SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME Trailer (2021)

SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME Trailer (New, 2021) Marvel Spider Man 3 NWH, Superhero Movie HD
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ONE Media
ONE Media:
So let's get Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield in there and we're good! 😍
Luv Dhun
Luv Dhun:
Ok, let’s talk about the Green Goblin laugh, we are gonna have William Defoe back. This is gonna be epic. (Yes excited about Doc Ock, but the OG villian is back)
THIS is gonna be fun! :)
Molina: "Hello Peter."
Dafoe: "I'm something of a comeback myself."
Honeastly Nuts
Honeastly Nuts:
He's finally getting his "with great powers come great responsibility" moment
Julia Red
Julia Red:
Fans: Give us Tobey
Sony: You'll get Tobey when you fix THIS DAMN DOOR
I really hope there's a scene where Jameson meets alternative Jameson and does the Spiderman point meme.
R L:
Alfred molina: "Hello peter"
Tom holland: "I don't even know who you are"
Sumit Mishra
Sumit Mishra:
Fans: "You changed Spiderman three times, that's so stupid."

Marvel: "it is a surprise tool that will help us later."😀
Peter: When Mysterio revealed my identity, my entire life got screwed up.
Bully Maguire: You gonna cry?
Movie Hermit
Movie Hermit:
The tentacles on Doc Ock seem to be just slightly different. We only see one, but it looks much cleaner and more intact than the ones in Spider-man 2. In that movie, they became rusted with damage to the claws/wires poking out after the accident. They also seem to be more of a solid black. Nice little details that make this Doc Ock more like a variant of the one in Spider-man 2 (that and the fact he seems to be both evil and alive here)
Zachary Edmund
Zachary Edmund:
Dr. Strange: "I can help you cast a spell to change time."
Universe: *starts collapsing on itself*
Dr. Strange: "This is all on you, kid."
Terrific Taco’s
Terrific Taco’s:
I see so many people wanting to see Tobey and Andrew in the trailer, but, wouldn’t that ruin your excitement of them possibly being in this movie? Why would you want that thrill of excitement completely gone?
Alfred molina: "Hello peter"
Tom holland: "I don't even know who you are"
Something Something
Something Something:
Loki and Wanda basically did that thing where you break something then fix it just enough so the next person that uses it thinks they broke it, except instead of a bowl or an action figure, they did it with the multiverse
Imagine the moment Doc Ock says "Hello, Peter" is the same moment when Tobey's Spider Man shows up. Tobey shows up, a minute or so later, Ock shows up and says it.
I love how the fact that the universe becomes unstable because Dr. Strange thought he could get Spiderman to shut up for five minutes.
T-Cave Playz
T-Cave Playz:
Sony: Here’s your trailer.
Fans: Cool, but where’s Tobey and Andrew?
Sony: You’ll get Tobey and Andrew, when you fix this DAMN DOOR!!!
Aaron Acosta
Aaron Acosta:
I think the fact that Tom wants some people to know would set up perfectly for Toby and Andrew. Hear me out. Tom is torn between two lives like Dr.Strange said, but Toby and Andrews Spider-Man knew that who ever they told will put them at risk. Andrew lost Gwen and Toby rejects mj in the first movie. They know they can’t be both Peter Parker and be Spider-Man which which they will teach Tom to which then Tom will come to the realization that everyone needs to forget including ned may and mj
ĸιrѕтιan weѕт
ĸιrѕтιan weѕт:
The fact that Doc Ock only knows Toby Maguire's Spiderman makes me even more excited.
Marvel the Kid
Marvel the Kid:
Dude, this looks awesome!!! So worth the wait!

Just one question tho,

Where’s Toby?
Zeb Fross
Zeb Fross:
Yes! Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock was THE best Spider-Man villain; super excited to see him back.
The Cursed Eevee
The Cursed Eevee:
Is Ock still gonna be a villain? I'm confused, last thing he said before vanishing into the bay with that mini-star was "I will not die a monster" so... like... what? And, we do already have infinite clean energy in the mcu, Ark Reactor Tech. So, yeah. Can't wait for them to explain that one.
Tom: looks even slightly sad
Tobey: look at little iron man Jr. Gonna cry?
Blaise Dahl
Blaise Dahl:
2:22 hear me out. I think Squirrel is going to be in No Way Home.
Every shot, every frame is composed. Everything is there for a reason.
(Timestamps are for original trailer)
1. Pause at 2:22 - 2:23 and you’ll see a squirrel climbing up a tree during this high-action shot. At the same time you’ll see a young woman walking a dog across the street, who appears to be looking at Strange & Spider-Man. I believe that she is squirrel girl. Literally if you were to name the objects on screen from left to right it would be: Squirrel. Girl.

