Should You Upgrade iPhone 8 to iPhone SE 2020?

Should You Upgrade iPhone 8 to iPhone SE 2020? Hello all and welcome to this video comparison of the iPhone 8 vs iPhone SE 2020 in this video we will be discussing if you should do the upgrade from iPhone 8 (2017) to the iPhone SE 2020 - The intentions of this video is to follow up from my speed test that I have done earlier where I showed you the performance differences between both of these phones. The iPhone 8 features a 4.7" Retina display, Apple A11 Bionic chipset, 2GB Ram, 12MP iSight camera, and is running the latest iOS 13.5. The iPhone SE 2020 features a 4.7" retina display, Apple A13 Bionic chipset with 3GB Ram, 12MP iSIght camera with portrait mode, and is running the latest iOS 13.5. If you have either one of these phones and would like to share your experience with the community please be sure to go ahead and do that down below in the comment section of this video. As always, thank you for watching and be sure to well and peace.

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96 comentarios:

Nick Ackerman
Nick Ackerman:
Should You Upgrade iPhone 8 to iPhone SE 2020? In this video we will do a general analysis as to whether you should upgrade from your iPhone 8 to iPhone SE 2020! Enjoy the content :)
My iphone 8 still rocks! No need to upgrade. Same phone basically.
fran p
fran p:
I don't even have an Iphone and I'm watching this😬
Jason Ong
Jason Ong:
The battery life made me think it over. Time to wait for the iPhone 12 Max or iPhone 12 Pro
JKS 3450
JKS 3450:
Save money and Wait for the iphone 12 5.4".
Trust me you will not be regret it...
How else watching on 📱 SE?
No. My iphone 8 is still running great. However, it’s been freezing when I go to the settings once in a while since the last update. Apple trying to ruin it so I can upgrade.
Jake Dunlap
Jake Dunlap:
Nope! I am not upgrading to the iPhone SE! I am upgrading from iPhone 8 to an iPhone 11 or iPhone 12.
Who is watching on the iPhone 8?
C. Dynamo
C. Dynamo:
*iPhone SE... hands DOWN!!!! Or the iPhone 7... hmmmm...* 💪🏻🙌🏻🔥
I recently bought iPhone 8 and it is still rocking
Baconface McGee
Baconface McGee:
Sticking with my iPhone 7.
Overall conclusion is .. not worth upgrade
Aang Uchiha
Aang Uchiha:
Watching on my se20 & just get it cause if y’all had the money for an 11 you would of got it already😂
Radius Lee
Radius Lee:
watch this on my 6s...
Arvin Acoustic
Arvin Acoustic:
When you buy an iphone, youve bought them all. Rockin an 8 plus since 2017 and i just got its battery replaced. Will rock it for three more years!
666 Likes Thou. Plus One From Mine!🤗
Hey Nick, i really love your phone comparisons and i want to ask that could you please make a video comparing FULL the samsung note 10 plus and the iphone 11 pro please
Josh 3204
Josh 3204:
I have the 11 Pro Max and I am still interested in these budget phone videos..
The 6S Plus still rocks.
Robert Reenders
Robert Reenders:
The SE does have dual SIM which may be a reason for some to upgrade from the 8 (also it has WiFi 6, stereo video recording and power reserve for express cards)
Just Bought The 8 Cause Of Da 3D Touch!🤔🙄🤗🤷🤷‍♂️
Robert Reenders
Robert Reenders:
The SE does have dual SIM which may be a reason for some to upgrade from the 8 (also it has WiFi 6, stereo video recording and power reserve for express cards)
10r is the best for value of money...
Nabeel Adem
Nabeel Adem:
Should do a speed test between s20 ultra and note 10 plus! That will be dope!😊
Norik Knyazyan
Norik Knyazyan:
Guys, should I switch from xr to galaxy s10?
TㅌㄷH ΠGㅣΠ∆ Mㅇ
TㅌㄷH ΠGㅣΠ∆ Mㅇ:
If u want a budget iphone i think you should go for the 8 plus
Florian Popescu
Florian Popescu:
Samsung Galaxy a 71 full review!
hlchris 2005
hlchris 2005:
iPhone se vs iPhone 7 Plus pleaseee
What I would say as an iPhone 8 owner is I would definitely no get another LCD iphone. Would wait even a year longer and get oled ones.
my shop
my shop:
Sir please give me this phone iPhone se
I am upgrading my but this phone is broke so I am getting a Se
RTX2060 Gaming
RTX2060 Gaming:
The INTRO Music please :)
Learn & Teach
Learn & Teach:
I am watching iPhone 8 & SE comparison in my iPhone 6 😛😁
Odyx Martinez
Odyx Martinez:
I love my iPhone SE
kaan güngör
kaan güngör:
I have 6,6s,7,8 and se 2020👌😉🤓
Josuke Higashikata
Josuke Higashikata:
Plot twist it’s the Parallel iphone of the 8
Iphone perfetted animations
Sami Cullen
Sami Cullen:
Practically the same phone
LaMoney1810 BUD
LaMoney1810 BUD:
6s from Xr
Joe L.
Joe L.:
I’m not going to get the SE because I have the 8 plus hopefully they come out with a plus model in ‘21.
Venkat Kumar
Venkat Kumar:
Does iphone se has support for dual sim? One e-sim and one usual sim
Gary Morgan
Gary Morgan:
I connect my iphone SE to a monitor and enjoy great gaming
Anthony Taylor
Anthony Taylor:
I'd say trade in the 8 and get a XR🤷🏽
Pøør Gämér
Pøør Gämér:
Love u man
Ryan Angelo Coronel
Ryan Angelo Coronel:
Where is your carbon fiber wrap on your table?
Sami Hussain
Sami Hussain:
If people keep on asking for larger phones sooner or later we'll have and iPhone 15 which will be the size of an
mini iPad
