Sources: Former Miss USA Cheslie Kryst Dies By Suicide In New York City

CBS2's Jessica Moore has the breaking details.

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Andre W
Andre W:
This just goes to show you that we don't know what issues people are going through behind closed doors. RIP 🙏
She had both beauty and brains, yet was still struggling with an inner pain that few could see. It’s sad to lose anyone in such a way.
Robert Beining
Robert Beining:
Absolutely shocking and devastating. So intelligent such a light! Rest In Peace dear soul
‘Suicide doesn’t end the pain,
it just passes it on to someone else.’ RIP.
You will never know the reality of what is going on in someone's life, behind the smile, the beauty, the makeup, all the success. I didn't know this woman but I would imagine that her incredible beauty was matched only by the kindness in her heart. A kind word of love, not lust or envy, that's from the heart can change the direction of someone's day and entire life.
Ryan Grey
Ryan Grey:
Wow. This is heartbreaking and a loss for the world. She had everything going for her and many great contributions left to give. I also struggle with depression and it is an every day fight. I hope she has found peace!
My condolences.. There’s a lot of people suffering from depression
Sorry to hear of this. As someone who was recently hospitalized for mental illness, my heart goes out to her family.
She was such an amazing young lady! Never know what no one is going through! So sad man,prayers to everyone! 🙏🏾
Brenda B
Brenda B:
So tragic, so devastating to read this! I remember watching her as she competed then as she was crowned! This is such a horrible loss. Suicidal thoughts, when they plague someone, are so heavy. Often, no one would know or even suspect that a person feels this way.
I'm a military veteran with PTSD/MST.
Being very isolated from family or other people can magnify suicidal thinking.
Even when a person is educated, attractive, has a career on track, they can feel deeply sad without anyone knowing or suspecting.
Her family will feel the profound loss of this beacon of light in their lives for a long time.
The Black Hood
The Black Hood:
Incredibly disheartening. I enjoyed seeing her interviews on Extra tv. She was always a radiant smile I looked forward to seeing. Everyone, please keep a close eye on your family, friends, and loved ones. There’s far too many tragedies like this that can be prevented. May she find peace on the other side and her family know they are loved and well thought for.
Mental health is real and no one should be discouraged for having it.

RIP Cheslie Kryst.

Edit: also if people get offended because I say the word "mental health" then that's absolutely ridiculous.
After seeing the comment section its even more apparent to me on how divided and segregated this society is.
It's absolutely disgusting!
Carlos S
Carlos S:
I honestly didn't know who this young lady was and started reading and learning about here unfortunately after she died. Such a talented, smart, and good hearted person she seem to be. It's very sad that someone with so many good things going for her decides to end her life. I hope she finds the peace that she couldn't while in this earth and I hope that her family, friends, and those who care dearly for her also find peace and a way to heal with such loss. If you or anyone that you know are dealing with suicidal thoughts, get help and be supportive of one another. I lost my brother to suicide as well he was 33.
RomeAlone xMADxMCIMDx
RomeAlone xMADxMCIMDx:
May her soul rest, what a beautiful angel. Whoever is going through a tough journey in life, keep your head up we are all in this together. No matter if your high class or low class we all have demons we are facing on a day to day basis
Mz. MakeIt Happen
Mz. MakeIt Happen:
So sad R.I.P!
She had everything 99% of the world can only dream of, what does that say for the rest of the world right now? No wonder depression and suicide are at an all time high.
What a horrific tragedy! My prayers are with the family.
Terror Of The Mind can't be diagnosed by a Psychiatrist or treated with medication!
Je suis Lymarie
Je suis Lymarie:
No telling what struggle she was fighting. Precious little girl. I'm so so sorry for the ones left behind to hold such pain and loss.
So sorry to hear this young beautiful woman's death..everytime I hear news about young lives saddens me nomatter who they are, where they came from, be it rich or poor..!! REST In ✌☮
Karelys De La Cruz
Karelys De La Cruz:
Things aren't always what they seem to be. So tragic and devastating. I hope one day we start prioritizing mental health. Rest in peace, dear angel.
This hits me close to home after I lost a friend to suicide almost three years ago 💔 you never know what someone is truly going through. Always check on your loved ones ❤

