SIGNING GARETH BALE FROM REAL MADRID!!! - FIFA 21 Tottenham Hotspur Career Mode EP6

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Let’s just take a second to appreciate the quality and consistency of this channel 🔥
Make Son a LW also..He is a LM while Bale's a RW.. that's why he scores a lot more...makin him a LW might be the Key to Bring out the Beast Son🔥🔥👍
Mputi Trevor
Mputi Trevor:
Pcq: train vini he has the potential to be so OP just like Kane
I like Cheese
I like Cheese:
Plot twist: he got signed to a golfing club
Jiffin Johnson
Jiffin Johnson:
pcq: start bergwijn more as he is a cheat code in this game
PCQ: sign Mbabu. He’s only 25, fast and more physical then your current right back options. I think this would be a unique signing
Clavio Antony
Clavio Antony:
PCQ : Change Lo Celso position to CAM since he has +7 boost when bringing him on Burnley game
Jinansh Shah
Jinansh Shah:
PCQ : as a back up striker sign Vinicius permanently as he is on a one year loan from Benfica !!!
Pcq: will u sign Vinicius permanently as he is on loan at spurs?
flivez the goat
flivez the goat:
Pcq: Since you have bought Bale, put him on a development plan so his key stats do not reduce quick as balanced will try and slow down his defensive stats and that is not needed in an attacker.
big uzi
big uzi:
Pcq: sign Lucas Hernandez as he is the fastest growing player in career mode
Edit: change him to a cb
Manju Joji
Manju Joji:
Pcq:sign nuno Mendez and he is 18 years old got lots of potential
Jiffin Johnson
Jiffin Johnson:
PCQ: Change bale into a RM coz he isnt playing as RW
Antony Prajin
Antony Prajin:
PCQ: When will u continue the Villa FM SAVE
Pcq: if his contract was ending, why didn't you just sign bale on a pre contract in jan
Pcq: you should still sign skrinniar. He was a BEAST in my career mode.
Pcq: Can you sign a young cdm. Exempel Sander Berge or Joshua Kimmich
Caleb Nauseb
Caleb Nauseb:
Pcq:Sign Carlos Vinicius permanently because spurs brought him on so S2G can see👍
Joe Fc
Joe Fc:
Pcq: in January sign Antony from ajax he is young and he’s got high potential and he can be the player to replace bale when he decries in overall
Ananth Nambissan
Ananth Nambissan:
PCQ: Sign Lucas klostermann from Leipzig he is a young defender and is also broken in this year's fifa .His pace may help you a lot
LCHD Equality
LCHD Equality:
Pcq: When are you resume streaming on TWITCH
Pcq: Sign quincy promes in the upcoming january transfer window . And play him against smaller clubs so dybala could get some rest .
Evan Bament
Evan Bament:
PCQ: Sign Joe Rodon as he is playing for Spurs in real life and he doesn’t cost as much as players like Skriniar
Saswatt Satapathy
Saswatt Satapathy:
Pcq: As Vinicius is performing really well why don't you put him on a development plan?
Father Wade
Father Wade:
Pcq: Vinicius loan expires soon, you should get him permanently as he’s been the perfect backup to Kane
Lorcán TDS
Lorcán TDS:
Pcq: you should buy Ansu Fati as in your Barcelona career mode he got injured and he would be another good backup for Bergwijn if you decide to play son RW
Ishaan Ghosh
Ishaan Ghosh:
Pcq: Are you gonna sign luka modric? Ik he is old but he is high rated and is a former spurs player.
Mohammed Eshaan
Mohammed Eshaan:
Pcq- if u have the money definitely go for skriniar but if u have money left over if strongly suggest getting someone like Ibrahima konate b4 his price skyrockets
Johnny N
Johnny N:
PCQ: Be cautious when every time you start Ndombele because his stamina stat is pretty terrible and you should play Holbjerg more often to give more energy and aggression in that midfield! That way your back 4 will get more protection!
PCQ : Pls download the no crowd mod !!!! It’s realistic and fun !!!!
Hani Chehata
Hani Chehata:
Pcq: don’t be afraid to slide tackle. Penalties are pretty easy and to read and save
Pcq: How are you?
Shrirag Nair
Shrirag Nair:
Pcq: Do you watch Isl if yes which team do you follow?
