Star Wars: Duel of the Fates - Mirror Universe Review

Once again we travel to an alternate reality to see a review of the Star Wars Episode 9 that we never got. Here's the Mirror Universe review for STAR WARS: EPISODE 9 - DUEL OF THE FATES!

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Imagine a movie being so hated that a fan just reviews an alternate version of it.
Aaron Reale
Aaron Reale:
Only Jeremy can find a way to complain about elements of a movie that doesn't exist lol
Micro Post
Micro Post:
Imagine a final movie being so disappointing that someone makes a 20 minute review on a movie that doesn't exist but was still more enjoyable than the actual movie..
sanket shah
sanket shah:
I have never wanted to watch a movie that doesn't exist more than now
So, Colin Trevorrow actually addressed Rian Johnson's idea that Rey's parents were nobody? That means Trevorrow actually tried to work things out with Johnson and Kennedy for some time before he walked. Interesting.
I’m still in awe that Jeremy just dropped a 20 minute review of a movie that was never made.
Weird, i just saw a leaked J.J Abram’s Star Wars episode 9 called “The Rise of The Skywalker” wondered what that movie looked like...
Tom O'Donoghue
Tom O'Donoghue:
This is really cool. A version of this for Ben Affleck’s cancelled batman would be sweet. Or a Raimi Spider-Man 4?
Daniel Wills
Daniel Wills:
I’d absolutely go see this movie, but the main problem would be that this is definitely an adult Star Wars movie that you might hesitate to take a kid to. Laser guillotine? Nightmares. On a side note, Disney should just make it. “Here’s another episode 9. Now go argue about which one is canon while you give us the rest of your money.”
zee m8
zee m8:
Imagine instead of the Kylo and Vader battle just ending with Vader kicking his ass, Vader transforms into anakin and it’s revealed that he’s been trying to break through to his grandson this whole time but the dark side was forcing Kylo to only see him as Vader. Would lead into a much better transition from bad to good and really complete his arch.

There’s so many different ways they could’ve taken this trilogy and instead they just spit on it.
When there are no movies out, so you review movies that don’t exist
this video is so well done its making me depressed lol
James Lawner
James Lawner:
Star Wars Sequel Trilogy with their original names,

Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire
Star Wars: Echoes of the Dark Side
Star Wars: Duel of the Fates
Jonathan Appleseed
Jonathan Appleseed:
Imagine seeing this concept art and thinking “nah.”
Jason Shaneyfelt
Jason Shaneyfelt:
That "force heaven" scene had the potential to be an all-time favorite scene. Imagine Hayden Christensen and Mark Hamill in a scene together as father and son. As well as Hayden and Ewan McGregor interacting together again. Could also include Yoda, Mace Windu and Qui-Gon. Would have been another great way to tie all the trilogies together. With a decent writer, you could also explain why Luke looks older while everyone else is younger in a comedic way. Perhaps the others are lightheartedly chiding Luke for appearing as older, but he's only doing so because that's the version of him Rey would recognize. Rey has never seen the others anyway so they can appear as they like. Would have been a great fan-service scene that also serves the story. Could have Mace, Yoda and even Anakin himself musing about their interpretations of the Chosen One Prophecy now that everything has transpired. Don't have them give a definite answer, but their own theories and personal interpretations and let the audience mull it all over for themselves.
When an April Fools joke becomes a full on sub-series.
Rogue Matter
Rogue Matter:
I just like the title because it acknowledges that John Williams’ music is the one great thing in every Skywalker Saga movie
Crom Craft
Crom Craft:
The lack of political context is one of the worst problem of the force awakens.
Lord Gamer
Lord Gamer:
“This movie had great fights” dammit why didn’t Rise of Skywalker get that at the very least? We got one meh fight scene and that’s it.
Cameron Mendez
Cameron Mendez:
“Which shows that episode IX wasn’t as reactionary as it could have been” oof
Nicholas DiRienzo
Nicholas DiRienzo:
This movie sounds SO much better than The Rise Of Skywalker. Rey sounds like she could’ve been similar to Galen Marek, Vader’s secret apprentice from The Force Unleashed, where he was able to wield both light and dark side powers. However, she wouldn’t have been a Mary Sue for the sake of it.
Alan Rodriguez
Alan Rodriguez:
Duel of the Fates makes me hate Rise of Skywalker even more. Sad we’ll never get to see it, probably
I read this script, and while there are issues that just don't make any sense, it sounds like a way superior version of Episode IX. It keeps the story going while building ideas of its own. Finn leading a Stormtrooper rebellion? Awesome! An inverse of the Empire cave scene where Vader wrecks Kylo? Awesome! The Sith and Jedi BOTH ending and a new neutral order being established to set true balance? Heck yeah! Last of all, Rey still being a nobody? I'll take it.
That being said, I had a lot of trouble understanding some stuff Colin and Derek were going for. The Rey-Poe romance was something I didn't like. Sure, it's been a while since TLJ in that version, and a lot would have happened in that time, but it felt pretty forced. Luke defending the Jedi dogma that Yoda told him not to follow in ROTJ and something he blasted in TLJ doesn't make any sense either. I like Rey finding the Jedi ways problematic, but I didn't see Luke being the one defending them, considering everyone knows that way of thinking for the Jedi led to their downfall in the prequels. And then there's the twist of Kylo having been the one to kill Rey's parents. But why? That doesn't make sense from a continuity perspective and in general. What could Rey's parents do that was such a threat to Snoke? I just don't understand that.
Overall, there are some pretty sick ideas in this version. I like Hux being a puppet leader under Kylo. I like Coruscant coming back. I like how it shows people are actually inspired by Luke's sacrifice in TLJ and that's why they fight the First Order so vehemently. I wish that they tried to stick with this version and work out the kinks. It has its flaws, but with the proper rewrites it could have worked so well.
Netro Lancer
Netro Lancer:
This movie sounds much better than the one we got.
I feel Colin Trevorrow's vision was so much better for Episode 9.
I started to forget this wasn’t a real movie.
give this man an oscar for making a convincing review of a movie that will never exist
I still can't believe Darth Vader was Luke's father all along.
You have a gift. I finished this review hyped to go see a movie that doesn’t exist. If you are selling oceanfront property in Kansas, I am buying.
James Thomas
James Thomas:
Cobra Jay
Cobra Jay:
That last R2 D2 moment was so special, left me crying in the theater
2 things, mostly just addressing questions you had in the review regarding lore
1. Obi-Wan could do that to Vader, and did, right after Vader struck him down. It was in a comic, though. He like asked him if it was all worth it and called him Anakin and Vader yelled at him to not say that name because Anakin was weak so he had to kill him.
2. Palpatine didn't burn the Jedi Temple to the ground because after he had Vader and all his clone bois clear it out and whatnot, he moved in and made it his own private castle on the surface of Coruscant
Spence Mundorf
Spence Mundorf:
My man just got me on board for what sounds like one of the coolest Star Wars movies ever and its not even real. That was so freaking captivating, like wow that was a good look into Star Wars
Ian pg9
Ian pg9:
I didn’t know this was a spoiler review. What the heck Jeremy
Liam Thompson
Liam Thompson:
The dissolution of the "no attachments" rule is the morally correct choice and should be kept from the EU in some form
Sirc Pagaran
Sirc Pagaran:
Watched this too many times because it would have been awesome if they actually did this instead of the hot garbage we got. -_- Kylo Ren as Sephiroth for the win
When I realized this movie isn't what we got but could have, I cried a little.
Y’all are forgetting that this alternate Dual of the Fates universe is one where Carrie Fisher didn’t die. We all wish that were the case, but from what I’ve heard that was the inciting incident that ultimately caused this script to be scrapped.
Dankest Media
Dankest Media:
In a parallel universe we got a satisfying finale...
Britton Thompson
Britton Thompson:
Is that supposed to be a Rod Serling 'Twilight Zone' impersonation?
Optimus Crime
Optimus Crime:
I want this cut of Star Wars like those people who want the Snyder cut of Justice League only this version of Star Wars sounds really good has flaws but sounds good
This should get rid of our episode 9
Count Dracula
Count Dracula:
Another cool alternate universe review is the one where instead of making Willow, a movie with clear Lord of The Rings influence, Ron Howard and George Lucas instead straight up made the LOTR trilogy back in the 80's. Starring Warwick Davis as Frodo, and Val Kilmer as Aragorn. It's interesting to think of what that movie would look/be like.
Mark Newman
Mark Newman:
Damn... He reviewed this in a way that felt like he was reviewing a real movie WHILE peppering in some sick burns on the actual Ep. 9 that we got... Bravo sir... Bravo
What happened to the world... I'm reminded of that line from The Matrix: "Not like this..."
Michael F
Michael F:
This is really impressive, bravo Jeremy. I have a feeling you would be good at improv comedy
JJ Miles
JJ Miles:
Next One: Reviewing the Mirror Universe Justice League Snyder Cut.
I'm kinda confused Jeremy's review sounds like the movie actually exists, especially when he says its worth buying on Blu-Ray and asked if we've seen it. Someone tell Mickey mouse to get this done! 🤣
Larry Version 3
Larry Version 3:
‘Star Wars Duel of the Fates, have you seen it?’