2. In Far from home, Peter takes on the guise of Night Monkey. I think at the very least they will have Squirrel Girl cameo as a joke in a similar way, who knows. Sony even took the joke as far as making a Night Monkey trailer as a piece of Far From Home Marketing. https://youtu.be/l6WEvHsvzOQ

3. She also has the ability to control squirrels. In Homecoming, Ned asked Peter if he could “summon an army of Spiders”, even at the start of this trailer MJ reads a news tabloid headline claiming Peter having a Hypnotic Spider ability. Squirre Girl has literally defeated opponents by *summoning and army of squirrels.* So perhaps it could be some kind of payoff to introduce a character that can actually control creatures, in this case Squirrels. Ned asking Peter (40 secs in) https://youtu.be/_jlsetM_Uy0

4. She is the only other person in the shot, watching the altercation between the two. In the comics, Squirrel Girl originally wanted to be Iron Man’s sidekick. She may be trying to spy on strange using the squirrels, perhaps for the purpose of trying to be his side kick.
What's happened here?
What's happened here?:
*The producers in pre-production:* Ok so we are gonna double down, and milk every bit of nostalgia we can out of this one
Aldrei Fernandez
Aldrei Fernandez:
Dr octopus: "hello peter"
peter parker: "i dont even know who you are"
Dr octopus: "you will"
Neo Leaf
Neo Leaf:
I’m just excited to see green gobby back on the big screen. That I really hope all 3 Toby and Andrew and Tom are in this. That would make me happy. That would be an awesome early Christmas gift lol.
Seeing doc oc saying hello Peter for some reason just made me hella hype
Purple clips ✓
Purple clips ✓:
They should get both the previous Spider-Man’s and have all 3 of them work together
This was every bit as satisfying as I thought it would be :) Can't wait!!!
The ancient one: "it's of critical importance that you do nothing to alter the space time continuum"

Dr Strange: Hey Peter, let's open the multiverse LMAO
Imagine Green Goblin say his plan to the Sinister Six:
"First, we attack his heart!"
Karnan Varadaraj Vinay
Karnan Varadaraj Vinay:
Willem Dafoe's laugh sounds a bit different in tobey maguire's trilogy though...
It's sounds a bit more evil in this
"Can't some people still know?"

I love how Peter wants MJ, Ned and Aunt May to still know he's Spider-Man. I feel like he messed up the spell because doctor strange was telling him to be quiet because he would mess up the spell and he kept talking.
The Bojam Legacy
The Bojam Legacy:
Peter went from one egomaniac mentor to another and I’m entirely here for it
Sony: There you got your trailer

Fans: Wheres Tobey

Sony: You’ll get him when you all buy the damn movie tickets
Daniel Hawkens
Daniel Hawkens:
Bruh. Doc Ock just said :" Hello Peter." And Peter immediately went into defense mode. His spider senses told him he's fuckin dangerous

I like that line. "The Multiverse is a concept we know frighteningly little about..."
mr heightz
mr heightz:
I can't stop watching the trailer🔥
I didn’t think this was real until yesterday when it played on an ad, I watched it and boy am I excited for this.
The Great Brandino
The Great Brandino:
Wong: "Don't cast that spell it too dangerous."
Also Wong: *Goes to a cage match with the Abomination*
Psychomanteum Driver
Psychomanteum Driver:
Uncle Ben: With great power comes great responsibility.
Dr Strange: *opens up multiverses all over the place*
So if Doc Ock and The Green Goblin are both on this Bridge together, are they like the three hero's in Netflix's adaptation of Castlevania? IE, the Boss music hits and everyone has to focus fire both villains at the same time!
Blood TV
Blood TV:
This trailer made me cry😭😭 I can’t wait
The Gamebrewery
The Gamebrewery:
Finally, a trailer that you have to watch twice to understand the hype.
Travyn Shoultz
Travyn Shoultz:
Dude when Doc Ock said “Hello Peter” that gave me chills to the bone
I can’t wait for this movie including having to see doc back was great!
Austin Johnsen
Austin Johnsen:
Uh, just tell the people you trust that you’re Spider Man after the spell has been cast? They may not remember everything, but you won’t have to keep secrets from them again.
Jeshua Williams
Jeshua Williams:
100x better than I expected and I was expecting perfection.
TheQueenOfNightmare s
TheQueenOfNightmare s:
Wong's just like "Bye! I'm off to Shang-Chi!"
J's Crafty Nook
J's Crafty Nook:
Super excited after hearing that sinister laughter and "hello Peter"...awesome !!
That green grenade and laugh suspiciously looked and sounded like Toby Maguires green goblin
Kenny B.
Kenny B.:
But how much of this can we actually trust? Marvel themselves have admitted to putting fake footage in trailers just to avoid revealing/spoiling too much of the film in the past.
That being said, I’M SO EXCITED! 😁
Is No one going to talk about Zendaya OMG! I love her 😍
Doc Oc: “Hello Peter”
Tom: “Hi?”
Doc Oc: “I wasnt talking to you”
Tobey: “Move over kid, it’s Pizza Time”
Sylvain Desforges
Sylvain Desforges:
Best trailer since Endgame. Now you feel that Marvel has sum up a concept that puts everybody's reality at risk. And delivered by DS's ego. Like Tony, this his Ultron!
Sony: how can we break the internet ?
Sony: Hello Peter
Jordy W
Jordy W:
I was so excited to see doc oc!
Tobey: with great power comes great responsibility. That’s something my uncle told me.
Junpei Animates
Junpei Animates:
I wish Stan Lee was here to see this amazing trailer
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Mr Glass
Mr Glass:
That would’ve been smarter way for Peter go about it first mistake you made was clearing it up for everybody but he was Spiderman there are three different ways you could’ve gone about this number one you got a cast some kind of clone or version from out of nothing of Peter he would necessarily have to look just like Peter just be a temporary Peter Parker again he doesn’t have to look just like Peter just have his abilities but temporary Second he could get rid of his abilities for a day couple days third he could’ve built a robot Tony Stark Robot to pose as him prove to everybody that he’s not Spiderman just saying
Dean :D
Dean :D:
Me when I see my main man (dr octo ) I just gasped…
Only thing I care about now is not losing him again :(
Davion Willis
Davion Willis:
Damm bruh hearing the jokers laugh brings me back he was always my favorite and they got the original people casting LETS GO!!!!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Tajemná Temnota
Tajemná Temnota:
Peter calling Dr.Strage Steven is most brave act he ever did. It's WOW!
Hugh Hardiman
Hugh Hardiman:
I love how doctor strange house is snowy so that marvel can call it a Christmas movie
Lynn Hankins
Lynn Hankins:
Oooooh I must see this. It looks so good. Ooooh and Benedict Cumberbatch is in this. 💜😊
Kao Vang
Kao Vang:
THIS doesn't feel like the MCU at all but it's crazy to know that Doc Ock and Green Goblin are now officially in the MCU!!
Adnan Nawaz Khandey
Adnan Nawaz Khandey:
"Be careful for what you wish Parker"🔥
Na Na that's my problem 😂

