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Ross Fleming
Ross Fleming:
Sofia Vergara putting creepy men in their place is such a mood
enzo holanda
enzo holanda:
I Love her, but i hate how theese people are always trying to sexualize her, and try to make her look dumb, it's amazing how confident she is, never letting they have their way.
Exam Fight
Exam Fight:
"Don't be creepy" Was the best comeback ever 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Christian Buse
Christian Buse:
Watching her be mocked for her accent and sexually harassed by almost everyone here was so heartbreaking to watch... she’s a strong person for standing up for herself with most of those people, like Gordon Ramsey and Bill Cosby.
Ronnie Stewart Jr
Ronnie Stewart Jr:
“You look more Mexican than a taco.” 😂😂😂😂
Anushka Chowdhury
Anushka Chowdhury:
"Dont be creepy" and "Don't die now please"

Are the two important lesson Sofia taught men
rocky jaydog
rocky jaydog:
she always pretends to be dumb but if you pay attention she has a very quick wit. Her comebacks are right away.
maewara rose
maewara rose:
Why do people say all those nasty stuff about her :( She's just so likeable I'm surprised that people actually dislike her
I'm always amused by Americans mocking people about their English accents.

Those few who speak other languages sound awful when speaking other languages.
guess my name
guess my name:
I hope she doesn't lose any of her accent.
basic bitch
basic bitch:
People don’t give her enough credit. Literally every single video she’s being harassed and degraded sexually and for her accent. She’s so talented. Her comedic ability to me is unparalleled. She commands respect and has fun and doesn’t take herself seriously. That is very hard to do especially at the same time.
Jeews Sam
Jeews Sam:
Shes like the perfect package isnt she?...full of personality, funny, witty, laugh at the silliest things, easy going and drop dead gorgeous
damn sofia's back must be hurting for the fact she carries everyone's shows
Ansel Carr
Ansel Carr:
You know what Sofia is and why she acts like that? She is Confident. Only really confident people act like themselves everywhere they go. Not to mention that she is a natural babe.
Patrick den Engelse
Patrick den Engelse:
She is very funny, sweet, georgous, her accent is great and the joy in her voice and facial expression.
G.K. Dickenson
G.K. Dickenson:
She's actually very smart with an excellent sense of Comedic Timing!
Winter Time
Winter Time:
I love her accent, I can listen to her speak English or Spanish all day 💕 she’s hilarious
she's so cute and funny and strong. i love how she puts creepy people in their place 😭 i love her so much. she's a perfect woman
jojo en
jojo en:
How can someone have sexy, wisdom, humor at the same time? Disney should make a latino princess base on her.
Grays Wife
Grays Wife:
She is an inspiration for any woman out there. She is harassed almost every show she guest in. She keeps her positive and fights back with kindness as well.
I'm from the Philippines and English is also my second language. I actually find Sofia's accent clearer than most Americans. The words, especially the vowels are clear. Americans on the other hand, tend to talk quite fast, and some syllables get omitted, like I have to be more attentive coz I might mishear words.
Japan Virtual Learning
Japan Virtual Learning :
She’s so funny 😂 love her
How can a woman be so sexy, intelligent, classy, witty, hiLARIOUS and confident in her own skin! She doesn’t adjust her accent or personality to suit anyone even when people mock her and I love that! She’s stunning
Gisela Mesquita
Gisela Mesquita:
Oh pá, eu adoro esta mulher 😁
É completamente impossível não gostar dela 🙂
J S:
She's not only beautiful, sexy, funny but also a beautiful soul.
Aga M
Aga M:
Uwielbiam ją...jej akcent jest zajebisty 😂😂😂
hanine mkl
hanine mkl:
"you look more mexican then taco" im dying 😂😂😂😂😂
George Porter
George Porter:
Whenever I see this lady, it is as though someone had opened all the doors and windows and let sunshine and fresh air in. She is a delight.
