Southampton 2-0 Everton | Match Reaction

Southampton 2-0 Everton | Match Reaction

Two second half goals was enough to give Southampton the three points over Everton at St Mary's Ground in the Premier League this afternoon. Stuart Armstrong and Shane Long gave the Saints the victory and planted Everton firmly into the relegation battle.

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Presenters: Peter McPartland & Barry Cass
Video Editing: Mathew Lamb

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Toffee TV : Everton Fan Channel:
Southampton 2-0 Everton | Match Reaction
tony keggin
tony keggin:
And with Burnley and Watford away. That is a frightening prospect. They are now finding their teeth.
It was always going to be two steps forward, one back. These youngsters need to learn how to lean on their own 'grit,' not just the wild 'enthusiasm of youth.' Lampard will surely have to toughen them up if he's going to lean on a team of youngsters like this. I think Ancelotti was right in his style when he made sure Calvert-Lewin and Richarlison were getting most of the opportunities near goal. I think Lampard has this idea that anybody can score a goal at any time. The team needs to be much more concentrated than that.
Derp Diggler
Derp Diggler:
Next week it'll be "Frank out" banners on display with "Big sam out" on the back which is recycling and good for the environment!!!
Steve Davies
Steve Davies:
We look like we had done nowt all week in training. Not one player gave 100% .😔
Darren Stocker
Darren Stocker:
Knew this would happen ..Everton are about as consistent as an IBS sufferers bowl movements
Stephen Podeschi
Stephen Podeschi:
Uhm this seems to be a pattern that we were hoping could be broken......Well if we can win our home games we should still get into the 40 point bracket.....fingers
David Howard
David Howard:
Everton are very much in the relegation dogfight, the most alarming part is they appear to be in free-fall, a dangerous spiral that can be terminal if you can't arrest it.
Liverpool beating Norwich, highlight of the day
M P:
Before Lampard arrived , most of us said we needed a new striker , new centre mid and new centre back . No depth. Gomes awful . DCL not fit . Mina in and out. Very worrying
Bri Reubs
Bri Reubs:
Everton thanking the lord that Liverpool have beat Burnley and Norwich in last few days otherwise they’d be in even worse cak then they are :)
Alex O'Neill
Alex O'Neill:
Everton went from the first 6 games of last season of ‘we might win the league’ to the last games of this season of ‘we might go down’ lol
Anthony McGuire
Anthony McGuire:
2 in midfield does not work. Gomes, Gbamin, Davies and Signordson have to be replaced. Mina is injury prone, Coleman needs replacing. And DCL looked like he has lost interest. In a nutshell Everton are a mess
Grant Westmeston
Grant Westmeston:
Problem away from home is our central midfield, need 3 in there.
Tim Fahy
Tim Fahy:
I think the only chance We’v got in any away games is complacency from the other team - thinking it’s gonna be easy - then we Nick a couple of points here & there - otherwise it’s gonna be the fans at Goodison Park getting us over the line 🙏🙏💙. UTFT
At home high line, high press attacking 4-4-2 is good and will get us lots of points. Away from home we should think about 4-3-3 men behind the ball, hit them on the counter attack with Richarlison, Gordon and Gray.
celtic vape
celtic vape:
no heart, no fight, only hope are the home games because we are not going to get a result away, and time is running out
Grant Westmeston
Grant Westmeston:
Dom is way off the pace, doesn't look bothered. Richi in and out. Donny looked knackered 2nd half and Gomez, so bad, should have been subbed off. So disappointing
John Clarke
John Clarke:
Next four games, City h, Spurs a, Wolves h and Newcastle h. We've got 22 points and we had 14 of them by the 2nd October. We've sleepwalked into this potential disaster. As regards away games, we cannot lose away to to either Burnley or Watford but you wouldn't bet your spare change on this current Everton team.
Enjoy championship lads lol
oliver morgan
oliver morgan:
When you cant win away matches you are in problem
Roy Winstanley
Roy Winstanley:
I give up on Everton.
Derek Cummins
Derek Cummins:
How about scourge of the match. The best player gets zero and all the rest minus figures
How can we play so well then so horribly. Absolutely joke of a club, Pickford is the only good player we have.
Barry Walls
Barry Walls:
We were looking good value until allan stupid foul in 15min and yellow fired up saints and their fans...after that we couldn't lay a glove on them and they completely deserved it
Daz B
Daz B:
Right back in the shitter
Luke Byrne
Luke Byrne:
This team does my fuckin ed in! Honest to God, I wish they'd all fuckin leave! Where's the fight? Where's the bottle? Stealin' a livin' the lot of 'em! For the life of me, I can't see us staying up.
Joseph Connolly
Joseph Connolly:
Poor….poor…saw extended highlights. Gomez had time but took a bad touch and this is the premier league. Shamus was taken to the cleaners, but no help from Iwobi jogging back. To many pretending to tackle but just jogging around.
And if the home crowd turn against them...
Trevor Canary
Trevor Canary:
Dom needs to be sold, all he's arsed about is getting in front of the camera, he's never been good with his feet and richarlason just a greedy lad. We easily should have been 2-0 up with a 100% pen. What's the point of VAR when it doesn't give that. Next season it's Wigan, Rotherham etc. We are shit. Next week city, we win the red shite are champions, we lose and we are down. It's bollocks
Prague Flat Earth Society
Prague Flat Earth Society:
Play Patterson. He is a beast
mike davies
mike davies:
Surely not another manager lol
oliver morgan
oliver morgan:
Everton players cant win away matches
John Turnley
John Turnley:
We can all name at least 6 players who should never put a blue shirt on again, DLC poor man's striker,we are in trouble big time.
gomes = 🐌
Honestly thought we made Southampton look like a good side. We are shocking. Why do we keep giving Gomes a role in a 2 man midfield. He is shocking.
Fat frank out yet?