SHOCK WWE DRAFT! Roman Reigns DOES Have WWE Heat? Hana Kimura RIP | WrestleTalk News

What do you think of AJ Styles being drafted to SmackDown? Let us know in the comments!
00:00 - RIP Hana Kimura / 03:39 - Shock WWE Draft / 05:41 - Roman Reigns Does Have WWE Heat? / 07:12 - WWE SmackDown Review
SHOCK WWE DRAFT! Roman Reigns DOES Have WWE Heat? Hana Kimura RIP | WrestleTalk News
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Stardom wrestler Hana Kimura has unfortunately passed away, there's been a shock WWE draft and Roman Reigns actually does have heat with WWE? All this and more on today's WrestleTalk News.

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Sources used for research:
Japanese wrestler Hana Kimura passes away
Roman Reigns backstage heat

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OLI: What do you think of AJ Styles being drafted to SmackDown?
00:00 - RIP Hana Kimura / 03:39 - Shock WWE Draft / 05:41 - Roman Reigns Does Have WWE Heat? / 07:12 - WWE SmackDown Review
RIP Hana, still so young, so much potential. Hope she find peace and hope her family and friends cope well
billguytheshortcry y
billguytheshortcry y:
Just an idea

When you are talking about something tragic, don’t have someone doing a dancing thumbs up in the corner.
Itamar Strauss
Itamar Strauss:
Please people just be nicer and respectful to eachother
RIP Hana Kimura and Shad Gaspard
Abhinav Jha
Abhinav Jha:
Don't be a Bully, be a Star! ♥️
''It's the internet'' is the worst excuse for being a trash human ive ever and will ever hear.
Bork Kills One Leg Man
Bork Kills One Leg Man:
She was only 22 years old
Kyle Coburn
Kyle Coburn:
F*ck 2020....RIP Hana Kimura and Shad Gaspard......BOTH amazing talents for their respective eras, both tragically left this world too soon 🙏
RIP Hana, such a young soul lost...
Be careful what you say online guys...Remember, you are talking to human beings, not robots that look at a screen.
Rest In Peace Hana
😞 😔
So sad. Some people need to know when to turn off the internet sometimes and to stop using social media. It is such a toxic environment, and for those who are already dealing with psychological issues, it can be devastating.
Be kind to one another, please.
✌️ ❤️
Eva Mitchell
Eva Mitchell:
It’s sad how this whole thing happened, they bullied her to the point of no return. Smfh
Jackson Dale
Jackson Dale:
Wait Charlotte Got rolled up and lost to a non blonde !?!?? maybe This virus is getting to Vince’s head
Connor Williams
Connor Williams:
Love you guys but “Dancing Pete” was definitely not a good look while reading off that tweet about Kimura
The Squared Circle
The Squared Circle:
I mean a Baron Corbin type Heel....
All The Kulture
All The Kulture:
Screw social distancing...... Shad deserved all that love ❤️

Also R.I.P Hana.... the biggest heels has always been online trolls.
Fraser King
Fraser King:
Hana was the first wrestler I got into when I first watched Stardom, and I couldn’t help but root for her ever since. That happiness on her face was infectious. Now I’m waking up and seeing she’s gone, just a year older than I am. As someone who has dealt with suicidal thoughts myself, this hit me really hard. Nobody should have to deal with that pain, least of all her. I hope those social media bullies are ashamed of themselves for this. Mental health should ALWAYS be taken seriously.

Miss you already, Hana.
Jay Harris
Jay Harris:
I don't know who she is but my prayers go out to her family this is a sad story😢
Fardil Husain
Fardil Husain:
She was so young. She certainly had a lot of potential
It's really heartbreaking 💔
luke neil
luke neil:
2020 is really starting to get to me.
Vince Russo
Vince Russo:
Whoever needs to hear this right now, you matter, you’ll always matter to someone, even when things seem bleak, please just hold unto whatever you can and fight a good fight every day, I know you’re strong enough
Mr. X
Mr. X:
I've been following hana from terrace house and stardom, it's soo tragic to see such a young talent pass. RIP Hana Kimura
ImFamous Kyng
ImFamous Kyng:
Tonight I'm playing WWE 2k15, I'm creating CrymeTyme and Hana in love for them.