Me: All spiderman movies depends on what/how Peter makes a mistake 😎
Mohammed F
Mohammed F:
gabriel nezianya
gabriel nezianya:
Tom Holland: I am out.
Andrew Garfield: need a reload.
Tobey Maguire: You guys reload? Amateurs.
We can finally see how badass Dr. Strange truly is!
And this is why we often hear the phrase: "Don't mess with the space/time continuum." This is the worse that can happen to anyone.
The hilarity of handcuffing Peter Parker to a table
Damar Glover
Damar Glover:
Strange probably should have told him that everyone would have forgot even his loved ones before he started the spell to wipe everyone's memory lol 🤣
Judah Newell
Judah Newell:
I saw at least 5 villains in this trailer and they are Doc Ock, Green Goblin, The Lizard, Sandman, and Electrico
Faheem Productions
Faheem Productions:
Tobey: "You'll get your rent when you fix this damn timeline!"
Ms. Kelly’s Classroom
Ms. Kelly’s Classroom:
This is Amazing 🤩 Can’t wait!
Mbokez Mboke
Mbokez Mboke:
Hello Peter
It's just ICONIC
Alex Tarven
Alex Tarven:
The one thing Marvel has been trying to get Tom to do since he joined the team & kept dropping spoilers.
Cris- Yo19
Cris- Yo19:
Damn the ending was great.
Doctor_ B
Doctor_ B:
20 years passed
Many spiderman came
Tobey will remain our only spider man 💖
ken takky
ken takky:
I'm looking forward to seeing how Sam Raimi will affect MCU and how to connect multiverse.
The fact that everything about this is clickbait is great
J B:
My one big question is what is strange smoking because wiping everyone's collective memories without understanding the consequences seems like something he should prevent.
BlackArro Cartoons
BlackArro Cartoons:
Does the whole conflict of the film hinge on a messed up spell for the sake of Peter not liking everyone knowing he's Spider-Man now? The heroes mess up and cause their own problems?
yo imagine they made a third TASM where parker fights rhino cos in part 2 the end credits shows that he was about to but never did
Abhishek Somkuwar
Abhishek Somkuwar:
I'm literally crying thinking I'm gonna see Tobey as Spiderman again😭😭😭 waiting for this moment for long time
Haven't seen the movie but i can guess: So Strange puts a spell on Peter to show him what could happen if the try and cheat out of your responsibility, in this case being revealed as spiderman, using powers irresponsilbe. In the end strange says nah bro that was just one possibility out of millions. Remember how I shifted through 13 million possible outcomes? You experienced just one. Don't bother me with the small stuff again and don't call me steven. Other wizard comes back through portal to say he forgot his hat revealing the whole experience lasted mere seconds in real time. the end.
Christopher Forrest
Christopher Forrest:
That ending with doc ock saying hello to peter and then him suiting up looks like a composite shot. I dont think doc is talking to tom Hollands peter
Mace Windu
Mace Windu:
Am going to laugh my ass off if Andrew and Toby ain’t in it……lol
Rick Mathis
Rick Mathis:
That looks so cool!
Aashiqur SecondCitySaint
Aashiqur SecondCitySaint:
Best parts of childhood about to be rewritten Ya'll!
I just hope Tobey’s spidey enters with hip thrustin dance moves 😂
Freakin’ everytime gives me goosebumps
April King
April King:
Love that Tom's little brother, Harry, will be making an appearance.
You just know that "pizza time" is coming.