Sir Frank Williams has passed away aged 79

Sir Frank Williams, the legendary former Formula 1 team owner and boss, has passed away at the age of 79.

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Kieran McMahon
Kieran McMahon:
This seemingly came out of nowhere. A legend of the sport who deserved every success.
Hyperion Phoenix
Hyperion Phoenix:
Absolute legend, he will be missed
The Lost Subrosian
The Lost Subrosian:
A F1 legend, his legacy lives on.
Jorge Mercado
Jorge Mercado:
I grew up watching the domination of the Williams Team. They were the team to beat back in the day. A legend that played an integral part on developing F1 into what it is today. He will be tremendously missed, especially when we would see his presence in the paddock area and the Williams Garage.

Sir Frank Williams
keira quinn
keira quinn:
Rest In Peace Sir Frank Williams your legacy will never leave F1 History and hopefully there is a lot more to look forward to in F1 for the Williams team ❤️
Chris Collins
Chris Collins:
Another f1 legend that will be missed. Great man and amazing team manger. Respectful and had a lot of pride in f1. Thank you for good memories Sr Frank Williams.
KungFu Barbie
KungFu Barbie:
At least he got to see Williams get one podium this season and their improvement in pace. RIP to a legend of the sport. Hope to see Williams climb up to the glory days of the 80's and 90's.
Daniel Melo
Daniel Melo:
One of the all time greats. A true legend. R.I.P. Sir Frank Williams.
Ayrton Senna, Murray Walker and now Sir Frank Williams looking down from above.

R.I.P Sir Frank and condolences to your family
Meg x
Meg x:
Rest in peace Sir Frank 🕊❤ You will be missed.
Mattia Santangelo
Mattia Santangelo:
Every true ferrarista is deeply saddened for this tragic news.
We have lost a outstanding manager, a legendary icon and a true gentleman.
Rest in peace Sir Williams, from Italy.
ãjìñ p jøşëph
ãjìñ p jøşëph:
GR did him good to bring his team back in the points and even a podium. Latifi also did a great job in keeping up with Russell and pushing the car to its limits
Mark Woodland
Mark Woodland:
Sir Frank we will always remember your achievements and your smiles in the paddock. Each and every one of us will miss you!! R.I.P Sir Frank you legend of F1 🙏🥺🏆🏁
Luke Mallory
Luke Mallory:
The F1 I knew and loved was born, lived, and now died with these gentlemen, Sir Frank, Ken Tyrrell, Enzo Ferrari, Colin Chapman, Murray Walker et al. Rest in peace, Frank. You've earned it. My best wishes to his family.
I've been a Williams fan since 2001 when I first started watching F1 (Montoya was my favorite driver back then) and I've always admired Sir Frank's courage, determination and passion for racing and his personality was one of the main reasons I've always supported his great team. There will never be another team principal just like him and he will be sorely missed. RIP Sir Frank and thank you for all the memories.
Paul Ratcliffe
Paul Ratcliffe:
Condolences to the Williams family and the F1 family. A true legend of the sport.
Mauro Binda
Mauro Binda:
Oh God what a tragedy. Condolences to his daughter Claire to his family and to the team. Rip Sir Williams we miss you ❤
Rest In Peace to Sir Frank Williams, an inspiration to this sport.
A legend
Created one of my favourite teams
Helped build the most legendary cars
R.I.P frank
Mukund Dilip krishna
Mukund Dilip krishna:
We will miss you Sir Frank Williams. Thank you for all the memories and for building such a great team. Rest in peace
laura gilmore
laura gilmore:
a legend, a wonderful man who will be missed. your legacy will live on. thoughts to the Williams family.
Roy Powell
Roy Powell:
R.I.P Sir Frank, you were a giant in the sport of F1 you will be missed.
Miles Owen
Miles Owen:
Rest in peace Sir Frank. You have given us the fans some amazing memories in the sport. You will be sadly missed 🙏🏻
Thank you for all you have done for the sport Frank, everyone that is a part of Formula 1 will miss you greatly.
Always remember seeing Lewis taking him around the track for 2 laps and the smile on his face as if he wanted more RIP
I never expected this at all today.

When I was growing up watching F1, with how often I watched the highlights video's of 2000-2004. I always looked up at Sir Frank as an Icon and as someone very important.

I was 7 years old back then as far as I remember watching these on the old video tapes. It really takes me back and reminds me of how Sir Frank persevered through his condition.

I can imagine it has been tough for him and Claire to sell the team after last year and I can imagine for Claire it must be a hard rough time for her.

