Everton manager Frank Lampard faces the media on Thursday (1.15pm GMT) ahead of our Premier League trip to Southampton. See what Lampard has to say, who will be fit to face the Saints by tuning in live!

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74 comentarios:

sam edwards
sam edwards:
Could listen to Franks pressers for hours, I'm so sure we've got a great coach at the helm now.
Gino Caiafa
Gino Caiafa:
Totally agree with the positivity about Super Frank. No ego. Lifting up and supporting players and pushing them too. Totally right about stability when you have the right manager. I think we’ve got a good one here. 👍🏼
UK Born
UK Born:
Super-Frank.. How refreshing is it to have a leader at the helm again.. Moyes for me was the last manager that spoke so well..
Man United fan here and just want to say I admire the work Lampards doing so far even though it is early. Thank you for seeing Donny just as how almost all the fans see him.
You have to admire the way Lampard conducts himself.
He was made for Everton!
Michael Wilson
Michael Wilson:
What impresses me the most about Frank is his winning mentality and knowing what it takes to win at the this level. We're in good hands methinks. COYB!
Molly McCann
Molly McCann:
Used to turn these off after 2 minutes out of boredom but I could listen to frank talk for hours! Absolutely love the way he conducts himself and he’s got two feet on the floor, no beating around the bush and clearly wants to be at Everton and help us succeed 👍🏼
Good press conference. Could see his nervousness but once he has turned the team around he will feel rightly at home. Glad Everton has got him this early in his management career & potential to be Everton figurehead if the board & owner get the behind the scene strategic organisation on point.
Steven Melia
Steven Melia:
We’re all behind you Frank UP THE TOFFEES 💙
Daz E
Daz E:
Finally a boss we can believe in. Talks great. 🤞🙏 results follow
Tiya h
Tiya h:
I missed this live..but thank u for the video :) Go Superfrank Go Everton!
Stephen Gibson
Stephen Gibson:
Always feel like your getting real answers from Frank. Sky trying to advertise thier boxing during a presser was embarrassing though. One question fine but to bang on & on was silly.
Jason Jones
Jason Jones:
I know we lost to Newcastle, but Frank has changed the whole atmosphere, knows his stuff, the players relate to him as he was probably one of the biggest world stars while they were teenagers. Knows the PL inside out (not someone who managed in Ukraine or Portugal) confident, I like EVERYTHING about this appointment.
Roy Keane
Roy Keane:
8:03 is when it starts
lawrence gateley
lawrence gateley:
Love the richarlison part we need to keep him an Calvin lewin as long as possible
Some shocking journo's here. Asking if he knows Broja when Lampard gave him his first team debut, and then asking about boxing.
C'mon Everton, big performance needed 💪
mitchell dunn
mitchell dunn:
Good luck for the game at Southampton Frank and the team up the toffees 💙💙💙
Hans Fyhrqvist
Hans Fyhrqvist:
It is a pleasure to listen the thoughtful and analytical comments and views of Frank Lampard.
What a well-spoken and intelligent manager Everton now have.
Peter Carey
Peter Carey:
You have given us evertonians some relief and confidence Frank and we thank you, i also believe you will bring us some silverware, we know that it will take time to get there, cheers Frank. Coyb .💙💙💙
Daz B
Daz B:
He gets the blues 💙
Everton spirit new can definitely beat southampton,,good luck👍👍👍
From indonesian asia evertonian,,
andrew feenan
andrew feenan:
Early days, lots of work to be done…. We stay up, lets give him time to build his team. Fingers crossed fat Frank, wish you best of luck 🤞
Andrew Simon Green
Andrew Simon Green:
Agree with you guys. Frank looks and sounds everything this club has been looking for. A great strategist, a thinker but total absence of rash statements or ego. Very professional. I feel really optimistic.
Thomas Carroll
Thomas Carroll:
Starts at 8:05
Don't know what it is but something about Frank makes me feel at ease with the future of the club. First time probably since moyes or martinez that I've not felt anxious about the club. He bring a calmness to the club but has intent to succeed and you know you can put your faith in him. Really refreshing having him and the backroom staff at the club. I know it's too soon but honestly believe everton have got it right with Frank he's exactly what we've been desperate for. Even the fact where a threat a set pieces again which Ive felt was always one of our strong points and I think we have paul clements to thank for that. Something it really ticking at the club and it just feels right.
