Snowpiercer | Official Trailer | Netflix

Attention all passengers, Mr. Wilford would like to address the rumors of disturbances in the tail. Let me assure you, your security is our highest priority. Order will be restored.


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Snowpiercer | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Earth's remaining inhabitants are confined to a single train circling the globe as revolution brews among the class-divided cars.

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Dane Carrington
Dane Carrington:
The movie is literally the definition of greatness. I just hope that this show won't destroy that reputation.
Best netflix series I've watched in a while. Jennifer Connely's acting is just superb.
Apple Nerd
Apple Nerd:
For anyone that likes dystopian future movies I highly recommend watching Snowpiercer, I’m literally addicted to the series and basically watch every episode the minute they come out, you’re left on edge constantly and I’m so excited for season 3 (edit) Season 3 was certainly interesting with many twists and turns and the end was certainly thrilling, I’m still looking forward to season 4 and still highly recommend, thank you for taking the time to read my comment! Have an amazing day!
Azhar Islam Akash
Azhar Islam Akash:
I accidentally start the show & end up watching the whole series ngl i love it. waiting for the next season
Andrew Sipos
Andrew Sipos:
Just finished the season last night. I was worried because I thought it was going to be a cheap cop show and do harm to the movie that came before it. The show is excellent!
The movie is a masterpiece. Literally one of the best I’ve ever seen. This I’m not so sure from the looks but I’ll definitely give it a try
Marina Chau
Marina Chau:
Wasn't expecting such an entertaining TV show. My. Connelly is carrying this show. Such a great actress!
haseeb ahmed
haseeb ahmed:
This is literally the best season 1 of anything like EVER! I've finished it and Mel is a queen through and through. I dont know why this show is getting hate, it is absolutely incredible!!!
Anthony's Art
Anthony's Art:
I’m still waiting for Snowpiercer 2: Who left the fridge open
Jennifer Connolly ages like a fine wine, anything she's in i'll watch.
positive vibe
positive vibe:
Many are sleeping on this show. It is amazing. One of the best shows ever made.
Under Review
Under Review:
The original was a masterpiece with certain characters stealing the show, This new addition so far is brilliant
Well done to everyone who has been involved
Even the people who lock up and watch the gaff when everyone goes home
Natércia Aguiar Barbosa
Natércia Aguiar Barbosa:
Estou amando a serie🤩🤩🤩
Aila Marie Marcos
Aila Marie Marcos:
Finished watching today and I can't wait for the next season. You go, Mel! 💯
I can only hope that this trailer will bring attention to the underrated movie that is Snowpiercer (which starred Chris Evans) and causes more people to watch it in the process
Прекрасный незнакомец
Прекрасный незнакомец:
What a fantastic series! Love it! 😍
Emanuelgamer 1313
Emanuelgamer 1313:
This show is so so epic! The constant mention of Mr. Wilford as a god makes me think of something like Bioshock. The intro sequence in the first episode really makes That clear.
Rihana Jan
Rihana Jan:
loved it! can't wait for the second season
monika kavaliunaite
monika kavaliunaite:
Just finished binging it and this has got to be one of the best shows I've seen. Not my favourite, but best. The whole time I felt like I was watching a movie. I must admit the first several minutes of the first episode and the way that they kept repeating "1001 carts" in every episode seemed kinda cheesy, but everything aside from that was incredible! The affects, the characters, it was all great.

I just have one question.. Why are the Tailies allowed to live on the train? Shouldn't they've just been killed off during the first few days after the departure? Why let them live for 7+ years?
Dajana Oroz
Dajana Oroz:
Im fascinated... I love it.. Good story, good characters, good actors, good action, meaning besides just action.. drama.. everything.. love it..
Last year I saw the movie and never imagined they'd create a series out of it. Loved the movie, and can't wait to watch this.
Simón Salgueiro
Simón Salgueiro:
Good things about the show:
- Superb acting from Jennifer Connely, she totally steals the show.
- Interesting premise.
- Interesting characters like Melanie, LJ or Bess.
- Good quality overall, with decent script on certain moments.

