Skip & Shannon react to Heat's GM 4 win over Celtics & Tyler Herro's career night | NBA | UNDISPUTED

The Miami Heat are now one game away from making the Finals for the first time since 2014. While the Heat have been led by Jimmy Butler this postseason, last night it was rookie Tyler Herro who put up 37 points off the bench for Miami. Jayson Tatum scored all 28 of his points in the second half after a slow start and after the game called his own play 'unacceptable.' Hear what Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have to say about Game 4 of the Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat series.

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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

Skip & Shannon react to Heat's GM 4 win over Celtics & Tyler Herro's career night | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
Has Miami Heat proved that they are the best team in the East?
Alabaster Pringles
Alabaster Pringles:
The heat are everything the clippers wanted to be 😂 a team full of DAWGS
The addition of Butler has made the Heat mentally tough to beat. Even if Butler isn’t scoring, he’s doing other things to get a win.
Kato Rivera
Kato Rivera:
See it's nice to watch them debate when they're not talking about bron because they're both objective.
Andrew Christensen
Andrew Christensen:
Sooooooooo we just gonna ignore the fact that all these clowns were saying Pat Riley gotta trade any and all assets INCLUDING HERRO if need be to get Russ????????
Sam Patt
Sam Patt:
Shannon is such a redeeming factor for this show he’s a great personality, he actually makes me like skip because of their banter
Is nobody going to talk about the horrible officiating? Of course it was a “one possession game” when the refs just kept handing the game to Boston in the last minute.
LeeTravius Mckay
LeeTravius Mckay:
Shannon: As a rookie, HE DIID THATT!
Skip: he did that
Serge Rivers
Serge Rivers:
Notice how good the episode is when skip isnt talking about lebron
Craig Cambridge
Craig Cambridge:
So nobody is going to mention how the refs tried to rob Miami
What about that Miami Heat almost got robbed because these two incapable, disgusting referees: Scott Foster and Tony “Turtle Head” Brothers.
Clarity Sans Hubris
Clarity Sans Hubris:
A star was born last night but let’s not forget Jimmy Butler is still the heart and soul of that team.
Always knew Herro was good from the Ballislife days but did not expect him to be this good.
Ryan Rogers
Ryan Rogers:
4th quarter was glaringly biased in Boston's favor. Went to the replay and refused to call an offensive push off on tatum AND chose to jump the ball at center court regardless of the replay showing the ball bounced off tatum's leg. Also attempted to freeze jimmy butler at the line during clutch free throws. Late sub while jimmy butler already taken two dribbles at the line. NBA wants Boston in the Finals
Cesar Mendoza
Cesar Mendoza:
Tylery “ Hood Tendencies “ Herro
It all has to do with Jimmy Butler. He finally has a team full of ppl who wanna work hard and he can bring out the best in them.
CTM Plug
CTM Plug:
Tyler Herro has a strong dribble . And he’s like a step ahead of his defender at all times . He was unguardable last night . He’s like a ballerina . Everything is done with purpose and conviction .
Edwin Jacques
Edwin Jacques:
The Heat are the perfect Cinderella underdog story the NBA needed.
LeeTravius Mckay
LeeTravius Mckay:
2020 Heat
2015 Warriors
2014 Spurs

Unselfishness and ball movement
Adrian Magtoto
Adrian Magtoto:
The Heat didn't bring in Jimmy to get them 30+ a night, if they needed that they would have tried to go after someone like Kawhi in free agency last offseason even if it was obvious he was going to LA. They paid him for his leadership and experience and to possibly make the right plays in crunch time (which is what he has been doing throughout this playoffs btw)

