Snowpiercer | Official Trailer | Netflix

Attention all passengers, Mr. Wilford would like to address the rumors of disturbances in the tail. Let me assure you, your security is our highest priority. Order will be restored.


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Snowpiercer | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Earth's remaining inhabitants are confined to a single train circling the globe as revolution brews among the class-divided cars.

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Wolfgang rush
Wolfgang rush:
THE Only thing that's missing here is Chris Evans
Anthony's Art
Anthony's Art:
I’m still waiting for Snowpiercer 2: Who left the fridge open
Best netflix series I've watched in a while. Jennifer Connely's acting is just superb.
“Guys I’m the last Australian”
Julius 85
Julius 85:
this series has more character devolpement in one episode than some movies have in 3 houres
Crowned Clown
Crowned Clown:
I can only hope that this trailer will bring attention to the underrated movie that is Snowpiercer (which starred Chris Evans) and causes more people to watch it in the process
At the begginig it is exactly like the movie but as the story progresses it is really really different and worth watching. I do not know why but it somehow reminds me of an Agatha Cristy story😂 the Murder in the Snowpiercer😂 All in all it is a pretty good show. The movie was the best but still really different
G T:
From the creator of Parasite.
Wouldn’t you rather just watch an incredible film DIRECTED by the guy that directed Parasite?
Andrew Sipos
Andrew Sipos:
Just finished the season last night. I was worried because I thought it was going to be a cheap cop show and do harm to the movie that came before it. The show is excellent!
Kanyaa Kitili
Kanyaa Kitili:
There are so many terrible comments here I almost didn''t bother watching. IGNORE THEM. It's so good, I can't wait for the next episode.
Update: The finale is epiiiic! 🤪 It's such a well crafted story, I'm sure season 2 is amazing.
Jennifer Connolly ages like a fine wine, anything she's in i'll watch.
Lifestyle Around the World
Lifestyle Around the World:
Is that a mini series or a movie... Would love to see Chris evans in it
Joel Lim
Joel Lim:
So they actually show the frozen hand being smashed here?
Shotgun Gabe
Shotgun Gabe:
Why would they remake this? The OG movie is still fresh.
Doctor. Parikshit Singh
Doctor. Parikshit Singh:
one of the best series on Netflix
I don't get it. This looks like a copy of the original one with Chris Evans
Darion Morgraine
Darion Morgraine:
Plot twist Chris Evans will show up as Mr. Weyland at the end.
How do they explain the Ice making her arm hard as a rock, yet in the end they all leave the train?
Smart Paramee
Smart Paramee:
More like Willy Wonka the series
Apple Nerd
Apple Nerd:
For anyone that likes dystopian future movies I highly recommend watching Snowpiercer, I’m literally addicted to the series and basically watch every episode the minute they come out, you’re left on edge constantly and I’m so excited for season 2
Crizel Dario
Crizel Dario:

oops wrong trailer ~~ hehe
This is giving me The 100 vibes.
jejejejeje jejejejje
jejejejeje jejejejje:
Loving this shit, and all the actors are great , actually not minding it being weekly, gave us something to look forward to whilst in lockdown haha
The Flying Chungus
The Flying Chungus:
Chris Evans was the spotlight of the movie and irreplaceable.
haseeb ahmed
haseeb ahmed:
This is literally the best season 1 of anything like EVER! I've finished it and Mel is a queen through and through. I dont know why this show is getting hate, it is absolutely incredible!!!
Conor Cash
Conor Cash:
Have to say I love Meliney in this she is the best NO MATTER WHAT
Muhammad Ahmad
Muhammad Ahmad:
When you have seen the movie, and Netflix trailer says ‘5 days ago’.
Дориан Грей
Дориан Грей:
Just finished the 1st season. It’s magnificent!!! Can’t wait for the 2nd one. I’m officially a fan now. Greetings from Russia! 🇷🇺
Chris Evans will be perfect for this role like in movie.
Zineb Tahri
Zineb Tahri:
So... this is a prequel to the movie? They said "7 years ago" whereas the events of the movie happened 17 years after the train departure...
Marina Chau
Marina Chau:
Wasn't expecting such an entertaining TV show. My. Connelly is carrying this show. Such a great actress!
Ilgın yaren Güneş
Ilgın yaren Güneş:
Actually I don’t understand why would they remake it again, this is ridiculous
When your here just for daveed diggs-
nicole is a supreme
nicole is a supreme:
Chris Evans, Mr. Song Kang-Ho, and Ms. Tilda Swinton cannot be replaced.
afutla qian
afutla qian:
Everything seems fine, Just that Chris Evans is missing.
K C:
Low budget garbage
Me: I remember this... Chris Evans, snow train, eating babies.