Jeremy just smearing salt into our cuts
I like how this movie established Rey and her lightsaber was bad ass, I saw her as the elusive "grey" Jedi.
John M
John M:
That was absolutely necessary. Thank you Jeremy Jahns, for the twilight zone "what if" for Star Wars Day. Yes I found stuff to enjoy in ROS but I would have loved Duel Of The Fates.
Alexander Baynes
Alexander Baynes:
"How did we get here? What happened to Star Wars?"

Disney took the improvise a franchise one movie at a time route. Sure, it worked for Lucas, who is famously allergic to planning ahead, but it doesn't work when the middle film has a different director.
Vorpal Dork
Vorpal Dork:
This was brilliant! I could almost see it from ur "references."
I really want a Star Wars [& GOT S.8] do-over.
Nathan Wood
Nathan Wood:
Anyone else impressed by Jeremy’s acting ability? Guy wrote and performed a 20 minute review for a film he hasn’t seen and got me hyped to see it before I realised...
Josiah McCaskey
Josiah McCaskey:
I wish this was the actual movie. What could have been:(
Paul Thao
Paul Thao:
I'd love if Jeremy did this with the Justice League movie.
"Swayzing" as a verb, I never saw that coming.
Alex Beltran
Alex Beltran:
This makes me sad. The limitless potential that the sequels had, and we got 3 shit movies. The only reason people enjoyed the movies is because of the hard world building that the better 6 star wars films did.
Dakota Channing
Dakota Channing:
This is so fake. If the movie was actually good Jeremy would’ve worn the cape.
Dude, you forgot to mention the reveal, that Jar Jar was the Sith Lord all along!
Joshua N
Joshua N:
Love the concept, Jeremy should definitely keep doing alternate universe reviews!!
Adam Killingsworth
Adam Killingsworth:
I wanna see THAT movie! We clearly got an inferior version in our universe.
9:37 the Dark saber actually was already in the mandalorian. Very last bit of season 1. Or did u know that? Is that the joke?
Jonathan Watson
Jonathan Watson:
Can we just appreciate the fact that Jeremy just a whole serious and convincing review on a movie that doesn’t even exist?! 👊
Great Theme Edits
Great Theme Edits:
Any plans on reviewing the last arc of Star Wars the Clone Wars? Dave Filoni said he wrote it in a way where the rest of the series wasn't necessary to follow it and that it stands alone almost as its own movie
Jermey: watch the dark saber show up in the madalorian... they won’t do that
The mandalorian: hold my beer
Jay Ramsey
Jay Ramsey:
I can't wait to see this! Do you think they'll screen it again when the cinemas reopen?

