Shooting drills & fast footwork | Training in Cologne | Manchester United v Sevilla FC

Go behind the scenes at United's training base in Cologne, as the Reds go through their final preparations ahead of Sunday's UEFA Europa League semi-final against Spanish side Sevilla FC.

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100+ comentarios:

Heriz Bista
Heriz Bista:
Garner is so impressive. He need to go on loan for one season and he should be ready to play for us. Our future's bright.
Hamza Ahmed
Hamza Ahmed:
Dan was eyeing up the camera woman at the start
Let’s get that trophy to finish the season strong 🏆
Ali-G oregano
Ali-G oregano:
Last time I was this early fellaini was our best attacking option
You Tube
You Tube:
Probably the best United training session I’ve ever seen on YouTube
No music in training videos

Everyone likes that
Dube Productions
Dube Productions:
Watching Carrick as an assistant coach makes me smile, that passion!
2004 Honda Civic
2004 Honda Civic:
Stepping up the YouTube game let’s go lads
Well hello there
Well hello there:
Plot twist: Sancho is filming all this😯
Man Utd should keep up this long session recording like Man City I’m loving it
Rakan 26
Rakan 26:
Dan james Must Improve His Power and Technique..Football Is Not everything About Speed but Technique Important at same Time
Ngolo Bolo
Ngolo Bolo:
6 days to prepare for the first time in a while we should see the best version of themselves. Hopefully 😬
8 Minutes, now this is the content you LOVE to see.
Zahid Mohamed_04
Zahid Mohamed_04:
"Break through the press" "move the ball quick" "one touch" hell yeah music yo my ears💞
Memphis Osarfo Redeemer
Memphis Osarfo Redeemer:
It also raining alot here in Ghana 🇬🇭 .
But I wanna wish you all the best against Sevilla on Sunday .
Go go reds 🔥🔥🔥🔥
German Kasay
German Kasay:
I hope Sevilla's goalkeeper don't become the Copenhague goalkeeper.
Lloyd Perumal
Lloyd Perumal:
This is more like it finally we getting 6:20 minutes thank you
Republic Galaxy
Republic Galaxy:
3:44 Can we not forget and smack some love on Ethan Galbraith, he just turned and done both Matic and Fred!?
shankar narayanan iyer
shankar narayanan iyer:
Proud of the manager, team, and staff.
We need to back them up off the field with squad depth with quality in the transfer market.
Or else we will be halfway into the season without enough quality on the pitch with injuries. All the best for the Sunday match. GGMU.
If you see from 1:52

You actually see Matic sprinting 🤣😂
No hate on u bro love u Matic 😂
AFNAN Studio
AFNAN Studio:
Winning or losing, let's give full support to the team!

Come on United!
kieran roberts
kieran roberts:
1:58 why did james run to the camera like that😂😂
J M:
Come on United!!!!! Don’t let us down tomorrow. 💪
Marios Kyriacou
Marios Kyriacou:
Last time I was this early city werent even a club
Adam Lukic
Adam Lukic:
1:31 Satisfying Wan-bissaka and Matic in sync.
TrP dopeZz
TrP dopeZz:
Lol when James ran up to the camera 😂
Mochamad Fahmy Abdillah
Mochamad Fahmy Abdillah:
*Man United will win against Sevilla...* 🙋
SnipS xd
SnipS xd:
the team looking sharp, gotta say fred and lingard impressed me i thought they might have been the best (from this video) i wouldnt get mad if either of them got to start. Stay strong and GGMU!
Yeeesss, y'all should start uploading longer training videos like this.
Great video, finally without the music in the background and you can actually hear the coaches and players communicating. Keep up this type of content 👍
Harsh Parikh
Harsh Parikh:
When I see training videos like these
I know my team is training well
It strengthens my support even more❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Harris Affandi
Harris Affandi:
0:53 when all of them started laughing at mason for missing the header hahahahahahaaha
Nakul Karwa
Nakul Karwa:
Fred should start against Sevilla. He was lively against Copenhagen too.
Max Millions
Max Millions:
Come on the reds we love you don’t let us down
Abidoye Tobiloba
Abidoye Tobiloba:
3:35 what a pass from Freddie
0:53 “Head that Mason”

*does the stiffest jump I’ve ever seen* 😂😂
Aldy Rasyid
Aldy Rasyid:

that teamwork between Bruno and Pogba. Nice
Mike Rob
Mike Rob:
I have a feeling DJ is gonna have a banging season next year, he needs to develop a lot more
Nevin Lai
Nevin Lai:
James Garner is class🔥
Aditya Narendra
Aditya Narendra:
1:58 is going to be a meme
Literally Lit
Literally Lit:
The boys sharp as always! Excited for the match💗
Moses_ A
Moses_ A:
Great to see the team working hard, 'hopefully this would bring out great result.
Jatin S.
Jatin S.:
Would love to see this replicated on match day. Maybe a player or the gaffa could come out post match and state that a goal we score came on the back on practising that drill in training. GGMU
Kwabena Ofosu
Kwabena Ofosu:
Even in training Maguire takes so long to make his mind up
Loving these long no music training videos very intense training love it
Tarush Agrawal
Tarush Agrawal:
I really like this a little detaild training videos instead of small ones
Darren Mayers
Darren Mayers:
Cant stress how much I love to see the guys train yo
Dr. Aikins
Dr. Aikins:
Beautiful scenes! You just make football beautiful 🔥
Acquah Joel Essel
Acquah Joel Essel:
Greenwood scoring like no body's business
Orbit Exe
Orbit Exe:
Garner looks like a beast in training can’t wait for him to get a go
Call Me Araff
Call Me Araff:
Can’t wait to hear the team yelling the name “Sancho” in the training ground.
सुजय पन्त
सुजय पन्त:
Come on lads let's take revenge against Sevilla ❤🔥
Republic Galaxy
Republic Galaxy:
Thank you for the log videos Manchester United I can actually sit down, grab a drink and get myself comfortable before the video has finished. Job well done
Hi my name is
Hi my name is:
My perfect end to this long season will be for Man Utd to comfortably beat Sevilla like Bayern did Barca and go on to win the trophy against Inter Milan. Would love to see Lukaku and Sanchez disappointed, Young won't be so displeased I suppose. Lol
Talha Dar
Talha Dar:
By far the best training session videos posted, please keep this up🔴
Aryan Varma
Aryan Varma:
I love these training videos. Keep them coming.
Thanks for the longer training uploads Man Utd and the away kit looks 👍🏻🤐🤩
Mister Youtube
Mister Youtube:
Can we all appreciate that the channel finally uploaded a long video! Thank U so much
Awadi Jaya
Awadi Jaya:
Love seeing the lads enjoying themselves in training.
Alif Azhar
Alif Azhar:
Love to see the positivity in the group now
What happened to the Dan James who at a time was our top assister😫😌
The team practicing beating the press👏🏾
bdc .19
bdc .19:
0:54 ok Mason.. let's tune down your PlayStation time 😂

Lovely atmosphere btw.. 😃 Let's bring the trophy home boys 💪💪❤️❤️❤️
Ochinsang Kichu
Ochinsang Kichu:
I'm hyped for the semi final! 🔥
Going great Devil Boys,keep up the performance and consistency ,and we will be unstoppable
Iba Sz
Iba Sz:
I love this club so much, please guys dont disappoint us tomorrow. We need to win
Rikhi Kang
Rikhi Kang:
Wishing you all the best lads. Do us proud. GGMU 🙏😊
Finally a nice and lengthy video! Enjoyed this one a lot, cheers
Nur Azizi
Nur Azizi:
Much love for Carrick ❤️
Ryan Cox
Ryan Cox:
Great training video possibly best one yet!!
Olanrewaju Sings
Olanrewaju Sings:
Wow! I feel fired up for Sunday's game. Let's go and win this lads.
Nathram King
Nathram King:
I really like when they show training days. Much love in Australia
Dear United. We would love it if you made these an hour long🥺
Omar Jai
Omar Jai:
7:07 that’s why he’s my favorite player ❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥
1:57 scared the crap out of me
Prashant Koirala
Prashant Koirala:
Dan James running up to the camera lol.😂
Mr JF:
nice to see the goalkeepers integrated with the rest of the squad rather than training alone
Hafid Lutfan Ihwani
Hafid Lutfan Ihwani:
Imagine if Sancho, Kane, and Upamecano join MU next season, what a perfect this team
Wesley B
Wesley B:
Love it lets go boys!!!! Let's finish the season off with a European trophy! Come on United!!!!!!
Ethan Quigley
Ethan Quigley:
I think dan James might end up being the lingard of the squad (the social media side)
You literally don’t know which foot is Mason gonna shoot with.
Simba Choga
Simba Choga:
Maguire making soo many touches even in training, had to be reminded it's two touch. Same thing he does in games too and it slows our paces.
Ahh Man
Ahh Man:
Finally long training vids😍
yash chopade11
yash chopade11:
Mengi looks so determined man can't wait to see him and tuanzebe play
It will be a hard game, the biggest challenge of the season. Come on the lads.
S.R.A Surapaneni
S.R.A Surapaneni:
We can win this 🏆🙏🙏 Bring back silverware 🔴🔴
KingSweat TV
KingSweat TV:
Fosu mensah, fred and a few others have great application in regards to performing functional exercises, many footballers just go through the motions.... English football is especially behind in terms of sports science!!
Parijat Saha
Parijat Saha:
Mick • 4 years, 5 months and
Mick • 4 years, 5 months and:
Greenwood scores like 3 goals in 1 minute 😂😂
James runs so fast that he actually went off track!
Sudhanva Rao
Sudhanva Rao:
Just play well from the back and be ruthless and surely we should reach the finals.GGMU❤.Bring it onnn
Love you admin...Thanks for posting this training scene🥰🥰
brendan reddy
brendan reddy:
If only Rashford could start playing the way we all know he can , then there s no team that will stop us .
Karl Galea
Karl Galea:
Absolute love these longer Videos. Lets get the Trophy and Man Utd pls sign Sancho. he is vital to out future.
Keep this content coming 🤩
Gavin Hanna
Gavin Hanna:
This is the type of training vids I want not the 2 minute ones
Bruno Fernandes
Bruno Fernandes:
Maguire getting outpaced by Mata 😂😂😂
21 Osama
21 Osama:
Loving these 8min vids❤️
Kwang Casanova
Kwang Casanova:
ASR Radio
ASR Radio:
Manc lads at the end. Yes boys 👍🏾