Thank you Sir Frank and Williams as a whole for being such a successful team and for being a huge staple in this wonderful sport.

My thoughts and best wishes for those closest to him. May Sir Frank rest in peace.
R.I.P Sir Frank Williams a Great legend of motor racing.
If you need to see the character of the man check him out only a few years back sitting next to Lewis Hamilton as Lewis did his thing, I remember thinking the man has a terrible spine injury he must be mental doing this, and he is not exactly young either, but the absolute enjoyment in his face was wonderful to see, LEGEND !.
It's because of his team that I became a fan of F1 in the late 80s as a young kid and I'm still a fan of his team today here in Ireland. R,I,P sir Frank Williams.
A legend who achieved so much and deserved more. Rest in peace Frank and thank you for all you did, the cars you created, and the drivers you brought in and developed. Thank you 😥
Rest in Peace Sir Frank Williams!! The sport will never forget you.
One of the original architects of the sport we love today, an absolute legend R.I.P Sir Frank Williams. 🙏🏽❤️
rest in peace Sir Frank Williams, my condolences to the whole Williams family and friends and that includes everybody who has heart for Williams! ❤
Michael Morgan
Michael Morgan:
Thanks for all the memories Sir Frank, You are still one of the best in this world. My condolences to the family and team for the loss of a great icon of F1. May the angels carry you all!
RIP to such a legend..
Liam H
Liam H:
Rest in piece Sir Frank. A true legend of the sport.
Dave Gavin
Dave Gavin:
So sad that sir franks passed what an amazing man on every level . He will be greatly missed my heart felt condolences to the the Williams family 😔
David Ellis
David Ellis:
A legend in formula one, losing Murray was a massive blow, now Franks gone, he drove that Williams team to the highest level, of success, God bless you Frank, you were a credit to the sport.
Absolute legend of the sport he will be missed
David Fox
David Fox:
So sad true legend, sadly missed, Rest in peace Sir Frank!
R.I.P Frank, you have left a big legacy
Had the pleasure of meeting Sir Frank many years ago. Humble and all round good guy. RIP FELLA. 🙏
Nicholas Stewart
Nicholas Stewart:
Such an inspirational man, so much honour and respect across the paddock for this man, one of the greatest, will be sorely missed.
God rest his soul. Sir Frank, a giant.
Him and Murray Walker this year. Looked at my notifications and saw this, completely changed my mood. Rest in peace Frank 😢
Mr Mashhead
Mr Mashhead:
F to an absolute legend. May he rest peacefully.
fionn flaherty
fionn flaherty:
Absolute legend and may he rest in peace
RIP Sir Frank Williams
You will be missed
Antonio Maass
Antonio Maass:
RIP Frank you are one of the greatest of all time
Daytona Fire
Daytona Fire:
A rare breed, R.I.P. Sir Frank, you’ll never be forgotten or replaced, you’re unforgettable and irreplaceable, a true gentleman and legend.
Legend of the sport. Rest In Peace Sir Frank ❤.
Jim Barrie
Jim Barrie:
RIP SIR FRANK. You will never be forgotten.
mgi 12321
mgi 12321:
The founder of the second most successful team in F1 history will never be forgotten.
Stan Brown
Stan Brown:
A truly great person, who accomplished so much, espically given his challenges.
Legend, will be missed.
Rest in peace Mr Williams. What a legacy you left behind.
yuchi tseng
yuchi tseng:
Rip you will always be missed, Thank you to bring such amazing racing career in our life.
Kevin Cline
Kevin Cline:
Rest in peace, Sir Frank Williams.

