Silicon Valley | Season 1-5 | The Best of Jian-Yang

Compilation of funny Jian-Yang moments from Season 1-5 of Silicon Valley. Enjoy!

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-Not Hot Dog, White Witch, Bloomberg Interview

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adde moss
adde moss:
So every appearance with Jian-Yang is the best of Jian-Yang... well I agree
Paras Dumka
Paras Dumka:
"Erich Balchman this is your mom and you are not my baby" OMFFGG
Consistent Inconsistency
Consistent Inconsistency:
-"We don't burn trash in this country. It's illegal. You never burn trash. Can you say that? I never burn trash"

-"I never burn trash."


-"What about garbage?"
I can call my uncle in Beijing, he's very corrupt
Rejin Gurung
Rejin Gurung:
Look this yogurt is expired. This could have killed me. Now, I can give it to Eric.
Ahlam Halooma
Ahlam Halooma:
I love how when he drops Erlich off at the airport he has a cigarette in his mouth. Special occasion :D
Cyka West
Cyka West:
Its a comedy show. I'm from Hong Kong and its people getting offended and shit... Imagine an American coming to China talking in Mandarin, would they not be just like this but in reverse?
* synshenron
* synshenron:
"Yes Japanese people racis, they horrible" absolutely killed me
_ Mel _
_ Mel _:
Plot twist: he actually knows how to speak fluent English, but pretends not to just to annoy Erlich
Jie Wang
Jie Wang:
we don't enjoy all the freedoms that you have in China LOL
Süleyman Yaman
Süleyman Yaman:
"I want him to be the leader of the house and control all of the friends."

“Eric Bachman, This is your mom and you are not my baby.”
John Dorough
John Dorough:
I like the evolution of Jian. Goes from being a side kick of a side kick to a quasi-villain and then just a sad guy who misses his friends and wants to come home.
the disappointed koala
the disappointed koala:
As a Chinese person, I find this grossly hilarious.
11:27 Mandarin Translation
The other dude: Jian Yang, it's very important! You have to give us a profitable app.
Jian Yang: No. Not at all.
The other dude: No? Why?

Jian Yang: What I want to make is a octopus recipe.

The other dude: Octopus recipe?

Jian Yang: What I heard was, "I'm a bid fat f**king a-hole"

BTW, Jian Yang (Jimmy) speaks much better Mandarin than the other actor....
Disingenuous King
Disingenuous King:
Never watched Silicon Valley I came for Jimmy
Y Kapitanov
Y Kapitanov:
"What if I told you there is an app on the market ..."
Jacob Ammons
Jacob Ammons:
Best one was when he said “I don’t want to talk to gilfoyle, he’s a racist and a witch”
Tony Raffetto
Tony Raffetto:
Its a water animal
Jarlin James
Jarlin James:
for those who haven't seen the series this entire video showcases how much screen time jian got in 5 seasons. I kid you not. He's the best character in the series and he got only 25 mins of screen time in 5 seasons. Shame
his English got better and better through the video!
I'm really surprised at how good his mandarin is, considering the actor is actually from Hong Kong. Further impressed by the fact that his accent while speaking English is more akin to the accent of a mainland China mandarin-speaker rather than the stereotypical Cantonese accent that is more prevalent in western media.
'Theres no special occasion ever happen in your house' 😂😂😂😂
Abhishek Nag
Abhishek Nag:
I eat da fish
hohaia rangi
hohaia rangi:
Pissed myself when Bachman was pretending to speak Mandarin. Genius!
Lyla Lolliberry
Lyla Lolliberry:
Question for you:

What's a better than octopus recipe?
chicken mane
chicken mane:
Girl:You bring cigarettes here

Jian-yang:No I take-a from her purse
Jonathan Martin
Jonathan Martin:
A lot of people are mad at this character, but I know at least 4 people just like him.
Apple Bee
Apple Bee:
This is funny. Never watched or even heard of this show, but priceless all the same. Jian-Yang and Erlich Bachman have great chemistry.
Morris Insights Weekly
Morris Insights Weekly:
You evict me, I evict your ten percent....😂😂😂
Future Senator Karl Pilkington
Future Senator Karl Pilkington:
Drew R
Drew R:
One of the funniest lines on this show came from Russ when he told Richard
Russ: "I called the Peid Piper number and someone picked up, guy sounded like he was either Chinese or retarded"
Richard: "Oh, Jian-Yang"
Russ: "Yeah I don't know what that means"
Mr. Steal Your girl
Mr. Steal Your girl:
Erlich: where did you get those sunglasses, did it came with car?
Jian-Yang: it is from you mom
Isnt that the crazy rich guy who threw a bachelor's party on a cargo boat???
Ida Williams
Ida Williams:
I love the way he says “Taco Bell”
Jorge Serrano
Jorge Serrano:
The accent and his delivery are perfect.
Bears Vs Bulls
Bears Vs Bulls:
Jian Yang and Erlich are the best comedy duo IMO. LOL They are hilarious :D
*"Boys Boys, let's speak in's the law!"*
Sean Capone
Sean Capone:
Erlich Bachmann, this is you as a ol' man. I'm ugly, dead, and alone.

