Simone Biles' Rio 2016 individual all-around Final routines | Top Moments

Enjoy this look back at all of Simone Biles' individual all-around artistic gymnastics final routines from the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics.

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Jaebeommie’s Besshie
Jaebeommie’s Besshie:
Her one leg alone is more powerful than my whole body
Jessica Foss
Jessica Foss:
You can definitely see the joy she is having compared to the 2021 Olympics.
Jela Boothe
Jela Boothe:
Brilliant, but not a gd as me.. I ROLLED OUT of bed and LANDED PERFECTLY on the floor.
The fact that she’s even better now should terrify people, especially gymnasts.

Update: Simone Biles qualified first over all (with the best score at the games), was pulled for mental health reason (doesn’t mean she’s weak) and also qualified for EVERY final at the Olympic Games.

She also has the “Twisties” which makes her to be unable to have physical awareness in the air meaning she could literally fall on her neck.

A healthy Simone Biles cannot lose seeing as she qualified first. Mental health is physical health. All comments disregarding it is ignorant of the facts.

Also, her aunt died during her time competing.
Chefão das Loterias
Chefão das Loterias:
Saúde mental importa! :)
xyxyx xyxy
xyxyx xyxy:
Her jump… higher than my grades
Belqees Slama
Belqees Slama:
There is a HUGE additional power and pleasure when absolutely no one is expecting anything from you. Things get immensely different when everyone is expecting the same greatness all over again.
Sarah Abdullah
Sarah Abdullah:
I'm 11 years old from Egypt and I'm working really hard to get to the olympics wish me luck
Danielle Alv
Danielle Alv:
She just all together looks like she is enjoying herself more at Rio that in this year
Peter Campbell
Peter Campbell:
She truly has changed the sport forever.
The amount of strenght she has to yeet herself into the air, defy gravity and land perfectly... that woman is out of this world.
Her margin of victory was so big (she had the highest scores on THREE events that day!), she could have fell TWICE during the All-Around Finals and STILL have won the gold medal with a comfortable margin! That's DOMINANCE!
Jamie W
Jamie W:
her smile throughout the floor routine, this is the simone I miss.
Syah Nazmi
Syah Nazmi:
Imagine being a legendary Olympian when you're not even 20
bennetta kraas
bennetta kraas:
She looked like she was having fun compared to this year!
Her floor routine is insane. INSANE
You know, it’s crazy to look back at this and, she’s even BETTER now. No one is even close to matching her skill level. Tokyo 2020 GOLD!🏅🇺🇸
sofiyarini ambarwati
sofiyarini ambarwati:
Tokyo isn't been nice for her.. the weight of the world on her shoulder.. this is definitely her best Olympics
i truly hope simone biles will feel better soon, her mental health is extremely important, just as her physical health.
at such a young age she has shown that she is a legend and i can’t even begin to imagine half of the pressure she is feeling. i’m proud of her also for her decision to quit, because that is also an incredibly hard thing to do.
i wish simone biles only the best, and she will forever be remembered as a legend. ❤️
Deywhildson de Oliveira
Deywhildson de Oliveira:
What an icon! As a Brazilian, her song choice for the floor exercise made me love her routine even more. The power of her jumps reminds me of our dear Daiane dos Santos. Both of them have in common the fact that they seem to make an extra effort to control their landings due to the power their jumps have. Can't wait to see her in Tokyo. You go, girl!!
coming back here after she just dropped out of the team finals for Tokyo. I feel so bad for her and her team and I really hope that she starts to feel better so that she can compete in the individual events. She must have been looking forward to these olympics for so long now and I feel so bad for her. you guys better not be hating on her for quitting because she had so much pressure on her back. some of you guys hated her even before this and now you're using it as an excuse to give her more hate which is not ok. mental health is important and you guys need to respect that. praying for Simone!!
Chris Depweg
Chris Depweg:
In case anyone forgot... She is still an absolute beast!
Sanj D
Sanj D:
Hope she feels better during Tokyo 2021 and after. What a joy to watch her.
For me she’ll always be the perfect gymnast. I admire how strong she is, not only physically but mentally, and if she didn’t participate this year that shows how she cares about the really important things and has this amazing will power to take the best decision. I love Simone, she’s an amazing person!
Simone doesn't need this year's medals to prove she's the best.
Mia 007
Mia 007:
I don’t know what it is, I’m SO proud of her & I don’t even know her. Her smile, humility, & most of all her backstory. Although it may not seem at the time, some things work out the way they are supposed to. God Bless You Simone 😊☺️🥰
DBilshramfan 20
DBilshramfan 20:
Y'all thought 2016 was her peak? Nope. She's coming for 6 gold medals in 2020. Hold on to your wigs.

