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George Porter
George Porter:
Whenever I see this lady, it is as though someone had opened all the doors and windows and let sunshine and fresh air in. She is a delight.
Natalie Maríe
Natalie Maríe:
I feel so bad for her. She's absolutely beautiful and its uncomfortable to watch how creepy men are around her. So uncomfortable watching Gordon Ramsey think he can just touch her like that 😳
Alie Smith
Alie Smith:
Sofia Vergara: the woman that put Gordon Ramsay in this place
Rune Lock
Rune Lock:
How is she so blunt while being funny and not rude? Only her can manage that
She is the perfect antidote to all the gravity plaguing us these days.
guess my name
guess my name:
I hope she doesn't lose any of her accent.
Holy sh** that Cosby clip was so creepy. "You make me feel excited.... ... look at me."
Ross Fleming
Ross Fleming:
Sofia Vergara putting creepy men in their place is such a mood
A Whi
A Whi:
She is hilarious. Her accent is very thick and she doesn’t always pronounce or know the words but I’m sure she is quite intelligent in her native language. To be that quick witted off the cuff
Jessica Elizabeth
Jessica Elizabeth:
*dont be creepy*
Zahra Patel
Zahra Patel:
Gordon Ramsay: "Chocolate Mou-"
Sofia: "Fish and chips that's all you eat"
Mariana P.
Mariana P.:
Gordon Ramsey is afraid of her. THAT'S A QUEEN RIGHT THERE, I LOVE HER.
jojo en
jojo en:
How can someone have sexy, wisdom, humor at the same time? Disney should make a latino princess base on her.
No one:
Literally no one:
Not a single soul:
Sofia: “no tooochiiin”
Iush Man
Iush Man:
Creepiness of Gordon Ramsay is unmatchable
I feel like Lele Pons is desperately trying to copy Sofia's personality and horribly failing at it
Klaudia Kolarska
Klaudia Kolarska:
I just realised that she's from the same area as Shakira❤️
And Bill Cosby was always a creep
Sem IAM:
"You look At me like you dont undeRstAnd"
“you look more Mexican than a taco”
Nour Tal
Nour Tal:
U could notice how smart she is by her quick funny responses.... ' don't be creepy 🤣'
Elle Spacey
Elle Spacey:
I cannot get enough of her. She is so naturally funny. So nice to see someone as attractive as her who actually has a personality. Her and Ellen always crack me up!
Planet Drew
Planet Drew:
She’s awesome. She doesn’t take herself too seriously and she’s funny.
Real Dolgopolav Most Senior
Real Dolgopolav Most Senior:
It seems ellen doesn't like her much.. But she was on her show awful lot of times.. Strange
Snow W
Snow W:
"I think we never had a bad time on the set"
"but the dog..."
"I hate the dog"hahahahahahahahahahahaahahaha queen
meri khel
meri khel:
i said..i m sory police man..i will never do it again...
and he trust me😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
6:48 she handled that SO well. I still can't believe he slapped her thigh
Angelina Guzman
Angelina Guzman:
Who else skipped the “BILL COSBY” part like in a heart beat?
"I love you."

Sofia: Don't be creepy.
Muskan singh
Muskan singh:
Me to my brother: Why do have crush on Sofia Vergara?
My brother: Watch this videos.
Now I get it.
Buzz Queen
Buzz Queen:
The reason that she is funny is because she’s not scared of showing her real self and everything on her mind and that’s what I love about her. For example, if I was on a talk show, I would be thinking the same thought but would be too shy or embarrassed of saying them. That’s the difference lol
She is so beautiful, elegant, sexy, etc. but at the same time she's so awkward, funny, etc. How is that possible?! Sofia Vergara, we love you!
Jeff Kerr
Jeff Kerr:
She would be so much fun to hang out with and have as a friend. Shes perfect.
Areesha Ahmed
Areesha Ahmed:
"You're gonna die"

Jimmy: *freaks out* "What?!"
Manolo Morettone
Manolo Morettone:
What í like about Sofia, is how confidence she is. Always smiling and in a good mood. And she does not care what people say.
I'm pretty sure she is like 50 years old and she's the finest girl I've ever seen.
Yolanda Sirri
Yolanda Sirri:
I love her . Look at Cosby showing his true colors . LOOK AT ME.
Mohamed Ameri
Mohamed Ameri:
I like how tough she is, she NEVER let herself out of control, like how she immediately reacted when Ramsy spanked her.
Buck Wild Productions
Buck Wild Productions:
She is a scream!!! I love how she doesn't take herself too seriously, yet is very self aware. Such a class act!
Moonstruck HP
Moonstruck HP:
"It's not the words that matter its the attitude and cheerfulness" LOVE HER HAHA
Ms. Mayer
Ms. Mayer:
Sofia is so witty that she could think of punchlines on the spot naturally without even trying. She's smart and she's just taking advantage of her accent to make people happy. I stan. ❤️
Pear Yummy
Pear Yummy:
She’s naturally funny in such an adorable way
Shazia Arshad
Shazia Arshad:
"Go to Columbia, they'll feed you better." Damn she just roasted Gordon Ramsey!
Mike Pollak
Mike Pollak:
"I come from a neighborhood where they are all frosty toots." Lmfao!
lola brini
lola brini:
"i had to thank my breasts"
i think the whole world is sofia🤣
priya p
priya p:
The most genuine and natural celebrity I ever seen in u tube
Ankan Prodhan
Ankan Prodhan:
This Lady has some kind of magic, whenever I see her, my mood changes and flies like butterfly
Sarah Sarah
Sarah Sarah:
I'm in love with her accent
Special Tea
Special Tea:
"Yor goanna RRuin my RRepootaetion."

