Solskjaer's optimism for Manchester United is self-serving - Shaka Hislop | Premier League

ESPN FC's Steve Nicol and Shaka Hislop break down Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's comments about Manchester United potentially being able to finish top-4. Hislop says the comments are a bit "self-serving" given Solskjaer's unstable position at the club while Nicol believes Chelsea and Tottenham are better equipped to secure a Champions League position. The duo, along with Julien Laurens, also looks at Arsenal's upcoming fixture with Chelsea and Mikel Arteta's start with the club. Laurens responds to Arsenal legend Thierry Henry's criticisms of Arteta, saying there is a different look to the team under him than in the past.


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Boxing Icons and Legends
Boxing Icons and Legends:
NO ONE gives Man Utd ANY credit on any level. These pundits look for any excuse to criticise Utd. It’s hilarious because it’s obvious hate. No one is saying Utd are amazing but come on stop hating saddos
Darshan Malde
Darshan Malde:
Shaka “at the same time” Hislop
Subhro Roy Choudhury
Subhro Roy Choudhury:
Why does ESPN FC see motives in everything rather than analyse football.
Digonto Zahid
Digonto Zahid:
He is the last person who is self serving.......he cares about this club he wants the best for this club not for himself he is taking so much heat from the media with not lashing out or crying about it because he knows he may not be a top manager and be a long term manager for united but he is laying the foundation for the next united manager to come in and inherit a good young squad
Legis Marube
Legis Marube:
Men you guys are always negative, you always ignore the positives and focus on the negatives especially when it comes to ole
Stephen Johnston
Stephen Johnston:
What a pair of knobs
Paul Scholes
Paul Scholes:
Write a title about united and talk more about arsenal
With Ole he has to say the positive things about the players and the club for the media. I highly doubt that he is happy and always positive behind closed doors. I guarantee if you lot sitting there criticising him for being positive were the manager of Man U, you'd do the same.
Dick Dingwiza
Dick Dingwiza:
So now Utd were gifted goals?
Viera is in Ligue 1, Arteta is in the PL, and Henry is salty that he could only manage an MLS gig where he was hired mostly to sell tickets to francophone Canada
Zexstra Zidan
Zexstra Zidan:
Just stop being salty Man utd have the better chance they can bear top teams easily so ole said the right thing
Sayondip Roy
Sayondip Roy:
Gifted them 3 goals?
richard efosa
richard efosa:
Hating is allowed. Ole needs the rest of the season sure but Man Utd will surely be back sooner than later like I'm a prophet, a football prophet.
Wow thanks for the support Henry , after just one game
This is what you discuss when you watch a 5 minute highlights video and a 5 minute press conference. Zero analysis of the game.
You might as well hire Stevie Wonder to analyse these games ESPN.
Wolves in on that 4th spot too! 4 team race for 1 spot
Self serving.......🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂😂

Seriously, can you name a single action ANY manager at ANY level does that is not self serving? What a pointless remark.

In other groundbreaking analysis the corner flags have flags.
Robel Tadesse
Robel Tadesse:
I honestly think even at this point in the league, we'll finish in 6th and get Europa League again. Its obviously going to be Liverpool then city or Leicester and then I'm thinking Tottenham will somehow get 4th with Chelsea dropping to 5th and United at 6th. Wolves 7th bc I just don't see them in the top 6 yet. Arsenal 8th...
Vijay Iyer
Vijay Iyer:
Top 4 ?? 😆😆😆😆
Erik Anders
Erik Anders:
I think jules is lowkey an arsenal fan
Pavith Perera
Pavith Perera:
What a cheap way to get views by criticizing United week in week out lol.
Competitive Examinations
Competitive Examinations:
hateful man utd analysis as always.
Leroy Pietersen
Leroy Pietersen:
Why all the hate against United???
Jonathan Davidson
Jonathan Davidson:
Worst pundits EVER. Shaka knows nothing and the other Scottish shame - there is a reason he’s not in the UK
Abhinav Loomba
Abhinav Loomba:
Akhil Vijay
Akhil Vijay:
Shaka Hislop :-
No of premiere league champions winners medal = O
No of champions league winners medal = O
No of FA Cup winners medal = O
Biggest achievement of his life = Talking garbage in ESPNFC
Mark Gregory
Mark Gregory:
Oh dear Shaka
Ole Gend
Ole Gend:
Really they want to talk about other teams since United won so they have to use United as the headline Even though they barely reach the 40sec mark before trying to move on 😂😂😂