RIP Legends 💔💔
2020 has go away heat😡
Those tweets from Hana really teared me up. I don't think cyberbullying will stop but I do hope people share more support than hatred. RIP Hana.
Jason Ramsey
Jason Ramsey:
Never heard of Hana kimura very sad to hear about her passing R.I.P.
Josh Strope
Josh Strope:
RIP Hana🙏🙏

On a side note: didn't Jeff Hardy say he was getting his old theme "no more words" when he came back? I knew it was too good to be true.
Panos Im
Panos Im:
Facebook and Twitter: The cancers of the 21st century.
Real Deal Stewart
Real Deal Stewart:
Be friendly in the comments ALWAYS!
Name Redacted Message Retracted
Name Redacted Message Retracted:
I honestly thought you were wearing Hardy forearm sleeves for a minute. You have some beastly forearms, Oli.
Well time to delete my stardom account R.I.P stardom account 2019-2020
vk m
vk m:
God I am sick of seeing Charlotte 'Covid' Flair everywhere
Ismael Cabral
Ismael Cabral:
Wait a minute.... Aj styles draft to smack down sooo AJ Styles win IC tournament confirmed!
Mike Kay
Mike Kay:
I was really emotional after the first two news pieces but this 4:26 legit made me laugh 😂 👏
Bit tasteless to do the dance chopper during the first serious story
That Hana Kimura stuff really get's to me man, I try my best to be nice to everyone but sometimes I let the negativity get to me and I lash out at people on twitter, not knowing anything about their situation.

Sometimes man we really need to think before we speak/tweet, if we don't know someone we shouldn't assume they're ok.

Been making a conscious effort to be nicer to people, I hope that despite this absolutely awful situation people can use it to take a look at themselves and make some changes, cause even the nicest of people can make mistakes guy, doesn't make you a bad person, we just need to do better.

R.I.P. Hana Kimura <3
christopher davis
christopher davis:
Am I the only one bothered by Braun Strowman's "Thomas the Tank Engine" inspired graphic?
Bryan Santiago
Bryan Santiago:
Peace to the fallen🙏🏼
Eddie Hernandez
Eddie Hernandez:
I think it was bad editing to put the "thumbs up dude" while announcing the death of Hana
Pan Pluto
Pan Pluto:
I like how you have a person dancing during an death announcement and as soon as they disappear you read the part about being respectful.
Tyshee Mann
Tyshee Mann:
Good Morning Oil enjoy your day and stay blessed 🙏🏿
S from
S from:
So very tragic. That poor young lady. I hope your in God's loving arms now. Rest in peace. 😢
BadDay - Lets Plays
BadDay - Lets Plays:
2:47 Thank you for that important little sentence Oli.
Enough to make a grown man cry.
Andrew F
Andrew F:
I almost had a heart attack glancing past this as I saw “Tragic wrestling death” and thought the pic was Asuka!! I didn’t know of Hana but RIP nonetheless, being bullied to death is devastating at any age but to think she was only 22.... very possibly a future world champion / hall of famer in WWE, NJPW, AEW...
Adam JW Baker
Adam JW Baker:
I’m ngl, I found John Morrison hilarious, he’s having fun on the mic and I love it
4:10 ooooh, i hope oli does a reference of birds of war theme
Alan Wilson
Alan Wilson:
Yo those final messages from her made me tear up a little especially how oli said bye
Jacob Navarro
Jacob Navarro:
That transition... didnt feel great.
Maybe keep the somber & sad announcements about suicide off the videos where you also dance around and make funny noises.
I remember watching Kimura-san in stardom a while ago. Such a shame. So young. RIP.
Dylan Parker
Dylan Parker:
this is desperately sad - was just watching kimura's match with hazuki in 2019's five star GP :'(
Drago Ogard814
Drago Ogard814:
*muffled* FROM OUT OF QUARANTINE!!! LMAOOO gets me every time 😁😁🖤
Sent Sky
Sent Sky:
IMO, I liked AJ Styles in smackdown
Ivy is Dead
Ivy is Dead:
"Quick! Squash it, Braun, Squash it!!"
Thomas Wallin
Thomas Wallin:
“Be respectful” if only they had been.
*sees Goldberg's door*