He reminds me so much of when Rasheed was brought in by the Pistons. It solidified the team's character, adding Andre Iguadola was underrated as well.
It’s about damn time the heat getting the recognition and respect they deserve
Lloyd Christmas
Lloyd Christmas:
Brah I take pride in being a fan of Herro early in the season 😂 Her-ro after 3 splashes. He so special, somebody get an all star contact ready.
CTM Plug
CTM Plug:
Jenny : I thought you had the Celtics Shannon
Shannon : I did have the Celtics Skip
This heat team reminding me of 04 pistons right now
Crypto Berto
Crypto Berto:
Spo is a genius. Who is a coach that runs zone defense from 1st to 4th qtr till the end of the clock? Other coaches would give up the zone in two position if ur opponent hit shots. The reason why he stick to zone despite Celtics making shots in the 2nd half? It's because the zone resulted into turnovers for Celtics and that's the story of the game. The Heat is so good in deflections they have good hands upfront. 7 TO's for CS for the first 3 mins in the 4th that's huge and alot in 4th. It's an agressive zone that also minimize the paint. Spo is okay with c's hitting 3's rather than rolling in a paint. Spo clearly this on the Stat. If Celtics won the paint they are winning. Genius man. What a great adjustment. You did it again.
Invincible Speaker
Invincible Speaker:
The Heat are going on that magical Championship run like the Mavericks had in 2011
The problem with the Celtics is they got a lot of the same thing that makes them good but no variety. A lot of good guards who want to score but the rest of the positions are lacking. They have an identity problem. Who is the defender , who is the star ,who is the 3 point shooter. Who is the big man ? The protector, the pg floor distributor ?...They all want to be the leaders and no one wants to play their role.
Batman Pop's
Batman Pop's:
The Heat Are The Beast Of The East 🔥
Woke AF
Woke AF:
Kemba wasn't the problem last night
20 on 6-14 shooting 5 assts 4 rebs 0 TO
That's what you expect from him
Marcus Smart was the problem last night, going 3-12, 4 TO and 6 fouls
Jeremy James
Jeremy James:
If Kyrie was there Miami would've swept them
B&L 1
B&L 1:
Heat might mess around and sweep the damn Lakers😳
James Williams
James Williams:
Sam Cassel, had ice water in his vains for the Houston rockets back in the day. 🧐
The Sweet Science
The Sweet Science:
Okc GM Sam Presti wanted too pull off another heist. He wanted to trade Westbrook for Herro. He knew about Herro's potential. Glad Pat Riley isn't a fool like all these other NBA GMs
Polo J
Polo J:
Tough teams play for the whole 25 seconds of the shot clock
Smash Happy
Smash Happy:
Can you please give more credit to ASST. COACH "JIMMY BUTLER." The one player who has motivated lackluster players to play better is "Jimmy Butler." Players & Head Coaches from Chicago, Minnesota, Philadelphia & (Indiana's - T.J. Warren) to Miami. Jimmy Butler challenges these guys to be better. They ALL should say, THANK YOU JIMMY BUTLER.
One doesn't own emotion, and when one is owned by emotion, it's a reflection of one's belief that one owns them✌️
Of course the heat the best team in the East they literally smacked everyone in each series .
James Muhammad
James Muhammad:
Can we just give Coach Cal and the university of Kentucky it’s credit! They produce time after time. Everyone knows you wand go to the league? 🗣 GO TO KENTUCKY 🤷🏿‍♂️💯
Paul George can’t cut it in a heat uniform
As a Laker fan.. heat got me more nervous than the clippers ever did
Vagina Abuser
Vagina Abuser:
The Boston Celtics Just Simply Can’t Beat The Miami Heat When Both Teams Have Good Players, It’s That Simple.
Jayuice 123
Jayuice 123:
Tyler herro is what I thought Austin rivers would've been coming in back then
Penguins In Orbit
Penguins In Orbit:
Miami are the new 2003-2004 pistons.Toughness, bunch of dogs, no true superstars. Get ready for a repeat lakers fans, Heat are going to sweep the finals
Marcelo Sichonany
Marcelo Sichonany:

"And coach is like BRUH"
Tone Desh
Tone Desh:
Young Herro is a BALLER.
Frank Silva
Frank Silva:
They wanted Herro added to trade for Russell Westbrook so at the time early on I was like hmm Riley should consider that, thank God I was not the GM. Lol.
Pat Riley : I seen something

