Stardom Wrestler Hana Kimura Dies Aged 22

The heartbreaking news of the passing of Stardom wrestler Hana Kimura.

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Chicken Hotdogs
Chicken Hotdogs:
Just why bully people over reality tv? She was probably so amazing and cool and wonderful
I just went over her Twitter, where some people have the audacity to keep bully her after her death
Yes, after they bullied a little girl to death over a Tv Show, they decided it's not enough and they keep bullying her, calling her names and saying people are now happy for her death, like wtf?
Really, are people just that bored and become so rotten that they're willingly choose to live such disgusting life?
The killing joke
The killing joke:
The ugly social media toxic fans yet again
This hit me really hard. Hana had to put up with so much when she started wrestling because of her dad's heritage. It's sickening that such a dedicated performer had to deal with so much hate her entire life and it took her to an early grave. People should be ashamed of themselves.
Nitram -
Nitram -:
I heard the news from Pewdiepie, and it sucks that she died at such a young age. She had decades of life left to experience
Ste C
Ste C:
Horrible news, absolutely horrible. Another talented person had left us.
Gareth Keenan
Gareth Keenan:
Social media was a mistake.
Sherry Tingley
Sherry Tingley:
Did'nt know of her till now, but hearing of her passing is still sad.
A I:
Was at wrestle kingdom 14 and got to see her on the preshow. Showed a lot of talent at the time and now feel really lucky I was able to see her. This is horrible and I hope that their family find some peace.
Kaiser Azræl Dragreign
Kaiser Azræl Dragreign:
That's why it's said that "choose your words carefully, cause word have the power to heal but also to hurt"!
You know, if these haters are brought in the public light, the only thing they will do is bitch about how ppl misunderstood them and that they only meant it as a joke. True Assholes.
RIP Hana Kimura, godspeed!
I feel like companies really have to start doing wellness checks in terms of people's mental health before they are put on tv or in the public eye. Like I feel that no matter who you are you're going to get warrented and unwarranted criticism and negative views about you or even a character you might play in a show. Some people really can't handle that and I feel like it's up to the companies and the individual to understand the world they are stepping into.
I understand alot of people would say "be nicer" or something to that regard but it's unrealistic. People are going to say terrible stuff regardless especially since mostly everything is online and the information is directly uploaded to wherever it might be, twitter instagram Google or what have you.
This is just so sad ...
And the sad truth is, none of the bullying trolls even care. They'll just go on to someone else.
Rob Graham
Rob Graham:
People don’t realize how much there words effect us one way or another... they can build our hearts up or tear them apart.
Hal Ryder
Hal Ryder:
Japan has a horrible history with cyber bullying, almost makes the west's tame.
Ryback TV
Ryback TV:
So sad. Hope bullies are prosecuted.
James Bullock
James Bullock:
The last update I saw yesterday afternoon was someone got in contact with her and everything was okay. Now this. Good Lord just terrible. It's so sad something as stupid as anonymous social media jerks would affect someone like this. She was an exceptional talent who didn't deserve to be bullied for something so trivial. She was a human being who deserved respect & understanding. Rest in Power, Hana.
MidWest Ent.
MidWest Ent.:
Where is the skip button for 2020 🤦🏾‍♂️😢
WRC Lucas
WRC Lucas:
The ones who do this needs to go in jail. This is awful.
I met hana back in February when I traveled to toyko for road to major league nothing but nice things to say about her. She will truly be missed.
Darshan Bhambhani
Darshan Bhambhani:
Imagine thinking cyber bully is still acceptable in 2020 🤮🤮🤮🤮
Lil Jimmy
Lil Jimmy:
How many deaths are we going to have in wrestling omg 😭
Darkfang Nightcrow
Darkfang Nightcrow:
I hate cyber bullying and I would never ever do it. People need to understand how the horrible comments they send have meaning and I wish everyone safe. She will be in my thoughts.
Ok, that's enough sad wrestling news for 2020; not just the year, but the whole decade.
Bastard Juhm!r
Bastard Juhm!r:
I literally just got into her a little over a month ago and was loving her work :( social media is really a dark & cruel place
Keikai Akagi
Keikai Akagi:
That is what hate do to some chaps. Stop being toxic people.
Heinz Ketchup
Heinz Ketchup:
Please stop taking away all these kind hearted wrestlers from us 😢
Please be kind to others.