Edit 2 years later (28 July) - This comment has aged horribly and after yesterday's fiasco and Simone pulling out of AA finals, I want to say I support her in whatever decision she makes to look after her mental health. I care more about Simone the person than Simone the gymnast. You are still the GOAT and nothing will change that! I'm sorry that I've contributed to the pressure put upon you to win everything all the time.
Christian Tadlas
Christian Tadlas:
You can see that she’s just enjoying and full of love on what she’s doing
Paul Walker
Paul Walker:
Her strength and precision and all the different moves she does is just incredible it's just mesmerizeing
angelina p.
angelina p.:
Mustafina peacefully yawning in the background when Simone is awarded her gold medal is a MOOD
Christina Hollis
Christina Hollis:
Absolutely fantastic. How any of that is even possible is a mystery to me, but somehow she manages to make the impossible look effortless.
Lacie Hearts
Lacie Hearts:
No matter how many times I watched the floor routine, I got chills, that was my favorite floor routine ever!!
edward pelayo jr
edward pelayo jr:
Gosh, every landing was just perfect!
Rajiv Chamlagai
Rajiv Chamlagai:
She is literally the one in a billion girl❣️
Elioenai Oliveira
Elioenai Oliveira:
A energia da torcida brasileira é surreal 😍😍❤️
That floor routine was awsome,really.
Probably the most difficult ever. I doubt her score 15.933 will ever be surpassed.
Gabby Velasquez
Gabby Velasquez:
i look forward to seeing her back up on her feet. she is sure to continue her incredible career and win more medals despite tokyo but the thing i want to see most is her like this again: happy. she looks so freaking happy while doing this, thats the most important thing. she's a joy to watch.
I don't think I'll ever be able to wrap my head around how she's able to stick a landing after putting in so much power and height in her passes...and on a sprung floor!!
It'll be a looong time before someone can match her
Carlos Santts
Carlos Santts:
Foi um orgulho para nós brasileiros receber uma atleta dessa grandeza no nosso Brasil. Simone está nos nossos corações!
Adam Tak
Adam Tak:
It amazes me now more than ever how her execution of these skills is near flawless while still being so incredibly difficult. Everyone else goes for difficulty but Simone goes for both difficulty and execution.
i love the way she absolutely nails her routines and landings and then casually starts looking at her nails. she’s such an icon
Rae Moriarty
Rae Moriarty:
thanks for holding such an exciting Olympics, it was really good. I would love to see more! Simone's floor routine was beyond perfection
Leslie Villegas
Leslie Villegas:
whose here in 2021 after seeing how even more incredible she is now!!
Vanessa Sccp
Vanessa Sccp:
Ela é perfeita, ansiosa para ve-la competir em Tókio 2020
Katie Harrison
Katie Harrison:
Literally made me cry. She is so amazing.
Maguelone Frédéric-Moreau
Maguelone Frédéric-Moreau:
She is the right combination of grace and strength. It’s like watching an eagle flying away in slow motion... fearless and powerful. She is amazing. By her performances but mostly by her story.
Patrick N'draman
Patrick N'draman:
Quelle puissance!!! ❤💪❤👍❤👊❤❤❤🎆❤😻
I still haven't recovered from that uneven bar routine....AMAZING doesn't even begin to describe how incredibly gifted she is.
Demetri Romano
Demetri Romano:
My favorite part of this has always been that third pass on her floor routine. Incredible height, stuck landing, and several feel of space left behind her on the floor- on an H skill. I’m hoping we get to see her throw that skill with another twist by 2020.
paulo eduardo
paulo eduardo:
Fenomeno, uma atleta completa Simone Biles, ouro com justiça foi a melhor e um amor de pessoa
Anna Bastos
Anna Bastos:
Um verdadeiro espetáculo o que a Simone faz. É lindo de ver!
So amazing... I’ve heard about her so much when I was younger since my friends were really obsessed with gymnastics, but I never really watched her doing it. I’m currently doing a project about gymnastics so I’m doing a lot of research. So many flips and jumping I can’t imagine the pain on her feet and legs.
