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This really makes me tear up. I used to binge his skywars videos, back in middle school. Thank you Alex.
I still can’t believe he’s gone. He was the only Minecraft YouTuber that made me laugh. We will miss you Techno, fly high 😢
I never knew the channel. Never watched techno and didn't really know who he was and I won't pretend I did. The impact he had is very apparent. Rest in peace Alex you've made your mark on this earth and people will remember you.
X Money ♪
X Money ♪:
"The goal is not to live forever, just to create something that will"

RIP Techno, You will NEVER die
after a whole month people are still coming back to this video. This shows how special Technoblade was. He will always be a legend, RIP Technoblade
I don’t know what to say. Heartbroken. My deepest deepest condolences goes out to his family. He wasn’t even old. He was literally too young to die. Thank you for everything ❤️
I've never been really involved with watching technoblade's content but his videos have made me laugh a couple of times and I cried when I found this video. I found this video a month late and I regret not watching and supporting more of his content before his passing. God bless you alexander
it warms my heart to see that people still come back to this video, just shows how much support and love techno had on his back, may the legend rest in peace🕊
Yolanda Guillen
Yolanda Guillen:
It crazy how people can pass away even the people we love. Rip tecnoblade ps: you will be loved
Krystal Sims
Krystal Sims:
The first time I heard techno died I cried. Techno was an icon to the MC. Technoblade never dies. He is in our hearts and will always be.
Rest in peace Tehcnoblade! You will forever be missed <3
Small Games2.0
Small Games2.0:
“When you die from cancer, the cancer dies too. That’s not a loss that’s a draw, technoblade never loses" Rest In Peace champion, you will always be remembered.
Du findest Mich Nicht
Du findest Mich Nicht:
Rest in Peace
You Left this world a Legend and no one will ever forget you.
you know what i wanna say about technoblade. He made all of us happier. He is missed and will be missed forever. he may be gone but not forgotten.Technoblade. NEVER. DIES!!!
Ben Kirkby
Ben Kirkby:
You'll always be a legend to all of us, and a heavy influence on the Minecraft community. "People never die when their heart stops, they die when they are forgotten." Rest in peace and know that we will never forget you Techno. We will always remember-
Technoblade never dies.
There will never be another legend like Technoblade. RIP King.
its been a month and half, and this video still makes me cry. the “i love you guys” hits hard every time. it makes it real.
we will always remember, we will not forget, because we love you too technoblade.
rest easy nerd
St. Abara Yeet King Yeetus
St. Abara Yeet King Yeetus:
when I first watched this, I wanted so hard for it to just be click bait. For Techno to jump out at the end and be like "got you all, im ok." But i think deep down I knew that wasnt the case. I still cant believe what happened, even after a month, but techno will truly never die.
I can't believe its been a month already, the whole community misses you so much Techno. There will never be another legend like you. Rest easy king.
I can never thank techno for the impact he made in my life but I hope he will never be forgotten. Technoblade, I salute you.
Pure Unintentional ASMR
Pure Unintentional ASMR:
No parent should ever have to go through this. I’m so so sorry for your family’s and this community’s loss. He seemed like an amazing young man. RIP Techno.
It’s been more than a month since techno has passed, but yet we still can’t get that pain out of our chest. Technoblade never dies never in a million stars
Ian Eons
Ian Eons:
Even as someone who has never watched a Technoblade video in his life, this is a heartbreaking tragedy not just for his family but for the entire Minecraft community and beyond.

R. I. P. Techno 1999 - 2022

Technoblade never dies!
i've watched this like 20 times... and everytime i watch it i cry.. rest in peace technoblade, "Technoblade never dies."
Phantom Fun
Phantom Fun:
Even when this video reaches a year or 3 I’m still gonna remember this and keep the memories I have from watching him. Rest In Peace 👑
It’s the morning after this video was posted and I still can’t fathom that this is reality. This man was a source of joy for so many. REST IN PEACE.
DeKaas Knaap
DeKaas Knaap:
It has now been more than a month since techno’s passing, and I’ve been feelings something missing in this world ever since, There were and are no YouTubers like him so I will always feel this way. Techno was the only youtuber I would try and find clips of in every corner of youtube.

