Snowpiercer Official US Release Trailer #1 (2014) - Chris Evans Movie HD

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Snowpiercer Official US Release Trailer #1 (2014) - Chris Evans Movie HD

In AD 2031: the passengers in the train are the only survivors on Earth.

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100+ comentarios:

This movie is AWFULLY advertised in the west, this isn't a basic US action movie. It's a god damn masterpiece.
Im here after someone said The Platform is Snowpiercer but vertical
Anangga Gunawan
Anangga Gunawan:
Snowpiercer + World War Z = Train To Busan
Bijay Uprety
Bijay Uprety:
Who else come here after Bong Joon Ho wins the Oscars for Best Director for ParaSites and you are searching for his other movies to watch ?
Kenneth Uyabeme
Kenneth Uyabeme:
Honestly the whole train thing is relevant. This movie is about human nature. If your problem with this movie is that a train makes no sense, you've missed the point. What this movie was trying to do is give us a condensed version of our world. What I get from this movie is how accurate this version is and how scary it truly is. This movie is genius.
Yudi Saputra
Yudi Saputra:
Yes, I came here after the Oscars.
Who's here after watching the trailer of Netflix version???? 👍
kgosimore kgosimore
kgosimore kgosimore:
Who came here after watching the Netflix snowpiercer
faze jev beat's his meat
faze jev beat's his meat:
"Im not a leader" sorry I didnt quite hear you captain 🤨
so that's what Captain America did after Bucky fell from the train?
It baffles me that people still don’t know that this is a Korean movie
This movie is horizontal while parasite is vertical(bong joon ho mentioned this) although these movies' theme are quite same
Eddie Campbell
Eddie Campbell:
This movie is amazing. One the best Sci Fi movies ever made.
It deserved to become a blockbuster, but then again, some of the best movies of all time never became blockbusters.
K- A
K- A:
I didn`t even know this movie exist until Netflix released the show.
Anyone during Covi’d-19 ?
this movie is made by director of “parasite“ Bong! and as u can see the father role in parasite, song kang ho, is one of the main role in this movie too
if any of u havent watch both of these movies, i highly recommend u to watch them right now :D they are included in my favourite movies list
kalakala iand
kalakala iand:
Korean movies are just on another level
Étoile Filante
Étoile Filante:
This movie is a social masterpiece. It reflects everything going wrong in our society with a train metaphor. Loved it!
Jemel One Five
Jemel One Five:
Wicked film. Loved it! 
Alex Bruno Yo
Alex Bruno Yo:
I didn't know it was Tilda Swinton until the credits came. This woman is an ambulant masterpiece.
La Biblio Geek
La Biblio Geek:
Noah had an ark, Wilford had a train.
Charles Iannini
Charles Iannini:
Chris Evans should have been nominated for an oscar for this movie
Here to praise Bong Joon- ho 🙏
This is the best movie I've ever seen.
Snowpiecer is a small world. There are a lot of symbols in this movie.
The Ancient One vs Steve Rogers.... 🤔
Ayaz Ahmed
Ayaz Ahmed:
Who search for 2013 snowpiercer and saw another trailer from netflix
Harry Barry
Harry Barry:
I can see John carpenter directing that movie.
saw it on netflix yesterday, good thing it was made by a Korean and not Michael Bay.
Hazel .J.L. Mboya
Hazel .J.L. Mboya:
I’m here cause of the netflix one...okay i see they are similar
Afid Murad
Afid Murad:
0:46 isn't he the poor dad from PARASITE ?
red fury91
red fury91:
if youre really super into beating off while watching helpless poor people being constantly and continuously brutalized by powerful rich people you can always turn on the news... or you can watch Snowpiercer
Kate B
Kate B:
Anyone in 2019?
Gökdeniz Çetin
Gökdeniz Çetin:
I've come here after I watched Parasite. I will watch this Snowpiercer too!
Agent Ninja
Agent Ninja:
This film is about the system we live.
Account 05
Account 05:
I watched it after I saw Parasite. Speechlesss. I have understood that Bon Joon Ho is such a smart director. This film shows a lot of meaning. About get out of box, about reality of society, about LIFE. not just a sci fi movie about the people in train.
Renee Stonebraker
Renee Stonebraker:
this preview does NOTHING to prepare you for this movie. This is one of those movies that has me screwed up for days thinking about the implications
Exquisite Whiskey
Exquisite Whiskey:
Who's here after 2020 Oscar?
Mujuhir A
Mujuhir A:
If anyone questions Chris Evans's acting ability just point them to this movie.
Chris evans : I can do this all day
Bong jun ho : OK. let’s drink until next morning.
Faith Simon
Faith Simon:
This movie was good but also super depressing.
black pot
black pot:
I just know that this is korean movie, wow

