Spider-Man: No Way Home Cast on Tobey Maguire & Andrew Garfield Rumors, Villains & Fan Theories

Tom Holland, Zendaya, Benedict Cumberbatch & Jacob Batalon talk about the various villains in the movie and working with the actors from the older films, fan theories after trailer releases, whether or not Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield are in the movie, and Tom bumping into them at parties.

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100+ comentarios:

This movie, more than anything, felt like a love letter to all Spiderman fans. Definitely my favourite Marvel movie now
Now I’m waiting for Tobey, Andrew, and Tom to be pulled in for an interview. They deserve it. Such a massive movie.
The only thing missing on this film is a Stan Lee cameo...he would've been so proud
Van-Dai Ly
Van-Dai Ly:
“Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. Go ahead”

Benedict: laughing nervously LOL
Arya Lynch
Arya Lynch:
It’s always lovely to see Benedict reprise his role as anti-spoiler babysitter.
The synchronized effort to establish that lie was insanely entertaining
Everything about this movie is so incredibly 1000/10, it's indescribable
Just pure feelings i can't put into words
Flash Gordon
Flash Gordon:
I will say the following: This movie was totally worth it, we screamed like little kids in the theatre. Love this movie 3000 <3
I just saw the movie yesterday and I'm blown away. The parallels, the story-telling, the Animation and special effects, the actors' work.... It's so amazing I just wanna go and watch it all over again. Honestly if I hadn't fallen head over heals for Marvel before, I did now.
Brats com
Brats com:
All credits go to Tobey Maguire, without him our childhood lives would have been a mess
Eric E.
Eric E.:
The way Benedict is nervously watching Tom as he talks is hilarious.
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon:
I will say the following: This movie was totally worth it, we screamed like little kids in the theatre. Love this movie 3000 <3
K. P.
K. P.:
The super senior Benedict taking a back seat, is just a pure respectful gesture towards the fact that the movie is all about 🕸️Spider🕷️Man🕸️
As big as it was for Toby to make a reappearance, William and Alfred absolutely killed it 100000000000 percent, had me in tears seeing them seeing these three specifically after all these years, this movie will never ever be anything less than a 15/10 for me
I feel like Ned is going to be the next villain. He has the power to do magic now and since he forgot who Peter Parker was, he may fight Spider-Man in the next movie.
Kee Ozzie
Kee Ozzie:
So proud to see Zendaya growing in her career all the way from Shake It Up to K.C. Undercover and and now landing the Spider-Man series and she's just going to continue to grow from here!..
Satwik Pandey
Satwik Pandey:
06:39 Look At Benedict's face, he is definitely the most mature among this lot when it comes to not giving spoilers
He had almost a straight face while Tom zendeya and Jacob bursted out laughing
They put Benedict there just to make sure Tom won't spoil anything... This is gold 😂😂
OH MY GOD THIS MOVIE WAS INSANE! I won’t ruin the experience by spoiling anything but this movie was a roller coaster of emotions to say the least!
Dominic Do
Dominic Do:
Jimmy: With great power comes great responsibility
Benedict: With being in a superhero film comes great contractual liability
This killed me, Benedict is so quick and witty
David Jia
David Jia:
This was such a fire interview! All the actors were hilarious, Jimmy's questions were on point, and the deflections were also very smooth. Words can't express how much this movie meant to me!
Memento Mori
Memento Mori:
i don't think i have every cried this much watching a movie before .. the whole crew did an amazing job
Jacob Simon
Jacob Simon:
When Jimmy said "Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, go ahead."
Tom very quietly said yes. He spoiled it but you no one caught it
Jimmy didn’t know it then but he kind of stunned the cast when he said with great power comes great responsibility. That was like a meme quote at one point but it was so important in the new movie
"With being in a superhero film comes great contractual liability."
- Benedict Cumberbatch
“I’ve actually recently been bumping into them like all the time”—Tom
“On set?”—Jimmy
GREAT twist, Jimmy, well done
Simpanor Sama
Simpanor Sama:
I got anxious when tom was saying
"Three generations of-" I was thinking he'd accidentally spoil something HAHAHA
Daniel Keats
Daniel Keats:
The movie was amazing. What I like most about it was that it honestly feels like an origin story. With a boy truly becoming a man. Obviously there is a life changing death, and Peter is forced to grow up. I loved it
Seeing them deny Tobey and Andrew in the movie AFTER seeing the actual movie is the funniest thing ever
"Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield. Go Ahead." Jimmy is just hilarious! Straight to the point.
Had the same reaction as Jacob.
I kind of knew that Tobey and Andrew were going to appear because of spoilers, but was excited anyway, but when I saw Charlie Cox I started crying. Thanks for including the best Daredevil that we had. 🙏🏼
"With great power comes great responsibility"