Bad things:
- Layton. A buffed guy that should be starving, who is a police officer but acts like a 19 yo preaching ideologies in his university's halls.
- Bad rich people, heroic poor people. Simplistic as heck. Rich people destroyed the world while poor people did nothing, the classic 20 yo philosophy.
- Melanie is really the only one with a brain, and the one who really cares more for the survival of humanity, even at her own peril. She decides to save Layton or Josie, for example, even when they are antagonists, cause she sees potential for the future on them. She even tells Layton about that and he choses to ignore it. Hell, the script chooses to ignore that info...or that the train is a pretty thin ecosystem that if it breaks will mean the destruction of EVERY SINGLE LIFE in the train. Only once in the show does Melanie try to explain it, only to suddenly stop. Seems to me the scripters knew their SJW vision was wrong there and tried to ignore that crucial point.
- Layton being portrayed as a hero, even when he really doesn't care a dent about the rest of people and the consequences of his actions.
- Melanie being portrayed as a fascist ruler, when she is the sole reaso the train has been working for 7 years with more than 600 extra travelers who revolt each 3 years.
- Soldiers being easily dispatched by "starving" people.

It's worth the watch, even when some parts of the script are a bit cringy and immature in terms of politics and class wars. Most of it it's still pretty solid, and keeps you thrilled
Jordan Gan
Jordan Gan:
Just saw the series and so far, this has more interesting and in-depth characters in each episode than the entirety of the Old Guard. Best Netflix original I’ve ever seen in a while.
Insanely good movie!
All of humankind and its bizarre problems condensed into a train.
Not sure about this series though. I always felt the ending of the movie would make the perfect beginning for a sequel or a series, but this looks dumbed down, so I guess most will love it.
Maycon Farias
Maycon Farias:
amazing and perfect! can't wait for season 2. one of the best serie ever!
Billie Beattie
Billie Beattie:
They can certainly put more of the plot of the comic in to a series than they can with a movie . Exciting.
Antennen CerebralPGaming
Antennen CerebralPGaming:
nothing can ever replace Chris Evans and the first cast from the original movie. Thats a masterpiece on its own!
Monica Fontaine
Monica Fontaine:
ok it looks good But the original snowpiercer just can't be beat, it's truly a masterpiece
Дориан Грей
Дориан Грей:
Just finished the 1st season. It’s magnificent!!! Can’t wait for the 2nd one. I’m officially a fan now. Greetings from Russia! 🇷🇺
I wouldn't be too worried about it being a "cash grab" show. It was phenomenal, even with out Chris Evans.
Yuri Andretti
Yuri Andretti:
é muitooooooooooooo boaaa valem a pena , ancioso para os porximos eps 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
At the begginig it is exactly like the movie but as the story progresses it is really really different and worth watching. I do not know why but it somehow reminds me of an Agatha Cristy story😂 the Murder in the Snowpiercer😂 All in all it is a pretty good show. The movie was the best but still really different
I am extremely pleasantly surprised over this show - easily one of my favourites, it's SO underrated!
a b
a b:
What an amazing show, definitely one of the best Netflix originals to date
Dennis Kiboi
Dennis Kiboi:
I watched this movie back in 2018 ....and I always wondered why it wasn't popular and the way it had a good plot .
At least it's now on Netflix.People will definitely love it ,

Okja is another great one that peeps should also search for .
The only reason I’m watching this show is because of the one and only JENNIFER CONNELLY. Honestly can’t wait for S2 !!!
Kanyaa Kitili
Kanyaa Kitili:
There are so many terrible comments here I almost didn''t bother watching. IGNORE THEM. It's so good, I can't wait for the next episode.
Update: The finale is epiiiic! 🤪 It's such a well crafted story, I'm sure season 2 is amazing.
Egor Kotkin
Egor Kotkin:
I just recently watched Snowpiercer for the first time and was amazed how breathtaking this movie is. And as much as I would like to see more of it I can't help but miss Chris Evans and Jamie Bell in every single shot of this trailer. And I love Jennifer Connely, but she's no Tilda Swinton.
Angela Stimamiglio
Angela Stimamiglio:
I honestly am loving this series.. I dont see why you all point out that there was also a movie... so? Watch both and enjoy
I heard bad reviews about this but I finally decided to give it a shot and I loved it!