This is so depressing...
John Soda
John Soda:
This was so awesome I definitely need more Mirror Universe reviews
Jack McFarlane
Jack McFarlane:
Disney: *releases TRoS*

Jeremy: No! There is another...
Edwin Santana
Edwin Santana:
Do this for the Snyder cut 😂😂😂
ThePaladinAuthor YouTube
ThePaladinAuthor YouTube:
Sadly, I just imagine as soon as he hit the end of that take before the end card, he just crashed back to reality from the lovely dream, broke down and cried.
Bilbo Laggins
Bilbo Laggins:
Can we start a petition to make this movie?
That Rod Serling impression in the beginning was so perfect. This whole review makes me wish DotF was a real movie!!
Dan Olson
Dan Olson:
More than anything, I appreciated that this "movie" still had its flaws. You did not abuse your magic wand.
Alright Jeremy, now that we have that intro—give a review of classic and new Twilight Zone. Do it.
Netro Lancer
Netro Lancer:
I really wish we got this movie instead of the one we have.
The film that could've, should've been.
Osian Coleman
Osian Coleman:
Yeh I thought it was pretty decent actually
Morior Orbi
Morior Orbi:
When u realize that the fake review is 10 minutes longer than the one for the real movie!
Tribal Ace_Z
Tribal Ace_Z:
AU's have pros and cons 😔

But that ain't one of em.
Sebastian Medina
Sebastian Medina:
watching Jeremy review a movie that was never made as objectively as possible and still give it a positive review makes me realize just how robbed we were
Ty Salerno
Ty Salerno:
I like this idea Jerm
I especially like your idea about a collaboration of the three directors before the production of Episode VII
I truly think that if you were to do something like that when you already have a trilogy or shoot even a sequel lined up would be ideal
Good thinking, maybe that idea can spread and stick like a good jam one day...
My girlfriend: I love you because you’re trustworthy. You don’t lie to me like my exes.

The fact this movie doesn't exist brings me down to a whole new level of depression. Thanks, Jeremy!
Matthew M
Matthew M:
It’s so sad that this didn’t become a movie 😔
Alex Vallejo
Alex Vallejo:
I'm watching this again, because I just watched Rise of Skywalker again unfortunately. So wish Duel of the Fates had been made instead. ROS is such a mess.
I’m soo HYPED!! Oh wait! That didn’t happen. Well done Jeremy I as well as all Star Wars Fans would of love to see Star Wars Duel of The Fates!!! Thank you for your serve. I salute you my good man.
Aaron Brush
Aaron Brush:
I pray that someone out there is at least making this into an animated fan movie.... I’d legit pay to see it and to compare the Disney 9 and Colin’s 9.... I know the voice acting wouldn’t be there but idc id love to see someone make his script into an actual film
George Smith
George Smith:
How could you not mention the cameo by Ian McDiardmid as the Emperor’s hologram? Loved seeing him back and I’m glad it was a cameo, would have been really easy for them to being him back from the dead and ruin Anakin’s redemption from Jedi
Fabian Brites
Fabian Brites:
Holy sh!t. It felt like I was watching a spoiler review; I almost had to remind myself at times not to get annoyed at the "spoilers" because none of this ever actually happened.
Great job. Definitely the film that should have been made.
Robby Pancakes
Robby Pancakes:
"This is too good. We cant have this." - Bob Iger
Gyran300 Channel
Gyran300 Channel:
When Kylo Ren took an wound to the knee in the duel, I knew his time was up. Lovely easter egg hope you didn’t miss it.
Vince C
Vince C:
Now I want to watch your review of leaked GOT's Last Season : Dragonrider.

1 second ago
Dammit, now I want to watch Star Wars: (Episode 9) Duel of the Fates. Sounds like a good time, no alcohol required.
The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian:
8:03 Palpatine didn't burn the Jedi Temple down, he converted it into his own palace
Jai Cilento I LoveThatGuy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋ l Verified l
Jai Cilento I LoveThatGuy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋ l Verified l:
8:05 Palpatine turned the Jedi Temple into his personal palace during his reign over the empire as a middle finger to the Jedi since their sacred grounds were turned into a sith lord’s fun house
Andrew Dinwiddie
Andrew Dinwiddie:
“We were on the verge of greatness, we were this close 🤏🏻”
Stephen Sommers
Stephen Sommers:
Last season of the Clone Wars. Come on Jeremy. It is worthy of a spoiler talk.
Alexander Van Ness
Alexander Van Ness:
This was the most impressive work I have ever seen you do. You could get and award for this
Alexander LI
Alexander LI:
Jeremy just became a twilight zone episode.