That hits different after watching the movie
Oumayma Balti
Oumayma Balti:
I just saw the movie and I admit, it's the best Marvel movie so far
We all missed Andrew and Toby
Bringing them like that, and the rest of the cast was just amazing
It brought back the good all memories
Thank you Marvel ,you never cease to impress ❤️😍
Sami LO
Sami LO:
Just finished watching it. It was EVERYTHING you could ask for! Tobey had me laughing and then crying! Only thing that could’ve been better was if they had found some way to bring the different MJs into it.
Ryan Conway
Ryan Conway:
Jimmy Kimmel: "With great power comes great responsibility"
Benedict Cumberbatch: "Well, with being in a superhero film, comes great contractural liability,"
That is such a great response!
Farrel Mukti
Farrel Mukti:
Previously Peter have Tony as a mentor. Now he has uncle strange as his mentor.
You can see Benedict stressing soo much hoping Tom won’t say anything 😂
Kevin Frazer
Kevin Frazer:
Jimmy was ON IT during this interview. Holy cow. Well played Jimmy.
Pradeep P
Pradeep P:
Introducing Andrew and Tobey during the final battle would have had a bigger roar from the audience. Like maybe when Tom is beaten down, Tobey and Andrew suddenly swing in through the portal. I genuinely believed that's how their entrance would be. Or maybe in the case of Andrew, he would suddenly enter to save MJ as they teased in the trailer.
Saad S
Saad S:
Watched it in IMAX last night early show in Toronto. Words cannot express the emotions, the nostalgia, the plot. I won't spoil anything but it delivers beyond anything imagined. They did the character justice!
Notice how Andrew literally timed all his press interviews to end right when No Way Home premiered! He is in hiding right now, hahaha!
Probably the best movie I've seen I love how they added in the old spidermen and the way they all worked together is just Beautiful love all the actors and the movie!
Nadine Ahemed Elshenawy
Nadine Ahemed Elshenawy:
I loved it when Jimmy asked them about Tobey and Andrew that Benedict didn't give any reaction. Jacob laughed and Tom just looked at Benedict like he was asking " What the hell is that? "
Rock girl
Rock girl:
Now that I’ve seen it I can say it’s one of the greatest movies ever made. It made me cry several times real tears. It surpassed every expectation possible
Benedict cumberbatch handles these spoiler questions so well, you could tell that the rest of the cast felt so much more at ease when he swoops in to answer a difficult question
Matthew Mata
Matthew Mata:
I just love how Jacob just laughs every time Jimmy shows the trailer and especially the second one 😆 and you can tell Benedict is trying so hard not to laugh and Tom is still new to having this much attention so he's just saying like "Wow what is that" and you can tell Zendaya is helping him with the talk to not give out spoiling or giving clues haha
The movie was fantastic! Loved every minute of it for sure one of the greatest Spider-Man stories
Ali Chehab
Ali Chehab:
The way Benedict is nervously watching Tom as he talks is hilarious.
I watched this movie 2 days ago, and I have got to say it was an absolutely amazing experience! If you haven't seen this movie yet, see it in the theaters while you still can!
Fans: “We Want Tobey & Andrew!”
Sony: “You’ll see them when you buy your damn ticket!”
This movie is amazing, go watch it asap. This whole trilogy has been the true origin story of spiderman
Piano in Kazakh
Piano in Kazakh:
When Jimmy said "Tobey Maguiere, Andrew Garfield, go ahead!" Tom's face was like someone splashed the water at him lol 6:39
Brian Kehinde
Brian Kehinde:
Kemmel was RELENTLESS in trying to break Tom. Hilarious, loved it.
Iulia Elena
Iulia Elena:
Guess I’m happy with my choice of not watching any interviews with the cast before watching the actual movie because for me, the reunion was a very nice surprise ! I went down memory lane and I might’ve teared up a bit…
Riya Sharma
Riya Sharma:
"With being in a superhero film comes contractual liability"
Oh God Benedict is clearly one of the funniest actors
Mihir Agarwal
Mihir Agarwal:
I hope they do a talk show with Andrew Tobey and Tom soon!!!
Nicole Lo
Nicole Lo:
Best Marvel movie ever, it literally has everything I wanted. beyond my imagination.
Thank you marvel and sony for making this. It made my 2021 better.
Alexandros Poursanidis
Alexandros Poursanidis:
Two things this video help me realize. That Tom talks a lot in the movies as well as in real life. And that it was hard to say goodbye to Tobey one more time as Spider-Man 😢😢😢 Tobey you’re the OG spider if you ever see this
Milan Vonley
Milan Vonley:
Andrew : this is hard! Ive never worked as a team before!
Tobey : me either!
Tom : its ok! I know how to work in a team!
Tobey : you do?
Tom : yes! Im one of the avengers!
Tobey/Andrew : really? (Smiling, happy)
Tom : yes!
Tobey : what is that? Is it a band?
Tom : 😐

Tommy Moreno
Tommy Moreno:
you gotta give tom some credit. he’s come a long way when it comes to not spoiling the movies. he’s keeping it together really well w this movie’s promos
Hannah Wells
Hannah Wells:
I love how they all look at Tom when he talks making sure he doesn’t spoil the entire movie
Kishibe Rohan
Kishibe Rohan:
Others: We want Tobey and Andrew in this film