May she rest in peace
sokin jon
sokin jon:
Things aren't always what they seem to be. So tragic and devastating. I hope one day we start prioritizing mental health. Rest in peace, dear angel.
Viral Nuh
Viral Nuh:
There are no words. Rest in Peace Cheslie.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Timothy Kozlowski
Timothy Kozlowski:
You never know what someone is going through behind that closed door.
Alexa Aguipo
Alexa Aguipo:
WHYYYYYY 😫💔 I wonder what pushed her to a tipping point and made her decide to end her life. Truly heartbreaking.
Choosen one
Choosen one:
You never how much someone is suffering behind clothes doors. Please seek help its never too late for a better tomorrow. Rest in peace beautiful angel. My condolences to the family
I pray that the truth comes out. Such a beautiful, talented & lovely person! My condolences to the Kryst family.
RIP Ms. Cheslie Kryst Thank you for being such an inspiration 💔🙏🦅
Clivann Joshua Climaco
Clivann Joshua Climaco:
I hope you'll find your peace and this is so saddening to take away your life like that. May you rest in peace.
Henry Santos
Henry Santos:
Rest in peace my condolences for the family.🙏
C Rich
C Rich:
I’m so heart broken by this I can just imagine her family . May her soul Rest In Peace . My condolences to her families and friends .
Janet Partyka
Janet Partyka:
My prayers go out to her loved ones. May God hold you tight and help you get through this tough time.
We will never be able to find another person like her and finding ways to understand why will confound us for many years. RIP 🙏
Wow, what a great loss. RIP.
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa:
What a horrific tragedy! My prayers are with the family. Terror Of The Mind can't be diagnosed by a Psychiatrist or treated with medication!
John Rawlings
John Rawlings:
God bless her and her friends and family. I don't know why but I feel so bad about this. God please help and save these vulnerable people. I love you all!
This sounds fishy to me. I hope they do a thorough investigation!
Patricia Perry-Higgins
Patricia Perry-Higgins:
Sending my Love and Condolences to Cheslie family we never know what people are dealing with be kind & Loving JUST BECAUSE…..
A Z:
So very sad, condolences to her family. 😔🙏🏻
Shcara Baker
Shcara Baker:
Omg,damn u never know what ppl are battling I'm lost for words.Rip
salma al-shaoily
salma al-shaoily:
This is beyond devastating. Someone who had accomplished so much in life at the young age of 30. And very beautiful and seemed very happy. You never know what Someone is personally going through. RIP Cheslie 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🕊🕊🕊
John Gonzo
John Gonzo:
Sad ! She jumped to her death , it's heartbreaking! Because we are all going through something, but sometimes a smile goes a long way . People treat others so bad, it makes them feel worthless and we don't know the effect words have until it's too late . May she Rest In Peace ! May God forgive her 🙏
Donna Griffirh
Donna Griffirh:
What a beautiful intelligent young lady so sad suicide is the last resort it's a shame that you feel that alone there's always something out there who will listen to you rest in peace
Blue T
Blue T:
Wow! That's sad, you never know the pain people carry beneath the smile.
Angelo Maximus
Angelo Maximus:
Omg I'm speechless 🙊
This woman always looked happy on Extra
Michael Morrissey
Michael Morrissey:
This is so sad, I hope she’s in a better place. 💔
☀️Golden Goddess👑
☀️Golden Goddess👑:
She's so beautiful, smart intelligent and caring... RIP beautiful soul 🕊🙏🏽🙌🏽
Audrey Caruso
Audrey Caruso:
My condolences to her family...
Titino show
Titino show:
Rest in peace cheslie kryst, desde México. Que Dios la tenga en su santa gloria! 🥺🙏🏽
Beautiful Wonderful
Beautiful Wonderful:
I watch her on extra everyday she seems so cheerful and happy I would never have expected this
Kayciaz World
Kayciaz World:
This is heartbreaking. May she RIP😢💔
Maral Eitzen
Maral Eitzen:
So sad. Rip. Please call someone if you're down. And always be available to listen if they need you.. "let me call you right back" could end it for them.
Leo Peregrino
Leo Peregrino:
You are loved and blessed Cheslie! Light And peace for you!
Mary Jane
Mary Jane:
Damn.. she’s gorgeous. Praying for her family.
Enoch Baffour
Enoch Baffour:
Such sad news. Please don't suffer in silence. I beg anyone who is struggling to call friends, family or the helplines. We all need a friendly ear from time to time. You are all loved 🙏
Prayers 🙏 for her family and friends.
Badass Beaver
Badass Beaver:
she was an extremely beautiful and successful young woman. RIP
humble zayski
humble zayski:
That is sad to hear condolences to her and her family wish the best for her a lot of people suffer with illness r.i.p miss usa ❤❤❤
Rafael Juelo
Rafael Juelo:
Rest In Peace Cheslie 🕊️🙏😢
Martin Cleere
Martin Cleere:
Sincere condolences to all those affected by this tragedy,prayers are with you all,
