SQUID GAME Ending Explained! The Game Show From Hell!

In this video we take a deep dive, review, recap and explain the ending to Netflix's Korean game show drama SQUID GAME.

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Think Story
Think Story:
🩸 How far do you think you'd make it in Squid Game? Would you betray or cooperate? 🩸

Check out my other Horror Videos here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY9KJ1cFVs7i5oOjx21bz-hnkmbeCmU4j
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Just Some Guy without a Mustache:
I started this show from all of the hype I heard, and I was not disappointed one bit, it's such a well written story.
Jordan-Ari Robinson
Jordan-Ari Robinson:
The saddest part for me was when Ji-Yeong sacrificed herself and died losing the marble game, which was closely followed by Ali's death.
I might be over thinking, but the horse racing was foreshadowing a hint for the winner of squid game. The 2 horses that were close to the finish, at the final race, were numbered 8 and 6. Sung-woo's number ended with an 8 and Gi-hun's number ended with a 6. Not sure if this has been brought up before, but I think it makes sense.
why is nobody talking abt the policeman? he was one of my fav characters :(
Chimichonga Sisters
Chimichonga Sisters:
Man what a spin on the innocent childhood games I grew up playing!!
AND ALIIIII.. They did him so wrong my heart dropped.. He was one of my favorite characters 😭😩
Luka Magic
Luka Magic:
Episode 6 is one of the best I've ever seen. Crazy how people like Ali don't have much backstory but their death felt so bad people like myself who can't remember the last time they've cried from TV/Movies bawling their eyes out
I was honestly bawling my eyes out for almost every death after the marble games, even for Sang-woo when i realised that he wasn't the villain, but simply a victim of the harsh circumstances thrust upon him.
Vipul Midd19
Vipul Midd19:
Remember the guy who was paired with his wife in the marble game.We know that if everyone votes and quit the game the money is sent to the families of deceased ones.The fact that he was urging everyone to vote and quit after the marble game shows how perspective plays a role throughout the series. Some see his decision as a symbol of love for his wife and some see it as a symbol of greed. Same goes in life too. Our perspective decides our opinions.
All the character's death were already foreshadowed in Episode 2. Ali is eliminated because sang-woo took his marble the same as he took his boss money. Deok-su jumped on the bridge and was eliminated in the game by falling off the bridge. Sae-byeok die because she was stabbed on her neck same as she threatened someone with a knife on their throat. Sang-woo almost commit suicide in the bathtub and was eliminated from the game by killing himself. Also, the old man died from a brain tumor. Gi-hun swore on his mother's life, and his mother died in the end. Wow.
Arvian Marie Bajao
Arvian Marie Bajao:
Just a little trivia all of their deaths are actually foreshadowed in the beginning. Dok su jumped off the bridge and that’s how he died; Ali robbed his boss’ s money and he died because Sang woo stole his marbles; Sang woo tried to kill himself before but he ended up killing himself; Saebyeok tried to kill the guy who scammed her by pointing a knife onto his neck and she died with a neck stab wound; and lastly Gi-Hun swear with his mom’s life , after the game his mom died. What a brillant storyline! And also leaves you thinking of possibilities and what’s gonna happen next. Hope that there are big twists on season 2
Karibbean Gamble
Karibbean Gamble:
Omg Ali dying was the worst for me. Like when he cried out “Sang-woo” when he realized he betrayed him that gave me chills. I heard the betrayal in his voice. I started crying even harder. I never wished that a hero would step in a save the day so hard in my life. Love live Ali Abdul ✊🏽♥️♥️
I was confused why they didn't show what happened between the husband and wife during the marble game, that seems like it would have been great drama to see how they decided the wife would be the one to be sacrificed instead of the husband (I'm assuming she chose to sacrifice herself instead of them playing the game).