And PARASITE directore
this film literally doesn’t give you a break i cried so hard when it was all over. love u bong joon ho pls watch this if you haven’t
Ah it’s the man who directed ‘Parasite’
Dancing Nachos
Dancing Nachos:
I can't get Parasite out of my mind. How can a movie do this to you?
Safiya Patel
Safiya Patel:
Just watched this movie last night. Honestly one of the best movies I've ever seen.
Can't believe people actually skipped this movie when it first came out. I mean even if you didn't know BJH, the cast alone should've made you interested.
Rurushu Lamporouge
Rurushu Lamporouge:
2014: OMG they are feeding these poor people protein blocks made from bugs
2020: Why everyone should eat bugs
What a time to be alive...
abhhi vyakti
abhhi vyakti:
In this film ..I'm really feel like how the upper class use lower class for all the balance and work ... children have to be work but not not theirs , still they teach their children that worst is called lower class ... So true in context of reality ... concept are so realistic and really so so relevant ..this is what all happened a use ..a use
Nishith Nironjon
Nishith Nironjon:
Congratulations bong joon ho for winning his first palm de ore for Parasites
Very well deserved
Quay Wognum
Quay Wognum:
Im here after the TV show
s f
s f:
Really liked the concept, it's a metaphor for the way the human world is structured,
It should wake us up a bit to the inequalities and injustices of human madness!
passengers assemble!
Nick Barrie
Nick Barrie:
Came back here! Didn’t know that Bong Joon Ho worked with Captain America! Bong will be one of the greatest directors of all time
Before he pierced winter, he pierced snow.

Captain America 1.5
not to mention Kang-Ho Song is a really professional and good actor...never dissapoint in his performance..bong has this actor in most of his movies...if you dont believe me go watch A Taxi Driver...awesome movie
m i y homecafe
m i y homecafe:
I love how Bong JoonHo always has so many ways to interpreting class differentiations into his movies.
I never heard of this movie until someone said it was a sequel to Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory
Viktória Erzsébet
Viktória Erzsébet:
So who is here after the Parasite?
I honestly think this is one of the best films i've ever watched. Was I the only one who thought at the end: they have to make babies together when he's older... I CAN'T BE THE ONLY ONE RIGHT?
Joe Bills
Joe Bills:
This is the true story of Willy Wonkas chocolate factory! Mind blown!!
11th class movie.....or perhaps 13th level ....
The Egyptian King
The Egyptian King:
إلى جى من عند عبد الله الشريف يخبط لايك
بس كدا يا مؤمن
Muhamad Mokhtar محمد مختار
Muhamad Mokhtar محمد مختار:
طب اللى جاى من عبدالله الشريف لايك كدة ورينى نفسك 😁😁😍
Probably the best 2014 film I've seen. Sadly I didn't get to watch it in theaters but I just finished watching it on Netflix and it was amazing. Needless to say I will pick this up on Blu-Ray. Such a surprising, shocking movie. Leave it to South Korea to make such a great movie. It seems like we're falling behind in the film industry when it comes to new ideas. Hopefully this serves as a propelling force to restart a creative film era and remember: push to the front of the train...
Archit misal
Archit misal:
Liked the concept a lot.
Just wished it was Song Kang Ho the lead instead of Chris Evans. Not that Chris Evans was less than wonderful. Would have just loved to see Song Kang Ho as the main protagonist.
Life Reality A Spiritual Journey !
Life Reality A Spiritual Journey !:
This is a great movie, I just have to come back and look at the trailer because it's reminding me and what's going on right now with this lockdown.
Yes, I came here after the BARIŞ ÖZCAN.
P E R L A S:
Teacher: Bong Joon-Ho, give me the difference between rich and poor.