Thanks Techno, for the 5 years of joy you’ve brought me. I’m so happy you at least reached your goal of 10mil subs. But you will forever live on in my heart, as Technoblade… never.. dies..
Mr Paddy gaming
Mr Paddy gaming:
Thank you technoblade for everything rip legend…
Duke The Monkey
Duke The Monkey:
It'll be weird that in ten years, we'll all feel nostalgic about this. 
RIP Alex
It’s been a month now, I didn’t think I’d be able to watch this video again but I did it, and I didn’t cry as hard as last time, I’m glad I did this. I don’t think I’ve mourned this hard before I still miss him every single day, thank you for those wonderful times Technoblade RIP 🐷👑🗡
thanks for everything man, thanks for being a part of the community. You were an inspiration, you made people laugh, you honestly changed the whole internet for the better. We will miss you 💜
Geoffrey Barnes
Geoffrey Barnes:
I miss you techno. I’ll never forget the impact your videos had in my days, always bringing a smile to my face and making me laugh. I hope you’re feeling better up there. Technoblade never dies ❤️
Gotta give it to him, even after dying he puts the links to his merch in the description.. Now that's dedication
William and Aliyah546!
William and Aliyah546!:
Even though he passed let's still try to get him to 20mill subs he is probably looking for above and so happy for all that we done RIP techno
Even though its been a month, I still hurts. It hurts beyond imagine. He was an inspiration to most of the Minecraft community. He still is. He was the best. Blood for the blood god. Shall you rest in peace, king of kings, god of blood, Technoblade. Your legacy shall be carried by many for years to come.
Dr Duke
Dr Duke:
Technoblade will never die. He will continue to be apart of all of us. Thank you, for inspiring millions including myself and may you rest in peace..
Hit WoMan
Hit WoMan:
15 million subs and still going strong... its still going. Lets go kings 🤴

Crown held high, chin up
Josephine Medows
Josephine Medows:
rip techno he'll always be watching us and he's in a safer place 👼❤
Name 3
Name 3:
No parent should’ve have to go through this we are on your side there are millions of people in your debt for creating such a good person
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Rest in peace technoblade we will never forget you
wolferz X gaming
wolferz X gaming:
"Technoblade never dies"
It’s been an honour techno may you have a good life and may god bless you in all my heart it’s been an honour my friend
Dushyanthini Chandramohan
Dushyanthini Chandramohan:
He was a legend he will stay in our heart forever technoblade never dies
There will never be another legend like him
RIP techno. thank you For Everything
Techno we are Not gonna forget you
We loves you Techno. Fly high 🕊️ Techno
Rest in peace, Technoblade

You've been an amazing example of staying humble and staying true to yourself. Not letting anything stop you at all, no matter how difficult the obstacle.