To give Sang-woo some credit, everything he does is in respect to his goal of getting his mother money. Not only has he resolved to betray and kill others, but even to kill himself in the end knowing that Gi-Hun will get his mom the money. As sad as the Ali death was, he knows that if he doesn't snake him that everything will be for naught; he'll be dead and unable to help his mom with no guarantee that the winner is someone who will either. By the time they're doing the bridge game, I think he has realized that there will likely only be one winner in the end. It was sad to see Sae-byeok die but it was basically a mercy kill given the circumstances... I think Gi-Hun's blind optimism wasn't considering that she'd been bleeding heavily for hours. He did awful stuff but he was the only one who achieved his goal out of all the players, even if he didn't survive.
Strive to Win(nie)
Strive to Win(nie):
I saw Ali’s betrayal coming the moment Sang Woo partnered up with him. Sang Woo felt off to me right from episode 2 when he voted to continue the game. It got me bawling nevertheless seeing Ali’s helpless and heartbroken face 😭😭😭
La Vonne Peduca
La Vonne Peduca:
Ali’s death just proves how harsh reality is, that people take advantage of kind hearted people, he was my favorite character, he was a literal innocent cinnamon roll, he could have just left Gi Hun to die in the first game but he didn’t, he saved his ass, and on the marble game, he could just leave and win but no, he considered Sangwoo’s suggestion because he valued their ‘friendship’ goddammit Ali why must you dieee
I cried when the old man knew all along that Gi-Hun was taking advantage of him and still “sacrificed” himself.
Pure Awol
Pure Awol:
another thing I realized is I feel like the reason Gihun cares for the old man so much is not because its the main characters sticking together plot, but i think he sees the old man as a chance to make up the broken relationship he had with his own mom that was that same age.
The ending annoyed me, I was yelling at my TV. After all that he ditched his kid... That just really bothered me.
Shahin Parvin
Shahin Parvin:
This series taught me to not gamble and be honest more than my schools and parents ever did
love maze
love maze:
the fact that the old man voted to stop the game in the earlier episode but still they all came back it shows how he gave them a chance and everything it makes much more sense now after the ending
D R A:
Ali's death made me unbelievably angry, I was cussing out Sangwoo so bad LOL, but Saebyeok's death absolutely broke me.
Alex Foxleigh
Alex Foxleigh:
Honestly, I started watching it so I could understand the memes (A reason behind a lot of things I watch/play these days) and I didn't really expect to get much past the first episode as the premise felt a bit 'done' to me but, man it was amazing. It was so incredibly compelling and I knew that I was going to be rooting hard for Gi-Hun as soon as I saw him feed that cat. For me, the biggest heartbreak of Episode 6 wasn't Ali's death or Ji-Yong's death or Il-Nams death (I annoyingly guessed that he was ok when his death was off-screen) for me the thing that really got to me about that episode was seeing Gi-Hun do something bad. As soon as he chose to gaslight Il-Nam, my heart just broke.
L. Powell
L. Powell:
At the beginning, I think the reason Il-nam voted to end the games was so that everyone could truly decide on whether to play or not. He knew they'd go back to a life just as unforgiving as the games, and he wanted them all to recognize that and choose to return themselves.
He could have easily voted to continue, but that would run the risk of half of the players not truly giving it their all and being less motivated than when they elected to be there. In that sense, it might be less fun.
I don’t understand the ending. Gi-hun had 1 month to pay off his debt but Il-Nam said that he didn’t use any of the prize money when they met again. How did he sort out the situation with the loan sharks then?
Ali's death was definitely depressing. It shows how horrible humans can actually be and use somebody for their own advantage. I absolutely love Sang-woo's character, it's real, it's awful, and a lot of people have a similar personality like him, even if they don't want to admit it (besides the killing, of course)
Painfully Honest
Painfully Honest:
I thought it was interesting how all of the games were drawn on the walls the whole time. Just hidden behind those beds. All of those tricks to find out what the next game was and it was there the whole time.
Heitor Pedro de Godoi
Heitor Pedro de Godoi:
What's really funny is that all the games are literally drawn in the players' room, for everyone to see, that is, everyone could see what the games would be.
crim somreaf5555
crim somreaf5555:
honestly i swear something like this is actually happening in the world. the rich of the world would definitely do something like this just for entertainment.
Vv Mew
Vv Mew:
The way they ended was very smart. Leaving the option that the show ends there, and also room for more, depending on the series success.

