Simone Biles Withdraws From All-Around Final | The View

After gymnast Simone Biles surprised the Olympics by announcing she’s withdrawing from the final individual all-around competition “to focus on her mental health,” the co-hosts react to her decision.

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So Glad Simone is so young and knows what is the best for her well-being. All my love and respect to You Simone.
fantastic athlete. It's a shame but mental health should always come first.
L O:
People really out here acting like she hasn't already won this country 25 World medals which is more than any gymnastic male or female has ever won in the history of the entire sport, 30 total if you count her Olympic medals. She's won enough for the US and the good of the team. Let her win for herself.
Amy Shelden
Amy Shelden:
I saw an interview with Olympic great Michael Phelps - who knows something about the pressures of being the “face” of the USA Olympics. He eloquently said with compassion and empathy for Simone, we need more mental health support for these athletes. Mind you, Phelps suffered from depression and was suicidal after his 2012 Olympics. While these elite athletes seem super human to us, they are HUMAN!! I admire Simone same as I did before she withdrew. She’s a phenomenal athlete and woman ❤️❤️
I was so happy to see Phelps support her. He’s one of the few who can understand the pressure she is under. None of us could ever get it. 🙏
Let’s not forget that USA Gymnastics turned a blind eye to the abusive Dr Larry Nassar, who sexually abused/assaulted MANY of these female gymnasts. Simone was one. She went through that horror, and CAME BACK. If that isn’t a testament to strength and perseverance, I don’t know what is!! Anyone criticizing can take several seats!! As Phelps said in his interview, he hopes this can be a turning point for mental health support for Olympic athletes! Kudos to you, Simone xo
Joshy Chappell
Joshy Chappell:
I feel like it doesn’t help calling some one ‘THE BEST OF ALL TIME’ especially after then saying ‘it’s too much pressure for some one to handle’ ... so maybe all of us should take people as they show up and admire people but also let them humanised while we praise them x
Michele White
Michele White:
Why should her scores be lower because people can’t do what she does. It’s called hard work
Ashiya Nelson #RawVeganAthlete
Ashiya Nelson #RawVeganAthlete:
Good on her for taking care of herself. She’s FAR from a “quitter”! Her selfless decision to not devalue her health, mentally or otherwise, allowed room for her teammate Jordan to shine. At the level they’re at, that’s not hardly selfish.
Reba Miran
Reba Miran:
Mental health matters probably more then physical health… no can fully fuction when your mind isn’t right. I’m really happy she chose to focus on her ♥️ she is still a star.
The amount of cameras on her even when she is not up is extreme.
Even if you don’t know there is someone watching you/camera on you it is really mentally straining.
I know having attention is nice but media outlets need to learn a healthy balance.
dat 1
dat 1:
Losers calling a winner a quitter or weak 😂
Keijo Kelvoton
Keijo Kelvoton:
The lack of empathy is just crushing, I can never understand how could one ever hate someone just for being mentally broken.

To think that everyone knows what she's been through in her life, yet people are still trying to hurt this girl even more.

Just imagine it was your daughter or sister, would you say the things you say about Ms. Biles?
she seemed uneasy and I'm glad she left before anything bad happened.
Denyce Athey
Denyce Athey:
I commend her completely to not only know her body more importantly her mind .
Bernie Stewart
Bernie Stewart:
Piers Morgan couldn’t cope with a weather man holding him to account for being a divisive bigot. He walked off set. He has nothing to say. The man couldn’t win an egg and spoon race in his own age group. Simone Biles is a fabulous young woman of extraordinary strength. Everything she says and does is worthy of admiration unlike most of her detractors.
My first reaction when I heard that she's withdrawing from the competitions is a great concern for her well-being. Anyone who cast aside her well-being to criticize her decision was never a supporter of hers and they can go eat 💩.
Meghan: “I never judge what’s going on…”

