Sophia Loren on "The Life Ahead"

After seven decades in show business, and a 10-year break from acting, Sophia Loren returns to the screen with a standout performance in a new Netflix film, "The Life Ahead," directed by her son, Edoardo Ponti. They talk with correspondent Seth Doane about her portrayal of a Holocaust survivor, and why the 86-year-old Academy Award-winner still approaches acting with the same spontaneity and anxiety as if it's her first movie role.

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100+ comentarios:

sugar love
sugar love:
The Queen is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!
susan bowman
susan bowman:
I was a flight attendant many years ago and Ms. Loren was on one of my flights. She was so kind and gracious and breathtakingly beautiful!
Roo7 Qtr
Roo7 Qtr:
Hope she wins an Oscar for this film, she deserves to be celebrated at this age, what an iconic actress !
Lilith Kenis
Lilith Kenis:
Sophia, she's 86 now, I am 62, when I was a kid I named my doll after her, because I loved her so much from the movies <3
Peggy Werner
Peggy Werner:
I'm so glad to see her so well and making another movie. She is stunningly beautiful.
Kipper Wonderdog
Kipper Wonderdog:
My God, A living legend. Young people these days have no idea about her burning up the screen.
Sophia has beauty inside and out. She's a legend.
Peter Bound
Peter Bound:
as an Italian, Sophia Loren is our national treasure. she is like our crown jewel. i can't wait to watch the movie
Mary Turner
Mary Turner:
What a delightful interview of an amazing actress. Very happy she is alive, well and acting! Thank you!
Jonnie Mae Middletonlotte
Jonnie Mae Middletonlotte:
She is truly a lasting beauty. Sophia Loren has a wonderful presence. She emits something right and good.
Catherine Mascari
Catherine Mascari:
A fabulous woman, actress, and mother. She’s Italian what else could you expect! Bravo Sophia, bravo!! A definite Oscar winner!
Sophia Loren's "Beauty" radiates as it surrounds her!...She is someone whom you immediately notice and cannot take your eyes off as she moves through the room!
I cannot wait to see this film! Sophia Loren is a goddess to me.
Rosaline Georgine Agaatsz
Rosaline Georgine Agaatsz:
Beautiful bound of mother and son. Sophia Loren is a beautiful lady inside and out.❤️
Hawsrule Begin
Hawsrule Begin:
Isn’t she just charming and humble. A great woman. Film looks great.
Miss Loren: a master class in acting, talent beyond measure, how fortunate we are to be in a world that includes her magnificent presence.
Majbritt castrup Jørgensen
Majbritt castrup Jørgensen:
What a woman! She has brought her son up to be a caring man!
Ben E
Ben E:
She is the example of a woman with natural beauty
Atheria PsychicGal
Atheria PsychicGal:
So glad that Sophia is back! She's a treasure.
Bernadette Dunn
Bernadette Dunn:
Her beautiful soul always comes thru in every role she plays. She's a real 🌟.
Diamond Blue
Diamond Blue:
I can't wait to watch "The Life Ahead". Everything about Sophia Loren is extraordinary. Thank you Edoardo for bringing her back to the screen. She's been missed.
LV Linda6
LV Linda6:
She is an amazing woman who has overcome so much adversity. I’ve adored her for decades. Thank you for the interview. ✌🏻💖🌺
Uma Subramanian
Uma Subramanian:
I have adored her for decades. Incredible how she handled her private and public life. So grounded in reality. Knowing in the end fame and glory go away. Family is what is what is left.
THE most beautiful woman (inside And outside!) in the world! She is "real!" Thank you, Mama and son! Much Love, Good Health, and Many Blessings! ☆♡♡♡☆
KarenVal Jewelry
KarenVal Jewelry:
Bellisima! The convergence of art and family bonded in love is beautifully depicted here.❤️
Louis Caruso
Louis Caruso:
Sophia Loren is a gift to her fans from God...
Higgi A
Higgi A:
That was beautiful to see the closeness between mother and son, brought a tear to my eye, it's not always there so naturally, Sophia is a special lady indeed
Drumcat Fano
Drumcat Fano:
God Bless Sofia.She is just a Beautiful Soul.Always Liked her.
Mario Torrez Quant
Mario Torrez Quant:
That's what happens when you give Values and Principles to your children, you can feel love on both sides; she looks terrific too!!!
fujita films
fujita films:
Great way to wake up with this beautiful late mother was always compared to Sophia Loren when she was in her 20s n 30s..very pretty woman
Looks good for 86.
Olivia Live love laugh
Olivia Live love laugh:
She will always be my favorite actress. My daughters name is Loren.
