Southampton vs Tottenham recap: Harry Kane injury spells more trouble for Mourinho | Premie League

After a nice honeymoon spell for Jose Mourinho, Tottenham have had a rough festive period, culminating with a 1-0 loss away to Southampton. ESPN FC's Stewart Robson and Mark Donaldson break down what is going wrong for Spurs as well as Jose Mourinho's options should Harry Kane miss an extended period after hobbling off injured in the second half.

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41 comentarios:

Aaron T
Aaron T:
all london clubs are struggling. the north has taken over
in the dark
in the dark:
Man has Danny Ings turned a corner this season... One wonders where would Southampton be by now without him
Aaron T
Aaron T:
people forget danny ings is southampton born and raised and the locals love hime
Samuel Gizaw
Samuel Gizaw:
Looks like the special one has lost his special one 💀
Looking forward to Mourinho vs Klopp next week.
Bata Free
Bata Free:
Welcome back to premier league spurcial one.
Michael Padilla
Michael Padilla:
Top 6 for Spurs is the realistic finish unless they bring in new players in the transfer window.
The Geordie Mob
The Geordie Mob:
Will jose buy big this month?
Amanpreetsingh Bhathal
Amanpreetsingh Bhathal:
no one talking about the players instead talking about the manager this shows how big jose is haters gonna hate..
Joe Jumani
Joe Jumani:
Insane if Kane does'nt get ready for EURO2020..
modeste nomad
modeste nomad:
old school has hard times
world thinks faster nowadays...
Serena Poketeen
Serena Poketeen:
Go mou, sunk spuds, sell erickseen and Kane xd
Sullay BJ
Sullay BJ:
Wait A Minute! I thought Poch was the problem? 🤣😅😂🕺
Martin Wolfe
Martin Wolfe:
Kane out of liverpool game now is he...... good timing si senior
Gar Sm
Gar Sm:
Spurs are going nowhere with Mourinho. I'm amazed anyone - other than those who believe what Sky says - are surprsied.
Swad Bodhy
Swad Bodhy:
Hmm this year starts bad for José!!
Aaron T
Aaron T:
will daniel levy get the chequebook out for jose in january? i doubt it.
Ken Toby
Ken Toby:
Takiowns Poker
Takiowns Poker:
RIP Spurs season.
Stephen Trudgeon
Stephen Trudgeon:
Im a spurs fan but first to admit we are stale and badly need influx of players and enthusiasm, but to be fair apart from Liverpool Leicester and city, the rest of us are pretty average and not much to choose between us, a poor Premier league tbf
Arber kaltani
Arber kaltani:
get well soon mate
Fady Fahad
Fady Fahad:
I swear this media just want to messed up the mind of the player which is already damaged by the last chamipon league. I mean how no one can see this, that Mourinho win three trophies with that shitty man united team. u want a prove check at their stats now even they bought cb and rb still cant compete for top 4 spots and imagine Mourinho gave them three trophies . We need to understand a code of Mourinho , which is winning trophies no matter everywhere he goes, the problem is the players we need to start blaming the players not the manager , his job is to protect the players and thats what he is doing.. but we have brains and eyes we knows the players doesnt want to perform at their highest level and not sacrifing enough to win the matches. Just look at the goals conceded till now all of them are ridicilous goals , i know we need cb and i m pretty sure levy is not gonna back the manager like he did with poch. but conceding goals like that is a assurance the players doesnt want to perform or win or sacrifice . we should be the one to get angry at these players and stop treating them like the best players if they performed well in one match or two . Todays football is more competetive than the past , so if we need to be the big team we have treat every match like that this the final match of champions league.The best players are those who performs at every match and gives everything to win every match. Our players have the po tential to be one of the europe best team but if they start treating every match as a win one. Like roy keane said I just can't tolerate footballers who hide behind their agents, their pals in the media' he aslo accused the players at Old Trafford of throwing Jose Mourinho “under the bus”
Harry Kane is always injured because he is a target because he's too good.
Daniel Clarke
Daniel Clarke:
we play better without lazy harry kane anyway
No Bias
No Bias:
Man, I'm concerned for Kane tbh, Hopefully, his injury rates lately wouldn't greatly injure the rest of his career. The lad is still fresh and his numbers could look even more stellar if he doesn't have to keep sitting out like this. Any decline lately has nothing to do with Kane as an individual, seems like a class act off the pitch and always does everything he can to help the team win, always gives his all and knows to remain loyal with Spurs, a team he knows the best at the moment. Therefore, I just hope he continues firing as soon as he recovers.
Dan S
Dan S:
This is it for Spurs. This is Mourinho's best. He has nothing more to give, leaving Spurs with nothing to build on moving forward. Daniel Levy has shot himself in the foot and so begins your demise, Tottenham.
people keep forgetting this is not Jose team. He only got to work a couple of weeks with the players. Worst, Tottenham's best players are getting injured (from playing too many games within days). From what I remember Jose always has 2 players in one position or most EPL teams have them. but this team doesn't seem to have it. son, Moura, Kane, deli been banging all those goals. Jose needs to dig in deep his bag of magic tricks to pull this one off. :p
Isakdinhox 14
Isakdinhox 14:
Gimme A Break
Gimme A Break:
Southampton vs Mourinho 1-0 let that sink in
Jawad Ali
Jawad Ali:
This guy is the one that says Tottenham are gonna be top 4 ahead of Chelsea and United
Not 2 busy
Not 2 busy:
Hey Stewart, isn't this the same Spurs team that had been shaped and molded by Poch ?
Isn't this the same Poch who is your automatic answer for becoming the future manager at Man Utd?
Johnny Garcia
Johnny Garcia:
Lol how is it surprising that they can’t defend? They have alderweild ,vertoghen and a left mid at left back and let’s not forget aurier who is also terrible, play Mourinho played Erickson out wide XD
Hayden Dias
Hayden Dias:
Now you know jose is gonna buy
Yeah the so called special one has lost his "special touch" can he just retire already. Ticking time bomb.
Aaron T
Aaron T:
ings > kane
Rumpel JA
Rumpel JA:
Just waiting for Man United to lose today too has a Chelsea fan
Mourinho should go back to be a commentator, he talks much sense after watching games. He seems to struggle to get his players to cause pressure and press deep into the other half of the pitch, or maybe the players haven't figured out his tactics yet...?
Khubi Ratsatsi
Khubi Ratsatsi:
Watch his body language slowly slowly go back to the real Mourinho. In the process of going back to grumpy old JM. He fooled Spurs and everyone by acting all mellow and smiley smiley.... But these results will bring back the real Mourinho. They should have taken Potchetino 😂😂😂😂😂
Ocean Drive
Ocean Drive:
The British media never criticise the Tottenham Chairman Daniel Levy the man who has caused all the problems.