lmao ok yeah right
Chris Andersen
Chris Andersen:
You know! It’s sport. It’s not life. And Simone is not the entire team. There is a team. I believe Biles is also trying to give her team some spotlight. They may not be as good, but work just as hard and deserve some recognition. Jordan Chiles!! Just one example. They got a silver with Biles cheering them on. C’mon people. Let’s put this in perspective.
Support for Simone: I love it!
Patricia Burke
Patricia Burke:
Simone Biles will always be in our hearts. We are so proud of her and thankful for the many times we have watched her, amazed at the beauty with which she excels in gymnastics.
Her ability to express herself both physically and verbally, and watching her cheer for her team is something I’ll never forget. May God bless her and all of these courageous athletes always. May their futures be wonderful!
warrior 90
warrior 90:
America loves you very much Simone. You're a true hero.
george krukowski
george krukowski:
Simone will be a great coach!
Kendall Bedford
Kendall Bedford:
I remember her and her sister Rachel at the gym Hammond when I was helping them train. Nobody has the right to come and call her weak when she grew from the ground up. She is still legendary.
Lizz Flo
Lizz Flo:
Sunny has slot of bronzer today.
I lover her high ponytail though.

We’re still very proud of Simone Biles. 💪🏼
This made me sad for her. She is so amazing! Must have been so hard for her to do this.
Mrn Tlng
Mrn Tlng:
I <3 how these strong women are speaking about mental health. You are so great! Love, love, love <3
I just hope the media has the same energy during football season when a player chooses to not compete.
Amazing athlete her mental health comes first.
Happy Ex Pat
Happy Ex Pat:
I applaud her for her honesty and knowing when and when not to push herself due to mental health issues. Especially at her age. I don’t believe that these Olympics should have even happened after the enormous physical but even more, psychological issues we’re all dealing with every day nevertheless being out there for the world to see and the pressures of doing whatever sport you’re competing in for your country as well as yourself. I applaud her.
Letty 45
Letty 45:
My prayers are with you Simone, I have had my share of drama and being on the verve of mental collapse, I have left relationships, jobs, etc. Whatever you need to do to find that peaceful place do it, tell people that don't like it to kiss your ---!!
Queen JT
Queen JT:
This actually helped the other team members step up!
ANiSayso KNOitWell
ANiSayso KNOitWell:
We still love the team and the 🐐. Thanks for so many years of good tv ladies The View
Connor Cook
Connor Cook:
Could you imagine having the temerity to imply that a gold medal olympic champion and sport defining athlete is lacking in "mental toughness"? Unbelievable.
I agree with Joy that it’s not that healthy to always push kids to be THE BEST
Amethyst White
Amethyst White:
We don’t know how much her assault is affecting her decision. She should be the one to speak on it, we shouldn’t start sum.
At the end of the day, she has to do what is best for her. She's young and still an amazing woman who happens to be an accomplished Olympian.
Rocio Bany
Rocio Bany:
She will be a legend in history and whatever she endeavors to do in her future is up to her ;
this is her life *
I admire her strength to pursue her gymnastic passion in spite of her abuse WITHIN gymnastics because it didn't occur outside of it ... either way abuse is traumatic and a lifelong struggle to overcome.
GodSpeed to her ... a GOAT Forever 🇺🇲🌹🌈
Hey Tam
Hey Tam:
It’s amazing how people choose who is allowed to be excused by mental health and who isn’t.
Jay Boyee
Jay Boyee:
"do a back flip? i struggle tying my shoelace's
Julesy Medlin
Julesy Medlin:
Respect to Simone for being true to herself. America LOVES YOU GIRL! ❤️🤍💙
Futah L.
Futah L.:
Had she continued competing in the team all around competition and the whole team lost, i bet she would have been called selfish and only thinking about her. I think she gave her team a better chance to get a medal.
Shakhizada Issagaliyeva
Shakhizada Issagaliyeva:
Love how these women speak so kindly of other women
It's her body..and she don't have to explain nufin to nobody..let somebody else carry the team..I wouldn't have even went in the 1st place ..
Respect  Begets Respect
Respect Begets Respect:
It wasn't just about mental health. She wasn't performing at her best and so she stepped back. That's her decision! I don't see her in a negative or weak way for speaking her truth. It's not a pity party either.
In other words, it was becoming too stressful. I feel her. You can definitely hurt yourself without a clear mind
issa leah
issa leah:
Gymnastics is mental first, physical second. If her head isn’t right, she can injure herself GRAVELY. Anyone hating on her about withdrawing doesn’t understand that she didn’t just quit, she left to protect herself. She made the right choice!
Leumeria Kumara
Leumeria Kumara:
I love all of your comments. I haven’t watched the View in years. But I am so inspired to see the caliber of women on the team today that makes up the View today. I know you went through a lot of years to get here. I will definitely start watching the View again because I think the women are wise mature sensitive and accomplished women who care about themselves and others. Bravo
You already have a gold medal. Go home. Relax. Eat a burger. Maybe order some extra fries. Maybe a plate of onion rings. And a shrimp cocktail. And some buffalo wings. Maybe an individual pizza? And some mozzarella sticks.