She is timeless, she knows what LASTs, true beauty is from inside out
Susan Cheer
Susan Cheer:
Just watched this today and it is so wonderful. She is a treasure of a woman.
Pink Lady
Pink Lady:
She is still a very beautiful woman and she has aged gracefully.
Helena Schiffer
Helena Schiffer:
I love seeing how graceful she has aged still very beautiful. The words she speak have so much depth, & love. She is forever young because her heart & mind is open.
Ana Diallio
Ana Diallio:
Please give Sophia Loren a Oscar she really deserves it she is still a Legend actress and still beautiful and she can still act as an Actress.💐
Jim Overbeck
Jim Overbeck:
Rita Hayworth & this lady = impossible to look better: incredible.
Desther S
Desther S:
She has such a beauty and grace for being an actress as the age of 86. Not many people are blessed with such talent. 😘
She has such a kind heart, still as gorgeous as ever. I wish her the very best with this film.
Donatella 71
Donatella 71:
Come italiana sono orgogliosa di avere una grande attrice come donna Sofia...bellissimo film❤
Dana Reedy
Dana Reedy:
Sofia Loren is such a beautiful woman, so talented, such a lady.
"Everybody ages, I too. I'm not a saint. Me too. Hey, what can I do, should I be afraid? Why? It's wonderful! And I look wonderful for my age anyway, don't you think?!"

Yessss Queen 👑!
Jamila Hana
Jamila Hana:
I love Sophia Loren. To me she is a Queen. What a beautiful, simple, royal lady.💖💖👏👏👏
Inass Palestine
Inass Palestine:
She is amazing & so down to earth, her son is so passionate and his love to his mother means everything.
I watched the movie , its message is powerful and all actors did great 👍🏾🙏🏾
Bonnie Hall
Bonnie Hall:
I love this story. Sophia is such a wise woman. Good to see her still active in life.
Paul Florent
Paul Florent:
This is also the beauty of European movies, where older actresses like her, or Catherine Deneuve, Judi Dench, Marisa Paredes, Charlotte Rampling, Liv Ullmann, Helen Mirren can be the lead (AND being glamorous).
Debbie Polites
Debbie Polites:
She gives me the feeling that she is a no nonsense kind of lady 🤣🤣🤣
Backward MEN
Backward MEN:
She's a legend--period.
Kimberley Searching
Kimberley Searching:
I don’t know why I’m in tears watching this? Sophia is so inspirational, beautiful inside and out! I wish my 85 year old mom was in such good health. A lovely relationship between mother & son! I can’t wait to watch the movie! Brava Sophia! 🌹
Nan C
Nan C:
Loving, Honest, Respectful Mother / Son relationship. I look forward to watching this movie. Thank you for sharing this Interview ... welcome reprieve from politics on a Sunday morning. 🙏🏻😌☀️
Nana Iqbal
Nana Iqbal:
I've seen the movie and highly recommend it. Also the boy is a great actor.
Cindy Ann
Cindy Ann:
Movie based on the beautiful French novel "La vie devant soi"by Romain Gary, I can't wait the see this great actress playing again.
Carmen Peters
Carmen Peters:
i grew up seeing and hearing about this actress. She was, in my young impressionable mind, the quintessential woman. i had a beautiful cocker spaniel and she, on the merit of her beauty, deserved a fitting name. so i named her Fluffia. Fluffia Loren.
spoly 813
spoly 813:
The interviewer was good but he failed to mention Marcello Mastroianni among her leading men. I had the opportunity to speak with her many years ago and she was very kind and genuine. What a fantastic actress!
Margo McFaul
Margo McFaul:
Her real beauty is how she is down-to-earth and humble. She has real common sense values
JoAnne Weiss
JoAnne Weiss:
This is a beautiful way to begin today, their relationship is precious, so loving & devoted, respectful & delightful! She's incredible!
Joanna Leck
Joanna Leck:
Always my favourite, such beauty, character. She has gained everything with age.
Bernard Zinck
Bernard Zinck:
Sophia Loren is an international treasure...watching her in "A Special Day" when I was a kid was an unforgettable experience...her eyes are so incredibly expressive and soulful. It is impossible not to love her, at any age, in any movie. Basta.
Latino SEG
Latino SEG:
An honor to see a living legend still blessing fans with her work.
Looking forward to this film!!!
Italian Cinema Today
Italian Cinema Today:
Just beautiful, gave me the chills. Thank you, Sunday Morning, for this interview.
Valerie Hopkins
Valerie Hopkins:
What a treat! To see her again now, after all these years. Still thriving, still Italian, still fabulous omg I'm starstruck all over again. This woman is It. The Epitome. The One.
