Solskjaer, Matic and Pereira react to Reds win | Manchester United 3-0 Colchester United

Hear from Reds boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Nemanja Matic and Andreas Pereira as they react to the 3-0 win over Colchester United in the Carabao Cup quarter final at Old Trafford.

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72 comentarios:

Servant Of Jesus Christ
Servant Of Jesus Christ:
As much as Rashy is my fav player in this squad, I'm more satisfied to see Martial scoring, I really want him to get back to his best, we should give him all the support he needs, because we all know that he's very gifted and has the potential to become a phenomenal player, I think Haaland would really push him so there would be no time for complacency, I really want him back to his best, running at players, scoring elegantly....
Lio Lleshi
Lio Lleshi:
Anyone else admiring Ole's tie? As in the one he's wearing? Slick design
hazza lyrics sm
hazza lyrics sm:
This carabao is amazing!! Its Quarter finals doesn't have home and away ...why semi finals has home and away ......i see 1st leg Man utd at oldtafford and 2nd leg at Etihad.........but we dont care as man utd.......i wait to see another two win against City.........MANCHESTER IS RED!!!!!!
Mgasu Kihanwa
Mgasu Kihanwa:
Let's try and return City into default mode
Adam Tariq
Adam Tariq:
Happy Anniversary Ole. 1 Year at THE GREATEST FOOTBALL TEAM !
Ole bring home a trophy!
Tobi L
Tobi L:
Pererira played well today, I liked what he was doing with the lob passes. What we need exactly to break down teams. Shame on Rashford’s finishing
「λlik」 jr.
「λlik」 jr.:
Nobody talks about mata today.
Does this mean wan bissaka is going to pocket sterling again🤣🤣
King Salomon
King Salomon:
Hear we come city,,,, get ready for the RED DEVIL'S
Vishnu Sidharthan
Vishnu Sidharthan:
I think we should start mata instead of lingard
Moha Shire
Moha Shire:
We win Again SemaFinal💯
Davi Luz
Davi Luz:
Come on United!! Lets beat City again!!
-_- 69
-_- 69:
Let's beat city again lads itll be 3 times this season if we win both
Victor Delvigne
Victor Delvigne:
The best of the wold the great club Anglish ⚫⚪🔴Manchester🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 United !😁 Fan's french of Rc Lens 🤝❤💛
Mutual Malang
Mutual Malang:
We will support our Manager. In Ole we trust
Jimmy o Neil Jimmy o Neil
Jimmy o Neil Jimmy o Neil:
Manchester united forever 💜💜💜💜
Hopefully we can keep Manchester Red
Big Niqo
Big Niqo:

LOL video lucu
LOL video lucu:
Please bring Ruben Neves at Old Trafford
The Hh
The Hh:
Raze 351
Raze 351:
Best possible semi final opponent imo. Let's beat city again!
sean brennan
sean brennan:
Matic has put his hand up for selection against watford. Well done big man
hazza lyrics sm
hazza lyrics sm:
Man utd to draw man city semi finals wooow!!!
F1_ Liteen
F1_ Liteen:
I was there
Only watched the first half but pereira actually played in some quality balls behind their back line
Jay Tee
Jay Tee:
Excellent skill from Rashford in the 1st goal, weaving through 3 defenders before finding a gap to score. Shows experience with maturity, as many would just shoot towards goal once they get the pass. It helped that Colchester, after keeping a goaless 1st half, opened-up to move up and try to score, leaving the gaps for penetration.
I was nervous at halftime. Well, maybe nervous is a strong word to use but I thought there might be an upset. It took forever to break through them.

I hope Tuanzebe is okay.
Bring on City
Simon Christiansen
Simon Christiansen:
LOL video lucu
LOL video lucu:
James Garner now became better and better if he always play, he can be the next Carrick
Gabriel Naser
Gabriel Naser:
Mold it like Molde
Zack Kyler
Zack Kyler:
Matic assist🔥
Yahdi Nadal
Yahdi Nadal:
If We Win Carling Cup, EL And Top4 It Would Be Great Season.

zielony sniper
zielony sniper:
ole is a destroyed destroyer!
eyes says everything!
Fabián Zárate
Fabián Zárate:
Andreas Pereira, un gran jugador. Infravalorado, en un equipo que empieza a callar bocas.
Emil Johansson
Emil Johansson:
Sell Phil Jones
Romero is more stronger and get clean sheets than De Gea in goal
J 1
J 1:
ole is the right man. knew it from the start
Golden boy
Golden boy:
Congrats ole to your first year!✌💯❤
Media Experiment TV
Media Experiment TV:
I wish to score agains city, i wish to score 3 and make them cry
สมพงค์ ศรีโพนทอง
สมพงค์ ศรีโพนทอง:
Media Experiment TV
Media Experiment TV:
Beat city 3-0
brucebart man
brucebart man:
Go Man U Go!
We going to beat them again
Subhan Qureshi
Subhan Qureshi:
please show one interview at a time and don't mix it..can't understand the concept of mixing the interviews.
Abaas Mahamud
Abaas Mahamud:
Ole , affax the players who play in midfielder especially number 8 and
Target attack .
Mukhtaar Abdi
Mukhtaar Abdi:
gurveer singh
gurveer singh:
Nobody :
Andreas : hmm yeeaaah!
Rai Zulkarnaen
Rai Zulkarnaen:
Semua Sayang Ole
Hope by then Pogba will be fit to play, we need him
Yung Spark
Yung Spark:
I don't watch the game but we play will, I like that
pesona Karawaci
pesona Karawaci:
This is the only trophy i have faith in to win this season...... come on
Jamal Hassan
Jamal Hassan:
Against city little difficult.. but we gonna win
stephen ebuka
stephen ebuka:
Come on united
Let's trash city again😈😈😈😈
Patryk Jasnowski
Patryk Jasnowski:
Pereira? Why is he still in the squad ffs
Tatsumi Takeshina
Tatsumi Takeshina:
man matic looks straight up like a bug in this interview
Rafi' Syarifatulhuda Arlistyo
Rafi' Syarifatulhuda Arlistyo:
Yes... the finishing is bad
J U:
Pereira’s English is amazing
Golden Boy
Golden Boy:
V need a striker in jan common ole v can beat city again
สมพงค์ ศรีโพนทอง
สมพงค์ ศรีโพนทอง:
David JS
David JS:
How in the world did ole like the first half over the second. Does Ole enjoy players passing side to side for 45 minutes.
Jaeshran Reddy
Jaeshran Reddy:
Pereira is useless
Marketing james
Marketing james:
Matic even speaks lousy every thing about the guy is slow
Begawan Drona
Begawan Drona:
Finishing is the problem.
Savious Sibanda
Savious Sibanda:
Matic talks like he is dead😂😂😂
Jack Brown
Jack Brown:
1st like
Harry Melander
Harry Melander:
Matic leave in january
คนเมือง เชียงใหม่
คนเมือง เชียงใหม่:
Matis is the only person who ever won a premier league
Shanti shanti
Shanti shanti:
Ole- city is the best team I England
The world- 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
OLE OUT! I don’t even think I wanted Moyes out as much as I want this guy out 😪. So rubbish