Nicholas Lim
Nicholas Lim:
Can’t wait for 2024 to see Simone Biles amazing performance again.
sergio augusto de souza
sergio augusto de souza:
A maior atleta dos últimos tempos , parabéns moça , foi lindo .
5:33 my favorite part💛😍🔥
Elizangela M
Elizangela M:
Maravilhosa, parabéns pela apresentação.
Look how many incredible, legendary athletes we could watch during Rio Olympics - Phelps, Bolt, Simone...
Zen Fan
Zen Fan:
No words can ever say how great she is, "spectacular " is the one I'll use!!!
Silent Night
Silent Night:
She's so fantastic and beautiful that I could cry.
Living legend!!!! She's amazing in every sense
Annika. Irving
Annika. Irving:
Incredible. Beyond words. Her performance as well as the suffering she had to endure.
Jaclyn Fairhead
Jaclyn Fairhead:
She is incredible and I hope she is surrounded with love. What an amazing athlete and artist.
saul lozada vera
saul lozada vera:
Carlo Rebebes
Carlo Rebebes:
Her leg is much stronger than our government. You have my vote
Jaime Yomayuza
Jaime Yomayuza:
Eterno admirador de toda una guerrera !!
Alissa Burge
Alissa Burge:
Simone Biles will make a big comeback for the Tokyo 2020 summer olympics of the USA Gymnastics.🤸🏿‍♂️
Roni Vieira
Roni Vieira:
Essa mulher é inexplicável, eu amo ela💕💕
Lhisa Mrklon
Lhisa Mrklon:
Go Simone! That's why you're The Greatest 😊
Everything changed after Rio that she found out what Nassar did. You are just simply amazing SIMONE BILES. Never forget that.
I don't understand how anyone can give this video a thumbs down. Simone was fabulous.
Ken Xiong
Ken Xiong:
Simone is a beast! Glad she’s on our side! 🇺🇸
I wisch her all the best for the final tomorrow in Tokyo. I hope she can stand the pressure and show everyone, what a great gynastic she is.
I wish her the best, and it was very wise, that she returned, because she did't fell well.
Her balance in the air is even better than me holding a cup of water
Helen Gutiérrez
Helen Gutiérrez:
Eres muy grande Simone. Inigualable. Te deseo de ❤ que te recuperes muy pronto. CAMPEONA
COO T-Bob:
Simone has conquered the un-even bars and looks at home when flying through the air.
I love this girl, im so proud to be able to witness her glorious days!!!
Carlos Henrique
Carlos Henrique:
Arrasou ❤️
Rossela Martins
Rossela Martins:
Vicky Olivera
Vicky Olivera:
This girl is freaking amazing
Ely Lima
Ely Lima:
Sou fãzaça da Simone atleta de ouro . Parabéns 👏👏👏
Isa Almeida
Isa Almeida:
Talentosa demais 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 perfeita
Marian Spierings
Marian Spierings:
5:30 that floor work is amazing, I don't even know how she did that. Incredible.
Fabricio Gabriel
Fabricio Gabriel:
Essa mulher é maravilhosa 😍❤️❤️
Yvonne Kavithe
Yvonne Kavithe:
this, what she did in this 6 minutes, beats my entire life workout
Thati M.
Thati M.:
muito simpatica e exemplo de superação em tudo! Merecido cada medalha <3
Eliane Ferreira
Eliane Ferreira:
Perfeitaaaaa!!!! 😍😍😍😍
Liyana Nazira
Liyana Nazira:
She's really talented ...n look at her powerful she balanced her body...👏🏻i really admire her
Luis Henrique Vicente da Silva
Luis Henrique Vicente da Silva:
que perfeição !!!
Ekta Rana
Ekta Rana:
She is legend gymnast.
Gasai Yuno
Gasai Yuno:
For some reason I love watching gymnasts perform bar routines
python ita
python ita:
Any time I see her performances I still stay shocked
eNoronha 3
eNoronha 3:
Linda, Maravilhosa !!!! <3
Maria da conceição Martins silva
Maria da conceição Martins silva:
maravilhosa explendida magnifica
w u t
w u t:
That floor routine was amazing
Sheikh Davis
Sheikh Davis:
Still truly remarkable 🙏🏾♻️
Lucivane Costa
Lucivane Costa:
Nossa essa menina é fera.🤯❤
Mihil Ranathunga
Mihil Ranathunga:
her routines are breathtaking. Literally holding my breath!
Lucineia Marques
Lucineia Marques:
Maravilhosa!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
M Lim
M Lim:
Amazing performance 💖
Jela Boothe
Jela Boothe:
INSANE...that floor routine, just INSANE.