5:30 Sofia gives it right back to Ellen. I love Sofia's spirit. She is lovely, honest, real.
jeff fung
jeff fung:
I feel so bad for her. She's absolutely beautiful and its uncomfortable to watch how creepy men are around her. So uncomfortable watching Gordon Ramsey think he can just touch her like that 😳
elizabeth rivera
elizabeth rivera:
Amo a Sofia Vergara, es digna representante de nuestri pais no solo por su belleza sino inteligencia, picardia, astusia, carisma... un humor tipico colombiano... maravillosa
I love her voice she is so funny in modern family lol love her
Nour Tal
Nour Tal:
U could notice how smart she is by her quick funny responses.... ' don't be creepy 🤣'
That woman is absolutely hilarious, I cannot get enough of her.
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt:
She is so smart, witty, funny, amazing, and to top it off dropdead gorgeous. I love seeing her just interviewing or in public. So good.
Selena Cole
Selena Cole:
Sofia is so adorable. 💖 She is way funny, beautiful, and seems so down to Earth.
At some point she may have thought that her accent was her weakness but it's the real strength she has I love her accent as so many others
Mohamed Ameri
Mohamed Ameri:
I like how tough she is, she NEVER let herself out of control, like how she immediately reacted when Ramsy spanked her.
I haven't seen many people who are quicker than her with a comeback. Serious brains behind that gorgeous face.
Jim Ververis
Jim Ververis:
One of the most honest and genuine people in Hollywood.
Mohamed Alhasy
Mohamed Alhasy:
I love her . I love her accent . I love her laugh . I love everything about her .
She seems like a truly genuine person. No sugar egos spared
Jayda Jones
Jayda Jones:
you can tell how intelligent she is even tho she likes to make fun of herself all the time 💀 she’s so quick witted and definitely makes fun of herself but is quick to stop people from thinking they can disrespect her. i love her
Just love all of her, most especially her simplicity. She really amazing.
Mary E Garrett
Mary E Garrett:
I adore her. She’s hilarious and I don’t mean her accent. I love how she takes care of herself and she is such a beautiful person with the cutest attitude. She’s straight forward and confident and she seems to be just herself.
Georgine Verano
Georgine Verano:
She doesn’t deserve half the treatment she gets. But go Sofia for being a great role model. She is smart and witty, even more than people who speak English with no accent 😂
Michi Hana
Michi Hana:
She's a sample of person who doesn't care either her grammar is correct or wrong... As long as she knows that people who hear it understands it and in some point she is so funny... Love her so genuine 😍
Adam Webb
Adam Webb:
She is pure class, putting those pervs in their place!
Th G
Th G:
She is a smart lady with impeccable sense of humour.
She really has natural humor. No effort and its already funny
Roman Vrspicz
Roman Vrspicz:
I love her accent.. 💗💗💗
A Whi
A Whi:
She is hilarious. Her accent is very thick and she doesn’t always pronounce or know the words but I’m sure she is quite intelligent in her native language. To be that quick witted off the cuff
Mike de Bois
Mike de Bois:
She put a smile on my face that will last for a long long time!
Thea Södermark
Thea Södermark:
I absolutely adore Sofia, sometimes I feel bad for her bc people do rlly be making fun of her accent:( it’s beautiful 🥺❤️😌💅🏼🤌🏻
Ashley Buonpane
Ashley Buonpane:
She’s adorable 🥰! I love Sophia she’s so funny and charming!
"You look more Mexican than a Taco "just killed me LMAO 😂
Gordon Ramsay: "Chocolate Mou-"
Sofia: "Fish and chips that's all you eat"
Dhanushka Samarasinghe
Dhanushka Samarasinghe:
You know I don't find her sexy or even particularly beautiful but I just love her so much because she's got great character and she seems really intelligent ❤️
Paulette Billy
Paulette Billy:
I absolutely love funny.
I love her. She.makes my heart smile.
Jai Tazel
Jai Tazel:
Sofia Vergara is truly an icon. I love her.
