Snowpiercer: Official Trailer | Premieres May 17 | TNT

Oscar® winner Jennifer Connelly and Tony Award® winner Daveed Diggs star in the futuristic thriller coming May 17 to TNT.

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About Snowpiercer:
Set more than seven years after the world has become a frozen wasteland, Snowpiercer centers on the remnants of humanity, who inhabit a gigantic, perpetually-moving train that circles the globe. Class warfare, social injustice and the politics of survival play out in this riveting television adaptation.

About TNT:
TNT is basic cable's #1 network in primetime with young adults and is home to one of cable's most popular slates of original series, including The Alienist, Animal Kingdom, Claws, I Am the Night, the upcoming Snowpiercer, Tell Me Your Secrets, The Angel of Darkness and Raised by Wolves. TNT also presents popular shows such as Arrow, Supernatural, Bones and Castle; primetime specials, such as the Screen Actors Guild Awards®; and championship sports coverage, including the NBA and the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Championship.

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Snowpiercer: Official Trailer | Premieres May 17 | TNT


100+ comentarios:

Robert Taylor
Robert Taylor:
So basically, it's just the same as the movie but will be stretched out for hours and hours and hours....
The film was a head. The Tv series is a shoe.
know your place.
Be a shoe..
But snowpiercer already has a good prequel: Willy wonka and the chocolate factory.
Kevin Lopez
Kevin Lopez:
This might be a prequel, cuz the film is like 17 years on the train, the trailer for this one says 6 years, this is probably the first revolt that was mentioned in the film where all the ammo went “extinct” so, if it’s a prequel I’m all in for it
Lima FX
Lima FX:
I mean we already know what happens. That's why prequels suck
The movie already had the perfect cast. Chris Evans, John Hurt, Tilda Swinton, Octavia Spencer and Ed Harris.
Bill Williams
Bill Williams:
No Bong Joon-ho, no watch.
Diego Vera
Diego Vera:
Oh look. It's Snowpiercer but with romances and unnecesary drama so it can be 10 hours
Jack Keating
Jack Keating:
Why do the exact same thing again, when the original movie was already great and only came out 5 years ago?
Aaron Rauschhuber
Aaron Rauschhuber:
The real question is will we ever figure out what happened to the Oompa Loompahs....
Joao Victor Teixeira
Joao Victor Teixeira:
I mean, looks good but, looks exactly like the movie
thomas stanleyth
thomas stanleyth:
i just gonna go rewatch the original one.
Arun Krishnamurthy
Arun Krishnamurthy:
Not sure why this show is needed. The movie is brilliant and I feel like it covered all these things.
So it's a lesser version of the movie?
Dixie McNally
Dixie McNally:
Thanks but I’ll rewatch the movie.
Webster Kollie
Webster Kollie:
No Captain America?
"Once you pass through that door...", you're in Westworld.
So just like the film but with more filler. I'll give it a hard pass
Apex Predator
Apex Predator:
Proving once again that Hollyweird is creatively bankrupt. NO new ideas, they simple recycle things into garbage. Pass...
Nia Sims
Nia Sims:
this probably would have been a hit if it came out before the movie.
Homework Radio
Homework Radio:
Now make Bioshock...
Damien Spectre
Damien Spectre:
um...does everything have to made into a TV series?
The movie is already masterpiece.
Madison Elaine
Madison Elaine:
The conspiracy that’s this is the sequel of willy wonka F’s with me
David The Dictator
David The Dictator:
People, Snowpiercer was a novel before, they are not trying to steal or recreate the movie. It was a book.
Zach Boebel
Zach Boebel:
TBS Boss: call a meeting with our creative writing team to pitch a new show for us to shoot.