*has Vietnam's war flashbacks from Super Showdown*
jason v
jason v:
I genuinely want to say that shad was my favourite superstar as a kid.. CTC destroying JBLs limo will always be a classic moment in WWE history
Oscar Guerrero
Oscar Guerrero:
Aj moving to smackdown just tellss me he’s winning the intercontinental tittle
Goddamn....dud that...ahhh, damn. T.T, R.I.P. Hana.
Oh my god.
I didn't know any of that story until I heard it here... That broke my heart.
Poor poor girl.
King Reaper Ant
King Reaper Ant:
I seen reading her post was hard on you just keep your head up everyone much love
Oli: thank you for such lovely and invaluable words. You truly are an outstanding human being. Bullying is not a minor issue, and we all should be more careful with our words. Cheers mate
Cameron Morgan
Cameron Morgan:
Lmao Oli quarantine from Goldberg’s locker room was a funny and cool idea 👍😀
Mad Rapper Live Gaming
Mad Rapper Live Gaming:
I’ve watched this video when it went up on that day, but I had to think 🤔 about how was I going to comment. This is probably going to be my longest comment I’ve ever wrote on this channel but hear we go.

RIP Shad Gaspard,

When I heard the news that he was missing, man I was hopefully that he was ok. But that wasn’t the case three dazes later. 😔

I watched him in wwe in the early 2000 with crime time and he did very well with JTG as a Tag Team. The Crime Time segments were great and well written, including there theme music when it comes to Tag Team and single wrestling. Also as a single wrestlers it was entertaining to watch as he cut though promo and beat up his opponents. He was a hero on everything he did in California. It’s a shame what happen to him. My prayers good up to the Gaspard family.

RIP Hana Kimura,

Ok, this was a shocker. I do know about the Japanese women wrestling organization called Stardom wrestling and I do know some of the female wrestlers that came from there but I didn’t really follow Hana Kimura nor I didn’t know her. I did some research and yeah I do agree with you Odi Davis, she had a bright future especially being 22 yrs old. When a person makes a decision on what they want to do, expect it and not being them down because u don’t like it. She had a great resume for starting at age 8.

In this rough times we supposed to be supporting each other and not using them techies on social media. Cyber bullying needs to stop 🛑 and sometimes words hurt people and social media needs to be clean up to separate the good from the bad.

Furthermore, Hana Kimura could have continue to open up new chapters in her career so she can grow as a wrestler and as a individual for herself. But instead of Hana planning her future, the Kimura family is planning Hana’s funeral 🤦‍♂️. My prayers go out to the Kimura family, such a sad story.

Odi Davis, this video was well done and you great a wonderful job as always. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Great thing about AJ cause I was just thinking a month or so ago how Smackdown has had no huge stars that I actually cared about besides Otis. Otis is pretty cool but not enough to keep me tuning into smackdown
Leather Hitman
Leather Hitman:
This is someone's friend, daughter, sister, no reason *EVER* to be treated that way. Reach out, talking to someone helps, you're saving not only your life the lives around you in family and friends who care more than you can imagine ❤️
Ahiqur Rahman
Ahiqur Rahman:
Aaaaaaand AJ Styles' first feud will be Corbin. Classic wwe👏👏🤦
Kevin Frank
Kevin Frank:
Damn, Smackdown doesn’t have “The same exciting hook” as compared to Raw. That’s really saying something.
Sneha Shree
Sneha Shree:
Merkai Yerkaadhe, Veezhum Sooriyane, Tharmam Thorkaadhe, Aalum Kaavalane.