What were we talking about?
Lane Fair
Lane Fair:
Most people who criticize her and say 'toughen up' will cry and say they can't breathe when they have to put a mask on.
the 420 affect
the 420 affect:
I never thought I would say this but the only Republican I can say I respect their opinion is Sarah.
No matter what she does her research comes in with a lot of compassion and make sure she holds her ground which I can respect. Never letting her emotions take over and always coming to an understanding with the other women. We need more Republicans and conservatives like her.
Hope Jessica
Hope Jessica:
I'll admit I was disappointed to hear this as I was excited to see her but this was the right decision for her. She always said that she continued to compete after Rio for herself (and to keep USAG accountable after Larry nassar) & so nothings changed. She is putting herself first! Can't imagine how hard this must be for her even being in this position ❤️❤️
Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy:
How brave is this young lady. Bravo. The exspectations put on this girl was out of this world.PSD from the past could be finally getting to her. She has worked through it all while it was blasted all over the news, that would have been soooooo hard. Sure hope she gets to be ok . Just sending heaps of love to her.
Mrn Tlng
Mrn Tlng:
Love Simone her speech <3
G Andrea
G Andrea:
I can’t even do a cart wheel. Simone Biles will always be the GOAT!!!!!
Colleen Jones
Colleen Jones:
This makes me really admire the other athletes who came mentally strong to compete in Tokyo even more! What it takes mentally to be the greatest of all time both physically and mentally.
Vikki Clark
Vikki Clark:
The new generation is the weakest our country has ever known.
Summer Tea
Summer Tea:
My favorite up and coming young boxer Ryan Garcia admitted to dealing with depression and stress so he pulled out of competition from professional Boxing. He has the support of all his peers and they understand his decision and hopefully both Simone and Ryan will heal and be ready for competition again.
Rosita Lewis
Rosita Lewis:
Accolades to all creating and sharing this YouTube that continues to open the conversations of the extreme push upon all athletes. Winning DOES INDEED HAVE UNEXPECTED CONSEQUENCES NOT DISCUSSED.
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali:
Conor McGregor was having the same symptoms with the fight against Dustin Poirier. Poor guy. He and Simone have many things in common in that sense. Those poor athletes :)
E.M. Smiley
E.M. Smiley:
The part where Sarag described how mental illness can creep in without you even knowing it is so accurate. I can be feeling just fine, and then 2 weeks later I "come up for air" and realize that I've been neglecting myself in so many ways. It's an invisible illness that so many people struggle with. I'm so proud of Simone for having the maturity and courage to take a step back to take care of her health.
marlene barone
marlene barone:
I watch in awe at gymnastics i just cannot get over how they flip like that doing half turns double twist and really the balance beam oh lets not forget the high and low bar insane !! i just think how does a person stand on the ground and just do a flip it just doesn't seem possible lol
Sara and Sunny both on point. I’m glad she is taking care of herself. It’s unfortunate if people are disappointed.
