SPIDERMAN 3 Everything We Know So Far + Miles Morales, Tobey Maguire & Andrew Garfield Rumors

SPIDERMAN 3 Everything We Know So Far + Miles Morales, Tobey Maguire & Andrew Garfield Rumors. We break down the Live Action Spider-verse rumors and also discuss everything we have confirmed about the upcoming Spider-man 3 film.

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Check out our breakdown of SPIDERMAN 3 Jamie Foxx Officially Returning As Electro | Potential Live Action Spider-verse? | MCU here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0sAD78u_r8Q

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100+ comentarios:

Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers:
All new updates on the film right here - https://youtu.be/XiDxMGQq8DM
Primm's Hood Cinema
Primm's Hood Cinema:
I think we're living in the age of crossovers. It's so dope 👏🏿👏🏿

Until Hollywood takes it too far and makes it lame 🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️
Primm's Hood Cinema
Primm's Hood Cinema:
Bro how did the _electricity_ fix his gap??!! 😭😭😭 Nobody ever answered me
Unknown Void
Unknown Void:
If tobey is in it and he comes on screen it’s gonna be louder than people watching endgame in theaters
Tobey Maguire memes are going to come back lol
Ariel Nomberto
Ariel Nomberto:
I hope Tobey Maguire gets to puts dirt in someone's eye for real this time
I know the title...
Spider-Man: Homies
Since you know it'll probably have multiple spider people.
Anthony Lesley
Anthony Lesley:
I would watch spider-man: Homelander!
Furious Hawk
Furious Hawk:
I just wanna see an argument between Bald J. Jonah. Jameson, and Sam Raimi JJJ.
Royce Perez
Royce Perez:
Homelander trying to drink aunt May's breastmilk 😂 That's funny..
Raka Crushed
Raka Crushed:
The movie should be called "Spiderman: Too many people in the home"
Lenard Regencia
Lenard Regencia:
JJ Jameson: What are we gonna call this guy?

Hoffman: -"Doctor Octopus."
JJ Jameson: -That's crap.

Hoffman: -"Science Squid"?
JJ Jameson: -Crap!

Hoffman:-"Doctor Strange."

JJ Jameson: -That's pretty good. But it's taken.
JJ Jameson: Wait, wait! I got it. "Doctor Octopus."
Commander Spyder
Commander Spyder:
I can't wait to see Andrew Garfield as Spidey again, since he's my favourite live-action version of the character.
Ronan Mccabe
Ronan Mccabe:
The title is actually called spiderman:sweet home alabama
Petition for Spider-Man 3 to be called Spider-Man: Homelander
TheGoldenKid 16
TheGoldenKid 16:
Somebody give this man the director’s Job, We need Spider-Man: homelander
Mahir Gangwal
Mahir Gangwal:
I have the most appropriate titles

Untitled Far From Home Sequel
Spider-Man: Work From Home
MCM Movie Reviews
MCM Movie Reviews:
Toby , Holland , Garfield all in one movie , if calsberg done movies ...
Chinmay Tiwari
Chinmay Tiwari:
If any of this actually happens,

This would be the greatest cinematic crossover in the human history as of yet
If they added Miles Morales, Tobey Maguire & Andrew Garfield in there....THIS WOULD BE EPIC!!
Kyle Riles
Kyle Riles:
Imagine all 3 actors doing press together and we get interviews with Tom Andrew and Tobey sitting next to each other
Just everything
Just everything:
Bully Maguire will just bully Holland and Garfield
MCU Spider-Man
MCU Spider-Man:
Spider-Man: Run Away From Home
Spider-Man: Home Alone. Our web slinging hero saves Kevin McCallister from the wet bandits who want revenge after being let out of prison on parole and teaming up with Venom.
I just don’t want Jon Watts as director at all... he has such a bland style and doesn’t even compare to Raimi or even Webb. There’s no way he’s capable of handling a spider-verse film
Alexander Sapia
Alexander Sapia:
I really doubt Tobey nor Andrew will appear, tho if it happened I would die of excitement
Nicholas Ferrer
Nicholas Ferrer:
These 3 Spider-Men would beat the Avengers, that’s how serious this is LMFAO
Oak Aye
Oak Aye:
Let's just have a good spider-man solo movie