Christian N
Christian N:
pcq: You should sign Youssoufa Moukoko as he is only 16, and has a great potential
Pcq: You barely played Doherty since you replaced him with Serge... And you're not assisting with Ndombele for the French Architect objective.
Tizian Dombrowski
Tizian Dombrowski:
pcq: if u are already leading 3-0 try to jump to result so u dont waste time
what is ur plan and objective for the rest of the season
Yonatan Rosenblat
Yonatan Rosenblat:
U need a keeper because Lloris is 33 he will down his overall, sign Lafont he is young and good with a lot of potential
PCQ: How about trying to change Son and Bale to LW and RW respectively. Son strive more in that attacking position.
Harmanpreet Singh
Harmanpreet Singh:
PCQ : You should try get some more assists with ndomble as I think his progress has gone down massively as compared to first two episodes as he only has 3 assists out of 15
2ZS Gh0st
2ZS Gh0st:
Pcq: will u consider getting Viniciús as he is on loan
PCQ : Sign lafont !!!! He is young and can replace Hugo in the future or use him as back up other than gazanigga !!!!
Pcq : What do you think about Son Heung Min's early goal in the latest EPL fixture Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester City?
Affan Usama
Affan Usama:
Pcq: sign reyna the American he is very good and linked with spurs in rl
Hi I'm just commenting to say you always make me happy S2G thank you keep up the hardwork
Max De villoutreys
Max De villoutreys:
Hi, hope your doing well Sid!!! Love your content and congrats on getting 221k subs😁
Jaka Habot
Jaka Habot:
PCQ: try and train Son to RM and then when Bale will recover you can train him back to LM
S2G: Kane is gonna get 40 goals this season in the Premier League
Masterbucks Rodrigo: *Pathetic*
Debojit Dutta
Debojit Dutta:
pcq:- sign Odriozola coz he is one of the fastest lb in fifa 21 and ur lb position is lacking a lot
ammar mir
ammar mir:
pcq: you'v signed bale and gedson from there loans do you plan to also sign vinicius as he has proved hes a decent backup
Imade. D
Imade. D:
I Love your content so muuuuuuch
Brett Quennell
Brett Quennell:
Pcq: Stop trying to chip the keeper and force a sweaty goal it only works half the time
Ananth Ramakrishna
Ananth Ramakrishna:
Sign Dest he is fast, makes plays, attacks, and is young.
Pcq:sign Manolas,he is fast,strong and excelent in defense
Nazareno Rodríguez
Nazareno Rodríguez:
Pcq: Make Bergwijn a RM or a RW since that’s his position he plays at spurs in real life
Leonardo Macedonio
Leonardo Macedonio:
PCQ: Sign Emerson from Betis as you wanted to sign him in your last career mode. (This is the third time I stayed this)
Ultra instinct Goku
Ultra instinct Goku:
Pcq: what happened to the fm21 Aston villa career mode?
Shaunak's G.Z
Shaunak's G.Z:
Play Ndombele as a CAM when you play against a weak opponent as he needs to assist to complete the objective
Arsal Rehman
Arsal Rehman:
PCQ: I think dybala was a great signing
Vishwa Praveen
Vishwa Praveen:
57 views, 70 likes. YouTube strikes again.
Kane is also arsenal academy player just thought I'd let y'all know
Suhaila Nora
Suhaila Nora:
PCQ:Maybe you should start bergwijn and vinicius more often in a big match. Both of them can be a insane DUO i think.
Abrar Gaming OP
Abrar Gaming OP:
Pcq: sign MSN and reunite them.
Ilham Hachim
Ilham Hachim:
pcq: Try to sign a new right back as aurier is only 80 overall
Do you guys remember he was going to do a psg career mode in the same save of barca !!!!!
oliver cech
oliver cech:
Pcq: What is gonna be your next career mode team ? Personaly I prefer under rated team but you should choose
Rakul Ramanan
Rakul Ramanan:
PCQ : Do you randomly select questions to ask or just choose the ones you like.
Miles Gugel
Miles Gugel:
pcq: who are other targets for a replacement for Aldewield
Aniruddha Patil
Aniruddha Patil:
18:43 Full time against Spurs?