Philip Coulthard
Philip Coulthard:
Wow! Such emotion in your voice and whole demeanour. RIP Hana and Shad! 🥺🥺
Dean Varney
Dean Varney:
Man, Hana's tweet hit so close to home and was a very sobering moment.
BLETransit-Régginator Inc.
BLETransit-Régginator Inc.:
Absolutely heartbreaking and sad! ☹️😔💔🙏🏾🙏🏾
RIP Hana
The Leader of my fav stable in Wrestling
Everyone is different, Everyone is beautyfull
Muaaz Ali
Muaaz Ali:
AJ move to smackdown
Corbin: finally the mid-card vortex has comeback to Monday night raw
Marcus Hamner
Marcus Hamner:
Hana’s death brakes my heart. I hate cyberbullying. 💔😢😭🙏🏽
adash ofSiren
adash ofSiren:
I wanted to vote on what I thought of this week's Smackdown by clicking the (i) above Oli's head... but sadly it wasn't there. :c
Shumunya Cho
Shumunya Cho:
WHAT?! I just started watching Stardom a couple of days ago & I said before that Hana Kimura was the Female Kazuichi Okada. This is beyond dreadful.
Hana was my favorite from Stardom :( R.I.P
I think this is the earliest I have ever been to a WrestleTalk video. So I was gonna make a joke about that, but it's kinda hard when we start with something so sad. RIP Hana.
padraig gavin
padraig gavin:
Hana was one of my favourite stardom wrestlers it's sad to see her go. RIP
Muhammed Yusuf Vaizie
Muhammed Yusuf Vaizie:
Hi Oli!! Just hope you're taking care and staying safe! 💪
Jamie Williams
Jamie Williams:
22 wow so sad my condolence her family
James Courtney
James Courtney:
Why cant we pick a option for smackdown review?, R.I.P. to those who lost their lives
Damn still young still had a lot life to live rip
The spike in depression and suicides have been some of the unintended consequences of these prolonged lockdowns. RIP
אדם יבלונקה
אדם יבלונקה:
I honestly havent watched wwe in a while but watching olly explain wwe's new rules is just beautiful.
Wade Lawrence
Wade Lawrence:
It gonna be AJ vs Jeff finally.
So young, so beautiful. Tragic & on top of the Gaspard incident devastating.
Mariel Chávez
Mariel Chávez:
I was so a big fan of her 😭🥺 this is a shocker I hope all of her family are doing good and finding peace
Feels Bad
Feels Bad:
rip hana you were such a star and i enjoyed every minute of it... thanks for all the good memories.
Jamel Haynes
Jamel Haynes:
Rest In Peace shad & Hana kimura🙏🏿
Marvin Kö
Marvin Kö:
Damn. I was gutted when I read this yesterday and I am still totally down. 22 years of age?! It's awful and sad
Cheese Way
Cheese Way:
Can you reply to me FROM OUT OF QUARANTINE
cc and more
cc and more:
4:29 Dear Oli, these are tough times, but I must say, your Fantastic Mr Fox reference made me love this channel even more.
Name Redacted Message Retracted
Name Redacted Message Retracted:
I've heard her name, but never saw her work. Such an incredibly sad loss far too soon.
arthur weaver
arthur weaver:
Is flexing in a memorial picture disrespectful?
Anthony Mabery
Anthony Mabery:
The thumbs up mention came in at a bad time lowkey 💀
Damn, as you read Hana’s tweet I really teared up. RIP Hana 🙏 RIP Big Shad 🙏 💔😢
gabriel szarose
gabriel szarose:
Bless your beautiful soul Hana R.I.P.
Marquette McNeal
Marquette McNeal:
8:01 EXACTLY!!!!!!
Regie Ferrer
Regie Ferrer:
Nooooo...Hana Kimura was one of my favorite Stardom Wrestler...