Signing Day: Behind the scenes on Diogo Jota's first day at Liverpool

Go behind the scenes with Diego Jota at Anfield, as he arrives for his media duties, and gets to take in the shirt, and his new surroundings for the first time as a Red.

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Liverpool FC
Liverpool FC:
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Mr Minty
Mr Minty:
This is how many goals Jota will score for Liverpool
Khalil Young
Khalil Young:
Kloop is a genius really wish he would retire at Liverpool.
Military Update
Military Update:
Thanks bro, for sharing this video...good luck bro
Rui Ferreira
Rui Ferreira:
As a Portuguese I have to say to the fans of Liverpool that this guy could be a star! Is a pleasure to have a Portuguese player in the best team of England!! 👏
Who else believes that Liverpool can retain the epl this season?
Orn McK
Orn McK:
This is gonna be one of them signings we look back at and think “what a signing”, however at the minute there is no hype because of Thiago which is understandable!
Sebra Bro
Sebra Bro:
He is both footed and has a really good understanding of pressing play. I think he’s really gonna fit our system. Excited for this
Ellis M
Ellis M:
“What’s appnin”😂😂
Coop Killa
Coop Killa:
Reminds me of Robbo when he signed. A bit overawed by the club etc, but now Robbo is ultra confident and a leader. I can see Jota's game coming on leaps and bounds under Klopp. His English is great, but helps that we have alot of native Portuguese speakers in the squad as well.
No rumours about him, no hype... but he will prove himself!
Ронахи Дневной свет
Ронахи Дневной свет:
Portugal is one of the world's most magnificent football centers, they have brought major stars to world football. I like the style of Portugal. diogo was a player he wanted to see in the Barcelona and Real Madrid squad, but Liverpool did a great job. The hardest job in football is dribbling in the narrow field. but Diogo is one of the players who can do it. I think he's more technical than Werner and he's a player who can unlock the Lock against the Closed teams. people can talk a lot more about diogo in the near future. YNWA!
We winning the league back to back
Mykhaylo Ivasyuk
Mykhaylo Ivasyuk:
welcome to Liverpool Diogo! YNWA
Anirudh v
Anirudh v:
Anyone here after his hattrick against atalanta 😁
Z Lambat
Z Lambat:
Excited to see him play for us
I’m so excited! Jota is a quality player, hope Klopp trains him in to a superstar!
LFC Spectre
LFC Spectre:
I just have great vibes about Jota, like when we signed Salah & Mane couple of years ago.
Joe Allen
Joe Allen:
Hopefully he turns out to be a great signing!
He's going to be like the David Villa we never signed
Always rated him at Wolves, and we finally have depth now for the front three. Hope we see him tmw from the start. Welcome to LFC Diogo Jota🔴🔥🇵🇹
Liverpool Fan No Videos 100 Subscribers Challenge
Liverpool Fan No Videos 100 Subscribers Challenge:
Welcome Diogo To The Family 👊 YNWA!!
Peter Abbate
Peter Abbate:
I’m a Juventus fan, but boy did I enjoy watching him play in Wolverhampton. Now he’s gone to a bigger club and I hope he becomes successful. Also congrats on the boy!!!🙂
Oswald Antiaye
Oswald Antiaye:
Who else is here again after his impressive performance?
Redy Pajero
Redy Pajero:
Watch Klopp turned him into a world-class player. Just like he did with Robbo, Trent, Gini.
afunny username
afunny username:
See you all back here in a year or two as we reminisce on how good this signing has been after he wins us yet another trophy.
AbdurRahman Yakteen
AbdurRahman Yakteen:
Liverpool the best club in the world ❤️
Khin David
Khin David:
Unexpected signing. Huge potential. Just hope his nope a flop.
Such a good versatile forward can play on the wing and through the middle
Stop looking at my name you batty fish
Stop looking at my name you batty fish:
Waiting for this all day
Up the reds 💯💯💯
Bruno dos Santos
Bruno dos Santos:
Liverpool speaks portuguese. Jota, Fab, Thiago, Alisson e Firmino.
Pro Aaron
Pro Aaron:
Drunk YouTube: 1 view 26 likes
0:42 if you look in the corner, you can see the Thiago jersey they used for Thiago's announcement video. This means this happened in a timeframe between 1 hour to 2 days. Props to the filming crew and schedulers who managed the make not 1, but 2 announcement videos almost back to back.
Gaza Balla
Gaza Balla:
Within a month he will be rocking the Liverpool’s traditional pearly white teeth set
Paul Anthony - MusicHaven
Paul Anthony - MusicHaven:
Who is back after DJ scored last night against Sheffy?
Pranav Nandyala
Pranav Nandyala:
Feels like one of those signings we will look back. Had the same feel when Sadio and mo signed.
His 2 footedness and pressing ability will be perfect for us!
Erfan Ameen
Erfan Ameen:
i don know y but i feel like Jota have the same character like Robertson..the crazy n hyper one in of luck to all our new signings..hopefully he turns out to be a great signing n free injury :D
Heramb Rana
Heramb Rana:
I remember Salah getting these kind of numbers in his first season, man's got potential
owen bent
owen bent:
I know he’s been in England for a while but wow there’s almost no accent perfect English 👏🏻
Daavi Adzo Firmino
Daavi Adzo Firmino:
This signing excites me so much. Welcome to Liverpool Jota😍😍
David Doyle
David Doyle:
Should be a great replacement for sadio mane in the long run
Broly's Buns
Broly's Buns:
I wanted to see him meet the others😭
Sam T
Sam T:
Really excited to see this guy play. Love his passion and determination!
Randy Angel
Randy Angel:
2:23 What he say?
Justin Tse
Justin Tse:
"He's going to be a scouser now"
Anil Punj
Anil Punj:
The screams to the camera always crack me up
T Man
T Man:
Such an exciting talent with a great personality
3:03 finally I see 1 player using SAMSUNG!
Daimon J
Daimon J:
This squad could become one of the greatest of all time if they can go deep into CL Premier league and compete for the FA cup
Nats World
Nats World:
I see i click❤️💕
Walk it, like i talk it.
Walk it, like i talk it.:
Signed a legend. This guy would become liverpool's own cr7.
Zakir Hussain
Zakir Hussain:
When he said whats happening I thought he was actually scouse
Didn’t even know he was being signed by them 😂😂
Thumbnail Dude
Thumbnail Dude:
He’s going to fit perfectly into our team
Mr H
Mr H:
Loved this video !! *screams* .. “no at me” .... “oh F**k” hahah we wish you well YNWA 💓
Bolia Fops
Bolia Fops:
I just have great vibes about Jota, like when we signed Salah & Mane couple of years ago.
Asrul Chong
Asrul Chong:
Finally, the video we have been waiting for...