Shaurya Creative Corner
Shaurya Creative Corner:
Pcq try signing Robertson from Liverpool and sell Davies
Jen Porter
Jen Porter:
Pcq: I did a career mode with spurs to and Tony alderweirld and he plays like a 2 year old and he's slow so maybe try and buy day it upamecano from leipzig he is 21 and has a lot more speed then toby
Harish B
Harish B:
PCQ: Give Lucas a chance to prove himself he is so op with his pace .
Quriocity _
Quriocity _:
My first time being this early less gooooo
Tiego Diphokwana
Tiego Diphokwana:
12:10 when she tells you she isn’t on birth control.
Juan Kitshoff
Juan Kitshoff:
PCQ: Try always using L2 when you defend!
Vinicius is on loan, buy him permanently before his value goes up
Like so S2g can see
Côme Ozanne
Côme Ozanne:
PCQ: Would you consider selling Aurier or Doherty and signing a new rb?
Erol Ozpalas
Erol Ozpalas:
Pcq: on pes 2021 I signed Kane and he was so good all so get a good back up keeper because Hugo lloris is 32
Tintswalo Mashimbyi
Tintswalo Mashimbyi:
Pcq: please add Lucas moura and train him to centre midfielder
Denis Lehane
Denis Lehane:
s2g. Don't fret over Burnley. Mark Goldbridge has the same problem
Joanne Harrison
Joanne Harrison:
In the January transfer window you should sign Klostermann and convert him to a cb as he is really young and is high rated
Gopal Krishan Pandey
Gopal Krishan Pandey:
Pcq: sign ozan kabak for CB role as he has great potential and is also cheap instead in going for skriniar invest that money on a young RW
martin biacovsky
martin biacovsky:
pcq: sign lafont next season because Lloris is 33
koko krunchy
koko krunchy:
pcq: Try converting lo celso to a CDM because recently he has been playing deeper for the team
Barry Yeomans
Barry Yeomans:
Yo S2G please don’t sign Skriniar, he is like one of the most common signings for centre backs keep it fresh try a new player out !!!! Example Kabak
Do A Ligue 1 Career Mode After This Series.....
Shayne Chihlayo
Shayne Chihlayo:
Pcq:Carlos Vinicius is also on loan at Spurs and has been amazing when called upon. Would you consider making his loan permanent
Romain DG
Romain DG:
convery bergwijn to a RW or a RM so he can take Bale's spot whilst he is injured and play Moura as backup
Ali Ahmad Atwi
Ali Ahmad Atwi:
pcq : try to sign a good and young rb maybe like davide calabria or tent alexander arnold ( if he is so expensive try a trade ) or any other good rb since you need someone instead of serge aurier who is getting old
Pcq:Buy vinicius on a permanent deal he is only on loan.
Zach Peake
Zach Peake:
Pcq: when Foyth returns from loan, don’t sell him but convert him into a CDM.
Terence Rozario
Terence Rozario:
U could have signed him for free after two months time with a pre-contract terms and had a nice chunk of budget to improve other slots
Link Gaming
Link Gaming:
PCQ: You do not need Joe Hart on the bench. Goalkeepers almost never get injured and you do not even have a backup centre-back on the bench, which is often needed in long and hard games against teams like Liverpool, Man City, etc.
Khumo Dube
Khumo Dube:
Sign Presnel Kimpembe from PSG..he's young and has high potential
SpongeDiwTv 200
SpongeDiwTv 200:
Pcq:You have to know that Carlos Vinicius is on loan at spurs.
Kobe Ofori
Kobe Ofori:
Pcq: are you going to sign Dominic Calvert-Lewin as Spurs approached him irl and he did amazing in your Barca career mode
Meena Yenig andla
Meena Yenig andla:
Pcq :when will fm career cames back
Afroza Parveen
Afroza Parveen:
19:59 Dude what kind of fixture is that!! Liverpool, Manchester United, Everton and Arsenal in the same month. You are literally playing guaranteed top 8 teams in the same month. Pray that you survive
Palak Kapahi
Palak Kapahi:
Pcq: Secure Vinicius, he is a great player and is only available on loan, securing him before his value increases too much would be good
Samuel Min
Samuel Min:
watching this right after seeing them go on top of the table after beating city 2-0