It's just basic human decency.
CJoseph Ferrerro
CJoseph Ferrerro:
She just got started with life! (imho at least)
I wish we could all follow the most important rule of the internet. NEVER read the comments section.
Easier said than done I guess.
🙏Rest in Peace🙏
My thoughts prayers and condolences go out to her family and loved ones.
Thanks for the video team Phil
Be safe and stay blessed team WC 🙏
Jerome Ferns
Jerome Ferns:
She Is Like My Younger Sister. May God Watch Over Her Family And Friends.
I'm so sad about this. I'm a huge Terrace House fan and wrestling fan so seeing her in the house was pretty refreshing. I was planning to go to a Stardom event on my next trip to Japan :(
Now is my birthday and now Hana is died. Hana Kimura rest in peace 😢
One of the more reasons that makes this tragic is that Hana had her entire career ahead of her at the age of 22 even if she broke into wrestling at a real young age. Such a shame. R.I.P.
Cobra Chicken
Cobra Chicken:
Why do people do this?... Just so very sad.
It's things like this that make me feel ashamed to be human sometimes. This should never happen to anyone.
eddy chaos
eddy chaos:
First shad now hana this year just 😢sad😭 tip
zak rowe
zak rowe:
I cant even imagine how kyoko must be feeling right now.
KINGMEMEYCREAMY Meme Creator man.:
First Rocky Johnson, Then Howard Finkel, Then Shad Gaspard, Now Hana Kimura!? What’s next!?
Idk who was she, but that's so sad to hear. :c
Not Travis
Not Travis:
i was sent here by Pewdiepie to pay my respects, may she Rest In Peace.
Twitter is so cancerous I swear, Rest In Paradise Hana :(
Bob Seiji
Bob Seiji:
I am Japanese and I must say it’s so shame that there are so many videos on YouTube “celebrating a death of Hana” or comments saying “I am so glad that she is dead”
I seriously can’t believe that people like that exists. Sure, Japanese people are so polite, yeah but remember not all of them.
It’s just so disgusting. What a fuckin shame.
Squealer Pig
Squealer Pig:
22 is a tough year for mental illness I went to the hospital at that age.
I watch stardom. She was great and will be missed :(
Can this year stop already.
Cyborg Wolf
Cyborg Wolf:
It's heartbreaking. I followed her thanks to terrace house & stardom & this is horrible.
We all know how she died, she sent the picks on social media before it got deleted .. :(
Nakama's Warrior
Nakama's Warrior:
This is just heart shattering. This is a time to show young, beautiful and talented.
Be Nice Be kind
Be Nice Be kind:
What happend?? So sad beautiful girl so sad 😢
Its Port
Its Port:
Rip Hana Kimura 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Haris Nasir
Haris Nasir:
Just woke up to the the news, man what a dark year this is turning out for pro wrestling first Shad passes away now the young up and comer Hana Kimura commits suicide. I really am shocked to hear that news. The cyber bullying is a serious offense, those neckbeards who only sit behind the keyboard type their opinions that we are the ones who calls the shots we know what is the best and what is the worst, if you don't like the person don't bully them do not be a bully. People need to start realizing every life is precious. And other people are just as important as you are.