I'll never forget that you, Techoblade, never dies.
Hamza Khan
Hamza Khan:
Thank you for everything technoblade, you will live in the hearts of millions. We’ll miss you
The NoobGoGamer
The NoobGoGamer:
Technoblade's father stood up bravely and made this video to tell us the news. Let's hear it for the dad who was brave after he lost his son. RIP Technoblade. You are a legend, a king and you will never be forgotten🏆🏆🏆
Whitty Is Dogshit
Whitty Is Dogshit:
Rip. A great man undeserving of what was coming to him. He will always live on in our hearts, Will never forget him no matter how old I grow.
Skye o3o
Skye o3o:
i come back after nearly a month to watch this amazing video again and i see the view count and i realised how happy and jokey hed be about this being his most viewed video, live on in a better place king <3
It still hurts knowing he died. You can hear how hurt his father is, I can’t believe it’s been a month without him. Rest well, Techno. Thank you for being an inspiration to millions of people.
Jacob Davis
Jacob Davis:
Technoblade is a legend and a god and he will always be in our hearts.
It's been a whole month and it's amazing that everyone still remembers him (:
Sunny Haywood
Sunny Haywood:
Even watching only a few of his videos in the past, this one got to me. RIP Techno, you were and still are amazing.
I just started crying Over this video
He was such a Legend and one of the kindest, funniest, and smartest Ytubers ever!!!
But i think he just spawned on a better place. In peace
And i Think he is happy wherever he is now if we are too
Let's never forget him!
"Technoblade never dies, in our hearts" 🙏❤️
finnegan orourke
finnegan orourke:
A wise man once said legands never die, an even wiser man once tecnoblade never dies, and in a way they were both right tecno may be gone but not soon forgotten. May he live on through his family his friends and his fans. rest well king, we will miss you.
Rest in peace technoblade you may be gone but you will never be forgotten
Alan wolfninja
Alan wolfninja:
Rest In Peace if I could give my life to techno I would rest in peace All are hearts are with you Minecraft legend 👑 👑
Lord shade
Lord shade:
I love how no one is forgetting about technoblade, even if this video is 1 month ago, he always make us happy when we have the roughest days. LET THE KING REST!
Men’s Bathroom Choir
Men’s Bathroom Choir:
Rest In Peace Technoblade. I watched you since I was 13. I'm now 20. You were my childhood.
"Technoblade Never Dies"
Claudia Caldera Obraztsova
Claudia Caldera Obraztsova:
haven't watched any of his videos, yet i still feel like i lost a friend, prayers for the family, I'm sorry this happened, rip technoblade, rip alex, u will be missed ❤️‍🩹
You will always be in our hearts, Rest in peace you amazing legend. ❤
Adlegend’s Army of aces
Adlegend’s Army of aces:
The legend himself Technoblade may not be in physical form right now but he will always live forever in our hearts ♥️ RIP king and fly high in heaven once again rest in peace king 23 is way to young to die ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Tasnim Chowdhury
Tasnim Chowdhury:
Rest In Peace Technoblade you didn’t deserve cancer but we will all be with you again and you will live in our hearts until then.
My condolences to Alex's family and friends. I did not watch many of his videos, but even I can see that he has a huge impact on the Minecraft community. He seemed like a great guy from the few Technoblade videos I watched, with great wit and a sense of comedy.
Rest in peace Techno, you will be remembered.

Edit: Shut up bots
Edit 2: I posted this comment 11 days ago and bots are still commenting on it. This says a lot about Youtube :/
Zane faith
Zane faith:
Damn this really humbled me, I didn’t and I don’t think anyone expected this
Now it’s beginning to hit hard. I’ve watched this video like 50 times without feeling like this was real, now it’s really sinking in.
I discovered his channel late last year, and immediately became a really big fan of his. To me, it felt like no matter where he went, or what challenged him, everything was going to be okay. He's one of my favourite content creators on this platform, and nothing could possibly change that.

My closest friend died earlier this year, and I was shattered. My confidence might as well have disappeared off the face of the Earth. I looked to Technoblade for comfort, and he delivered, to say the least. Without him, I don't know if I'd be half the man I am today, or if I'd even be here.

When I heard the news, I declared to myself that one day, I'd do the same for someone else that he has done for me. I will never be able to thank him personally for what he has done for me, so this is how I plan to repay him.

Thank you, Technoblade, for inspiring, entertaining, and fighting for millions of people throughout your toughest times. We will never forget you.