Bong Joon-Ho: (presents Parasite and Snowpiercer
Super underrated
Philip Levi
Philip Levi:
Just wondering where Chris Evans got his haircut in the train.
Ian Abellana
Ian Abellana:
Who’s watching this after Parasite
Justin Baldeosingh
Justin Baldeosingh:
it's always that one secretly trained guy who's tired of their shit
satrya dirgantara
satrya dirgantara:
Almost five years after this movie is out,i just realised that this movie was made by boong joon-ho
sv 98
sv 98:
There a thousand Reason about my Day and ignore your whisper wish it will go away ooh ooh ohh
Leohr Sargent
Leohr Sargent:
Who else here after watching the snow piercer being the sequel to Willy wonka
Ammar Lutfi
Ammar Lutfi:
Ancient One vs Captain America.
Dona Yaser
Dona Yaser:
This movie explains exactly how the world system works 💔😞
N K:
Tilda seems to be appearing for the second time this and Okja:)
Taghreed Ahmed
Taghreed Ahmed:
This train is my country and we still live in the tail
Cancer gamingph
Cancer gamingph:
After that he buried alive in avalance and 70 years later shield got find him.
iARMY belle
iARMY belle:
Ms.Springday brought me here.,and yes its a Korean movie made by the great Bong Joongho.
Charles Wonka is a BAD LEADER, THEY CAN ASK If there are anyone wanna get off the train on their will periodically, and united people, increase wisdom, and expand the train they're in right now day by day, turn the train into lovely environment, research some chemicals and release to the outside atmosphere to help the weather, there are so many potentials / or parallel world of the same situation.
Melanie Bitancur
Melanie Bitancur:
I saw this under Award Winning Category on Netflix. Surprised to see that the Director is Bong Joon Ho. Im watching it now :)
Amlan Das Roll no -14
Amlan Das Roll no -14:
reese cartmill
reese cartmill:
who’s here in 2019?
this is a movie by bong joon ho, the same guy who made parasite. remember that, this man makes masterpieces.
Hung Hoang Tuan
Hung Hoang Tuan:
Who came back after watching The Platform?
who is here after watching the netflix series trailer for snowpiercer?
Noor Al mezayen
Noor Al mezayen:
I came here after spring day BTS explanation
Deejay Bluemoon
Deejay Bluemoon:
Didnt even know the movie existed, I'm here because of the series. Trying to figure out where the train is going lol 🤦🏾‍♂️
Jaydeep Adhikari
Jaydeep Adhikari:
You are right. I came here after BONG JOON HO..
gino chan
gino chan:
I saw Captain America 1:39
anarchist joker
anarchist joker:
You can find songkangho in snow piercer too when i find that fact i was really excited : )
All in one
All in one:
I saw the captain America , ancient one
Ethan H
Ethan H:
Movie is great but this trailer is bad
boris brian
boris brian:
*Guy I'm being 110% honest*
I watched this movie and I appreciate my life Like I never did Before ,GREAT MOVIE 👍👍
Parallel Univ
Parallel Univ:
I just finished watching this movie after first watching the platform. This is an amazing movie! If you like this and you want to watch something similar then go for ‘the platform’
Darth Vader
Darth Vader:
Just saw this movie, it was a special movie but weird ending