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100+ comentarios:

Grey Castle
Grey Castle:
Patrice Evra did not say “the Glazers love the club”.
He said one Glazer loves the club, please quote people correctly, I watched Evras vlog and he never said all Glazers love the cub
John Buckley
John Buckley:
Mark he said Avram Glazer, he didn’t mention any other Glazer. Remember you have a whole family involved.
Rory Moriarty-Scanlon
Rory Moriarty-Scanlon:
"A big game tonight against Luton"
That one sentence has ruined my day. In what world do we live in where Luton is a big game?
“ Solskjaer's 150 Million Transfer Blitz! ”
Yeh right.
Kyle Middleton
Kyle Middleton:
Mark: If Dortmund told me it was raining outside I'd put my swimming trucks on, half a tube of suncream on and go outside sunbathing bacause I don't believe them.

As soon as Mark lies down to sunbathe it starts snowing.
HYS Football
HYS Football:
Hopefully we win so I can feel better I just lost my cat
Polo Gi
Polo Gi:
Mark Evra said Avram Glazer loves the club with his heart. Not all of them, on the other hand I don’t believe they either but he did only say only him not all.
Lewis Newman
Lewis Newman:
Can’t believe we let Thiago slip through the net then bagged fellaini 😂
Devin Samuels
Devin Samuels:
Mark. I am sure Evra would know more about what is happening in the club as he is an ex player. I am sure he knows what he is talking about!
I really I like this channel but I don’t believe any rumours about signings until they are holding up the shirt.
Conor Dempsey
Conor Dempsey:
Doesn’t matter about City .. they got the job done , end off
*Sancho blinks*