The death of Hana Kimura is an absolute tragedy. I hope this serves as a reminder that interactions on social media can have a serious effect on the mental health of anyone, no matter who they are. Be kind. RIP
Rest in Peace Hana. You will be surely missed.
Whistler 97
Whistler 97:
She didn’t “die” she took her life because of the scum of the internet
Sibongiseni Liver Matiwane
Sibongiseni Liver Matiwane:
Rest In Peace Goodess❤️😘🙏
Billy Michalowski
Billy Michalowski:
The real sickening thing is i saw a forum of someone showing her cut herself like dude put that away show some damn respect
No subs No content
No subs No content:
So sad. Yet another innocent had to take their own life all because of some pathetic losers behind a keyboard....
The Scottish Raccoon
The Scottish Raccoon:
Always so sad to hear, RIP <3
This breaks me. 💔💯
Sad news.
RIP Hana.
Oh my god Becky
Oh my god Becky:
Watch the bullies be quiet now
Jordan 6223
Jordan 6223:
I still can’t believe this happened 😭😭
Doctor Awesomeness
Doctor Awesomeness:
She was the same age as me.
It’s so sad that so many young people pass away 💔
Vansh Saini
Vansh Saini:
Cyberbullying needs to stop.. Please guys
Loved her bubbly personality :'( R.I.P Hana <3
Tez Lacy
Tez Lacy:
One of my favorite joshi wrestlers:(
I got the jams
I got the jams:
This is depressing hope she rests well in heaven 💕
2:16 you said horrible with laughing ? What is funny for that 🤦🏻‍♀️
Linyoshi Belle
Linyoshi Belle:
I was praying so hard for her to wrestle in AEW. My gosh, this is so sad.
Came from Pewds...
I'm so sorry 😞
Don't worry guys she's with me
Ahmad Brkam
Ahmad Brkam:
You know something
Probably 1 positive comment would've stopped her from doing what she did it probably would've taken just 1
Kay Renee
Kay Renee:
It’s been a rough week in the wrestling community. 💔
Sound Breaker
Sound Breaker:
Twitter is the cesspool of social media, if not, the internet
Jason Deadshot
Jason Deadshot:
;( this makes me soo sad :(
Some people dont think what the consequences what cyber bullying can causes for some people. People need to start thinking about what the hell they are doing.
Inferno Dragon
Inferno Dragon:
I’m remembering Mark Salling’ death.
Hearing the news, the word came into my mind: Keep Holding On
Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley:
This honestly broke my heart! Always be kind to one another as we never know what's going through someones head.
I didnt know her prior, but c'mon man. That is just sad.
Batmandude 17
Batmandude 17:
Never knew her.. but Rest In Peace 😞
Eugene Kendrick
Eugene Kendrick:
It's times like these where I'm glad I deleted my Twitter
Ahh that's sad

Why did she continue reading these things though ??

Damn so easy to get around shit like that damn
No comming back from death
Damn defo a tragedy

Rest in peace
Awww i liked her alot on terrace house i was looking forward to seing here more when filming resumed
Warning to anyone bullied please listen to this. I was once there and thought hey if I wasn't here they would regret all the pain they caused me. No the bullies are dumb and evil and it will make no difference to them if your gone, they will actually be the winner and boast that your gone. Be strong, be brave, try to shut them out and if your in school and this is happening just know one day you will graduate and never deal with them again. ❤️❤️🤗So sad for this sweet girl that actually was doing pretty good for herself. How many people can say they were on Netflix, she bet she would be more known all around the world if her life did not end this way.
Natalie Upole
Natalie Upole:
This hurts. Literally my favourite wrestler in Stardom.
jeff brady
jeff brady:
I went threw suicidal depression back in school from being bullied. My heart crys for her and her family.
Aneek Kachhwaha
Aneek Kachhwaha:
Oh she looks so young rest peace 🙏
We don’t even know that some of the bullies are giving symphaties here like nothing happened
Joseph Hargrove
Joseph Hargrove:
I'm so sad to hear this. My prayers go to Hana's family in this difficult time.

Bullying in any fashion is wrong and shame on whoever did this to Hana.
She is my age :(
like water
like water:
She was such a positive soul and kind person. She was probably my favorite on TH. Shocking😢
Aneek Kachhwaha
Aneek Kachhwaha:
You shouldn't laugh pls give respect
Arthur Reyes
Arthur Reyes:
The world lost a beautiful young lady praying for her family and loved ones 🙏
This is really sad she was a talented sweet girl one of my favorites can't believe it prayers to her family
She had the biggest heart too 😔💔
iyokii cha taksin
iyokii cha taksin:
I saw terrace house and she was my favourite. I just found out and I am devastated. She did nothing and said nothing in that show for anyone to hate. She was very kind and nice to everyone. This is unfair. Too soon
Ivan Irizarry
Ivan Irizarry:
Me: clicks on the video

YouTube: Here have a Colgate commercial.

Erik Sabine
Erik Sabine:
I hope that everyone that bullied her online are charged!!
I’m devastated. 🥺😭😭
Tj Benson
Tj Benson:
I was just watching her on Terrace House. Oh God, I’m so sad.
Choco la
Choco la:
she took a selfie before she dies with her cat, and said “I love you, please have a long happy life. I'm sorry.”