And now, after the show’s massive success, it’s 100% there will be a season 2.
Ali's death was heart-breaking. But I think Saebyeok's death was the most devastating for me. From the first episode, I just got the feeling that she was thrust into a life which placed immense weight on her shoulders. The way she stopped Gihun from killing Sang-oo by reminding him that he's not that kid of person; The way her cold exterior shattered when the other girl deliberately threw the game to let her win. Despite having to endure violence and make threats of violence herself to survive, she saved someone else from going down that road.
Michael Hinde
Michael Hinde:
From what the writer said about it taking 10 years or so to write the first series, it seems optimistic to think a 2nd is going to top it (although clearly with the numbers it's racked up, a 2nd is inevitable). I like the idea that it goes global, given the suggestion that it isn't only held in Korea. Any country could work. Maybe acts a precursor to some sort of 3rd and final series where they try and compete champions from across the globe.
Chris Kim
Chris Kim:
The 7th floor scene was the 7th game. There was a time, and Ill-Nam lost as he died.

Ilnam was absolutely convinced on the selfish nature of humans and that they possessed views that the lives of others was of little significance compared to their gains (which is why he voted for them all to go home as he was convinced they would eventually come back). he probably made a similar bet(probably more elaborate when he wasnt confined to his deathbed) and endowed this ideology to the guy in the black mask when he won in 2015, causing him to forfeit his life(symbolically die) and become devoted to Ilnam and help run the games. I am thinking that the guy in the station with the red and blue tags is another previous winner/devotee that has lost the 7th game to Ilnam. (these are my speculations, the show doesnt really suggest this) But with the case of gihun, he is a broke fool who seems to have a childish innocence contrary to the events surrounding him and it is initially presented as his biggest character flaw. But in essence his character is living proof against ilnams convictions of the world, which is why ilnam lost the final bet.

Characters are undone by their flaws

If there is an underlying theme in this show, it is that the characters are all undone by their flaws.

-After the first game when the characters resume their lives before reentering the game, Sangwoo tries to commit suicide by drowning himself in his tub, he ends up killing himself in the same position with rain falling on his face, his flaw being that he would rather avoid his problems til the end than face them. He is extremely capable and clever but refuses to own up to his mistakes and relies on unethical means to fix them (He would rather commit suicide than confront his mother about his wrongdoings).

-Saebyuk threatens the broker at knife point to the neck and she dies with a stabwound to the neck in the same spot, her flaw is her unrealistic/childish expectations (she still takes the broker's words and says she will get the money/her expectations of being with her illegal North Korean parents who have been arrested and sent back/ wanting to live normally with her family which is her motivation in the whole game)

-Ali is taken advantage of by his employee and ends up having to resort to using his strength to forcibly take his money and ends up crushing his employer's hands. He dies by sangwoo taking advantage of his naivety and stealing his marbles. His biggest flaw is that he is naïve and too trusting. (it is also implied that he has lost fingers in a similar way while working for the scumbag employer showing how naive he was)

-The gangster dude has to jump off a bridge at a dead end of his own making. He dies falling off a bridge treading on glass steps. His flaw is acting wrecklessly for his own gains at the cost of others, only to have it fall back on him.

Every single character in the show dies without recognizing and surpassing their flaws, in fact you could say their deaths are their own doing.