She is indeed the GOAT
Jeanette Schock
Jeanette Schock:
I pray for this young lady. After USA gymnastics let that monster Larry Naser hurt our girls is beyond reprehensible. Good on her. We love Simone 💘
It's so ok girl. Proud of you and all you have done. May God continue to be with you
Juan Moreno
Juan Moreno:
She did the right thing. When there’s too much pressure you either quit or overcome…. She chose to quit regardless of reason. Right or wrong. She is human and makes her own choices.
I never thought about the lack of audience being an issue before until Simone mentioned it. But truly, having friends and family there to support you in that audience and not some Zoom screen or whatever it was they set up can totally make a huge difference than the empty seats staring back at you.
Donte Hawkins
Donte Hawkins:
Leave her sexual abuse out of this. Yes, she went through it and that may be ONE thing that she is dealing with rn. To highlight a single trauma is so belittling of her character to stand many things. We don’t know what’s going on in her head and we should allow only herself to speak on it.
Ernest Gutierrez
Ernest Gutierrez:
I’m proud of her and the resolve it took to make that decision is so inspiring! At age 24 mind you
Woon Chin Lam
Woon Chin Lam:
Finally a human voice that hasn't lost humanity.
A Missterie
A Missterie:
She is the GOAT! She owes no one anything. Give her the respect she deserves. Plus, she could have really hurt herself on that vault. I hate people who don't know gymnastics try and have their opinion.
Paul G
Paul G:
People need to cut her some slack, she clearly has already set the bar so high, even after being the only surviving gymnast competing after the Nasser ordeal. She also hasn't pulled out completely as she may still compete in the apparatus medal competitions.
Perfect Timing!
Bedwaaq Cawsgurow
Bedwaaq Cawsgurow:
I love that kid, followed her since her first day in limelight. She is a goddess of our time. May she live a long life.
Natasha S
Natasha S:
I pray that Simone The Greatest of All Times, the strong young woman she has become, continues to go strong ON MAKING THE RIGHT CHOICES FOR HERSELF before anything’s else.
My heart drops when she does the imposible in gymnastics. 2 nights ago NBC showed a short interview with Simone where she said “I am 24, I have aches, I feel that I’m OLDER, I am afraid”.
This was so HONEST and unusual to see this broadcasted about the star DURING the Olympics … This was BEFORE Simone’s withdrawal yesterday.
Simone, Baby, God bless you for your talent, bravery, strength and beauty inside and out. You are so spectacular, you are an American Girl, who is the gymnast of the WORLD.
Our hearts and admiration are with you.
Dipsikha Saha
Dipsikha Saha:
Any sport in the world needs undivided attention and precision. When you are not in your best mental capacity you cannot focus the way you are suppose to which might cause bad performance or god forbid a injury which in turn might take your career away. So its better to fix that first completley before setting foot in your mat,filed,pitch what ever it is.
Eurovision Battles
Eurovision Battles:
I think Biles is one of the greatest female athletes. And she has shown great resilience. If she needed to step out, good for her. But this step is not "more impressive than winning" etc.