E Moment
E Moment:
Spider-Man: Home school
Evan Busbin
Evan Busbin:
The spider verse deserves its own movie. I hope they don’t cram too much in spider-man 3.
Moazz Hussain
Moazz Hussain:
How can we see John Cena as Sandman? We would only see the sandstorm surrounding him
Valentin Perez
Valentin Perez:
I finally get to see Tobey MaguireMy favorite Spiderman
Tzk Zoom_3
Tzk Zoom_3:
I can’t wait to see Toby again best movies of all time
Spider-Man: Homebound
Because of covid.
I want it on record I said this twice in one of your live chats like 9 months ago that wouldn’t it be cool if they got all three Spider-Mans together..... I myself single handedly made this happen yes me no one els. Please don’t all thank me at once. Lol

Now just bring back the best! Green goblin William Dafoe and we all set :-) “back to formula” !!!!
The Film Chronicles
The Film Chronicles:
Spider-Man v Homelander: Dawn of the Multiverses
Spider-Man: Homeland Security
(Spider-Man: Homelander is okay too)
Marvel-Dc Jr
Marvel-Dc Jr:
Spider-Man: Clapping cheeks
Spider-Man: Homelander makes a lot of sense when you consider there may be multiple Spider-Men

There can be only one
Anime Panda
Anime Panda:
Tobey Maguore Spider-Man: You’re like me