Ps: I saw the movie and it was great
Jack X Frost 01
Jack X Frost 01:
I honestly couldn't stop watching this, it's so good. I straight up binged watched it
This is really, really good. I could not stand the thought of this during the major parts of Covid so I wrote it off. I felt like I wasn't going to be one of the people that would make it on the train. Now that Covid has eased up - it's so good. Glad I waited.
Andres Allegre
Andres Allegre:
Im really surprised by this show the production is perfect and it’s so good
The story and the acting is fantastic. I loved that every time I predicted what would happen, something completely different happened. I HATED the increasing scenes and increasing length spend on physical or physiological torturing of people. I also disliked the overuse of shaking camera. I thought we were past that era. I almost stopped watching the second season as it was just too much torture scenes. We'll see how season 3 goes
Almost finished watching it on Netflix, it's really good, and isn't anything like the movie.
Shaping up to be an interesting season 2. Jennifer Connolly is fantastic. Bring on S2!
Kris MMR
Kris MMR:
The cast IS THE BEST I prefeer this over to the movie, the actors are awesome!!! I'm looking forward to the next season
Ashton Dominik
Ashton Dominik:
This series is very underrated and deserves more. I just finished Season 2 and I’m telling you, it was so good but I read Season 3’s stiil coming out in 2022 :(
I watched like all the episodes in 3 days :P, it's pretty good actually and im looking forward to season 2 :) .
Hopeful nice and uplifting....... love it, exactly what we need in these times...... Thanks 🤮
Shahbaz Ali Shaikh
Shahbaz Ali Shaikh:
Watched it in one go!!!... The best Dystopian series out there...Waiting for S2
The serie is really worth watching. Every episode is exciting, u always wanna know whats gonna happen next. I like the character developments and the storyline is great. But the acting is sometimes a bit weak with some actors... Melanie and Audrey are my fave. With Melanie, you love to hate her but u know deep down she means well, she just thinks her way is the right way.