I love Sofia so much oml❤️😂
Nicci Lunn
Nicci Lunn:
Is ANyone Watching This After She Became A Judge On AGT
Shaun Feldman
Shaun Feldman:
Boy, that Cosby clip sure hasn't aged well...
Jams And all that jazz
Jams And all that jazz:
I seriously wouldn’t be able to have her gorgeous body (I’m a girl) since I can’t handle men the way she handles them.

When Cosby said *excited* I hurled.
Ilse M
Ilse M:
“I love you”
Sofía : don’t be creepy JAJAJAJA
Samy Kurba
Samy Kurba:
Celebrities must have had the best coffees around the world! I'd never want to embarrass myself by giving them something less than the very best, especially to a Colombian!
Jackie Reeks
Jackie Reeks:
I love Sofia, she is as sharp as a razar blade, with a heart of gold & the grace of a goddess♥️😘

Much respect to you my lady 💕🤗
Elena Land
Elena Land:
My gosh seeing the bill Crosby clip !wow thank goodness she didn’t befriend him ,that man is evil through and through !!
Ricardo Mendes
Ricardo Mendes:
“What is the english cuisine anyway: fish and chips, that’s all you eat”. 😂😂😂
Melissa Oderieugif
Melissa Oderieugif:
Her hair always looks so flawless
Aparajita Chakraborty
Aparajita Chakraborty:
Her confidence is inspiring. I also believe she is a very kind person.
Sree Anilkumar
Sree Anilkumar:
She is a sweet person.I really really like her talking.
Ria Singh
Ria Singh:
*don't be creepy*
Omg that always gets me
Avada kedavra
Avada kedavra:
"Don't die right now" lol!
Gayle Cheung
Gayle Cheung:
She’s always cracks me up, And then she over plays her accent, LOL
Knowing what Bill Cosby did that clip is just flat out creepy
Shtwaan E.
Shtwaan E.:
It seems she practically lives in the DeGeneres show set.
Food For Thought
Food For Thought:
That cosby one was just creepy!
Quitting AJ
Quitting AJ:
Sofia: Makes everyone laugh.

Me: Tries too do the same thing (Crickets Alert)...

Who else is Relatable?'..
Anonymous Yute
Anonymous Yute:
“Fish and chips that’s all u eat”☠️😭😭😭 omgggg
joseph joseph
joseph joseph:
She's the reason why I watch Modern famly. I truely love her!! Even now I can hear her to say Jaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Rachel Bowers
Rachel Bowers:
Sofia: * says dark or hilarious joke*
Ellen: * unfazed*
nidhi singh
nidhi singh:
She is straightforward like ruler yaar love her
Tess Anthouli
Tess Anthouli:
She so strong she went to slap the devil 😂
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown:
Sofia is the best :)
Carla Luzuriaga Salinas
Carla Luzuriaga Salinas:
"Pero este tipo no respeta"
lol, I stan a queen!
Supratik Paul
Supratik Paul:
Good that she slapped Gordon Ramsay for inappropriately touching her!
3:31 “don’t die right here right now please” 🤣💀
rhadid 777
rhadid 777:
The part when she read the mean tweet 😂😂😂
Aloysius B Cherian
Aloysius B Cherian:
"I think he had an accident" ehehehehehehheheheheh😂😂
Luis Morales-López
Luis Morales-López:
“Oye pero este tipo no respeta” 🤣🤣🤣
H Gya
H Gya:
Ramsey actually slapped her behind ? How rude & inappropriate.
Abigail Natas
Abigail Natas:
I love her, she's so hot and funny too. I love how she also laughs at herself. She's so secure.
Hedge Core
Hedge Core:
Lmfao she said " just don't die on me " .......she destroyed bill Cosby xD
Ahmed Khan
Ahmed Khan:
"naw don't tooch me
Sleepy Girl
Sleepy Girl:
Sophia V: the only woman Ive seen Gordon Ramsay be scared of lol
Rock n Roll
Rock n Roll:
Jimmy Fallon & Jimmy Kemmil have always given maximum respect to their female guests and has never cross the red line even being provoked.
Dal V
Dal V:
She sounds like my Argentine husband
Zack Reyes
Zack Reyes:
I’m Latino yet I have no idea what she’s saying 80%of the time. But she is fine as hell and funny 😄
Aaron Arevalo
Aaron Arevalo:
Gordon ramsay just wanted an excuse to slap her cheek 😭😭
Camilo Franco
Camilo Franco:
“I think he even had an accident” (maniac laughter)
I love her so much😂😂
Mary Nu
Mary Nu:
Bill Cosby oh my God, nothing like a perfectly hilarious and genius person viciously sexually harassed over and over
God I absolutely love this woman~~She's adorable~~
alan La
alan La:
Yaddy Pereira Flórez
Yaddy Pereira Flórez:
Just love her .... ¡¡¡¡ ❤
sabari nath
sabari nath:
I don't like Gordon Ramsay s behavior towards Sofia.. You really don't need to mess with a hot Latina 👧
Charlotte Paterson
Charlotte Paterson:
Every clip was great except the one with the thirsty creepy old man.
farah farah
farah farah:
"Even had an accident hahahahh" she's amazing
how come she is way funnier than any schumer while she's not even a comedian.
Me: Giants

Sofia, and intellectual: yaiants
Gabi Koonings
Gabi Koonings:
Oh man, her humor, her style, her temperament, her accent, and yes, her voice too, and i don't need to mention her looks, the woman is a goddess...
Joe Mangianello is a very lucky man.
Palak Mehta
Palak Mehta:
3:15 omg that guy in the left he's literally saying the same words Sofia is....very subtly but it's there.
Jessy Koulut
Jessy Koulut:
She is soo soo joyful, I stop my scrolling as and when I see her lmao🤭😂🤣