Stanley Cohen speaking at The Meeting for Justice in Egypt

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has hosted "The Meeting for Justice in Egypt" on 31 Aug and 1 Sept 2013 in Istanbul with attendance of more than 50 jurists and activists from 20 countries such as USA, Spain, France, Sweden, Belgium, South Africa, Libya, Tunis, Egypt and Turkey including Prof. Norman Finkelstein, Mirelle Fanon-Mendes, Stanley Cohen and Ibrahim Munir.

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Waheeda Hoosain
Waheeda Hoosain:
long live this wonderful human being god bless
Uchiha Itachi
Uchiha Itachi:
wow ! that was amazing speech ! we Egyptians thank u :)
Thank you thanks a million
Excellent speech I hope it gets translated in Arabic and sent around the Middle East
Thank you very much Stanley. You are an honest, honourable and just person.
Cogent Stan
M. Muqaddam
M. Muqaddam:
You are honest and just.May G_d bless you.
Misa Kojima
Misa Kojima:
Great insights! But I guess this speech has costed him his current jail sentence in the U.S.A... Such a shame. The U.S. citizens doesn't have a freedom of speech.