The Red herring

The image in the last round of the games With GiHun fighting Sangwoo with a knife(and sneakily throwing sand in his eyes) is a stark contrast between his character in episode one with his childlike innocence(refer to the smile for his profile). We as viewers assume that he has developed and overcome his flaw to prevail as any main protagonist would

And it would have also tied up the social commentary of the show nicely, albiet would have been a tragic one of how growing up in society we often end up abandoning our humanity. The show sets you up to believe that that is the main theme of the show and what is being represented by the game and its participants until the very last moment.

but its not

with a series of plotwists he tries to forfeit the money to save sangwoo (even though it doesnt work) and it ultimately shows that he remains the innocent protagonist we saw in the beginning

at this moment as viewers we get to see that Gihun has not gone through the character development we anticipated. Afterall, most of us had already realized that the last game would be the squid game as shown in the first scene in the show where there could only be one winner and incapacitation of the other player would not be avoidable. But Gi-hun does win. He is the last surviving player yet he has not changed in any meaningful way a protagonist would have to overcome their endeavors, but just ends up as a broken man (the money loses value to him). It is a stark plot twist of its own

It is also important to note that Gihun has won the game without killing a single person. His attempt to trick ilnam with the marbles does not get fully realized as being murderous as ilnam points out he knew he was being tricked, just before giving him the last marble as a sign of forgiveness/respect. He beats up sangwoo with murderous intent but ends up forfeitting in an attempt to save him. He swears he will kill Ilnam if he wins the bet but Ilnam draws his final breath upon losing, taking revenge away from him and preserving his "innocence."

The true flaw and the real herring

Upon rewatching it is clear what Gihun's main character flaw really is and it is further clarified with the last few scenes that his flaw is his drive to get back at those who have wronged him.

-When he finally wins against the man in the station, he automatically assumes to hit him when the rules was that he would get money instead.

-When he promises not to harrass the girl for his stolen money if she unties him and he falls back on that as soon as she cuts his arms free.

- When he realizes Ilnam was the mastermind behind the games he says to him that he will die by his hands if he wins the last bet.

-And finally when he stops the new recruit from calling the number by using force and taking the business card from him.Hhe recognizes how much he regrets entering the game himself and how gravely wronged he was by being talked into it. This realization is so strong that he ends up forfeiting his new life with his daughter to find those responsible.

The physical representation of change shown as the new hairstyle/color is a red herring to falsely signify that he has gone through a profound transformation as he makes rounds to respect the last wishes of saebyuk and sangwoo. But, it can actually be a representation of his inability to forget the tragic events of the games. The red can be taken as anger/revenge/trauma or some kind of newfound drive or to represent the red color of the game associates or perhaps the red tag to play the slapping game which caused him to join the game. And fittingly, In the Final scene when it is time for Gihun to get his closure, he calls the number and says he cannot forgive them and is seen walking away from the plane(his changed future) as one final plot twist.

It is understood then that his story arc is not yet complete, just like all the other contestants he is still driven by his flaw, the game continues, and his end is yet to be seen.

On an interesting speculative side note:

You could argue that Gihun was more a successful antagonist to Ilnam than he was to him. I believe Ilnam wanted to die playing the games, reliving his childhood innocence that he lost while growing up and accumulating wealth, instead dying alone in his deathbed.(note he would have died if he lost the tug of war and they were all games he played when he was a child) But his encounter with Gi hun and his seemingly preserved innocence/humanity must have touched him in some way, or sparked a newfound interest.(note he says playing with him made him remember things from his distant past that he had forgotten) When Gi hun had one marble left it was up to Ilnam to win as the answer would have inevitably been "odd" and Ilnam would have taken the last marble. But he unimmersed himself from the game that he so desperately set up for himself and let Gihun win, all the while preserving his innocence by not letting gihun win through deception, but by an understanding of mutual respect. And moments before he draws his last breath, he is proven wrong by the kind act of a bystander that turns to help an unconscious man in the streets (note the bystander initially tries to rob the homeless man) Whether Ilnam witnessed and acknowledged that he was wrong is up to the interpretation of the viewers, but if it had been clarified in the show that the losing of the bet changes Ilnam's perspective (regardless of whether he dies after or not) would almost certainly make him a successful protagonist who, throughout the course of the story, is changed.