Mark: Welcome to the united stand, Sancho to united is back on lads.
The Yanimator
The Yanimator:
HOLD Up. Mark doesn't believe tellers is coming until HE HOLDS THE SHIRT but blindly believe Sancho is ON HIS WAY. 🤣🤣
Alex T
Alex T:
We beat those top sides by parking the bus counter attack football which you have said in the past is the easiest tactic to play. He is not up to the standards we need to progress his decisions have been poor and that includes having no pattern of play, selection choices, game management, the back room staff and some of the signings. Its not just after one game, he got bailed out by bruno and the lift he gave the team which made those who thought a new manager would be better quite down but that game and the last few games of last season just reminded those people that he is not been good enough.
David Smethurst
David Smethurst:
The fitness department needs root and branch reform as does medical team. Too many familiar but underperforming faces
aiman janmohamed
aiman janmohamed:
Sorloth confirmed to RB Leipzig for €22 mil, Fabrizio confirmed that we weren’t interested in the first place.
Neil Lynch
Neil Lynch:
A MEDIOCRE Man Utd side should be beating Palace every day of the week? Maybe it's me who doesn't understand football? I don't know.
38:34 he wasn’t talking about people calling you names in the comments. He said when someone’s opinion is different to yours there an idiot... or a flip flop or you have an agenda. You just deflected the comment and said well people call me names so go watch another channel? Get a grip Mark.
Matt Hanley
Matt Hanley:
I love ole but hes clueless on how to change tactics mid game.
Jon Ha
Jon Ha:
Go back and watch your own videos 6 months ago mate. You say Ole only beats top 6 sides because its sit back hit em on break. That there is no tactics. Your words. Hypocrite
Richard Wood
Richard Wood:
Glad to see , Carrington was finally touched on ie., the fitness team. There are many in that center, who are either not up to the job, or have just become complacent. These top class athletes should have been ready, mentally and physically. No excuses.
Joe Bailey
Joe Bailey:
Ole knows how to counter attack teams that get at United. (i.e top 6 teams). When lower teams sit and play defensive Ole and United get stumped and have no idea what to do. Thats what people mean when Ole has no tactics
Deacon Syxx
Deacon Syxx:
Love the Utd Stand and the community around it...unfortunate the guy at the end took exception to your remarks Mark
Lindo Sibiya
Lindo Sibiya:
Ole needs to play full strength team besides Maguire & Lindelof. Today’s game should be an audition for Mengi & Bailly’s partnership
Shihab Atassi
Shihab Atassi:
another problem that the club been having since Van Gaal. we have a hard time playing with teams that sit back. we just cant tear them apart. this is why we do well against top 6 teams, its because they attack and we hit them back
ᗩᖇTIᖴIᑕIᗩᒪ IᑎTEᒪᒪIGEᑎᑕE
ᗩᖇTIᖴIᑕIᗩᒪ IᑎTEᒪᒪIGEᑎᑕE:
We trend every other day 🔥 United Stand! The progression the level up 🙏🏽 Biggest club in the world everyone cares about us.
p corleone
p corleone:
We should be playing our strongest side to get some match sharpness
Shihab Atassi
Shihab Atassi:
we already have an alternative to Sancho, his name is Mason Greenwood. we need someone better on top of Greewood
That time mark said we’re signing sorloth 😂😂😂
shakwaiv 4thGenna
shakwaiv 4thGenna:
Evra said one specific glazer loves united he never said all of them.
Gary Paro
Gary Paro:
If luton & united we’re playing in my back garden tonight id pull the curtains!
white owl
white owl:
Mark definitely said people who wanted Ole out don’t know football😂multiple times in previous videos
My prediction:
Were gonna sign lee grant to a 3 year extension and loan for a random 34 year old winger.
Fish Man
Fish Man:
I feel for Lindelöf in a way because people where saying he’s are best cb and now think he’s trash after a very poor game I feel people hate for the sake of it sometimes and yes we do need a cb
Ibrahim Mahmood
Ibrahim Mahmood:
This club plays with my emotions so much
Need squad depth. So team can rotate regularly. That would fix a lot of injury and other problems.
Red Mancunian
Red Mancunian:
Bollocks mark you know nothing you’ve made yourself look like a fool in this transfer window way more than any other in the past, embarrassing
H N:
Two things I'm waiting on for confirmation Sancho off - Fabrizio saying its off and/or Sancho tells us he is staying
Izat Azmir
Izat Azmir:
Remembered a few windows ago that we wanted Lozano and Manolas...we shud have bought them then cos Lozano is an awesome winger that could unlock that low block by palace and Manolas is very strong in the air, good passer of the ball and quite fast for a big man...which is maguire and lindelof are not
kyle anderson
kyle anderson:
Baillys probably our best centre back, if he stays fit it could be a blessing, also il believe any transfers when I see them officially announced, turning into a banter club man
Mo Faya
Mo Faya:
He should be getting more out of the current players
Dick Cummingham
Dick Cummingham:
At this point, i am not even interested in what u have to say. This whole transfer saga for united has become nothing but a Wet Fart....
DK Elli
DK Elli:
I’d like to see Pogba and Bruno switch positions and see how that works. See Pogba in a more forward role
mike heap
mike heap:
I never felt more like singing the blues...................oh CITY you got me singing the blues.
El Chapo
El Chapo:
Mark 90% Goldbridge is gonna have egg all over his face
Λάζαρος Αναστασιάδης
Λάζαρος Αναστασιάδης:
Bulit a bonfire bulit a bonfire put the glazers on the top put the Woodward on the middle...
Sokoni Kalumba
Sokoni Kalumba:
I think we need to sign in the right department . Sancho, Centre back and defensive midfielder is much of concern at the moment.
That rashford question was a good good question.. how do we keep that boys form up.. and his consistency.. it's a challenge for ole.
Sanket Patil
Sanket Patil:
At least Give Ole the players he wants, then you can start judging him.
Jonathan Dodwell
Jonathan Dodwell:
On the bright side Van der Beek looked class, just the sort of player we need
Koh Samui Villas
Koh Samui Villas:
i feel matic was fantastic for 3-4 weeks till he got his new contract then let his standards slip after just a thought
Terry Smith
Terry Smith:
They are just saying there looking at three signings, so that us has fans keep off their backs and keep the banter down nothing but lies coming from Woodward
J Will
J Will:
Why are you so quick to write off people’s comments when u dont understand them?
Contributer Clearly meant Leyton Orient/spurs game off but accidentally said Luton. Didnt deserve to be gas lit!
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson:
I back Ole to the fullest. I dont know whether he will be good enough or not, but without backing him we will never know. If he succeeds, we succeed, and in a shorter time than bringing in another manager would take.
Rene Kunnskap
Rene Kunnskap:
Crystal Palace is a hard one and United got hurt on the break. When Palace got 1-0 it was essentially 75% chance of loss because Palace is good defensivly and good in counter attack. If United had scored first it would have been a win for sure.
Mourinho was the “right time”, but with Ole it’s the “wrong time”? Why? And those people have an agenda... but you don’t?

I’m not even Ole out...
Aruna Radhid Koroma
Aruna Radhid Koroma:
I'm patiently waiting for my team, I know united will probably prove them wrong.
Koh Samui Villas
Koh Samui Villas:
i just feel the staffing part of the club fitness area ..medical...conditioning and the like is a bit of a first job old boys club
Airborne fighter2494
Airborne fighter2494:
Evra did NOT say the Glazers love the club, he said Avram loves the club.
k Brenner
k Brenner:
Why would Sancho want to join a club who’s board clearly are not trying to win titles when he knows his quality deserves to.
Kato Patrick
Kato Patrick:
Ole,please take that change and bring this player from Watford.(ISMAL)
Chaka Whyte
Chaka Whyte:
Ole’s tactics are like a submarine captain in a panic:

You basically own the United stand... you have the ability to create a video, with those pens, showing Ole’s tactics. You have the platform... prove it.

