South Korea, Spain and Nigeria to battle for Marvin Park?

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While the likes of Son Heung-min attract the South Korean football headlines, there is another attacking player who deserves some attention. Marvin Park was born to a South Korean mother and a Nigerian father. Still eligible to play for South Korea, he has broken through to Real Madrid’s first team this season. So, South Korea’s national team officials better act soon before he makes his senior debut for Spain or Nigeria!

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Tomisha Insell
Tomisha Insell:
💜💜💜🙏🏽 Wishing you lots of luck and success in your football career and future endeavors Marvin Park. Be happy safe and healthy. 🍀💜💜💜💜
Chelsea Harridass
Chelsea Harridass:
I will only play or watch basketball ball . This is the only sport I love and enjoy 😉❤ but if you put a sport with a korean guy or girl I will sit and watch for hours 👏😌
Amen Boughanmi
Amen Boughanmi:
I think if the Korean Federation give Marvin an opportunity to play in the world cup in 2022 he could choose Korea
제발 와줘
Jaehyun Chung
Jaehyun Chung:
I really hope we offer him a chance to play and make him feel welcome at Korea. The colorism is definitely a lot better than the past, but it's still very present and could make him prefer Spain (other than Spain being a football powerhouse). Would love to see him play for Korea in the 2026/30 World Cups
Zidane didn’t see anything special in him quite frankly I don’t think he believes in our youth probably went down the pecking order of some of the best players in Castilla
마빈박 한국으로 와라. 한국의 황금세대들과 함께 꿈을 이루자. 한국에 오게 되면 윙백에서 무조건 주전으로 뛸 수 있다.
Riva Mahardika Dukun
Riva Mahardika Dukun:
He will compete to represents either Korea or Nigeria (won't represents his birth country (Spain)) for the FIFA World Cup next year
Let's see koreans consider him as Korean. Marvin park hope u suceed