Pretty much same phone with more power a13 chip but apart from that same phone.
Trap Kingzz
Trap Kingzz:
It is kinda worth upgrade you get iphone 11 Apple logo design you get portrait mode you get best camera you get 2x times more ram and 2x better proccesor
Pete S.
Pete S.:
Nah, I will say to iPhone 11 or 12. I have an SE, but it's the same as the 8, except newer chip, better camera and lack of 3D touch.
Roads of Life
Roads of Life:
No no no no !!!😂
I love my iphone 8 space gray 😎
Sean David
Sean David:
8plus I’m not
johntheGoat 23
johntheGoat 23:
I got the 8+ and thought about upgrade
Olivier Raynaud
Olivier Raynaud:
Can you conpare the Samsung S10e to the iPhone SE? Thank you in advance.
NBA Breakdown
NBA Breakdown:
Can you send please make a video of either a10e vs iPhone se or IPhone se drop test!
Josh 3204
Josh 3204:
It’s basically the same phone, just w/updated internals...
Arne Tammen
Arne Tammen:
What a question, of course no one should upgrade from an iPhone 8 to new SE. A11 is a Killer for such a small phone, A13 is Overkill!
Nearly everything you can do with A13 you can also do with the A11. Portrait? Use the App Focos!
Nightmode for both? Use the App NeuralCam! And on and on...
If this size is yours and you nothing older than iPhone 8, you never should upgrade.
Me on my sight stay on my iPhone X 😉
Joben Apple
Joben Apple:
If you have money then you upgrade simple 😅 but I think they are the same phone but the A13 in the SE and the Camera 4k is nice.
Life Game Changer
Life Game Changer:
I wouldn’t
Cristian Rojas
Cristian Rojas:
Only reason to get the SE from the 8 is if your kinda broke and your IPhone 8 broke and need a replacement.
Gene Paradiso
Gene Paradiso:
Upgrade to an 11.
Samet Yıldırım
Samet Yıldırım:
Will you do iPhone X and Se2 battery test
GTvine King
GTvine King:
Dose the se accept otg
Ryan Jack
Ryan Jack:
I upgraded from my galaxy S10. Went back to the S10 because I just can't use the SE I tried it. I'm still gonna keep it though. I like it.
ahmad kh
ahmad kh:
Iphone 6s vs se
Hey nick, i was actually thinking about switching from the 11pro max cause of price i lost my job and can no longer afford to keep paying for the max can u do a comparison?
Patrick Chong
Patrick Chong:
I do not think so. Maybe just wait for iPhone 12
First comment
The Imposter
The Imposter:
Who likes shawarma?
Help me guys, im using iphone 6 right now. Should i upgrade to se 2020 or 8 plus?
UrWeekly Random
UrWeekly Random:
You now how Apple made product red to go towards AIDS they should have made the se 2 go towards Covid-19
Eric Yoon
Eric Yoon:
Iphone se red is the best color choice in my opinion
The Plant Master 2004
The Plant Master 2004:
Id rather buy the 4a
Should i upgrade to i phone se2 over one plus 7 pro?
Derek Mandy
Derek Mandy:
Kind of unrelated but a part of me wants to see if I can sell my 11 Pro Max to downsize to the 11 Pro before it’s to late as that form factor doesn’t seem to be an option with the next iPhone. I like that there’s a 5.4” but there will be some compromises (mostly camera) and I actually do use the little bit of zoom throughout my days.
I’m still holding on to my iPhone 8. Battery life still great.
Can you do iPhone 8 Plus to iPhone XS
Brett Jackson
Brett Jackson:
If you want an iPhone right now buy a XR refurbished for $450 or wait for the 12 series for $650-$750. The SE has an ancient display and battery life.
You’re milking the se so much
can you do iphone 7 and SE 2020
Παρανοια Π
Παρανοια Π:
IPhone XS is having better camera than iPhone SE?
Fida Muntaseer
Fida Muntaseer:
Should I upgrade from iPhone 7 to Se 2020
Sahil Siddiqui
Sahil Siddiqui:
Hi bro biggest fan
I got SE, the 8 felt too old so I have waited and I am glad I did. I am not saying that 8 is a bad phone, but the SE will be supported for longer and I do not like to change phones often.
James Moore
James Moore:
This SE is a disappointment. I feel they should've utilized the first SE (both size and color scheme) instead of copying the iPhone 8. Apple somewhat dropped the ball with this.
BobThe One
BobThe One:
Call me crazy but i prefer the small screen for gaming, it took a while to get used to it but once I did it felt comfortable and I didn't experience any hand cramps, also for the battery life in stuck at home so I can just plug it into a charger when it gets low, I also dont play too much cod mobile or mcpe when I'm out and about so I've never had a problem with that.
Is better to buy iphone 7 plus or se 2 if i'm first time user and 7 plus is cheaper...
The Plant Master 2004
The Plant Master 2004:
No cuz it sux
Son of God
Son of God:
If you have a 7 or 8 and have the money to upgrade just get the X or XR
Timothy Moore
Timothy Moore:
Sorry Nick but the SE does not come in silver it comes in White ,Black and Product red but you did make a great and honest review!!
Malcom K
Malcom K:
Dan Strasberger
Dan Strasberger:
Only difrence is colour
Son of God
Son of God:
The only reason you should buy the 8 is if it’s the plus other than that just get the SE it’s cheaper and better than 8 and the Apple logo in the middle which makes it look a lil different in the back