As a viewer i do believe Ilnam's perspective was shifted whether he saw the result of the bet or not because gihun's example had already influenced Ilnam to change his focus from immersing in the game he set up for himself to letting gihun win (perhaps to preserve gihun). The scene shortly after, he is seen removing his vip mask and informing the other vip's that he does not wish to participate in watching the rest of the games. I believe the final game he sets up at the 7th f loor is partially a last desperate attempt before death to prove to himself of his own convictions, only to be proven wrong, making him a true tragic protagonist who lost his humanity as a victim of society only to witness a glimpse of it moments before death or to die stubbornly trying to prove himself right until the last breath.
The set up for this show is what pulled me in. They spent all of ep 1 getting us invested in the main character. Despite his many flaws, you want to pull for him. They did enough with just about everyone else to give us a great cast with some crazy scenarios. It prob should end, but if they have a good script, count me in!
Honestly, the part where (the old man) Il - Nam and Gi - Hun were partners together in the episode of Gganbu hit me the hardest. The part where the old man and Gi - Hun were playing the marbles game and Gi - Hun kept losing. But then, the old man forgot if he said "Even" or "Odd'. Then Gi - Hun took advantage of that and recalled that the old man has dementia. Which I honestly don't know what I would do in that situation. Then later on towards the moment the game is about to end, the old man offers to bet everything he has. All or nothing.

He says "Why don't we play one more round betting everything we have?" Then G - Hun replied by saying "This is nonsense, what kind of nonsense is this? It makes no sense at all!"


"So then, that's what you did this whole time. Does tricking your friend like that makes sense to you?"

Then Gi - Hun just was speechless man. I think we were all pretty speechless at that.
love maze
love maze:
the twist of the game in episode 6 had me shook where everyone picked someone theyre close with but then learned they had to play against each other it was such a sad episode too :(
Marki Chicho
Marki Chicho:
Also the one thing that was not mentioned was that when Sang Woo mentioned consent form Clause 3 (games may be terminated if the majority agrees) and that the voting should be done in reverse order, meaning 001 ( oh-ilnam) is the last one to decide their fate, as he is the creator and we, as audience, didn’t really thought about it and brushed it at the back our mind.
Matthew Schell
Matthew Schell:
To define roles bit better I think
◯ - Worker
△ - security
◻ - supervisors
Ali's death was heartbreaking, though predictable as the only dark skinned character. His trust and faith in his new friends was a cruel reminder of how duplicitous people could be. Ali's kindhearted and gets betrayed by a "friend" who loses the game and deceives Ali, getting him killed. There's a parallel with Saebyeok's character that makes their deaths so sad. Both are immigrants, similar goals of attaining security for their families, economically exploited, unfamiliar with the games (due to age or cultural differences) and they're both surprised during the same game: Ali is shocked by Sang-Woo's deceit and Saebyeok is shocked by her partners sacrifice. Sad arc for these two, Squid Game has some very compelling characters.
April McEneaney
April McEneaney:
The premise is so clever because when I was a child there were games that involved dying/not actual dying but as a child I would actually believe I would die. That would be down to my innocence and lack of knowledge tho but I don’t think I’m the only one who had this thought like we could actually die if we lost the game. It’s just very clever that they chose such a childlike setting with a deadly game like they played with the idea I had as a kid 🤷‍♀️
andrea holdsworth
andrea holdsworth:
Amazing show loved every minute from start to finish, please please let there be a second season. 🙏🏻
A little detail here: When you look at the old man's number, you can see that it's: ''001'', because he was the one who created the SQUID GAME, so I think that he was the first player ever, maybe.
charlene Mcneillie
charlene Mcneillie:
I absolutely loved this series its so addictive from start to finish I can't wait for season 2
eric shun
eric shun:
Squid Games ended perfectly, idk how they could top it with a season 2.
Saddest death to me would be Ali's, man had a whole family back home waiting for him. But sang-woo tricked him, and betrayed him. I will never forget the realization he had when he saw the "marbles" were actually rocks. Betraying somebody who trusts you so much. Disgusting. And Ali was so ready to find a way to get them BOTH out. He was so dedicated to the friendship it's so upsetting to see him die because of Sang-Woo's selfishness.
Jannae Sweetz
Jannae Sweetz:
Originally when I watch the first episode I was mortified! And I was not excited about having to read a whole movie I’d prefer to read a book. But because of the extreme circumstances of this episode my natural instinct was I need to know what is going to happen. With each episode I was totally mortified with all the morbid and gruesome games. However I’ve BingeWatch the show all the way to the very end and had to re-watch the final episode and I just left my John down to the floor. Needless to say hell yeah! Bring it on I’m ready for season two
Happy Camper
Happy Camper:
i personally think that season 1 is good enough and we dont need more
You know it’s a great story when you don’t like any characters but when it comes for their time to die, it hits you hard.
Sydni Taylor
Sydni Taylor:
This show was cray! I loved it but just felt like the last episode was drawn out but overall I enjoyed it a lot. I wouldn't last long playing these games. I cried on episode 6 it was such a sad episode.
Ali’s death probably had me the saddest
So messed up how he went
Probably my favorite character