LOL I miss Erlich
Noah S.
Noah S.:
“’s a water animal”
ciociaro irrequiete
ciociaro irrequiete:
can we please start a petition or something to give jian yang his own spin off?
he is simultaneously the most boring AND YET interesting man on the planet
I grew up with Chinese students living in my house. First season Jian Yang is exactly like that. “Yes I eat the fish”
Hira T
Hira T:
"I am a ugly and dead alone", this killed me xD
“I can call my uncle in Beijing, he’s a wery corrupt”
Joseph Ocasio
Joseph Ocasio:
I'm starting to think that now with Erlich no longer there, He can't keep Jian-Yang in check. I know Erlich found him, but he didn't know how much of a crazed psycho Jian-Yang really is.
ng xin loo
ng xin loo:
Is he the Chinese Comedian in US Jimmy O Yang?
Entity Music
Entity Music:
"See? This could've killed me. Now I can give it to Eric."
Gage Mattingly
Gage Mattingly:
We went to Taco Bell. Erlich, he started crying in Taco Bell. He tried to blame it on the taco sauce.
Cheng Wei
Cheng Wei:
this is a really high quality editing keep it up.
your freind, spycrab
your freind, spycrab:
**lights cigarette**
“Special Occasion”
David Holzer
David Holzer:
you left out when they tried the hotdog app and he called monica a white witch
Leon Le
Leon Le:
"We don't enjoy all the freedom you have in China" xD
Yul Nikita
Yul Nikita:
I'm so happy I've never seen this show and I get to enjoy it in Quarantine ❤🤲🏾
Terran Republic
Terran Republic:
So this is the Asian tech guy my buddy has been telling me about that's gonna be the next president of the United States?
silicon valley just ended and I miss Erlich, wish he had a cameo in the last episode
👇how many wanted to see Erlich
Matt F.
Matt F.:
Then we get to the last season, where Jian-Yang is essentially an Asian John McAfee.
Check Ping
Check Ping:
I never Burn trash, but what about garbage? HAHAHAHAHAHAH
Make a compilation of Erlich shouting Jian Yang
man, I have Bachman nostalgia now
Andy Zhu
Andy Zhu:
The Asian American at the table spoke broken Mandarin.
Alaysia Dennis
Alaysia Dennis:
I always saw Jian-Yang as an underrated bada$$
Kevin D. E
Kevin D. E:
Lmao I swear all corporate chinese people speak and act like this
"Do you understand?"
"Tomorrow is trash day, so make sure all the cans are out front"
"Now, you are under no circumstances to order any movie, adult or otherwise"
"Okay, is there anything that I've just said confuse you?"
John Bell
John Bell:
“Erich Bachman, this is your mom. You are not my baby.”
Gautam Kumar
Gautam Kumar:
"Eric Bachman, this is you as an old man. I'm a ugly and I am dead, alone"....lmfao!!
J Allen
J Allen:
He is the best side character in the show.
The best Jian Yang scenes AKA Every Jian Yang scene!
Turkey Chan
Turkey Chan:
Someone who smokes special occasion, someone who hates Eric(Erlich) Bachman

Mike Hunt
Edit:Thanks for 50 likes guys!
"My corrupt uncle..." 🤣
He has quickly become my fav character.
Jian Yang, Andrew Yang my two favorite people
Cringey & Rude Weeb
Cringey & Rude Weeb:
I eat the fish.

Heisey Chang
Heisey Chang:
jianyang make us chinese feel embarrassing but i like him,haha,
"Question...what's better than octopus?
Answer for you...8 recipes of octopus."
And from thus, an empire was born.
Sarthak Biswas
Sarthak Biswas:
"Eric bakaman, this is a you as a old mayn."
Ace Toaster
Ace Toaster:
The height difference between Eric and Jian-Yang 😭
Adriel San Juan
Adriel San Juan:
My boy gain some weight from eating too much fish
Travis McCalgan
Travis McCalgan:
"i stay here for 1 year, i pay no rent" hahaha - Smoke in my room, special occasion
9:50 I didn’t know he was so good at speaking chinese 😂
"What about garbage?"
Devon Rusinek
Devon Rusinek:
Nobody likes a braggart Jian Yang
Ayoo J0n
Ayoo J0n:
I wish they would make a spin off just of erlich and jing yang lol
Jilfoil 😂😂😂
Kevin Swingle
Kevin Swingle:
I just put it together that Jian-Yang was a metaphor for China. First they underestimated him, then he stole their IP's, then in the end, he owned the house, and they were out.
damn, i love his accent "answer for you: eight-to recipes for octopus"
"Octopus is a water animal."

Learned something new everyday....LOL!!!
mr spine
mr spine:
The ending was worst ... this series was incomplete without erlic
Connor Sivel
Connor Sivel:
Jian-Yang and Erlich had to funniest relationship. Shit made the show
lee vang
lee vang:
"i'm going to smoke in my room special occasion" fken funny
6:22 "I'm going to smoke in my room. Special occasion." LOL
My favorite line is "boys, boys, let's speak in English, it's the law." hahaha, as a casino dealer it's a lot funnier since that is true on poker tables but not real life. lol..
Junior Silva
Junior Silva:
Meat people? kkkk
LaTesha Bradley
LaTesha Bradley:
"I never burn trash.."
"What about garbage..?"
Antonio Li
Antonio Li:
I never burn trash, what about garbage hahaha wtf
Rishikesh Singh
Rishikesh Singh:
"I'm smart" - The legend of Jian Yang 🤣🤣
Aditya Singh
Aditya Singh:
This might as well be titled as "All of Jian-Yang", instead of "Best of Jian-Yang"
"I'm smart" -Jian-Yang
the cig scene cracked me up
Omkar Mankame
Omkar Mankame:
"No, He's a cautionary tale."