Netflix: But now, with dreadlocks!!!!

Me: Yo Chris Evans in dreadlocks would be hella tight tho
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu:
Why would I watch this when the original had Chris Evans, John Hurt, Tilda Swinton and Ed Harris?
The movie is literally the definition of greatness. I just hope that this show won't destroy that reputation.
The movie is a masterpiece. Literally one of the best I’ve ever seen. This I’m not so sure from the looks but I’ll definitely give it a try
Everyone here talking about Chris Evans. Ed Harris did a great job too in that movie
Sophie Loafy
Sophie Loafy:
I've never watched the movie but I'm enjoying this a lot so far. Can't wait for ep 3. I need to watch the movie though, judging by the comics
It is a parable. Classes, rich vs. poor, violence. Engine.
We already saw Chris Evans snowpiercer it is superb.
Tired Eyes
Tired Eyes:
Everybody is like Chris Evans
And here I am just happy that Daveed Diggs got a main role in a series.
Deepak Chhattri
Deepak Chhattri:
Me: I already watched its Hit ?
Netflix: But you didn’t watch in Details...
Alright so for everyone complaining they're remaking the movie, the series is moreso a complete reboot with a new storyline and focuses on new themes. Changes include (MAJOR spoilers for the entire season below):
- The story centers around a former detective on the tail end who is sent uptrain to investigate a murder case
- Rather than split between tail end and upper class, distinctions between tail, third class, second class and first class are a lot more focused on and play a major part in the storyline
- There's a lot more focus on the people running the train too. Mr Wilford isn't actually on the train like in the movie
- There is still a revolution, but there's a lot more politics involved rather than tail straight up fighting their way forward. There's also dissatisfaction across the train with a coup even done by first class at one point
- The revolution is actually successful and the tail take charge. There's nothing about children running the engines or anything like that. The train doesn't derail in the end and theres no character like namgoong.
- There's a second train that's been running parallel to snowpiercer. And its gonna have a significant role in season 2

It's definitely taken inspiration from parts of the movie. Visually for example there's a lot of similarities. But it also has some things from the original French comic and a lot of its own stuff to make a completely new story.

