Sophia Loren | Transformation From 3 To 84 Years Old

Birthday: September 20, 1934
Nationality: Italian
Famous: Quotes By Sophia Loren Actresses
Also Known As: Sofia Costanza Brigida Villani Scicolone, Sofia Lazzaro, Sofia Scicolone

Sun Sign: Virgo

Age: 84 Years
Born In: Rome
Famous As: Film Star
Height: 1.74 M

Spouse/Ex-: Carlo Ponti
Father: Riccardo Scicolone
Mother: Romilda Villani
Siblings: Anna Maria Villani Scicolone, Giuliano Scicolone, Giuseppe Scicolone
Children: Carlo Ponti, Edoardo Ponti
Religion: Catholicism
Net Worth: $75 Million As Of Jan 15, 2017
Sofia Villani Scicolone, popularly by her screen name Sophia Loren, is an Italian film star. Counted amongst the most beautiful and talented actresses to have ruled the cinema world, she was a major star from the 1950s to the 1970s. Born to an unwed mother, she had a difficult childhood. Being an illegitimate child meant no father figure and extreme poverty in the first 15 years of her life. Aptly nicknamed 'little stick', she was shy, ugly and lean as a child, and little did she know that one day she would become a sex symbol in the entire US and Europe. Her fortune changed when at the age of 15 she was spotted by a producer, her future husband, in a beauty pageant. From there on she went from being an unknown face to a Hollywood star and in no time garnered a huge following of admirers. Several prestigious awards certify that she was not just a pretty face but a complete and true actress. Unlike several of her contemporaries whose personal lives were marked by controversies, Sophia Loren had a stable marriage with Carlo Ponti, a man 22 years older to her, and did not remarry after his death
Childhood & Early Life
Sophia was born on September 20, 1934 in Rome, Italy. She was the first illegitimate child of Riccardo Scicolone and Romilda Villani, the second being her sister Maria.
Romilda was a struggling actress and received no support from Riccardo, and thus the family lived in extreme poverty. They lived with her grandmother in Pozzuoli.
When Sophia was hit by shrapnel during the World War II, the family shifted to Naples only to return after the war.
In order to pay their bills, they opened a pub where her mother would play the piano, Maria sang and Sophia waited on tables.
As a teenager she entered the Miss Italia 1950 beauty pageant and was one of the finalists. After this she enrolled in acting classes and moved to Rome with her mother.

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Top Famous Tube
Top Famous Tube:
Rare Photographs of a Teenage Sophia Loren at the Miss Italy Contest in Rome 1950s :
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Юлия Новокщёнова
Юлия Новокщёнова:
Я люблю Софию Лорену, как всегда вся красотка 🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗❤️❤️❤️
naralie perren
naralie perren:
Ей 82, а мужчины ей в "глаза" так и смотрят)))
Carlos Figueiredo
Carlos Figueiredo:
Alguém já falou que sophia Loren quando nasceu DEUS,  estava muito inspirado!
Gio sleeping
Gio sleeping:
She has always looked older than she really was/is.