You've got a supporter that will do everything in his power to make sure that the Williams name, is always gracious and respected in motorsports.
Andrew Thomas
Andrew Thomas:
R.I.P Sir Frank and my condolences go out to Claire and the family!
Sam Yeli
Sam Yeli:
RIP Legend
Wild Boys
Wild Boys:
R.i.p sir frank. A true legend of the sport and will be missed
So sad. We will miss him dearly
An absolute legend, Frank and his team were what racing is really about!
Bruce Dog
Bruce Dog:
What a sad moment! What a great though, taking on the F1 world as an independent and creating amazing history! Will be truly missed but remembered fondly! RIP MR Frank Williams. 💯🏁
Josh Schmidt
Josh Schmidt:
We have lost a legend RIP
Gerry D
Gerry D:
RIP Sir Frank Williams you did so much for F1, such a great man and will be sadly missed ❤🙏
hype Clan
hype Clan:
Legend of F1. Stuck by the project through thick and thin. RIP Sir Frank Williams
M C:
I was very very sad to hear of the passing of Sir Frank Williams. My sincere condolences to his family and friend's. He will always remain in my thoughts as one of the true gentlemen of the sport. and i wish we had more like him in F1.
Nigel Murphy
Nigel Murphy:
Another great legend of F1 gone. Loved watching his team during those heady days of the 1990s. Sleep well Frank and thanks for the memories.
Joe Barthram
Joe Barthram:
Damn.... Such an amazing character, and such a shame
Anthony Kernich
Anthony Kernich:
We've lost Murray, Reutimann and Sir Frank in the same year. Three titans of the sport.
Liam Williams
Liam Williams:
VERTIGO ? : 10 years ago
VERTIGO ? : 10 years ago:
He made one of the greatest and most inspirational f1 teams, another legend and overall nice bloke took too soon
79 is still too young by today’s average age of some people
Have watched frank and his team since I was a child
Throughout the highs and lows what an amazing man and team
Thank you frank rip
Christian Cosgriff
Christian Cosgriff:
Rest in peace frank you were a legend in the f1 community and will be missed and at least Williams F1 still exists even though it’s no longer a family owned team the name will live on for hopefully many more years.
Edward Martin
Edward Martin:
Absolute legend of a man .. he will be sorely missed ❤️ what a legacy he will leave
Kent Walker
Kent Walker:
Rest in Peace Sir Frank
Thank you for the memories
John Andrews
John Andrews:
Absolute legend... sad to hear but he's likely starting up a team 'up there' and looking for bygone talent to drive for him.
Darren Boston
Darren Boston:
My old boss, a fabulous man, an amazing character, a fantastic human being, so proud to have worked for him & the Williams team.
My thoughts are with all the Williams family Johnny & Clare at this difficult time.
RIP Frank, you will be massively missed by all of us in the F1 family.👌🥲
Vapor Rossa
Vapor Rossa:
I wish I could've met him. What an inspiring individual Sir Frank Williams was. RIP
Graham Halstead
Graham Halstead:
RIP Sir Frank thanks for the memories.
Chris Cars
Chris Cars:
Such a shame he was an amazing person and did so much for F1 may he rest in peace thoughts go out to his family 🙏🏻
Just a British Sim Racer
Just a British Sim Racer :
2021 has been a very sad year for me out of them all, we lost Murray Walker and now Sir Frank. RIP legends
Legend! Rest in peace, Frank.
RIP Sir Frank🙏.
I miss the days of the 1980's & 90's with Frank at Williams and Ron Dennis heading McLaren.
Randy Hill
Randy Hill:
I've followed F1 for most of my life and FW was a giant of the sport.
Aww that sucks. Rest well Frank, thanks for everything. My thoughts are with Claire, the family, friends and the team...
Pond Scum Magnet Fishing
Pond Scum Magnet Fishing:
A wonderful person. We are less for this loss just as we were more for his presence.
Brandon Butler
Brandon Butler:
Rest in Peace Sir Frank Williams, an absolute legend and one of the greatest personalities in Formula 1.

You will be missed and your memory will live on forever.
Alexander Fuchs
Alexander Fuchs:
I can’t believe it… RIP Legend💔
Thank you for Everything you've done, the team you and head created. Your legacy in F1.
May you Rest In God's Eternal Care.
Deepest Condolences to Clare, the family; and the team & workers.
Rest in peace Sir Williams. You have been one of the protagonist of a F1 that unfortunately no longer exists. Condolences from Modena.
The Master
The Master:
rest in peace legend and thanks you for everything about your team and for formula 1 we ll never forgot you
Project RaceX
Project RaceX:
Awww rest in peace frank 🙏
Gringo Starr
Gringo Starr:
R.I.P. legend! Thanks from the memories!
Chris Clausen
Chris Clausen:
"Legends Never Die" !!! So long sir Frank until we meet again. Cheers mate🍺 God bless and I'll see you on the other side one of these days!!
The brummie Rail enthusiasts
The brummie Rail enthusiasts:
I’m so sorry to hear that we’ve lost Frank Williams today aged 79
The Father
The Father:
A heartfelt good bye to a true great RIP.
Joe Jackson
Joe Jackson:
R.I.P Frank. An F1 Legend. If you’re not aware of his past and what he achieved I suggest you check it out. Truly amazing
Charles Hanna
Charles Hanna:
He was my hero, one of the most dominant teams to produce so many dominant cars. RIP
What an amazing man,RIP Frank ❤.