Personally I'm very excited for season 2 which looks to be going in an all new direction storywise completely different from anything the film did.
Jerry Dy
Jerry Dy:
It's a series. So I expect a detailed beginning and ending
Sujan Mainali
Sujan Mainali:
Why remake it when Chris Evan already made it a hit
Data was a treacherous android
Data was a treacherous android:
0:24 Trevor Philips from GTA 5 enters the chat.
Jennifer Connelly: oRdEr wiLl bE rEsTorEd.
Me: right😏
Akash Jaysawal
Akash Jaysawal:
I have watched the web series. The web series is very learn in my life.
So please see the web series
Science & techanic are used in snowpiercer series !
Is the engine of the snowpiercer the same that power the one in GTA V
I watched like all the episodes in 3 days :P, it's pretty good actually and im looking forward to season 2 :) .
Shellby private limited
Shellby private limited:
Who else remember the Chris Evans snowpiercer
Spoiler: Wildford alive
Gelb Sucht
Gelb Sucht:
this series is so cring
Malekith Malkin
Malekith Malkin:
I've finished both episodes. i dont mind the remake of the film but I dont think Daveed Diggs is a great choice to play Layton. Chris is irreplaceable, true, but Diggs acting seems motionless to me. no face emotions, nor gesture, too chill yet too tense, and his sense of playing the character doesn't seem right to me. He lacks of charisma and too boring to play the main role.
Jamie Steeves
Jamie Steeves:
Lol the main guy was in Hamilton
Netflix want's me to destroy my eyesight maybe just by watching all the series
Neel .H
Neel .H:
Damn! I missed Chris Evans terribly in this... Can't say how this is going to turn out, but I loved the original one.... Keeping my fingers crossed for this one 🤞🤞🤞
honey hange
honey hange:
The only reason I’m watching this show is because of the one and only JENNIFER CONNELLY. Honestly can’t wait for S2 !!!
Large Baguette
Large Baguette:
The main reason I watched this is because of Daveed lol
yomi williams
yomi williams:
Why on Earth was Andre Layton walking 🚶‍♀️ around in the last episode bloodied without freshening up?
Quite distasteful to watch 😃
Others too but he was focused on more
vishnu anand
vishnu anand:
I literally saw the 2013 version 2 minutes back and this comes out
Ultra Boost
Ultra Boost:
i super love this series. it reflects the society and system we live in today
when ı see my gta 5 character steven ogg ı said thıs my serıes :)
Ayaz Ahmed
Ayaz Ahmed:
I am train lover i want to be on that train definitely
I don't understand why this needs to exist, the movie was perfect as it is, it doesn't need any more explanation.
We have 1.8k dislikes.... look like we need 1.8k arms too...
Doo DoDa
Doo DoDa:
1:29 i thought this fish tank just a screen on the train? So this train is bigger than i thought
Han MG
Han MG:
0:31 If you slow it down, He kinda sound like Chris Evans
can someone tell me where u also have the same sound as on the start of the trailer? would be great, i feel like i heard that beore
Ashish Horo
Ashish Horo:
Chris Evans was lit 🔥 in bong joon ho's version of snowpiercer
Finished watching today and I can't wait for the next season. You go, Mel! 💯
Madelene Fransson
Madelene Fransson:
Steven Ogg makes this series even better. Love this!
Joe Smith
Joe Smith:
I'm a simple man....I see Jennifer Connelly, I click.
I swear I feel like I've seen this years ago... weird
Personnage vivant vivant
Personnage vivant vivant:
oh this old movie is on netflix now
OH this is a new movie nice
OOOHH it's a series !!!
Kuroro Rahl
Kuroro Rahl:
Our "Simon" Steven Ogg! 🔝❤
This was never a need, and why did they change things.
They actually made a series about something that will eventually end a loop?

I am though happy to see Steven Ogg.
vik as
vik as:
Hey, in the original one, Chris Evans was great but so was Tilda Swinton, don't forget her, mates.
Let's all agree to never watch this movie 🙂
Blue Pavilion
Blue Pavilion:
i feel like this is a lost cause because chris evans already did it
William Alan McNeice
William Alan McNeice:
The most unbelievable part of this story is Americans using public transport
i hope this one has oompa loompas....
Monica Fontaine
Monica Fontaine:
ok it looks good But the original snowpiercer just can't be beat, it's truly a masterpiece
The protagonist wants to bring death to the MPLA
Stuart Fields
Stuart Fields:
So disappointing. I was looking forward to a continuation of the story from the movie and something new. Then I remembered the world we live in where originality died a long time ago.
sobhia kohli
sobhia kohli:
i will choose Chris Evan`s Snowpiercer every single time💖
John Cho
John Cho:
WHAT?? This is coming to Netflix??
Harper of Dark
Harper of Dark:
the last 3000 humans decided to have a fight on a train, some things never change.
Im really surprised by this show the production is perfect and it’s so good
Antiix Kenno
Antiix Kenno:
Season 2 now Season 2 NOW!!! PLEASEEEE😭
This could be our future but instead of the cold, underwater.
yomi williams
yomi williams:
Why do you gotta always ask me to be a better man” 😃
Hilarious 😂
Tamas Ioan Dragomir
Tamas Ioan Dragomir:
Nahh i'm good i saw the movie like 10 years need for the long version.