Edit: no offence, she looks gorgeous anyway!
Richard Andretti
Richard Andretti:
Sophia Loren is just beyond beautiful. True Artist. True Beauty. True Talent. She is what I call...CELEBRITY.
Marilena Granata
Marilena Granata:
la foto dei 12 anni è la Bardot, non Loren
the light reveals the place
the light reveals the place:
12 is Bridget Bardot NOT Sophia Loren.
The Official Andy Saenz
The Official Andy Saenz:
She's a stunning beauty! Even at her current age!
Mahasen Selume
Mahasen Selume:
Linda desde niña hasta la vejez. Ella será siempre una inmortal.
tania Guimaraes
tania Guimaraes:
Sempre Linda !
Linda Felkel
Linda Felkel:
Transformation?? Normal aging
process - for ALL of us
Helena Rolander
Helena Rolander:
Dziekuje, Swietny pomysl na nakrecenie takiego filmiku!❤️
H - ASH:
She was the italian Marylin Monroe, a diva! And she seems to be a very nice person. I like her.
Fletcher Musician
Fletcher Musician:
Age is just a number all this Sophia young, old, now,...means nothing to me.. I would love to meet Sophia because I love her.. Fact ♥️
bev baughn
bev baughn:
The first photo is of Marlene Dietrich, NOT Sophia Loren.
The Chosen Zack
The Chosen Zack:
Hermosa mujer, ha envejecido muy bien, siempre bella y elegante.
tommy d.
tommy d.:
Saw her in an interview awhile back and ironically she never thought she was attractive. She said her facial features were too exaggerated. A very humble person, but then the best usually are.
Татьяна Полосина
Татьяна Полосина:
Danke schon fur. Film Tatjana
Tina Rider
Tina Rider:
The Golden Time of real Divas..Bless Sophia❤👸
Amal R.
Amal R.:
Gorgeous and beautiful both inside and outside
Jade Zee
Jade Zee:
at least 3 face lifts.....but..always a great beauty...and a fine actor
Mafia Player
Mafia Player:
Mario Filho
Mario Filho:
Amazingly beautiful and absolutely classy
Alma Bonfil
Alma Bonfil:
Bellísima mujer y buena actriz 👌🦋
LiV Beau
LiV Beau:
In irgendeinen Film sagt ein Mann zu ihr : " Du hast von allem so viel !" Das finde ich auch und es hat nicht nur etwas mit ihrem Körper zu tun !
hjot 22
hjot 22:
2:07 donde mira?😂
"El que tuvo, retuvo y guardo para la vejez" Guapa hasta que se muera...
Laurie Baker
Laurie Baker:
She is one of the most beautiful woman born on this earth. A woman who believes she's beautiful is beautiful indeed.
Loriann Witte
Loriann Witte:
Thank you, Beautiful Sophia Loren.
Great actress she just seems to have a true love and zest for life, incredible woman x
Lance Lote
Lance Lote: cousin looked just like her in this pic. I guess coming from Italian immigrants have helped the looks in our family.
Tim Wong
Tim Wong:
She reveals very different kinds of beauty at different age. She is very sexy in her 20s, but most beautiful in her late 30s and early 40s.
Srđana Vuksanović
Srđana Vuksanović:
Beautiful Sophia Loren beautiful, beautiful beautiful.
David LeRoy
David LeRoy:
A truly glorious woman; we will never see her like again!!!! The reincarnation of Aphrodite. the Greek goddess of love!!!!
greta y frida
greta y frida:
Bellisima mujer !!
ro ziko
ro ziko:
06:02 ❤️ Miss You...
joe smith
joe smith:
Mʂ. Lҽσ
Mʂ. Lҽσ:
Beautiful lady,at 63 it's like she reinvented herself. 😊🌷💖
Vanda Brouwer
Vanda Brouwer:
I'm asking also, why de foto of Brigitte Bardot is in this vídeo??
Maria José Soares
Maria José Soares:
Sempre linda amo!
Mark Clift
Mark Clift:
She is still the definition of a truly beautiful woman. Also, she is a magnificent actress.🤗💯♥️😎
J C:
Now that's REAL BEAUTY
Jeanie Volk
Jeanie Volk:
For those that don't know what Voluptuous means, the definition was Sophia Loren.
Nationality: Neapolitan *
Ânyà Štár ✨
Ânyà Štár ✨:
2:04 *Oh... That was her?!* 😁
Nievs Gatcha
Nievs Gatcha:
That iconic picture with Jayne Mansfield 😂
Jack Heydrich
Jack Heydrich:
She looks her best in my eyes between the ages 59/76.
So perfect. Too sexy.
Aleksandr Puchkov