Scouts : Tyler Herro
Jay King
Jay King:
Shannon will never pick the Heat cuz he been discrediting us even for the bron yearz
The Heat are such a well constructed team with the perfect mix of vets like Dragic & Butler, then young guns like Herro, Bam, & Robinson.
God i wish they could show what they are talking about. This show would be YUGE if they could
Ronald David
Ronald David:
Let’s just state the obvious. Coach Spolestra is out coaching the genius Brad Stevens! Has been super underrated
Mitchell Novoson
Mitchell Novoson:
“My Herro” -skip bayless 🔥🔥
TJ Dekle
TJ Dekle:
I knew when they drafted Herro that he would be something special. Glad to have him!
Skip always finding a reason to bring up Jordan lmao you would've thought he played last night
3:27 5’elelmmm 😭😭 Shannon is hilarious
These refs gettin the bonus check from the NBA to be a shadow player for the Celtics and try to insure a classic Lakers vs. Celtics match-up for those ratings and that revenue. What they fail to realize is that maybe Lebron having to beat the team he got 2 rings with is an even better storyline.
Charius Spears
Charius Spears:
I'm from Miami I've been praising Tyler before he got hurt that young man is fa real we dont need anybody on the bandwagon right now but yall can run behind it.... and skip can kick rocks cause you just want us to beat Bron so you can talk your talk bron still the GOAT
Lawrence Clarkson
Lawrence Clarkson:
Is this the same "Skip Bayless" who said that miami are a g league team lmao
dinu jäger
dinu jäger:
skip "I keep saying..." bayless
Tyler herro got drafted in the perfect spot,and hes a perfect fit 💪💪
will liam
will liam:
So shay: get in tge middle then ... Kick out to the shooters. Haha
Obviously not a bball guy
ive been waiting for tyler to do something like this since i watched him in high school, that dude is NASTY
John Berry
John Berry:
I've said for years that eric spoelstra is a great coach. Now he will finally get his just due
Celtics I think rally to a game 7 I would love 7 games with those 2 teams
Richard Quezada
Richard Quezada:
Hero reminds me of mike miller traded the furious d for them handles
Batman Pop's
Batman Pop's:
I feel like listening to Juvenile 400 Degrees Album right now for some reason, Hot Hot Hot Heat 🔥 LOL
The Rogue Titan Artificial Meta Intelligence
The Rogue Titan Artificial Meta Intelligence:
Salute to the Heat! I had Boston winning the series but they keep proving me wrong. Credit needs to be given to Spoelstra for his continued growth and success as a coach
Dodge Sofal
Dodge Sofal:
2k online against someone playing as the Heat omfggggg, hate them 🤣😭🤣
Jump Street24
Jump Street24:
10:23 i seen it 😂. I was like i hope the heat are looking.
Johnny Ali
Johnny Ali:
This Heat team reminds me of a young Spurs team coming into form. The Heat got this here. Lebron gotta bring everything he got to win this chip and it will be well deserved
Leonardo Bonilla
Leonardo Bonilla:
The title of this segment shouldn't have been herro ball it should have been I need a herro!!!😂
Vernon Gray
Vernon Gray:
This bubble has been a joke, it mad Marcus Smart think he was a first option and a superstar 😂😂😂😂
Blu'Rrr Everex
Blu'Rrr Everex:
Demetrius Allen
Demetrius Allen:
One of the best clips I’ve seen from them
Shawn Michael
Shawn Michael:
I always knew Kemba was overrated, the only smart thing mj did as a owner was not max kemba out.
You know you special when you make these two agree on something 🤣
Duane Crooms
Duane Crooms:
Tyler was balling all year
Ya dudes are extremely late 😂😂
Grateful Ima Heat fan 🙏🏽
Yhb Tay
Yhb Tay:
HeatNation 🔥 🔥 🔥
Matt Daddy
Matt Daddy:
celtics in 7😭
Jacob Jones
Jacob Jones:
The last rookie to ball like that in the NBA playoffs was Sam Cassell..
Denarie Rawlins
Denarie Rawlins:
I knew jimmy wasn’t the problem in philly, im glad he finally found a team he can trust and have fun with
1:17 Bruh
Jenny is the real Miami Heat 🔥
Playful Jandro305
Playful Jandro305:
1:16 and 3:07, you’re welcome ;)
I typically talk about the Celtics resiliency, but the Heat might beat them 🤔
Jackie Robinson
Jackie Robinson:
Jimmy B help bring it out of him! Dawg fearless mentality
Been waiting for this video all night🤧
Sam Walker
Sam Walker:
Unk..He did datt!!! a humble voice (he did dat)💯💯💯heat nation
Augusto Tiomno
Augusto Tiomno:
This Heat team reminds me of the Warriors from about 6 years ago
The Best
The Best:
Kyrie with the celtics ain’t reaching the ecf skip.
Denzel Patterson
Denzel Patterson:
Man Kyrie wouldn't be able to do any better he had his chance already now he gotta play with one of the top 5 players in the league to compete
Herro carried ME in draft kings phewww
Mike Ganja
Mike Ganja:
❤ how Shannon dresses and the quality content he presents daily
Bobby Alistor Jotem
Bobby Alistor Jotem:
never have i imagine, skip comparing some rookie to MJ
Philip Turner
Philip Turner:
Shannon you forgot Gordon Hayward 😂
Leonel Thomas
Leonel Thomas:
I give 100 percent credit to Bam 💥 by telling Pat to draft Herro 🔥🙏🏼
okir rama
okir rama:
Man Miami vs Nuggets in finals would be 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Skip a year ago: “Michael Jordan is the greatest college basketball player ever”

Skip today: “I didn’t see it from Jordan”