Hated Adored Never Ignored MUFC 😈😈😈🔥🔥🔥
bankole ojo
bankole ojo:
Shaka "Mindreader" Hislop
A Roshan
A Roshan:
United must buy 2 midfielders in the transfer window I'd buy Zakaria/Soumare and Fernandes Olmo
Liverpool FC the greatest club in the world.
Liverpool FC the greatest club in the world.:
Henry just butthurt he didnt get offered the job
ha ha
ha ha:
Change the pundits please
We’re one point behind Chelsea.
OLE OUT ! All you delusional fools getting tricked because he’s a former player
Aaron Adams
Aaron Adams:
Arsenal didn’t look any better this game . Idk what Julian was on about . They tied Bournemouth
damion baker
damion baker:
Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea
Truth .
Truth .:
Who’s this French guy? Was he ex player? Where did earned his football knowledge credibility? Challenging Henry? Lol
Clement Siby
Clement Siby:
These bozos ..
Jack Wanjala
Jack Wanjala:
I always feel like these espn pundits talk stupidest things just to click bait us viewers
Ben Cheda
Ben Cheda:
These pundits on ESPN are so biased. Never give Ole credit when he deserves it. They always give excuses to Chelsea and Arsenal but destroy Ole all the time. Well that's why their you tube vlog is always so dead!
oluseyi owolabi
oluseyi owolabi:
It's confirmed now. These pundits or ESPN definitely have an agenda against United and Ole. Maybe it's for traffic but it's very unbecoming. It's getting really boring. They never give credit where due and always negative. I guess the onus is on Ole and United to prove these clowns wrong. They'll say anything to get that paycheck. Pathetic.
Nicodemus Suya
Nicodemus Suya:
Everybody keeps saying united are a counter attacking team is misleading they are counter attacking cause they do not have quality midfielders to pass through opponents who make it difficult its what the manager has at the moment and it will improve because united can compete in the transfer market he never promised the epl or ucl after a year he promised a rebuld a chenge of culture hasnt he delivered that we used to see united players more on instagram than on the pitch change is not going to come instantly for a club that has fallen soo far like united but the squad today looks young exciting vibrant and here is stat for you martial rashford and james have been involved in 35 goals directly in epl alone(goals plus assist) mane salah and firmino have been directly involved in 39 goals the trio in the world and just four goals apart from a trio that has an average age of 22 id be optomistic if i was him
Sam B
Sam B:
These guys no nothing.
As a gooner I anticipate a tougher game for Chelsea at the Emirate than at 3pntLane. There is no way Chelsea likely to keep a clean sheet against us and if they concede first I expect us to win easy.
Ferdinad Kakuni
Ferdinad Kakuni:
We need better defense we need leaders behind I don't think his new edition is a leading material
Mark Williams
Mark Williams:
Joke club Joke manager Joke fans.
Peter Fleming
Peter Fleming:
What utd need right now is more creativity in midfield and possibly a solid holding midfielder aswell. Forget signing fancy players from foreign leagues at this time. They need premiership proven players to get them more consistent results in the premiership
Michael MeyerStarr
Michael MeyerStarr:
What do you want him to do, say 4th isn't happening and the squad isn't good enough? The players down toolsed for Jose because he did that. There are a million reasons to be critical of Ole but good man management isn't one of them.
Nico B.
Nico B.:
Henry is a snake🐍. He was a great player, but a terrible human being imo. And a terrible manager aswell.
Ole is trying his best to keep his job and hope the Glazers resign but those same Man United fans that said Ole is at the wheel all want him out now an are calling him clueless. Very funny. 😅😅
Paul Scott
Paul Scott:
United are playing better than the start of the season its not what there used to back in the day but thats football for you the ups and downs of the prem
The Loner
The Loner:
Bla bla bla...bunch of nonsense
Ryan Rigby
Ryan Rigby:
Get Steve of this show
Devin Kaula
Devin Kaula:
For as bad as Man U have been, I’m truly surprised they are only 4 points out from the top 4 lol
sohail khan
sohail khan:
This is a panel of idiots, there knowledge / analysis is one sided especially when it comes to United. since October each team has played 13 games each, united are on par with Manchester City with 19 points out of possible 39, while Chelsea, tottenham, wolves, have 18 points from possible 39, but united get all the criticism, while unlike chelsea are out of league cup as are tottenham, Pochettino gets all the rave, tell me how many trophies he has nothing. same as Ole, in spite of been years longer at tottenham before he left, yet he is treated as the next Pep, or Sir Alex. give Ole a break , yes United are still inconsistent but they have had more then fair share injuries to key players.
Luke McGrory
Luke McGrory:
It’s not even an achievement getting 4th this season still embarrassing so far off Liverpool
Yousef Ahmed
Yousef Ahmed:
Manchester United are a weird team 😑
Anmol Diddan
Anmol Diddan:
Your experts are biased and plain stupid. And your ratings seem to be highly dependent on United bashing. Get better experts. Stuck with you for almost a year but done with your thick experts in 2020.
Raze Saiyan
Raze Saiyan:
So what Ole should be negative like mourinho was, being optimistic is not a bad thing. It keeps moral high for the team
Conor S
Conor S:
Ole just comes across like a really nice guy who is desperate for the love and affection of the fans and Alex Ferguson. Talking about Rashford being the next Rinaldo or how man United is still the biggest team in Manchester or why wouldn’t big players want to come to United. That’s the way a fan talks not a manager. You don’t prove anything with words, you prove it with actions and decisions, the fact that you are using words makes it look like you don’t actually have the capacity to do it through actions and decisions, it just looks weak. Talking about how good United used to be doesn’t make them good now
I have a deep seated dislike for united and their fan base but this whole self serving quote is unnecessary. If he is too negative for this group it will demoralise them. He has to be positive to get them to believe in the style they play. That front line of rashford martial and greenwood is something really interesting and exciting for the future. There is no quick fix for any manager with a team like this. Many teams struggle for years till the mix is just right. The arrogance of United fans and pundits who keep Insisting united need to jump this process is damaging the team
adam jenlani yusuf
adam jenlani yusuf:
Martial has taken the chances that’s why there climbing table compared to Rashford who wastes them ..☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽
Carrington Ndhlovu
Carrington Ndhlovu:
No offense these are the worst pundits