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48 comentarios:

Harry Lloyd
Harry Lloyd:
Adeel Ahmed
Adeel Ahmed:
Bruno fernandes to score a pen at the kop end to win the game cmon 🔴🔴
It’s going to be interesting if we are 3 points clear into the game against yourselves as Rashford will rip Trent a new one if he plays like that. (I’m a United fan)
Adrian Daniel
Adrian Daniel:
GGMU 21 incoming 👹👹
Jaden Katrina
Jaden Katrina:
2:21:44 😂😂😂
I'm United but I love ur channel...very informative and ur knowledge of the game.
D D:
It is alright. I think players are sad, too. They have tried their best. They wanted to win but just no team is forever winning. Support them when they win and support them when they didn't play well. YNWA.
Mane played pretty well to be fair. He kept trying at least, firmino and salah may as well have started lockdown and stayed at home.
Johno U.K.
Johno U.K.:
Have watched a few Liverpool games and with that talent up front should be entertaining, Leeds and Aston Villa are the teams worth watching
Raymond Webby
Raymond Webby:
Credit for keeping your calm, I wouldn’t be able to stay as calm as you were of that was my team!
Kapgamer 321
Kapgamer 321:
This title race is rly on now liverpool utd the top 2 clubs in England love u man and that was a great for my Man Utd but we play each other much love and a great supporter u are
Dermot Spollen
Dermot Spollen:
This rate aston villa probably win the league
Declan Crawford
Declan Crawford:
Heart breaking stuff Craigh, i think we have been figured out on top of the bad play and attitude. It was really really poor and Salah has bottled every opportunity he had, im baffled by them. Champions playing these type of away games like amatures. Very worrying, something very wrong in the camp.. especially after half time briefing that they come out and absolutely nothing changed infact maybe was worse..
Cause for real concern, YES every player where firing on 2 cillinders 50% if they even a 50% performance..we are the fecken champions, where is the pride and passion gone after becoming champs, sorry for the negatives but im just flabbergasted 🙄😰 i love your honesty in your commentary .. your right , dont it tell there is radical change needed. A good kick up the asses, that is disgraceful, pull there ridiculous wages nobody deserves a wage packet for the next month after that performance.. im gutted,, it screams big issues in the camp..what the feck is going on in the liverpool hood 😤🤯😤🤯
Barcelona & Leciester Fan
Barcelona & Leciester Fan:
Lol I love this channel
SK7 Productions
SK7 Productions:
Remember when he said Liverpool were on a different level to United? Ended well
Cheers. Lol 😂🔴🔴🔴🔴MUFC
olive dave
olive dave:
GGMU 21 Incoming
Konrad Frandsen
Konrad Frandsen:
2:21:39 lol class team🤡
Don't do it united... Don't give me hope
Ryan Morgan
Ryan Morgan:
Thx love from Man U 🤣🤣
St4lker Guy
St4lker Guy:
🤣🤣🤣🤡 you never walk again!!! Ggmu 21
Davey Jenkins
Davey Jenkins:
look, the injuries have made it more difficult, they're awkward one's that would be disruptive to most teams. the balance was all wrong tonight. Chamberlain need's to have a good shaking, Salah was so quiet. you need Henderson in the midfield, a leader.
Bile Ali
Bile Ali:
Kkkkkkkk kkkkkkkk
Cameron Farrell
Cameron Farrell:
Good look to liverpool
Declan Crawford
Declan Crawford:
Look like they just dident care, pure apathy. A joke..come on liverpool, wow
Mohammed Islam
Mohammed Islam:
Anthony Holdford
Anthony Holdford:
Craig's face was turning into the same colour as his shirt.
Abdullahi Abdi
Abdullahi Abdi:
Away kit is dont play its livsheet playing
Lee Yishen
Lee Yishen:
Mu vs burnley
Xavier Laurie
Xavier Laurie:
I really don’t understand why the Liverpool players just didn’t take a shot, perhaps we could’ve actually scored if we did so
Bruce Turkish
Bruce Turkish:
B tech mark goldbridge 🔴⚪️🔴⚪️
Aaron Baughan
Aaron Baughan:
jake taylor
jake taylor:
At least you gave your credit to saints man united fan here and I have mad respect for you
Lj the man
Lj the man:
I subscribed
Marko Petkovski
Marko Petkovski:
Andrew Hoare
Andrew Hoare:
Ha ha ahahaha
Simon sports
Simon sports:
this guy is so emotionless he doen't even react all he does is just talk when Liverpool concede he should watch the united stand (mark godlbridge)
Paul Thorpe
Paul Thorpe:
well this is good news if your a city fan
Motivation 24/7
Motivation 24/7:
The only team who can beat Liverpool to the title is United. The history of our clubs will make for one of the most fascinating title races in history and here is clue. Whoever you think will win it, won't.
Dumb Clips
Dumb Clips:
untied mans breath this in cos u might go top but u dont have the consistency to stay top u will be figting for top 4 by march mark my word
P K:
I can’t believe Liverpool didn’t got a penalty man United would get 2penalties for that 😂
Prattun Saha
Prattun Saha:
Looserpool showing their class
I’m a United fan but these United fans in these comments are the worst. We all know we can go to shit at any moment. Chill with the whole 21 is coming spam
Turd Burger
Turd Burger:
Trash team lol