A promising signing for us..
Valdo 07
Valdo 07:
We are going to win every match😊❤
The Anfield Lark
The Anfield Lark:
Hope you can fulfil your dreams with The Reds! 🔴
james donoughue
james donoughue:
Always signed this guy on FM when he was like 19 was class
Gearoid Collins
Gearoid Collins:
The last time I was this uncertain about a new signing it was Fabinho and look how he turned out. Shows you what I know 😅
Marwan Elkhaial
Marwan Elkhaial:
that mercedez minivan has been awfully busy recently and i absolutely love it😍
anybody here after his 1st goal lol
SmDa Gamer
SmDa Gamer:
Perfect signing
Maybe their chemistry will link up 😉
そらお 【Sorao】
そらお 【Sorao】:
Deep Ja
Deep Ja:
who is here after he scored a hatrick vs atalanta
Scouser Games
Scouser Games:
Big up the reds
Nazrul Qayyum
Nazrul Qayyum:
Wolves got some quality players, few years ago i was hoping Liverpool could sign someone from Wolves, and now here we are... excited to see his debut 💪🏻
Can't wait to see him playing for us and seems like a nice guy
Le Gonk
Le Gonk:
Future World Class player
Luke Chapman
Luke Chapman:
Seems like a very nice guy, hope he succeeds at Liverpool! 🟥
1:08 He gets the joke. Already understands Scouse. 😅
steven mah
steven mah:
This signing is really unexpected by anybody, damn this one is really young & energetic
2 new signings and one already has a record. This is gonna be a good season
i love these videos , especially the behind the scenes signing videos
Liverpool vids 1892
Liverpool vids 1892:
2:38 he really sounds like Trent when he says what’s happening
Ghost X69 F1nish4r
Ghost X69 F1nish4r:
He’s really good we love Liverpool
Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma:
Can already see him being the absolute rile up master
عباس خيري - الليفربولي -
عباس خيري - الليفربولي -:
You ll'Never Walk Alone ❤️
Matevž Koren
Matevž Koren:
Welcome and enjoy Jota!💪🔴🔥
Putra Septiadi
Putra Septiadi:
im so excited for this season!
Femi Faseyiku
Femi Faseyiku:
He really drove himself for signing day.... Wawu
Manaf KAMIL:
@1:52 Jota: "Now they can count on me, because I'm one them" 👍🤗🤗
Very Surprised Pikachu
Very Surprised Pikachu:
Me when playing smash ultimate on item mode: what’s appenin’
Let's also take a moment to appreciate Michael Edwards the off pitch wizard
I like the potential he brings, starting to really build some great depth
Peter Hughes
Peter Hughes:
He is a great signing, along with Alacantra. I bet we'll retain the title this year.
The man drives an A class. Simple footy player I like him.
Welcome Diego❤️
Feel like him & Minamino will play a vital part this season.
한국인 찾으셨나요?
Our own Bernardo Silva 👏🔥🔥🔥
Hitam Putih Kehidupan
Hitam Putih Kehidupan:
When you have an extra eye to look on a talented players yet underated be like... that's Klopp that we all know it... welcome Jota... welcome 👏👏👏
Nihal Pm
Nihal Pm:
Anyone here after he scored hattrick against Atlanta 🔥🔥😇
hedi qhastari
hedi qhastari:
wait he's driving a left steering wheel..
Evelia Tamaronis
Evelia Tamaronis:
Welcome home Diogui...!
Shanti shanti
Shanti shanti:
Champ where champ should be... YNWA