Aleksandr Puchkov:
Великие беды рождают великих людей. Богатырей... Не нас...
mark farley
mark farley:
Amazing Italian actress and a great beauty with class, I found her captivating as a child and still do as a gay man. Balisima
I think she looked her best in her 60s
Olga Kan
Olga Kan:
Люблю, Люблю и Обожаю!!! ❤
Bea beebee
Bea beebee:
Such a beautyful woman. I love her.
Manuela Melo
Manuela Melo:
Aos 0:34, a imagem é da Brigitte...
Armando Rafael Andrade
Armando Rafael Andrade:
Sofia Loren A Very Beautiful Lady.Very Talented.Amen.
Švicurc 369
Švicurc 369:
Definition of beauty
The iconic, the only one, i love you Sophia: my role model! ♥
So we have here Marlène Dietrich and Brigitte Bardot. ..?
sister jude
sister jude:
us brunettes we look old young and young when we get old
Nancy Gee
Nancy Gee:
she had a great life
Marli Costa Lima
Marli Costa Lima:
Sofia pode passar a velhice em paz, porque na sua juventude foi simplesmente deslumbrante.
یوسف و زولیخا
یوسف و زولیخا:
10:10 she looks weird.
Bruce Defaye
Bruce Defaye:
OUH OUH c'est Bardot à 0,33, Stop drinking!
rachel diane ames
rachel diane ames:
please do Robert stack the host of unsolved mysteries from the 1980's
selma silva
selma silva:
Pelo amor de Deus , a mulher nessa idade é maravilhosa! Essa é uma Diva de verdade!
Esther Arana
Esther Arana:
Que mujer tan hermosa, bella.. 🌷
Dirce Perez
Dirce Perez:
Rose petal
Rose petal:
She is stunningly beautiful! Wow she truly blossomed in her 40's growing old gracefully :-)
Jarmi Barta
Jarmi Barta:
She is forever beautiful! Sofia Loren!
Is that Brigitte Bardot at :35??? :D
Auxi Sedano
Auxi Sedano:
Sexy y bella todavía a sus 83 años.. Gran actriz 👏👏
Juana Amador
Juana Amador:
Sonja Lord
Sonja Lord:
why the hideous background thumping?
Natalia Rudzina
Natalia Rudzina:
The first photo --- Marlene Dietrich :)))
Milica Talijan
Milica Talijan:
Grazie...bellissima Sophia...❤
Claudia Maria
Claudia Maria:
I’m not italian, I’m neapolitan! Is another thing!
Cit. Sophia Loren.
Lisa Cancelada
Lisa Cancelada:
Thank you everyone.
Lidia Söderberg
Lidia Söderberg:
Espectacular esta dama!!!
Eh? No 12 is the young Bridgitte Bardot! Bad slip up...
Bet Bet
Bet Bet:
What the?!!! WOW!!!❤❤❤
Sinia Mataele
Sinia Mataele:
Happy I look like her 1% 😩🥰
ΟΝΟ 285
ΟΝΟ 285:
she is really great.. she is beautifoul in all ages!!! superwoman mediteranean beauty
Alguien me dice la musica de fondo 🤗
Камилла Мухитова
Камилла Мухитова:
На первой фотографии не София Лорен,а Марлен Дитрих в возрасте 3 лет
Nordisk Katt
Nordisk Katt:
Astonishing to see a human being that can stay so consistently gorgeous through an entire lifetime. Amazing.
Rubens Silva
Rubens Silva:
Tem brasileiros hoje por aqui assistindo esse vídeo e gostando também??? Então dá o seu joinha até o ano 2021 Valeu??
James Miller Laurel Helena La Una
James Miller Laurel Helena La Una:
My beautiful beloving aunt and great person❤️.
Absolutely stunning Great Actress
Sabrina sab
Sabrina sab:
Quelle beauté même moi qui suis 1 femme je l'admire !!
T J:
She was very beautiful in her prime years.
A.C. Cofan
A.C. Cofan:
She looks very well, fantastic, even to an older age; her hair, her legs, her eyes and face, all it's a charming human landscape....
stu wilks
stu wilks:
Some inaccurate photos.
Norma Roxy
Norma Roxy:
Absolutely amazing and beautiful woman. I love her since I remember myself. I am so fortunate to live with Sophia at the same time and enjoy her brilliance. Bravo!
Ross Denbby
Ross Denbby:
Hey people, the baby photo is Marlene Dietrich! Research guys!
Svetlana Abramova
Svetlana Abramova:
An amazing woman who in her 84 years remains a model of style, aristocracy and elegance.
N° 12 is Brigitte Bardot.
Angie Martinez
Angie Martinez:
Me encanta su elegancia, porte y sensualidad. Hermosísima y aún hoy en día tiene esa belleza y seguridad que la caracteriza. ♥️ Divina esta mujer