A LEGEND an undisputed icon of Hollywood’s Golden Age, BRAVO SOPHIA!!!
Richard Ricca
Richard Ricca:
She looks remarkable for her young age
This puts a big fat smile on my face. ❤️
Mary Dawn Pafford
Mary Dawn Pafford:
She is sweet! I know she was not a promiscuous actress and married for life with Carlo. Blessings we get again to have a taste of her once more.
Sandra K
Sandra K:
She has aged beautifully. So glad she didn’t go the way of so many actresses who look plastic. She has it all beauty, brains, talent and still has maintained her sassiness.
Nedra Wickremesinghe
Nedra Wickremesinghe:
Can't believe that my favourite actress is still on top of her game. What an inspiration to others. Long live Sophia. Your inner strength and beauty are characterized by your down to earth sincere values. I am lucky to pen these words for a living legend
nestor elio Garcia
nestor elio Garcia:
Extraordinaria ARTISTA.Protagonista de los papeles más diversos.😘😘😘😘
tj 1911
tj 1911:
good for you Young Lady
Robbie lacey Jones
Robbie lacey Jones:
For me she was the most beautiful woman on the screens, next is Monica Bellucci, both Italian
lou bock
lou bock:
God bless her for all her achievements, she started with nothing and her talent and hard work got her where she is. A natural beauty, a true Italian woman. Che Bella!
Life is simply a period of transitions. Ms. Loren has managed to handle these ever so gracefully. God bless and thank you, Sophia.
alessia nahier
alessia nahier:
Hope she wins her second best actress oscar for this movie! Her performance looks amazing!
Samantha Dymott
Samantha Dymott:
Houseboat is one of my favourite films ever she has timeless elegance
This was beautiful.
Borna Architecture
Borna Architecture:
The most beautiful woman EVER.
Apollo Translations
Apollo Translations:
A great movie. What a gift from a son to honour his mother. She looks amazing, and just irresistible acting. Hope Oscar goes for her
Never look like a grandma,still looks like a seronita,Sophia Loren!
Mats Dimalupil
Mats Dimalupil:
shes aging gracefully. i got teary-eyed when her son professed how idiot he could be if he wont cast his mom.
Victoria Gadd
Victoria Gadd:
She is fabulous and her son is very attractive and charming - but what would you expect!? Talented and beautiful family
chris ruiz
chris ruiz:
As the Great Screen Legend Bette Davis Said: "Aging is not for sissies" but God bless Sophia she looks great and she has a great attitude and I'm glad she is still working and she always was one of those natural great beauties she had hips and legs and a real woman's body at a time when it was acceptable to be a voluptuous sexy woman, and she was incredible sexy she still is God Bless her, my mother looks like Sophia when she was younger so Im very fond of sophia
Linda B
Linda B:
Sophia was the most beautiful woman in the world ❤️ my father adored her which made my mother so jealous. I raise my two daughters loving her and watching her movies over and over. I love her so much I named my Cadillac after her. Can't wait to watch her movie.
That lucky young actor will remember how wonderful it was being in a movie with the famous Sophia Loren.
Rita Daniels
Rita Daniels:
Wow wow really she is beautiful good looking lady too still looking young lady too right there today now.
beata virtual
beata virtual:
bellisssima for ever , and beliisimma humana !!
Rita Daniels
Rita Daniels:
Wow wow really she was a special Lady she was so beautiful mother that seam to cear for people and children too.
sue terra
sue terra:
Seeing that video was worth a million emotional-dollars to me!!! She's AMAZING....and, she's one of my heroes, still.
Halina N
Halina N:
I'm 60+ and as a young girl I was cutting her pictures from magazines and was makeing sort of an album.
Al Kante
Al Kante:
What a precious interview!
Merveilleuse Sophia Loren...
Nancy Perry
Nancy Perry:
Beautiful interview. I’m excited to see the 🎞 and my favorite actress Sophia 💖🥰👍
Salina Chalamet
Salina Chalamet:
Sophia Loren is like Athena the Goddess of wisdom and war💫
HAL 9000
HAL 9000:
The first Sophia Loren movie I ever saw was "Houseboat" with Carey Grant. She's a stunning woman and a great actress!
3:06 The look of a mother's pride in her son.
Isaac Martinez
Isaac Martinez:
Sophia Loren is one of the best actresses in Hollywood and beyond.
Deborah Sistare
Deborah Sistare:
I've always loved Sophia's movies. She a class act actress.
The world another beautiful movie from the maternal, loving Sophia right now.