TBS secretary: our what?
whisper 6666
whisper 6666:
Why make a show when the movie is already enough (great)?!
Eye of Truth
Eye of Truth:
This show looks garbage. I'm sorry but this is too much of a stretch. Snowpiercer is a masterpiece that you will ruin.
some guy
some guy:
literally no one wanted you to do this TBS there's already a really good movie about this we don't need a show made about it, especially not made by you.
Jaka Prawira
Jaka Prawira:
For a remake (or remade feom the book), it’s pretty much the same tone as the movie, just more sex.
Fourth World / exostalker
Fourth World / exostalker:
WHY oh WHY? The film was great, why in the hell would you think this would be a good idea? There is no way it will have that raw unique feeling, the directing in the film was amazing!
Korben Dallas
Korben Dallas:
No thanks. I already own the movie. Give us something original instead or go home.
hannah Rockz
hannah Rockz:
Everyone is having on this but I actually enjoy it. There's many good shows that are based off movies.
The movie was great, they could have made the second novel into a movie instead of restarting again as a show. They will fail.

The door leads to Westworld!
TBS - Very Funny
Damien Goh
Damien Goh:
its a no for me, just watch the movie if u want the experience
Matthew Roberts
Matthew Roberts:
Everyone chill! There is a second Snowpiercer graphic novel that introduces a second train. Wouldn’t be surprised if this is either a prequel or a different train in the same world. Also, Bong-Joon Ho is executive producer. Doubt he’d back something that would cannibalize (deliberate word choice) his masterpiece of a movie.
snowpiercer was meant to be a dark and gritty movie. This looks like The Office but on a train.
Guchjcj Cgdvnkyd
Guchjcj Cgdvnkyd:
Just finished season 1 episode 10 , it's the best SERIES ever

P.s : episode 10 has a huge surprise
Fake News Hunter
Fake News Hunter:
Dude seriously we already got the original movie we do not need a TV show remake and also the movie was way much more better than this
Flambo Fire
Flambo Fire:
Idk why all the hate? I’m so excited for this show. The movie is one of my favorite films of all time, and if this show is a prequel to the movie, then I’m so excited. Especially to see more of the train and the way of life
Do a TV show about a movie with no plot differences minus a couple race / gender roles
Lafayette yes. Same exact storyline as the film no.
Gregory McBride 3
Gregory McBride 3:
5 minutes into this movie and I bust out laughing at the irony.
(Humanity finds solution to global warming; humanity deploys solution and accidentally freezes the entire planet.) Just fu*king wonderful.😂🤣🤣
David G.
David G.:
Still waiting for Close Enough from J.G Quintel, its taking forever!!!
To everyone, this isn't a prequel, it's a REBOOT.
Wonder if Ed Harris is still eating Steak in the Engine compartment?
Calling it now this is gonna suuuck..
Toxic - Exner
Toxic - Exner:
Only watching this for Steven Ogg, even though hes only in the first 2 episodes.
Just finished watching the movie for the 1st time and learned the show comes out soon, heck yea!
Itchy Feet on the Cheap
Itchy Feet on the Cheap:
The future looks rough, but I'm just glad Americans started using the metric system.
Kaylin Jennings
Kaylin Jennings:
damn y'all in the comments tearing this show apart
chile man
when people are forced to put their arm out in the cold. why do they not simply freeze their hand in the shape of a middle finger. got em......
e r
e r:
this is literally the best show i’ve ever seen idk why there aren’t more people talking about it, it deserves so much hype. i’ve seen the movie as well and it’s good with a great cast, but the SHOW actually feels like you’re in it, there’s so much character development and it’s more than one plot. for those of you thinking it’s just a stretched out version of the movie, i respect your opinion but i urge you to give it a chance because it’s WAYYY more than that. i think it’s way better than the movie. also daveed diggs did a phenomenal job 🤍
Idk why everyone's hating on this. I loved the movie and I'm actually excited to watch this!
I'm just here for Laffayette...
Christian Hinojosa
Christian Hinojosa:
Okay hopefully they will answer where all the oompa loompas went...
st go
st go:
I can only see this work if it's a one season show. If they try to stretch the story over several seasons until the show gets cancelled I'm not going to give it a try
Another Stupid Channel
Another Stupid Channel:
The train will derail in the season 1 finale. Then we'll get 7 seasons of a little group of child survivors eking out an existence in the snow, eventually (season 3-4) stumbling upon a colony of people who've built a city in an underground cavern complete with its own nightclubs, gangsters, noodle bars, steam billowing up from vents, etc. Turns out the colonists are ruled over by their own wealthy and brutal elite, who, for their own nefarious reasons, are concealing the antidote to CW7. Our scrappy child heroes team up with a heroic young woman with a giant afro and kung fu skills, and a kind, wise old scientist (who gets an emotional death scene in the second half of the series) to steal the blueprints for anti-CW7 and release it into the atmosphere. The snow all melts away within hours and in the final shot of the series we see afro lady holding hands with the teenage boy hero as the children run giggling through a landscape where green shoots are already pushing their way up through the soil and little animals are peeking out from their burrows.
Bkl cheyma
Bkl cheyma:
Reading the comments
i'm just gonna watch the final episode if it matches the movie or not
Commander Cody
Commander Cody:
This is just the movie but longer lol.
red fury91
red fury91:
if youre really super into beating off while watching helpless poor people being constantly and continuously brutalized by powerful rich people you can always turn on the news... or you can watch Snowpiercer
David Mayberry
David Mayberry:
Yeah I don't know, love the movie not sure if it should be made into a series. The movie covered everything that needed to be covered, I don't even want a sequel movie let alone this.
Esther Shin
Esther Shin:
I am psyched. Movie was brilliant, I’d love orphan black’s take on the story!
Undead Ramen
Undead Ramen:
lol No "Captain America", we got Commander Smiley, major improvement :D
Samuel de Souza
Samuel de Souza:
Rowan Blanchard ❤👏
Its important to be moving fast on a train when it gets cold out...
I gave the movie 7.8/10....
And tell me one reason why i should watch a 13 episode drama that i have already seen?