Me: I want to see Stan Lee cameo in this scene (Rest in Peace 🕊️)
ujval patel
ujval patel:
Honestly one of the greatest superhero movies I have ever watched
Josiah Orleans-Lindsay
Josiah Orleans-Lindsay:
Jacob Batalon’s laugh is always so wholesome 😂🤣
Thomas Jimenez
Thomas Jimenez:
What we really want to see is Tom Andrew and Toby on this show together.
Sumit Kumar
Sumit Kumar:
Had tears in my eyes seeing Tobey in No Way Home, so many memories with Tobey's Spidey.
The movie is sooo good the best Marvel film in my opinion by far, still not over the ending if I’m being honest 😂 I’m going to see it again tomorrow, it’s got so many emotions in it, nothing is even close to it’s greatness 😂
Ali Chehab
Ali Chehab:
It’s always lovely to see Benedict reprise his role as anti-spoiler babysitter.
So good to see Jacob part of this interview!! So many good actors and actresses in the movie that aren't necessarily main characters
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo:
The super senior Benedict taking a back seat, is just a pure respectful gesture towards the fact that the movie is all about 🕸️Spider🕷️Man🕸️
Jodi Johnson
Jodi Johnson:
Good job Tom on keeping the secret about the Spider-Mans. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Micah Trammell
Micah Trammell:
I love at 2:44 you can see the absolute panic in Benedict's and Tom's faces as they rack their brains for a joke/explanation
jelly branca
jelly branca:
Just watched today. It's nostalgia. This made me realize how old am I. Honestly, I've never thought that those three Spider-Mans would be together in one movie. Thanks MCU!
You can tell that Benedict really stressed out everytime Tom opens his mouth. 😂
Christian Alvarez
Christian Alvarez:
So can we see a interview with all 3 now?!?!
Thiaguinho Oitodois
Thiaguinho Oitodois:
Tobey will ALWAYS be my favorite spiderman
Daniel Plasencia
Daniel Plasencia:
Benedict is gold. Not just as Strange, but we all know he's there to keep Tom from giving it all away. You can see he has way to much fun with it 😂
Mariela Domingo
Mariela Domingo:
I watched this a month ago without thinking much about it. I mean it would have been great and everything to see Andrew in the suit again. Then seeing the movie two days ago and found out it was actually true was just really amazing!
Tom is so relatable imperfect not polished. One of the most honest actors, very innocent
[C H E R R Y]-T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
[C H E R R Y]-T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me:
Watched it in IMAX last night early show in Toronto. Words cannot express the emotions, the nostalgia, the plot. I won't spoil anything but it delivers beyond anything imagined. They did the character justice!
Randehmarsh Games
Randehmarsh Games:
“You know theres gonna be like a capital style insurrection if theyre not in this movie right?”
That was so true it physically pains me
After watching i can confirm this is the greatest MCU movie and its not close
It's hilarious that they actually addressed that trailer
Shubham Kumar
Shubham Kumar:
Tom deserves a Oscar for not spoiling this masterpiece ❤️
I love how emotional i was in this movie. I had teary eyes while watching the later part. Just so good.
“Tobey maguire, Andrew Garfield. Go ahead” HaHAHAa 😂
ref productions
ref productions:
Ok but Jimmy knew what he was doing when he said “with great power comes great responsibility”
Adolfo Roman
Adolfo Roman:
It’s hilarious when everyone looked at Tom when they were talking bout tobey and Andrew 😂
Kshetrimayum Sanjoy
Kshetrimayum Sanjoy:
Can we just have Tom, Andrew and Tobey together in an interview now that we know?

Also, please confront Andrew 😅 would love to see that!
Jimmy: Let’s not get into any spoilers
Also Jimmy: Now give me a breakdown of the entire plot of the movie
JoyBox Trickster
JoyBox Trickster:
Jacob's laugh is so contagious holy lmao. When he was laughing at the mess up that Brazil did with the trailer had me dead.
4:48 Just the look Benedict is giving Tom as he speaks is priceless
“Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield. Go Ahead.” Genuinely laughed
Aswin Ajith
Aswin Ajith:
7:47 look at Zendaya's reaction when Jimmy said "with great power comes responsibility"😂 like 'wait... how he knew!?'
I hope they got Jimmy’s reaction to watching the movie! I would have loved to see it, you can totally tell he’s a really big fan!!
I’m so glad I got to see all 3 Spider-Man’s in one movie 😀
6:36 the moment tom almost had a mini heart attack 😳 ❤
Benedict panicking when Tom speaks 4:37 😂
Trish S
Trish S:
Gosh I just watched the movie and LOVED it!!!! Andrew Garfields appearance literally caught in COMPLETE surprise and everyone was clapping and i about pissed my pants I was SOOOOO excited!!!!!!! I LOVED it!!!!! 😆
Ophelia Is My Name
Ophelia Is My Name:
I love Tom doing Alfred's accent relating their conversations, just the subtle shift from Surrey to slightly rougher London (and the fact he apparently called him darling)
sad gurl
sad gurl:
Now we need Andrew, Tobey, and Tom interview together!!