To me it's a bit participation prizey...

I will say the I hope America still loves me, got to me. I think trying your best is all you can do.
I agree with Sarah. A lot of people look happy but you have no idea of what they are going through. Some people need to really read the dictionary and learn what empathy is
Red Rabbitt
Red Rabbitt:
There's something really special about her I can't describe in words it goes beyond saying I can only quote a realllyyyy smart guy.....

"Generations to come will scarce belive that such a one as this, ever in flesh and blood walked upon this earth ".
- Albert Einstein (🙄 sue me. )
She makes me proud to American for once :)
Clare Oechsle
Clare Oechsle:
absolutely made the right decision! Love you Simone!
marianne h
marianne h:
Ahhh, the relief Not To Hear Meghan's voice again,
Queen of the South
Queen of the South:
#SimoneBiles we love you and praise you!!! You are the GOAT of gymnastics. Take care of yourself Sister!!! Fools are lowering her score because of her AMAZING TALENTS.
I hope they do another season of that HBO doc and more athletes tell their stories.
She's a super hero. Love her and wish her the best! Her haters are insecure losers that can't even hope to reach a fraction of the level she's already achieved in what they do.
Kell Harris
Kell Harris:
The athletes need more support. They need more mental health support.
Mrn Tlng
Mrn Tlng:
'Back off and watch a pro do magic' OW YEAH!
Noelle Cassella
Noelle Cassella:
Sara is always the level headed one..always love 💘 her comments
It's one thing to take mental health serious, it's another thing celebrating quitting on the basis of mental health. It's shouldn't be frowned upon either, it should be understood, but celebrating it as a strengt is the essence of toxic femininity.
John Hancock
John Hancock:
The thing is she can afford to drop out and focus on mental health, maybe it’ll help her, She’s a different person from me and I can’t speak to what does and does not help her. However I’ll say this, the vibe I personally get when people say “focus on mental health” is just sort of relaxing and doing nothing. The most important thing is SURVIVAL, you need to pick yourself up, no matter how bad the mental pain is and work, you need to do whatever you can to keep moving forward in life, you can’t just stay still and rot. I had very bad mental health problems last year, that I’m only now starting to fully recover from, for a whole year I could barely do anything, it felt like I was in constant pain, However I crawled forward. I knew I had to crawl forward so I wouldn’t suffer in the future anymore than I had to.
Even when you feel like everything is pointless, like your hated and like just one thing is going to destroy your life, when you feel like your just overwhelmed and the foundation of how you’ve seen reality has been destroyed.. you need to get out of that place. Even if all you can do is crawl out of it, you need to.
Lesa P
Lesa P:
God bless you Sarah.
M. Holmes
M. Holmes:
Simone Biles, you've given so much, and you are the best. Thank you Queen!!!!!!
W K:
Trying to be the best is what ends up making you the best
Beautiful Altogether
Beautiful Altogether:
To Thyself Be True.
Amen and Amen 🙏🏾
Allen Trice
Allen Trice:
Perhaps what makes the gymnastics got withdrawal from someone knew! Going to the finals? It's another story!
Leigh Rivera
Leigh Rivera:
I love Simone biles Gymnast or not ! She is strong and the best I pray for her health and that she knows we love her no matter what!
Nora Lotz
Nora Lotz:
I can only applaud to these very true words beautiful women. ♥
We need to lern how to honstly cheer for ourselves so that we don't take our own selfharm/destructive patterns and start putting it on others instead of healing it within us. Humans we gotta do that work. Simone thanks for beeing you. 🙏
Kamika Tanner
Kamika Tanner:
Why does it seem like Whoopi has a rude reaction after Sunni speaks? It’s becoming more and more obvious
Keith Bell
Keith Bell:
Joy makes a great point.
In virtually all news outlets, on just about every social media platform the title GOAT is attached to Simone.
On one hand many would argue that she has earned that designation. On the other hand it is all too easy to dismiss how enormous the pressure is on her shoulders to constantly live up to that. As Mike Tyson once said: "Everyone knows exactly what they will do when they step in that ring.
And then you get hit!"
And Duwayne Wade repeatedly called Tiger Woods, as incredibly successful he is at his sport- "the GOAT". Tigers' response? "I'm not there yet". In his wisdom Tiger has learned that the greatest pressure that is put on him, is the pressure he puts on himself.
brii gee
brii gee:
Is Simone Biles really known as the greatest gymnast of all time???? I’m sure it is correct , but how amazing to see a historical figure . Of course there will be more to come to break the records she holds , and they’ll be celebrated as well, but it’s cool to be alive at the same time as Simone Biles . She makes being the greatest gymnast of all time look easy and graceful . She’s so incredible
Geraldine Villatoro
Geraldine Villatoro:
I love Simone! She is so talented. I’m proud of her for taking care of herself. I’m looking forward to seeing her perform again soon!
Michael Richardi
Michael Richardi:
She had a rough day on the mats the day before she did this...I think her messing up really got to her..
Mari Gonzalez
Mari Gonzalez:
She's the "best gymnast of all time" until the next acquires that status. There were many before her.