Tim Corrigan
Tim Corrigan:
Yeah he speaks so well. Loving Frank so far
What a highly articulate person, who has experience, skills and knowledge, and who picks and chooses when and how much to reveal his intentions. He is also very discrete, diplomatic and loyal to his players. Thank heavens Everton have him.
Dado Tomic
Dado Tomic:
I am fun of Chelsea but Lampard is legend.If Everton give him time he will create good young players,like he do in Chelsea
Callum Deegan
Callum Deegan:
In super frank we trust
Stephen Waller
Stephen Waller:
I have absolutely no idea whatsoever wether the appointment of Frank Lampard was a good one. He presents himself well and I sincerely hope he keeps us in the Premiership and goes on to make us a force to be rekoned with. Our record with managers since DM left for Utd has been abysmal.
Rissole Thrower
Rissole Thrower:
You can hear the genuine fear within Frank about loosing Richi. Only because he is such a talent that United, Paris, Real or any big club can offer him success.. In order to keep him we need to be challenging top 4 within 2 years.
My Jm
My Jm:
Frank absolutely fuming about the boxing chat there - and quite right as well! Embarrassing that from Sky! Struggling for box office sales????
martyn randles
martyn randles:
Starts 08:06
Alex Turpie
Alex Turpie:
Wonder if he will re order the academy. Unsworth seems to favour a long ball approach in general.
FollowEverton - Everton Fan TV Channel
FollowEverton - Everton Fan TV Channel:
Frank speaks so well 💙✅
matt mahon
matt mahon:
Wonder if Kenny get a new contract
stormy  tempest
stormy tempest:
Got a good feeling about Frank, comes a cross as a very sharp fella.... don't think he suffer Fools Gladly.
Still a difficult game away for us.
Andy MD
Andy MD:
Rafa just bored me to death. I now enjoy the pre match conference. In Frank we trust
Tommy Suverenus
Tommy Suverenus:
Super Frank! 💙
Could listen to this bloke all day
serpents reign
serpents reign:
Super Frank ?, going to need Batman and Robin as well to save this mess, can’t wait for next week to listen to more Soft interviews and watch more volleyball soccer training videos, maybe try table tennis next time, Great Job guys keep up the great work
Stephen Roberts
Stephen Roberts:
Come on Frank Lampard
Jason Jones
Jason Jones:
Harry Redknapp said he knew he would succeed as he was first to training and last to leave, that's the work ethic we need to instil with today's footballers having so many distractions, sponsors and social media.
Paul Lynch
Paul Lynch:
👍 cmon Everton
Emki Pitt
Emki Pitt:
Give JJ a contract
declan english
declan english:
Can Richie reach the heights of the likes of Kaka an Ronaldinho 😂 kind of question is that
sports vibz
sports vibz:
Love lampard
Dodi ben Abba
Dodi ben Abba:
Chill out Frank 😂
Gabe Rutherford
Gabe Rutherford:
Hahaha whats alan talking about boxing for🤣🤣
Teddisen Hakkepeiling
Teddisen Hakkepeiling:
Lampard : 😄 - 😠
H Hb
H Hb:
No more lampardian transitions
Starts @ 8:00
Someone sort that creaky table out. Doing my head in now.
Mark Dunne
Mark Dunne:
Squeaky bum time this week boys girls
If Burnley beat spurs
Watford beat c palace
1pt clear with 3 games in hand that happens
Phil Alverasa
Phil Alverasa:
Loved Frank's wry smile when talking about Soton's gamesmanship!
Jamie Jones
Jamie Jones:
No clean sheet against Southampton again two 2-0 Saints,
Everton you've lose again today Saturday the 19th February Losers...
Stephen Roberts
Stephen Roberts:
Ged Mason
Ged Mason:
Nelson Woldsen
Nelson Woldsen:
Silver Fox
Silver Fox:
Can't get any sound and yes I have checked that it's not muted.
Gary Smith
Gary Smith:
Perfect example nepotism and white privilege what has this kid done to warrant all his managerial appointment . even his playing career was overate
Paul b
Paul b:
Long intro that
Evo Kev
Evo Kev:
Potential banana skin coming up - keep another clean sheet would be great achievement 👏
How many ads?
Mr Dominic
Mr Dominic:
back to planet earth tomorrow
Nate F
Nate F:
didie sw didie sw
didie sw didie sw:
Pickford sholud be replaced by Plymouth Goalkeeper, Chooper. Pickford played badly in every appearence.