Asian guy
Asian guy:
Wow, you can have it all and still feel you have nothing. Sometimes an appetite to achieve it all becomes too insatiable. What really matters is friends and family.
sarah kelly
sarah kelly:
💔💔💔Can't imagine the pain. RIP
michy koh
michy koh:
Rest In Peace Queen 😭
That why never even judge someone because we dont know what they've been through RIP
RAKEEM Bel Air 32 Barber 🙏
RAKEEM Bel Air 32 Barber 🙏:
Praying for the family 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Linda Linda
Linda Linda:
Wow! If anyone listened to wiseman Daniel, and the revelation he had, you would know the times we are in. Pray for your friends, neighbors, spouses, children using psalm 51 and 121. She was only 30 years old. Pray against the spirit of depression, isolation, loneliness and suicidal thoughts. When you see one, the other is not too far behind
Donna Satrain
Donna Satrain:
Condolence for the family
Rest In Peace, Cheslie ✝
Mama Chanie
Mama Chanie:
💔💔💔 she was so beautiful,intelligent and very young. Absolutely shocking and devastating 💔
So sad. She was so young. Rip.
David Austin
David Austin:
So sad to hear !!! RIP !!!
Lolly Watts
Lolly Watts:
This is the saddest thing ever. Sleep easy my girl.
Do what's right
Do what's right:
You have to be brave to take a jump like that, good lord! Rip
Barbie Thee God
Barbie Thee God:
Wow by suicide this really makes me think my struggles aren’t as bad RIP to her 😔
very sad. Rest in Peace and Heaven my dear
Ankit Saggi
Ankit Saggi:
OMG this is so sad and shocking to hear - RIP
Magdalis Almodovar
Magdalis Almodovar:
Not every where the hotline works ive called twice and they have failed me both times. So young so sad, My prayers and condolences to her family may she RIP. 💔🙏
To jump from a building in New York!! You really gotta be going through it inside frfr😳😢… praying for her family
kareenacat Hart
kareenacat Hart:
There is so much help out there .. therapists.... friends family.. colleague's. ..... a beautiful healthy young woman ..... everyone gets depressed ....everyone goes through crap in their life... don't know where to turn.. it amazes me that people that have so much and so much going for them ...are some of the ones that can't go on.. some people go through so much and conquer ....and some people decide to end it....for what.?? ... AT 30 years old.. what could bring you to that ultimate level.... It doesn't make sense.!!.... what a shame.😔..
Lisa Johnson
Lisa Johnson:
Please get help if you're reading this and you're depressed. I love you and I don't have to know you. God bless you all.
allen Gina
allen Gina:
Omg! So sad! RIP dear.
Lesly Alonzo
Lesly Alonzo:
so heartbreaking. 🤍😔
RIP Chesliee😭😭😭 so sad she had issues inside.
Philip Revis
Philip Revis:
Rest in Peace!
Lee-Eaong Lepcha
Lee-Eaong Lepcha:
Rest in peace . 😢
fahad muhammad
fahad muhammad:
Mental health is everything. RIP sister!!
Michael Caz
Michael Caz:
May she R.I.P. - Prayers & condolences to the friends & family.
Wow. Rest in peace.
Katy Martin
Katy Martin:
Oh my GOD I am not really sure just how to share a comment about the passing of this amazing former Miss USA winner I just read about her story and untimely death over on Yahoo we can see the natural beauty she wholeheartedly possessed but sometimes sorrow brings such discomfort we are just to numb to feel or see how wonderfully and fearfully we are All made as women/men . I am just tearfully sorry friends and family and other hosts of relatives. Mercy
Lori Stewart
Lori Stewart:
This is sad! May she RIP!
Adora Faye
Adora Faye:
Please, open up and confide in someone you trust if you are going through bouts of depression. Get help and there's no judgment. Mental health is real. Check on your friends if you don't see them in a few days, especially if they are having a relationship problem. Let's be our friends keepers!
King of Kings
King of Kings:
Careful, I just wrote 2 comments on her last Instagram post and got deleted right away. This just confirms what I wrote, She DID NOT KILL HERSELF. She didnt even jump from her apartment floor. May God give strength to her family.
May her soul have rest🙏
Lisa Ingram
Lisa Ingram:
Very very heartbreaking!!!!!
Arrel Rod
Arrel Rod:
My heart is broken...💔💔💔💔
Van R
Van R:
May her soul rest in peace😢🙏🏽
Lizzi N.
Lizzi N.:
Condolences to the whole family ~omg~ this seems to be all I'm hearing about lately - 💔😩 🙏 2022 what do you have in store for us •
Lisa Ingram
Lisa Ingram:
In recent months , we have lost so many to suicide. I'd like to remind everyone that no matter what you are dealing with, JOY does come in the morning. How you see that problem today is extremely likely that you will not see that same problem tomorrow in the same way. Grab hold to God's unchanging hand , because God will never ever let you fall or let go of your hand...
Rosie H Weinstein
Rosie H Weinstein:
Poor baby girl rest in peace beautiful sister 🙏🇮🇱🇨🇦💔🇺🇸🇬🇧😿😇