Elle Spacey
Elle Spacey:
I cannot get enough of her. She is so naturally funny. So nice to see someone as attractive as her who actually has a personality. Her and Ellen always crack me up!
yuva raj
yuva raj:
I just can't get enough of Sofia Vergara. For me, there are two kinds of entertainment. Sofia and the rest.
Joy Andrade
Joy Andrade:
Amo ela ♡♡ eterna Glória
R G:
She is absolutely hilarious
Glowy Glow
Glowy Glow:
I love Soffi!! She’s hilarious, sweet, and sexy at the same time!!!😍🔥
Mariana P.
Mariana P.:
Gordon Ramsey is afraid of her. THAT'S A QUEEN RIGHT THERE, I LOVE HER.
Florencia Belén Ochoa
Florencia Belén Ochoa:
"Don't be creepy" jajaajajaja es la mejor
Mourdred Mourning
Mourdred Mourning:
It's a given that she's naturally gorgeous but damn! I love her personality even more!!! She's so funny aaaaa
PickleBarrel3551 3551
PickleBarrel3551 3551:
She is hilarious 🤣
Vath Griffith
Vath Griffith:
Lmao the way she attacked Gordon
I have never seen Gordon so happy and cheerful around someone before lol. This shows how amazing she really is
Damir Milanovic
Damir Milanovic:
Just for Memory
Just for Memory:
Listening to her speaking makes me always happy and smile
Stoned Pigeon
Stoned Pigeon:
She is actually pretty intelligent & genuinely funny too
Omg I love her so much. She is just amazing and such a mood.
How is she so blunt while being funny and not rude? Only her can manage that
Saniyah Bowers
Saniyah Bowers:
I love her. She is so funny and loving. I don’t understand how Anyone could hate her🥺❤️
She is so funny I love her accent 😭😭
Anunda Mboya
Anunda Mboya:
I just love her voice 💯😍❣️
Sofia and Jim Carrey should be in a movie together😂😂
yourlex usgirl
yourlex usgirl:
I think she's absolutely adorable!!!
Fredrick Swopes
Fredrick Swopes:
I love her positive attitude 💜💜💜
Mimi 1
Mimi 1:
Sofía es linda mujer,su personalidad bellísima 😊
Marco De Vries
Marco De Vries:
I fell for her like a brick. The main reason for me to watch 'Modern Family'. She is the icing on the cake
She is the perfect antidote to all the gravity plaguing us these days.
Hell raiser X
Hell raiser X:
Sophia is hilarious even though I don’t know if she realizes how funny she is!
Durxy Dur
Durxy Dur:
She is highest paid actress in the world ❤️well deserved
Brian Batucan
Brian Batucan:
She’s just so true to herself
Gino Bragoli
Gino Bragoli:
seems like a very nice and down to earth lady, good sense of humour also. That accent is just the best!
"I love you."

Sofia: Don't be creepy.
Kelli Lynch
Kelli Lynch:
She's actually smart, she playing a part cause it makes her money.
Amberlyn Garcia
Amberlyn Garcia:
I love how she talks! I think her accent is so pretty and fun!
saheli ghosh
saheli ghosh:
Sofia is a living Legend I LOVE & RESPECT her from the Bottom of My Heart. God bless her.
Some Girl
Some Girl:
They should remake the show "the nanny" with her. She'd be perfect.
Alie Smith
Alie Smith:
Sofia Vergara: the woman that put Gordon Ramsay in this place
Annabel Dlr
Annabel Dlr:
Omg I laughed so much🤣
Emmanuel A
Emmanuel A:
I really thought the accent was just for modern family 🤣🤣🤣it’s like 200x funnier that it’s real now 😭
Coding With Namit
Coding With Namit:
ok ngl, her personality is very positive and attractive, i have found my new favourite actress
Jessie Cavel
Jessie Cavel:
I'd wish I could have this charm. she's wonderful & hilarious 😂
Gabi Koonings
Gabi Koonings:
Oh man, her humor, her style, her temperament, her accent, and yes, her voice too, and i don't need to mention her looks, the woman is a goddess...
Joe Mangianello is a very lucky man.