Technoblade never dies!!
michael kizozo
michael kizozo:
Rip Techno we were happy with you but now its time for you to go.
We are proud of you...
I cant Imagine how much Pain his friends and family are in. Techno was a great human being, and always will have a place in our hearts. We love you techno.
Thank you for our happiness all these years, Techno
Technoblade passed close to my prom date, and I decided that I wasn't going to let it get me down, and turned it into a reason for me to walk into prom happy. I altered my prom outfit in memory of him, and made it as amazing as he was. I was happy that he helped me through my school life, and I'm glad I was here to experience the joy, happiness and now grief of enjoying his content so much. I'm sad to see it end. But I'm glad I was able to experience it. technoblade, Alex, goodbye and thank you. Greatest condolences to his friends and family. I love you all and I couldn't imagine the pain you're all still experiencing xx
You made the dream smp bearable, thanks Techno, have fun playing catch with George Harrison in heaven, rest easy.
Luna The lightfury
Luna The lightfury:
In loving memory of technoblade so sorry this happened to you technoblade's parents, he's still looking down at you ❤️ I'm never gonna forget this great YouTuber who stepped into YouTube and created Great content and made us happy everytime even a short video was posted ❤️ technoblade
Rest in peace Technoblade, You will forever be in our hearts 💖🕊👼
NoAlHop :
Its so sad he was a good man i loved techno but now he's not with us anymore R .I .P legend we will miss you
Rest in Peace, Technoblade. I come back to this video later because I couldn't bear to watch it all the way. I still can't make myself watch the whole thing. Maybe in the future, I could. Its very strange to me feeling emotional over someone I never really knew, but you existed in the same time as I did. I saw a portion of your life and I'm so glad I could share those moments with so many other people. We all cared about you. I hope you're out there fighting God. You will always be the king of Minecraft, the myth, the legend. Crown's off to you, king. 👑👑
Mega goji
Mega goji:
Thanks! Thechnoblade for the amazing content over the years you were the best YouTuber. Minecraft player. And the funniest person I’ve ever heard i hope you Rest In Peace thechnoblade
Aaron Lo
Aaron Lo:
Its been 2 months, I still feel the impacts of Technoblade's death.
I've watched him since 2017 and seeing him rise to be one of the top youtubers of this era was brilliant. Although most youtubers I watched at that time I have since "outgrown", you were different, no matter what your videos were always a pleasure to see pop up on my recommended and always put a smile on my face, even this video at certain points. Thank you Technoblade for being yourself and thank you to his family for giving us such an amazing person, fly high king.
Kaiden Orr
Kaiden Orr:
R.I.P techno he was a great man hope he likes it in heaven techno we will always love you ❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️❤️❤️❤️and you were a amazing man your always a legend
Sydney Bean
Sydney Bean:
I keep coming back to his channel, wishing hoping that it was all a nightmare but it isnt. I never knew how much I could miss someone I never met. To anyone reading this, you are loved
I cant believe its been a month since his passing, I still miss him everyday, RIP King
He was a regular Minecraft Youtuber a few years ago, to now being known as the best Minecraft Player and Youtuber, may he Rest In Piece, "Technoblade Never Dies!"
I am so sorry for your loss. Although his time spent on this earth was short, he has done amazing things and changed many many lives. Rest in Peace, Technoblade.
Yone Heng
Yone Heng:
Rest In Peace technoblade you will always be in our hearts We well miss you forever technoblade never dies!!
Rip Technoblade we will all love him there will be never be another legend like him😭
makenna Guinn
makenna Guinn:
Even after a month It’s still hard for me to watch, but I’m so thankful I was able to watch him
ive met technoblade once in a hypixel and i can say ive met the legend. and ive seen an era end in front of my eyes. rest easy king we love you. technoblade out.
Ari :D
Ari :D:
I can not thank techno enough for all the smiles and laughs he’s given me, he was one of the funniest people on the internet and and he has saved so many lives. He was such an amazing and funny person and I hope that he knew that.
Damn this never gets easy to realise techo is gone I can't believe it, it's been over a month now. Miss you buddy miss your steam, miss everything, Techoblade never dies go and defeat god buddy I believe ya.
sunky editz
sunky editz:
You will be always remembered and I have started Minecraft by seeing you you are legend rest in peace techno blade 🕊️
I don’t know if there is any dislikes on this video but if there is the people who put them are monsters.
Thank you techno for made us laugh and and thank you for everything you have done 🫶
Shadowflamesemperor Master
Shadowflamesemperor Master:
We shall keep his legend on going till years and reach this video one billion for more people to know his legacy .....
Man I’m going to miss techno. He didn’t deserve this
The lil elf
The lil elf:
a month later and I'm still bawling my eyes out every time I watch this
I have never thought it would come to this for him it’s been 1 month I don’t care that he’s gone I still love him but people live till there forgotten we will never Forget him..
Its_Retl 1
Its_Retl 1:
After a month, I'm still crying when I see this video, we'll never forget you RIP legend
1 month after his death and the world is still broken. His parents must be extremely heartbroken 😭