Also the husband & wife who ended up having to go up against each other…resulting the husband hanging himself
I know there’s some controversy on why both of them were there together in the first place
But that shit still cut deep

The human emotion this show makes you feel is unreal
Justin Tyme
Justin Tyme:
A very well written show - great twists, lots of sub text and some foreshadowing. You can repeat watch this show easy.
Great show! Worth the hype! Can’t wait for season 2!
the emotions that this show puts you through are insane
Rheannon Crouse
Rheannon Crouse:
What I can't wrap my head around is how Seong Gi-Hun managed to go a full year not touching his winnings when he had loan sharks he owed threatening his life.. Did what he owed them barely put a dent in the lucrative amount he had, so Oh Il Nam still considered it "untouched?"
dukkyfuzz Fuzzydukk
dukkyfuzz Fuzzydukk:
This movie had humanity, not just gore, and that’s why I loved it
I was worried after hearing about all the blood but this show was so amazing that I binge watched every episode today.
Sean Mager
Sean Mager:
This Show was SO DAMN EMOTIONAL. LOVED It. I REALLY do HOPE and PRAY Gi-Hun will somehow be able to stop the Other games from happening. I wanna See all those Guys in Reddish Pink Jump-suits an masks an the Front man Get Killed or Locked away in prison for a Long time. As what they are doing, IS PURE EVIL. And of course, are committing a SERIOUS crime. over an over an over.

Great show. Been hearing about this being produced for a few years. But I do suggest checking out as the gods will it’s just as good. The only thing that’s the same is the first game. (Japan: “Daru-ma”; Korea: “the hibiscus flower is blooming”
Makaron Spaghetti
Makaron Spaghetti:
Finally finished it today and I can say it's my favorite tv show. I can't wait to see what else they do with this concept.
Deianira Wilde
Deianira Wilde:
I was hoping that Gi-Hun would have distributed part of his cash prize to Ali's family as well since Ali saved his life in the very first game. It's rather unsettling to see Sang-Woo's family receiving such a huge share of the prize while Ali's family members are still trapped in poverty and hardship after seeing Sang-Woo heartlessly betray Ali who trusted him so much and was so kind to him. Hope Gi-Hun remembers Ali and fairly compensates Ali's family in the next season.
Great plot for a show but it went by so fast! I would have loved more episodes/seasons in order to have more character development and insight into the island leadership. I feel like I barely knew any of the characters. The twist at the end was only experienced for like 20 mins and seemed very surface level. Like "oh, it was him. Ok, now what." That could have been a much deeper shift in the story. Maybe some of this could be covered in another season, but just my thoughts for now. Anyone feel similar or the complete opposite? Lol
• 2w ago
• 2w ago:
I loved it! Old man knew how to beat those games because he's the one who orchestrated them. I'm still hurt about Ali and that girl 240. I want to know what 456 is going to do in the second season. And I still think the detective is alive because we never actually see his body. 🤔
Brenton Piecka
Brenton Piecka:
Hands down the best series I’ve ever watched. It wrecked me multiple times.
Excellent thank you
Olek Dzioch
Olek Dzioch:
The worst part is that Sae-Byeok and Ji-Yeong couldn't go to Jeju island together 😫
Adrian Bawn
Adrian Bawn:
For what its worth, i noticed the clips used here were in Korean, but the English dub is actually very well done. For anyone else who prefers to watch the show, rather than read the whole time, I highly recommend enabling the English audio option.