Oh please great Goldbridge. Show us.
Koffi Ayorkor
Koffi Ayorkor:
I've watched you countless times and I'm worried about this your obsession for Sancho, my prayer is that he doesn't come
All the English players at United are just waste.
Barry Boland
Barry Boland:
Ole's tactics against the top 6 were park the bus and counter attack..... tactics yes... garbage tactics
McTominnay could be used as a CB in rotation (along with the eventual newcomer), since he hasn't proven himself much for a midfielder. On the other hand he has the physical properties and guards the opponent players quite well. Rashford....oh boy...not anymore on the wing. He is not talented enough and can only put the ball in the net, this is only because he can only finish the action and not participate in the game buildup. Lindelof..I just feel sorry for him as the U-23 team currently seems just to good for him. Teden Mengi must be put in the wider list for each game. VDB in the starting lineup and Pogba on the bench.
Darren Bedford
Darren Bedford:
Ole should play a strong side and treat it like a preseason. Give some game time to our first team
jermyn ryan
jermyn ryan:
We all love manager since boss.... hes got that look with all of them wearing academy suits. With mourinho it was like.... watching amateurs getting out of the bus!!! Looks waaay more professional
Whiskey Shots
Whiskey Shots:
I feel like I don’t want to watch any match for man utd, anyone else?
Phil Leyland
Phil Leyland:
Yes his tactics against the top 6 was park the bus, something that Jose did and everyone was up in arms. You open your eyes and stop the agenda and recite the results against the bottom 10.
Shihab Atassi
Shihab Atassi:
watched BVB highlights last not, yeah Sancho aint coming this transfer. i think the club needs a proper CDM to protect the back line
joel atutor
joel atutor:
To be honest these players we have are more than good enough to beat palace.
Suresh Ayyadurai
Suresh Ayyadurai:
Ole needs to manage the fitness department as well especially for this club.
kyle jayanun
kyle jayanun:
Mark has no shame. Really bringing up our park the bus tactics against the top 6 to defend the manager ????
I am honestly tired of United sometimes, my mental health can't go through this tbh
Richard Littlewood
Richard Littlewood:
How does everybody know Fred wasn’t dreadful in training all week and unfit to play?
Dstaar UTD
Dstaar UTD:
I think when people say Ole doesn’t have tactics is a bit farfetched ,he clearly does have... however he doesn’t have his consistent way of playing is the problem, he’s always changing systems and players . He doesn’t have a set way of playing he can play against every team in the league like Liverpool and City ,and yes i will compare us to them as those are our standards.
Bruno improved our form not
Ole's tactics.
B.Alexander Johnstone
B.Alexander Johnstone:
That was first league defeat for ages.
Kjetil ‘
Kjetil ‘:
Sørloth is signing for RB Leipzig. He’s having medical now I beleive.
Tim Robertson
Tim Robertson:
Do you all honestly think ole gets the best out of the players.?
Rashford is overrated and he needs someone to let him know
so happy united are coming to luton!
Lar Murphy
Lar Murphy:
I'm beginning to get fed up with ole we all know he's a legend at the club and utd fans love him but that doesn't make him a good manager i think some of the players he signed are good maybe if he uesd the same tactics against all the other teams in the premier league the same as the ones against the top 6 teams we could have won the league
Nigel Ian Hinkson
Nigel Ian Hinkson:
Wise words mark. I often disagree with you but your on point
Boerboel Blade and Aria TV
Boerboel Blade and Aria TV:
Man U signed lindelof 30mil Bailey 30mil maguire 80mil and still need a Center back haha reminds me of Man City buying 4-5 centre half’s and still looking
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson:
Mark :Woodward and George are doing well commercially and that should please the Glazers and any employer but they have no business with the Footballing aspects (including transfer aspect ) of Man United ; and therein lies the Problem ! ; Solution:Get Director of Football for Man United like other top teams !
Dude that would be brilliant!! Get that ole tactics thing out there.. show the guys that dont understand football what it's all about.
Graham Allen
Graham Allen:
I would love to see Said Benrhama from Brentford. But realistically cannot see him coming!! Love to see Sancho at the club but the idiot Glazers have done their best to screw up this deal!
T Munoda
T Munoda:
People are saying Ole out because his demeanor is of a person who is satisfied with whats happening in and around him. If the team plays sh$t he sits there and does nothing. If Woodward does little on transfers he keeps quiet about it. He needs to be lively and aggressive.
lee Van Creech
lee Van Creech:
Get lamptey from brighton better than William's and would be a great back up for wan but lamptey can play when teams that sit back and telles the same. What you think?
Jonathan Cohen
Jonathan Cohen:
What happened to the director of football we where promised? This shows how incompetent the board and glazers are, every manager since sir Alex has had no backing from the board and Ed, until United are sold we will have the same issues every year, as the Manchester United have become a business not a football club.
hapsah Allang
hapsah Allang:
Mark deleted all commets against OLE😂😂😂
There’s no swoop, only skulking around the back door at this point
Arturo Filio Villa
Arturo Filio Villa:
I'll admit I was expecting trashing palace and it was a big comeback to reality and got me fuming. I don't like Ole but he hasn't been backed as half as much as Mourinho, before we ponder to sack him we have to back him and allow him to have his squad and have a few games, one game doesnt define how he is doing.
Tom Best
Tom Best:
We also lost to Arsenal last season.
Hudson odoi would be a good signing if we're not getting sancho
I don't see how Ole is the problem. Ole is pretty brilliant. I think Ole needs to be given all his targets and if he still does badly then we can blame Ole.
M&M M:
I think United will get David Brooke not Sancho 😂😂😂😂
i dont want to hear people say,"It's only Luton" if we win 3-nil...(foreshadowing)