Andrew Garfield Spider-Man: you’re like me

Tom Holland Spider-Man: you’re like me

Russian Spider-Man: you’re like *US*
no life
no life:
Spider-man: sweet home alabama
Kunal Singh
Kunal Singh:
That what we exactly waiting for 🌋🦇
The next movie could be titled Spider-man: Homelanding? WWE's Roman Reigns as Kraven the Hunter, would be perfect for the role in my opinion.
Henry Goveia
Henry Goveia:
If Tobey Maguire Is In This Film I Will Lose My Shit. I’ve Been Wanting To See This For So Long He Was And Always Will Be The Best Spider-Man
Rafael Togami
Rafael Togami:
Hope Andrew Garfield comes back, I think his take on Spider-Man was... amazing, unfortunately the movies/stories were awful. Eric Marlon Bishop returning is also great, he’s an outstanding actor and I really like his work. He seems legit in every role he played.
Spiderman: I'm gonna put some dirt in your eye.
Evan Cappello
Evan Cappello:
I know it’s a big deal in the comic books about his identity being kept secret, but honestly I’m the world of the MCU superheroes haven’t exactly tried their best to hide said identities. So it only makes sense that if Spidey is going to be a/the main Avenger; like Iron Man, his true identity shouldn’t be a huge deal .
Peter’s gonna need a lawyer to prove his innocence. I can think of a certain lawyer in Hell’s Kitchen...
the thing is that they only got one shot with a live action spiderverse
Kaleb Nolan
Kaleb Nolan:
Spider-Man: Home away from Home
Spider-Man: Holiday home
Spider-Man: better homes and gardens
Spider-Man: home swap
Spider-Man: home alone
Spider-Man: home decor
Spider-Man: dude where’s my home
Spider-Man: home is where the heart is
Spider-Man: no ones home
Spider-Man: I’m going home
What if the title is Spider-Man: Homewercker?
i Zilo-
i Zilo-:
Having all 3 Spider-Man’s in a movie together is gonna be one of the best movies of our lifetime... proud to share it with you all🥺❤️
8:38 "[...] will be facing off multiple villains"
**Ah shit, here we go again...**
The Film Chronicles
The Film Chronicles:
Great video as always Deff!!
Just did a video on some spidey-news as well! HUGE news for the Spidey-verse indeed my friend.
Cheers brotha! aka(thelastsith)
Jalen Taylor
Jalen Taylor:
Huge fan, and would LOVE to finally be blessed with winning somethin lmao but for real please keep up the great videos!
Corey Christensen
Corey Christensen:
Traveling through the spiderverse and ending up in The Boys pawn shop..
O G:
(Cue Tommy Lee slow motion drumstick spin)
Home Sweet Home
Gilberto Rivera
Gilberto Rivera:
Thanks Paul, great stuff! If all the rumor characters come to intrusion, looking at a possible 3 hour movie.
Krzy Juice
Krzy Juice:
So happy jamie fox is comin back as electro his role as electro was my favorite mcu villain
Karumoto Art
Karumoto Art:
Can't wait for Andrew to come back
Joe Alicea Official
Joe Alicea Official:
Since we are getting Miles Morales in the 3rd Spideman film, I have the theory that either Maguire or Garfield will die on this one.
QuEsT X:
I would love to see all of them together in one great battle as The spidermen! "Spiderman Home away from Home" and could they bring back Tony this way using the multivrese
Yashodeep Solapure
Yashodeep Solapure:
Homelander trying to drink aunt May's milk.. 😂 😂
Nitah Kalez
Nitah Kalez:
It should be called The Spider-Men 😂😂
Herb Coswell
Herb Coswell:
I really hope the Spiderverse is just ending set up. I want this to be about Spiderman on the run.
Osian Coleman
Osian Coleman:
I rlly want scorpion and vulture in this pls.
Dang toby and Garfield finna look real older mostly Toby
Mr Large
Mr Large:
I think they've done such a good job with MCU Spider-Man. That just makes me so hopeful for part 3, I'm expecting great things 💪🏼
#definitiongate release those emails!
Hekko Paladin
Hekko Paladin:
I’m thinking it’ll be called: Spider-Man: Home sweet home.
They need to get Sandman back from the Raimi films
Looking forward to this one!
Tobey shouldn't be advertised, maybe advertise Andrew but leave Tobey as a surprise
Toby as the old out of shape Peter, yes please!
Shawn King
Shawn King:
Spider-Man: No Place Like Home
WeilBaumwegenSeife #isso
WeilBaumwegenSeife #isso:
Honestly I would love to see all spiderman actors in one movie. I have always loved the comics and basically grew up with the andrew garfied movies so yeah please me
give a movie with all of the three actors sony pleeeease 😭
Heisenberg White
Heisenberg White:
Great video! happy to have found your channel. Lets hope the rumors are true!
Ness Crow
Ness Crow:
Man, I need to watch Venom now. Is it good?
Zippy Rainbow
Zippy Rainbow:
Dude I was waiting for ur video since 2 days😳
Soulo Dolo
Soulo Dolo:
With the hype going around...I'm expecting a live action miles Morales and if I had to pick a actor I would say either Caleb McLaughlin from stranger things or Michael Rainey jr from power
Michael O'Hara
Michael O'Hara:
I absolutely would love a live " into the Spiderverse " that features all of the Spider-men and more but not while Holland's Parker is on the run from the law and villains and trying to fix the reveal of his identity. It is Too Much for one film.
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez:
Bro if this happens I will love it and watch it over and over again!
Ayyyy released on my birthday Dec 17
Just a peace of cake
Just a peace of cake:
I whent to Facebook and heard that tobby was coming back so I'm nkw on yt
Mahir Gangwal
Mahir Gangwal:
Hit The Web. LOL😂😂😂
Nicholas Goodknight
Nicholas Goodknight:
Keep up the great work!
Rado Solis
Rado Solis:
That salt picture lmaooo
Aidan Wamsley
Aidan Wamsley:
I’d love to see a return of Donald Glover, seeing him suit up as the prowler in the mcu is my dream
kichu Sarin
kichu Sarin:
3 spiderman together that's insane
Tyulenin SFD
Tyulenin SFD:
3:07 Ultimate Universe...
I hope they appear in some form in the movie, whether it be in the end credits scene or a cameo when peter and Dr.strange hop universes
Poison Dynamic
Poison Dynamic:
This better be true. I really want toby Tom and Andrew together in a film😂
Spoiler man Spoiler man does whatever a Spoiler can.... 😂
Jared Beyers
Jared Beyers:
I was on Google and I saw the picture
Matthew Distin
Matthew Distin:
I'm so excited I'm going to shit out of my mouth
Saif Qureshi
Saif Qureshi:
Yo here you come
Great video thank you
Wait... I made myself a cake and I thought it was from Spider-man 😳
SpiderMan: Rentcoming
Muhd Rashid Dany
Muhd Rashid Dany:
It will be Spider-Man: Sinister Come Home for real HAHAHHA
koolcaz 777
koolcaz 777:
Homeboy business. I'm calling it