I'd rather go to work:)
This was made so they could return back to the chocolate factory. Willy Wonka is waiting!
The Stupid will Inherit the Earth
The Stupid will Inherit the Earth:
"A balance of need, greed, oh whatever, this is lame." Slow version of the movie with dumber lines?
cbastpian nalitnab
cbastpian nalitnab:
circle W

people who haven’t seen willy wonka: eh
people who have: *epuc*
Karen took the kids
Karen took the kids:
Guys, the show is pretty goodn
Alison Prevost
Alison Prevost:
I worked on this doing Special Effects. Thrilled it finally aired! We started filming this in 2018.
Mr. Shelby
Mr. Shelby:
I just finished the first episode and I like it. Mostly because of the concept of the whole thing... the movie sent a powerful message and most people feel like this does the movie wrong.. I think this movie is for the story of the train rather than the message... the concept of a train constantly running with passengers based on class has always fascinated me since when I watched the first one.
Fonzie Bulldog
Fonzie Bulldog:
Liked the movie version and this could also be good by the time. First episode gave hope.
The first movie was jaw dropping and it was an amazing storyline. This is just terrible. Exact same story line. Should have been a sequel with the same actors.
The marketing maybe wasnt too great, it felt more like an ordinary copy of the action sci fi thriller from 2013 with not too much new and in depth interesting elements, but once you have started the series, I promise you, you will not be dissapointed.