I am sure there are some purists that will say that you miss something by watching a dub, but honestly I miss more details on screen while trying to keep up with the subs.
Ali Zeeshan
Ali Zeeshan:
For me the saddest and depressing part was Seybeyok death and after that Ji-Yeong sacrificed herself very easily only for Seybeyok to let her win the game. I cried for these 2 death of girls. Poor and pitiful Seybeyok couldn’t do anything to save herself. I felt very sad for her. After this, less depressing than these 2 deaths was Ali’s death and it gave a lesson of betrayal. 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Asif A. Ali
Asif A. Ali:
I felt really bad for Ali, not because I have the same last name, but his struggle was real--and, so was his love for the family.
Maximo Dakila
Maximo Dakila:
One plot that didn't sit well with me is when the young policeman followed the van going to the dock. Won't the driver of the van noticed someone following him at the back? I mean it's so obvious. As soon as the van left, the car turned on his light instantly and followed the van at close range. Wouldn't that cause suspicion? I think that's a plot hole and wasn't thought through.
Lily Raimey
Lily Raimey:
I feel so bad for Ali. He was too trusting. He was a sweetheart, with his overly formal Korean.😭
For those that didn't realize the old man was kinda showed to have lived after his death. We can see someone's old hands in one of the scenes implying that the old man is the top dog. I also got very suspicious when they stopped that murder of other played because the old man was shouting. They kind of given us those little hints. I personally immediately saw the twist at that point but I forgot about it by the end of the show lol.
Soma Roy Chowdhury
Soma Roy Chowdhury:
The last episode left a clue for the second season but it was a bit confusing. Where Seong Gi-Hun is heading to?
This series has a lot of morals to learn. I've learnt how to have a better life than the 455 players shown (except Oh Il-Nam) He went from my favorite character to the most disliked one. And I think the players were too foolish. All the games were drawn on the walls of the prison (the room was kind a prison for the players, right?) They simply didn't notice it. I would like to answer Hwang Jun-Ho's 'Why?' Once people are into the evil side of the life, the wrong path, it gets too difficult for one to come out. For these bunch of people black money never matters. As long as they live a peaceful life, they are happy, even if thousands have to pay for one's happiness. That's what happened with the Front-man (Hwang In-Ho) He didn't care about the lives, he just cared about his possession and what I think is that, he wanted to repay to his master Oh Il-Nam to give him the opportunity to win the prize money. He might have been another Cho Sang-Woo who was good at heart but evil at his works. As per what I think, Hwang In-Ho couldn't control the greed of getting more money cause of course he is the front man (the second boss of the complete system) and he might has been paid a lot for his job even after winning billions. I just don't want Seong Gi-Hun to end up like the Front-man.
Overall I'll rate this drama a 4.5 stars of 5...
Savage Ship 20
Savage Ship 20:
This show is amazing definitely season 2 is needed
ssissi gui
ssissi gui:
Just finished the show ! I was right about the policeman's brother and the old man ! The worst part for me was Ali's death ...horrible
Killer Dom
Killer Dom:
Gi-hun entered the games with the widest smile but with no money; he left the games billions of Won richer, yet he's at his most miserable—which is such a tragedy. And Gong Yoo should play more villain roles.
i watched the entire thing and honestly that ending was such a good ending i feel like they should just leave it off there
Niall Cochrane
Niall Cochrane:
I think it was incredible, great writing and pace. Love your video, it picked up on a few things I missed.
Squidward With Blonde Hair
Squidward With Blonde Hair:
9:35 I just thought about this. The suggestion that there are games being held all over the world. If they went to a certain part of the world where on of the VIPs was from would that VIP become the “host” and the former host would just become another one of the VIPs. It also had me thinking, we see that the games have been going on since 1988 would that be all the games total or just the games that had been hosted in Korea.
Johannes Seerup
Johannes Seerup:
Great show. It has definitely got some inspiration from Hunger Games.
But I am still very very confused. So the old man whose name I’ve forgotten wanted to feel the joy like when he was a child.. But where does killing come into the picture? It is literally okay to just murder each other.
And the old man somehow created an entire organization who is willing to kill ‘innocent’ people without mercy. And SOMEHOW all of this escapes all of the Korean authorities.. Like they have NO IDEA what is going on.

