Showreel: Thiago's dominant midfield performance against West Brom

In association with Quorn, take a closer look at Thiago's man of the match performance against West Brom in the Premier League

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100+ comentarios:

Street Soccer International
Street Soccer International:
Fine performance from him, has a great range of passing.
He's really coming into his own after a tough start to his Liverpool career and many critics.
Ong JunWei
Ong JunWei:
Imagine if Van Dijk, Matip and Henderson are all back with thiago assisting the front three
Sinan Shanavas 4
Sinan Shanavas 4:
Thiago Controlled the Tempo and also Pulled off a Shot very well. Next season, Thiago-Fab-Hendo Midfield will be on 🔥🔥🔥
Joe Goddard
Joe Goddard:
The way that Thiago plays football is a thing of beauty, even if he has an off game he’s still a joy to watch
syaz azmy
syaz azmy:
2:05 even the cameraman is tricked by his pass.
Bethel Thompson
Bethel Thompson:
Me casually waiting for next year to get tesla model 3 for $35,000,00 and they're all in my investment on crypto..
Thiago played really well, he was unlucky not to get a goal for himself
Oran Kennedy
Oran Kennedy:
He’s started to settle in to the prem well so can see him being very good next season
3:08 idc what people say bout thiago...he's part of the fabric now
Evil Gamer
Evil Gamer:
He played absolutely perfect against west brom, well deserved lads!
Skill Mix TV
Skill Mix TV:
He wins the ball, he distribute it, a magnet and a playmaker at heart of Liverpool's play. Thiago or Nothing.
Erik Pohto
Erik Pohto:
Its actually crazy how good he is at aerial duels for his height! Midfield maestro🤩
Danilo Gruban
Danilo Gruban:
This is why they brought him in: not necessarily to play every single game, but to control tough matches like this one. And that Alisson wondergoal meant a lot to Thiago as well - look at him!
As a 13 year old girl footballer I really like watching Thiago's tech and his range of passing esp the powered slide pass between between CD & LB/RB
English for FOOTBALL FANS:
After the Man U match, he said ‘we have another final on Sunday’ - his attitude is top class.
Septivian Farel
Septivian Farel:
Thiago + Trent
Perfect combination🔥
Ong JunWei
Ong JunWei:
His passing is super accurate and unpredictable
Anurag Sen
Anurag Sen:
The Boss Man, The Dictator, The Midfield Maestro- our very own Thiago freaking Alcantara ❤️
Skill Mix TV
Skill Mix TV:
Thiago El Maestro 🔥💯
• FFPK •
• FFPK •:
His next season will be a blast.❤️
Masterclass 🔥🔥🔥 can't believe ppl were saying he slows the game down and is not a Liverpool type of player.
Aragbada Bolarinwa
Aragbada Bolarinwa:
The intensity liverpool played with was so good. Really impressed by thiago also , kept his composure and excellent range of passing from him
Manny G
Manny G:
Can’t wait to see him next season, he looks so much more assured now! 💪
Waleed Salem
Waleed Salem:
He changed the midfield way to play,if reds team understood how he plays the team dynamically will change like barcelonas golden days
Fan Site
Fan Site:
Just knew this was coming.. And he deserved it as well. Next game, it'll be probably Trent again
Dian Dzulkifli
Dian Dzulkifli:
i love his attitude in the field so passionate, we need more player like him.
Akmal Haq
Akmal Haq:
Too hot to handle! 🔥 also, it would be one of the biggest crime in world football if we let this man, Mo and VVD to play on UEL.. We must get the top 4 at all cost! Come on REDS!! 🔥
Ákos Kertész
Ákos Kertész:
Until the 94th minute I was pretty sure that this video is gonna be about Thiago, but after the 95th I thought it might be Alisson's screen time :)
Ninad Vartak
Ninad Vartak:
Absolutely dictated the tempo of the game like a symphony! Class performance😎
Uss Missouri
Uss Missouri:
His skills are sublime and he takes the game to a different level and next season he will be outstanding from the start... YNWA
The best 🔥
Lenny Kibet
Lenny Kibet:
1:43. Pure class. Only he would make that pass.
We need alisson’s showreel 😂
Only legends know that the title's changed.
Sinan Shanavas
Sinan Shanavas:
Thaigo🔥 dictate the Tempo very well🔥🔥🔥
After a tough start, he is making the way to the top. YNWA ❤️
L 1
L 1:
What a baller
Indra Rizki Pratama
Indra Rizki Pratama:
His fast low pass are accurate af. Nobody have that talent in LFC except him.
dirty bear
dirty bear:
Fabinho,Thiago,Coutinho just imagine this midfield🤯
He's just oozing with classssss
Layth Barzangi
Layth Barzangi:
I'm telling you, folks...These Thiago masterclass performances are going to be so common, LFC channel will have to make a separate playlist for them. 😎
Ammar Harith
Ammar Harith:
My idol, Thiago. Got my own club jersey number after his famous 6. Shows that to thrive & succeed in football, size doesn't really matter. Guile does.
Ken Engirth
Ken Engirth:
His last few performances have really shown what he’s about. Just need the rest of team to pick it up like him, Trent and robbo.
Football Watch
Football Watch:
Giving us the attacking option that we didnt have last season with his passing ability.
LFC Spectre
LFC Spectre:
Watch this space, he'll be one to watch out for next season.
Man I can't wait for next season.
M K:
This club never fails to give us the best memories ❤
Apurbo Baidya
Apurbo Baidya:
Pure class. Glad to see him getting along with the team slowly
Thiago gets the ball and sends the cameraman to the shop, that's beautiful
Pranav Patil
Pranav Patil:
I still don't believe we've bought him, and he plays for us 😲
Such a masterclass 🙏🏽
Thiago and Trent seem to link up very good, I wonder if Hendo will still play on that side when he comes back.
Kris mac
Kris mac:
This lad is class. In vvds absence he stepped up to provide those diagonal long balls
Watch him next season!
Thomas Collins
Thomas Collins:
Mane's miss from within the 8 yard box really sums up the level of finishing we have to put up with this year 🥺
Khairul Thariq
Khairul Thariq:
Look at how passionate he is at 3:20
What a player!
aldrin roy
aldrin roy:
Yeah boy perfect Henderson replacement!! Money well spent.
Zaki Hariansyah
Zaki Hariansyah:
1:40 What a pass!
Saurabh kumar pathak
Saurabh kumar pathak:
Waiting for hendo thiago fabinho midfield 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
We'll have so much fun with him next season!
Rudy Lopez
Rudy Lopez:
Finally Thiago has showed his Bayern Munich skills to anfield.. Thiago's the man!
spha Nxele
spha Nxele:
He doesn't need to score or assist his a joy to watch love how he controls the game, starting attacks and he has a great passing accuracy
I just love thiago ❤ he's so good at tackles plus he shows great confidence & can be a great leader too
리버풀은 트레블이 딱!
리버풀은 트레블이 딱!:
티아고.. ㄹㅇ 잘한다... 💕
lamp man
lamp man:
Thank you for this vid. Thiago will be a key element in Liverpool's success in the next few years. He's skilled, perceptive, a fighter and an amazing leader. Bravo Thiago!
Albert sinaga
Albert sinaga:
02:21 only few ppl can have vision and accuracy like that jeez 😱😱
Elliot Lovgren
Elliot Lovgren:
his last 5 or six games have been really good
Atikur Rahman
Atikur Rahman:
Can't wait to see him in a fully fit team.
He is getting groovy now! Finally starting to see pure class from this guy.
how does he stay in the air so long, its like he's floating
Ken Koh
Ken Koh:
impressive performance! Nice to see Thiago has begin to click well with the team. Am sure and hope more goals created soon!
Daniela Moldovan
Daniela Moldovan:
Love this guy 😍 he is so talented and dedicated to the team ❤️
Bottle FlipperDimez
Bottle FlipperDimez:
Go Reds!
Soumyajit Dey
Soumyajit Dey:
Can't wait for that Hendo, Fab and Thiago midfield trio next season 🔥🤤
Khyzer Mahmood
Khyzer Mahmood:
just because of our poor finishing, he isn't getting the amount of assists he deserve. still he is showing how good he is week in week out
Wanlamshwa Lyngdoh
Wanlamshwa Lyngdoh:
Here's come our Magician... ❤️
I Love His passion! So much Liverpool Inside him❤️❤️
Caesar Wira Sanjaya
Caesar Wira Sanjaya:
Thiago - Fabinho- then bringback Coutinho, that will be nice
Wiktor Kowalczyk
Wiktor Kowalczyk:
Alisson we love you 💕
Sharvaan Sharex
Sharvaan Sharex:
Whenever Thiago gets the ball I get excited because he can make an amazing pass into the final third
Victor Victor
Victor Victor:
This man makes football beautiful 😍😍
Dan Tan
Dan Tan:
His skills, winning mentality and passion. Look at the way he celebrates the goals (including his own) 3:20
Rafiq Hon
Rafiq Hon:
The best🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
His getting back in form😁👌
Divine <3
2.21- World class pass💯
Rueangsak Rodsud
Rueangsak Rodsud:
Altamash Mohammad
Altamash Mohammad:
Make him 4th captain and give him armband for next two matches. ❤️
Joel Paul
Joel Paul:
1:39 Not many midfielders would attempt that pass and get it right
Mr. Beary
Mr. Beary:
That Mane kept missing everything. How can u deny such good assists. Bloody hell
Party Party
Party Party:
จ่ายบอลจนเจ็บตีน กองหน้าก็ไม่ยิงไม่ได้😞
He just adds so much to our midfield compared to how gini has been since his heart is somewhere else
rubens mineles mousinho freitas
rubens mineles mousinho freitas:
Que jogador o Brasil perdeu. 🤦🏽‍♂️
Zimbali Sigqibo
Zimbali Sigqibo:
Our magician
Love this lad❤
Thiago deserved an assist with that Mane shot, great build up play 🔥
vidiyanssah wijnaldum
vidiyanssah wijnaldum:
Thiago Sang maestro 😍
Hinny Loo
Hinny Loo:
What a player! 👏🔴👍🔥