All in all, i cant wait for second season. Waiting will be so long 😩
Sophie Loafy
Sophie Loafy:
I've never watched the movie but I'm enjoying this a lot so far. Can't wait for ep 3. I need to watch the movie though, judging by the comics
A 47
A 47:
Chris Evans will be perfect for this role like in movie.
lauren darbyshire
lauren darbyshire:
This show is AMAZING i HIGHLY recommend!!!
Conor Cash
Conor Cash:
Have to say I love Meliney in this she is the best NO MATTER WHAT
TheFateWeaver channel
TheFateWeaver channel:
Loved the movie, two episodes in and im enjoying it.
Doctor. Parikshit Singh
Doctor. Parikshit Singh:
one of the best series on Netflix
nicole is a supreme
nicole is a supreme:
Chris Evans, Mr. Song Kang-Ho, and Ms. Tilda Swinton cannot be replaced.
Aman S
Aman S:
Whoever reading this,
This series is worth watching, true masterpiece, go and watch the movie first(2013) and then this .
Emirhan H
Emirhan H:
Mükemmel bir dizi. Kesinlikle öneriyorum.
Abar Choudhary
Abar Choudhary:
I only wanted to watch one per day and ended up with the whole series in one day.
I don't understand why this needs to exist, the movie was perfect as it is, it doesn't need any more explanation.
Duende Tortuga
Duende Tortuga:
Really enjoying the show so far (about to watch episode 5)
sunita thind
sunita thind:
The film is awesome 😎 I hope this is just as good. Get Chris Evans back ASAP
Undying Legends
Undying Legends:
Really nice show I’m waiting for season 2
G T:
From the creator of Parasite.
Wouldn’t you rather just watch an incredible film DIRECTED by the guy that directed Parasite?
Neel .H
Neel .H:
Damn! I missed Chris Evans terribly in this... Can't say how this is going to turn out, but I loved the original one.... Keeping my fingers crossed for this one 🤞🤞🤞
Albert hiuka fok
Albert hiuka fok:
seeing all the comments discrediting this series after having watched all 4 episodes in a row, I feel lucky that i haven't watched the movie before so I can just sit tight and enjoy the show. It's good i mean.
Wheel Gordes
Wheel Gordes:
Every week after work I treat myself with a new episode. Good SF. I love it.
you know the funny thing is
you know the funny thing is:
Amazing series, seriously, watch it, that's it
Jack Barrett
Jack Barrett:
Regardless of anything else, it has the most iconic plot twist, of all time,
Sean Bean doesn't die.. he comes back from the dead..
The man has so much range!
Oana Irina Oprea
Oana Irina Oprea:
I loved the film, but I just watched both episodes that have been released from this and tbh it s not that bad. I dont think the series will surprass the film in any way but I dont mind, the series is enjoyable too.
Sandro Edilashvili
Sandro Edilashvili:
the movie was the most underrated thing like.. EVER... cinematography the music characters and.. omg the numeral plot twists... its freaking amazing
The Flying Chungus
The Flying Chungus:
Chris Evans was the spotlight of the movie and irreplaceable.
John Blano
John Blano:
This show is awesome, my new favorite. Can't wait for Sean Bean in season 2.
It's a series. So I expect a detailed beginning and ending
Jennifer Connely is amazing!!! Very good series!!
Jack Hainsworth
Jack Hainsworth:
Closer to the novel than the movie in a lot of ways.
Steven Ogg makes this series even better. Love this!
Fares Ahmed
Fares Ahmed:
I love this show, reminds me in a way of "The 100" either way i'd say give it a try
Ayaan x 29
Ayaan x 29:
Can anyone recommend other shows just as good as this one? 😊
Crafting table
Crafting table:
Can’t wait for a hopeful season 3!
Talha Jutt
Talha Jutt:
I love this series netflix excellent work
I cant wait for the next season does anyone know when it will be released?
A masterpiece😍
Flori Bella
Flori Bella:
More episodes please ❄️🚄 very interesting ❤️🤔
Filmy Quotes
Filmy Quotes:
Is that a mini series or a movie... Would love to see Chris evans in it
I read the description of this and it sounded terrible, it's actually pretty good.
The concept of the train is hugely impractical, I mean why wouldn't you just build an underground Bunker?
The train thing is not a good idea as what happens if a track breaks and with all the adverse weather the chance of derailing has to be high.
But despite the ridiculous concept its pretty good.
Sandy BoleYT
Sandy BoleYT:
I love this series
Random stuff ‘
Random stuff ‘:
Imagine just walking all of snow piercers tracks (walking through massive tracks over some amazing bridges)
This looks pretty good! They should make a feature length movie with actors like Chris Evans or something.
Alonso Guillén Márquez
Alonso Guillén Márquez:
Llevo dos episodios y es buenísima
I don't know what's good things about this show, but I have finish watching it in one day.
I wish this all the best but against the original? Cmonnn. Its on film four right now and still as good as it was when I saw it in Korean theaters. A much underrated classic and the last good film I saw in the cinema, no joke.
Jose Tolppala
Jose Tolppala:
The series is sooooo good imo
Ichigo Alexi
Ichigo Alexi:
I'm into episode 8 and I don't know who to root for- Melanie or the tailees😍😭😱
I'm going crazy from waiting for S3! I'm just going around the internet watching anything Snowpiercer (2020) related that I can hahahaha!
I want season 3! Lol!