But still - good show
Chill Sketch’s
Chill Sketch’s:
I was suspicious of the old man the whole season honestly he came around to much and knew way to much about how to survive every game especially when he kept running after everyone was gunned down in the first game with a smile on his face. I instantly said “dementia don’t work like that 🤣🤣” mans completely ignored the mass murder happening
Mirium Senpai
Mirium Senpai:
To be honest, I probably wouldn’t make it very far in this game because other people would Jill me for being annoying lmao
Jeremy McPoggerton
Jeremy McPoggerton:
Someone told me they could’ve both won because the rules were that u need to get your partners 10 marbles to win so they could've had a game where they just switched their marbles, is this true?
Andrew Yi
Andrew Yi:
Nice review, but IMHO there was a bit more subtlety and nuance to Cho Sang Woo killing himself at the end, in that he was forcing Seong Gi Hun to take care of his mom with his dying words and actions. It's a small difference, but rather than Cho Sang Woo not wanting to return to the real world, this was a tactical move to prevent both of them from leaving with nothing vs Seong Gi Hun taking all the money and in return taking care of Cho Sang Woo's mom.
Barry McHugh
Barry McHugh:
Cannot wait for Season 3! Absolutely love this series big-time!! #SqiudGame Rules!!
The saddest death to me was either 240's or Sae-byeok. 240's death was very sad for me because she gave up her life for Sae-byeok after talking with her for half an hour. Sae-byeok's death was also very sad because her brother was now alone and he didn't know where she was. Those are the only 2 times I cried in the show...
It was just depressing. It was meant to be, so good, but man, that's some dark shit. I think there should be a season 2.
I haven’t felt this way about deaths since Game Of Thrones 😭
The old man , Ali & Sae-Byeok hit me so hard
Personally, I figured there would only be one winner based on the format. I would have been more surprised if there had been more winners than 2 or 3. The old man was certainly a surprise. Also, they don't need VIPs to fund the games. All they need is to harvest some of the organs and sell them. Of course, this would have created a trail of dna that might have lead back to the game.
They better make a season 2, i don't normally watch tv shows but finally!!! Something entertaining!! I loved squid games
So much character devoplment, the marble game hit me in the feels. Was so invested. Shows like AHS could learn a lot.
I enjoyed it. I want a season two
I really hope it comes back! it was such a good series
Mr. CLSr.
Mr. CLSr.:
This show definitely needs a 2nd season
i feel like it ended perfectly, and there shouldn't be another season, leave what happens next to our imagination
The Director of Squid Game said in an interview
"I wanted to create a sense of connection between nostalgic games we (Koreans) played in our childhood and the sense of never-ending competition that modern adults feel"
He added
"There's an irony in our most beautiful and innocent memories being changed into the most horrifying reality"
Baliplaygirl Kji
Baliplaygirl Kji:
I also feel Sung Woo might’ve killed him self so that they could give money to his mother as they did the families of the 255 people that died after the first game. It was his last ditch effort to do something for her before dying.
Jacob Frank
Jacob Frank:
I enjoyed it. Looking forward to the next series.
Chevelle Bryant
Chevelle Bryant:
Now you know it's gonna be a season two too many people were hooked on this series and the way it ended speculates there will be a season 2. I know I will be watching
J Garbutt
J Garbutt:
The marble game was definitely the saddest thing I’ve watched in a while, I loved Ali so much was so sad to see him go
Ally Lieu
Ally Lieu:
Squid Game made me feel all sorts of emotions. The cast is made up of one of the best actors. 👏