Score 2-0 Spurs
jack bennett
jack bennett:
Toby has to start and dele to get on and score
W Ori
W Ori:
Wasteful 손흥민 빼고 Winks 넣어라.
Sim이 좋아하는 스쿼드가 완성될 것이다.
alex sibanda
alex sibanda:
Sheffield United is one team that seems to always have had the better on us. Hope we hit them convincingly this time.
martin sheridan
martin sheridan:
davis and doherty have to play or we will be in big trouble from all the high balls
Dean Cox
Dean Cox:
Dier and sanchez out , bring in a class cb to partner toby with roden as a back up and if that dont work still ....then jose needs to go im afraid
Aaron B
Aaron B:
What about s midfield of Ndembele Hoiberg, and Bale? They don't have the most electric attack might be a good time to have more creative offensive mid field
Dylan Blake
Dylan Blake:
Dier and toby again? 8 goals from headers put rodon on. Look at how he dealt with Abraham from ziyechs unreal crosses he must start
Dier out Tanganga in
Stephen Trudgeon
Stephen Trudgeon:
I bet we score early, park the bus and get a point, ring any bells 🙄🙄🙄
martin sheridan
martin sheridan:
bale,dele,or viniciuis have to play
Callum Brett
Callum Brett:
2- 1 scrape a late win the conceded goal being due to dier again
Eric Charles Manuel
Eric Charles Manuel:
Leave Son, Sissoko & Kane on the bench. Bring on Dele Alli, Vincius and Lucas.
Justin Tharagan
Justin Tharagan:
I personally would LOVE to see a
4-1-2-1-2 Diamond
RB- Aurier
CB- Toby
CB- Rodon
LB- Reguilion
CDM- Hojberg
CM- Ndombele
CM- Dele Alli
CAM- Bale
ST- Kane
ST- Son
Toby Blackman
Toby Blackman:
I can see why centre backs might get beaten for pace by a fast forward but in the air they should be winning aerial duels everytime, and it's something we just aren't doing. Dier isn't a small bloke, in my eyes he should be beating players in the air. I'd play Rodon. I think it's a good time to bring him in, we have seen Aurier improve since we signed Doherty. I'm all for competition within the squad.
Spurs Flying High
Spurs Flying High:
If the first half ends 0-1 for Tottenham, I am going to bet 100 dollars on a draw; It's science!
woo jin
woo jin:
if we dont win then all hope is lost for the title race
Michael Mccormack
Michael Mccormack:
1-0 ? we need to win this big,attacking constantly for 80 mins,4-0 by 70 mins bring on bale and dele for at least 20 mins each
James Mickan
James Mickan:
This is a real tough, and important game. It's potentially a season influencing game, both with regard to team morale and prem. points. Love your tv channel, helps me stay close when am afar and travel is not an option j COYS!
Robert Wheeler
Robert Wheeler:
The best way to go, is go on the offensive, rather than score 1 goal and sit back and defend. You'll never see the like of Liverpool do that. So why do we when we have got so much attacking forwards in the team?
David McHenry
David McHenry:
You guys do the same lineup every week if we’re going on what it should be
Andy Street
Andy Street:
If Winks trots's over!
Henry Sagoe
Henry Sagoe:
Lloris, aur,Toby, rodon, reg, peh, ndombele, dele, son, kane, Bergwin
I want to see kane playing deep with Vinicius uptop with Son an Bergwign on either wing
Heath Robinson
Heath Robinson:
Wouldn't be surprised if we drew or lost this game
Aurier, Rodon, Dier (I'd prefer Toby but Jose will play Dier anyway), Reguilon
Hojbjerg, Sissoko
Bale, Ndombele, Son
Adam Waliński
Adam Waliński:
Why Rodon doesnt play in every game?
Black Jesus
Black Jesus:
Bale and Dele need chances
jimmi hendrix hendrix
jimmi hendrix hendrix:
Spurs should be more offensive playing against smaller clubs
Barry Etheridge
Barry Etheridge:
Did you see chekski beat Fulham that's what we should be doing attacking teams draw tomorrow sad