Every little spot does not get passed on without having an incredible in depth meaning and or backstory. There are alot of really cool and little things that will make you go like; "Oh wow, thats really cool" etc etc. After the (I must say) pretty interesting Murder investigation episodes, (Which are IMO very much needed for the long and stretched out build up) it just gets better and better. Try to think beside the whole idea of doing a series from an older movie and that it would be boring... Cause if you watch it, and just fully go for it I promise your ignorance of thinking you know it all already, will be crushed to bits. As many already said, its wayyy better in reality then some people thought after watching the trailers and marketing ads. It has been my favourite show ever since I watched the First Episode. It just really drags you into this dystopian world that is portrayed on screen, makes you connect emotionally to the characters you differ the least from and boy... do the emotions feel strong. There are some bland moments here and there, but just a calm between isnt always a bad idea. Especially here since the pacing of every episode is done very, very great. For me, episode 7 has been really REALLY intense. Just as soon as you start to really understand whats going on, and start to settle your own way in the world of Snowpiercer 2020, just alot of crazy stuff happens. And for the first time in any series I watched, I really held by breath for a few minutes there. And you just feel exactly the same way as the characters do. You just get thrown into this alternative real world where you as a spectator just watch everything just either rebuild itself or fall apart. One of its almost perfect elements it implemented is its character build up. You really get to know the main characters minimally well enough as you run through the episodes. And that includes the connection between these characters. You really get to see how unbelievably human everyone actually still is besides there self portrayed charactaristics. And how emotions, feelings and your mind can really quickly or hardly change someones state of being, and or who to follow/believe. And it is, very interesting. It does not for as most likely take place on the same world of the 2013 Movie. Its an alternate take, just inspired by and done in the world of Snowpiercer 2013. So you can really just start this series with an open empty book, and let this story write itself a new. So you dont have to worry about what happened in the movie for as far as we know, is not canon here. Please, just enjoy this in depth series and see them as a really interesting and fresh take on a story based on the world of Snowpiercer 2013. The Acting is amazing, the writing is highly solidly above average and the music used sounds incredibly and strangely fitting. It really knows what its doing, you just have to trust the series. Great things are coming ahead.
Nathaniel Nilsen
Nathaniel Nilsen:
Okay first and foremost I love the movie it was awesome and came out of nowhere still one of my favorites but far from perfect. That being said I'm pretty sure that this will be a prequel which I personally find unnecessary though I'm sure a great majority of people would enjoy it. I would prefer a sequel series if not a movie going over the events that happened after the decision to just blow up the train and kill most of the people on it and then let everybody who survived the crash try to survive in that type of environment for an extended period of time until at least some of the planet thaws enough to the point that people who are untrained to survive in a frozen environment have a place in which they can survive . That's the unperfect part of the movie for me but I would definitely be willing to watch the series following the events of that crash and seeing how it all plays out I think that would be damn right entertaining. I also completely avoided the idea of the fan theory that the movie is a sequel to the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory..... more story material to play with perhaps. ( I stroke my beard Softly as if contemplating the possibilities of such a story )
Communism. Great . . . .
M. Saleh
M. Saleh:
WTF! Just seen this as a ad. Seriously why they have to reboot it. The movie was perfect. CHRIS EVANS IS THE BEST IN THE MOVIE!!!
I've watched all the episodes so far and I like it.
The Game Archiver
The Game Archiver:
The movie is actually kinda crap compared to this.
Bad comics burn ?
Bad comics burn ?:
No just plain no
Bojan J
Bojan J:
This is an amazing Series. Good actors, phenomenal plot and a storyline that develops with each episode. I am above and beyond excited for episode 11.

I feel the show is waay too underrated in this commentsection. I give it a personal 8,9 imdb score 😇
This looks really interesting but i'm gonna miss the hot korean dude
Tailies: *dying*
First class: MoM i wAnT t0 g0 tO tHiRd CLasS fOr n00dLeS
Sir Shmangle
Sir Shmangle:
Y'all know, the creator of the movie is a producer of this.
It's not a copy of the movie.
The first two episodes are good.
Michael Kleinhenz
Michael Kleinhenz:
It is still a completely bs idea, sorry. The whole premise doesn't make even a bit of sense. I imagine there was a very funny pitch meeting on this one that tried out how far the bs can be stretched..
Don Ball
Don Ball:
Didn't the train in the movie travel faster? More CGI, of course.
Daniel A-G
Daniel A-G:
"Those who do not move, do not notice their chains"
-Rosa Luxembourg.
Mackenzie Blackwood
Mackenzie Blackwood:
this looks too polished and clean -- smoothed over, I guess. The fact that it's stretched over several episodes makes me think about the risks of it being overexplained. I liked the dirty, janky, unsettling confusion of the film.
The original showpiecer ..I belong 2 the Front..U belong 2 the Tail
Gooner Republik
Gooner Republik:
I don’t know I probably watch this just to see if I like it or not. Hopefully it good
Alex Stone
Alex Stone:
Alex Fishman
Alex Fishman:
My first reaction is why is it getting rereleased? Then it was followed by too many why moments.
WordPress called. They want their logo back.
Difficult to pass after a such great movie, this trailer is a failure .. watch again the movie, read the excellent comic books and forget this
Отпад с истерикой!
Надеюсь, мини-сериал будет лучше полнометражной версии 2013 года по комиксам «Le Transperceneige» (1982)