Statue of Bristol slaver Edward Colston torn down by Black Lives Matter demonstrators

Protesters have once again taken to Britain's streets. The biggest crowds were in London where anti-racism demonstrators marched on the US embassy before returning to the scene of last night's sporadic violence in Whitehall. (Subscribe:

But the most striking images of the day were created by activists in Bristol, where police say they are working to identify those who "clearly committed an act of criminal damage".

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The Tribal Elevator
The Tribal Elevator:
Well done channel 4 for not turning off the comments section unlike many other British broadcasters!
Face Off
Face Off:
*People are saying the statue “tripped and fell over” into the water...*
Slave trade exists today in all third world countries including the UAE.
there tearing down statues that the democrat party put up lol
Rooster Sensei
Rooster Sensei:
Is the left going to keep taking down statues ???? My goodness if we forgot history were doomed to repeat it!!!!!
Chad Johnson
Chad Johnson:
Slavery was legal when Colson received slaves sold to him by black salesman.
Does anyone else find it strange:
The party that freed the slaves and passed Civil Rights is being called “racist” by the party that owned the slaves, founded the KKK, and opposed Civil Rights
Carry on wiping out unpleasant history folks. We will soon have that perfect Orwellian ideal...
Vladimir Grigorov
Vladimir Grigorov:
Oh, that'll teach him a lesson.
Not mention that he's been dead for over 300 years.
Mister Kay
Mister Kay:
This same energy is needed in places like Saudi Arabia where slave trades still exist!
Joshua Morgan
Joshua Morgan:
"Every record has been destroyed or falsified
every book rewritten, every picture has been
repainted, every street and statue has been
renamed, every date has been altered.

And the process is continuing day by day,
minute by minute. History has stopped.
Nothing exists except an endless present in
which the party is always right."

George Orwell, 1984
When are they pulling down the pyramids and the colosseum? 🤔
D M:
Let’s fight slavery, women mistreatments and everything that is happening around the world right now from Europe by vandalizing statues. It is definitely safer than actually fighting it where it is happening at the moment. Silly people!
Brad Rumble
Brad Rumble:
"A politicians dilemma and a journalists search for simplicity" beautifully said
John Scanlon
John Scanlon:
vegan hipsters all white and using the blacks to pass the time
Damn man Colston died twice
Saad Malik
Saad Malik:
They Did this To Saddam Hussain Statue in Iraq
KARMA: Hold my Beer
Timex 17
Timex 17:
This bloke is very eloquent and didn't take the msm bait. Good on him
mirda kanec
mirda kanec:
So slave trader ? ...AND WHO SOLD THE SLAVES TO HIM?..and where were not slaves around the world?...AND WHO STOPPED THE SLAVERY?
Frosty Arnie
Frosty Arnie:
Does this mean the Old Testament in the bible should be removed too as it supported slavery...? It’s an innocent question, don’t shoot me down!
real recognise real soraya Divided
real recognise real soraya Divided:
Why cut him off when hes talking about the deaths in custody in the uk
This hypocrite mayor is typical, if similar damage was caused for a right wing cause those responsible he would demand prosecution
Gray Beard ,
Gray Beard ,:
and next week itll be racist because more minorities are getting covid
Lady J jane
Lady J jane:
Sentencing the elderly and vulnerable to death here. My sister has a weak immune system and I already know someone who has DIED because of covid 19. Protest online. I agree with the cause 100% but the timing is terrible.
Jago Gonzalez
Jago Gonzalez:
love it. we need to do this in the entire south over in the U.S
Flynn Tib
Flynn Tib:
Why do not to distruct the pyramid, It also built by slaves for the slavers!
Brad Harrelson
Brad Harrelson:
Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.
Sir Amic Varze
Sir Amic Varze:
Nice to hear some good news for once.
paul fryburg
paul fryburg:
So whos getn arrested for destruction of property?
ADF Audio
ADF Audio:
We are not the 51st state of America
Deja Voodoo
Deja Voodoo:
The only crime committed here was the amount of people taking vertical cell phone videos.
M6LHL Jason
M6LHL Jason:
Guess you need to open up everything fully. Look what happens with bordom
Jack Smith
Jack Smith:
Bravo !!!
Jonathan Tatler
Jonathan Tatler:
We get the point but were all glad we don't live in the US.
Get some perspective.
Ronald van Kemenade
Ronald van Kemenade:
Great Britain ended the Atlantic slave trade, ruling the waves.
I say replace these statues with those captains.
Thank you Mayor. We need more nuanced conversations like this, not sound bites.
Harrison Hughes
Harrison Hughes:
Are you going to put the statue back
Its not at attack on the statue like those rioters think it is, its actually an attack on the era and what was deemed acceptable at the time. In other words, if these "oh so virtuous" Leftists had lived in Edwards time, they would've been doing the same thing as he did if they could. In fact, people in the future with their completely different standards that we accept today, will also be ripping down statues and other symbols of today's spoiled and privileged Leftists. Its all relative.
Spideog FoH
Spideog FoH:
So he's against damaging state property and for the removal of a memorial to a slave trader. Leveled headed reasonable and decent stance to take. The uk is full of memorials to the biggest bastards in history they won't miss one.
Gerald Payne
Gerald Payne:
Mayor handled Guru Murthy well I thought
David W
David W:
Edward Colston's statue was erected in 1895, to acknowledge Edward Colston's philanthropy to the city of Bristol. The statue is nothing to do with Slavery. The means do not justify the ends, meaning removing the statue like this was not appropriate, it was criminal and not justifed because he profited from slavery. The answer, remove the statue to somewhere else. Destroying it and defacing it was not the answer. IT WAS WRONG.
LET ME BE CLEAR I DO NOT SUPPORT SLAVERY OR ANY OPPRESSION. We have laws in this country and those protesters broken them.
Where does it end, I'm sure there are other statues, paintings, art work,....are they all to be destroyed too. .....
Colstons Almshouses, Colston Tower, Colston Hall, Colston Avenue, Colston Street, Colston's Girls' School, Colston's School, Colston's Primary School (until 2018) and Temple Colston School (now part of St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School)...are they now to torn down because of their association with Colston.
Jonny 97
Jonny 97:
2020 been a mad year
Lorna Anders
Lorna Anders:
Very biased questions, well done Mayor!
Kokila Patel
Kokila Patel:
Slave trading happening in Libya right now, but don’t worry, do something about it in say 400 years....
Russell Alami
Russell Alami:
A disgrace : Britain is a pretend democracy.
Mob-rule !
the tackle bay tourist
the tackle bay tourist:
Those who live in the past will never be free
Robert Skolimowski
Robert Skolimowski:
Hat tip to the mayor👏
Adam Powell
Adam Powell:
The Covid-19 rules have now collapsed. I am sure Chairman Cummings is enjoying this!
Username 123
Username 123:
In your FACE, Edward!!! Bet you didn’t like that, man who died hundreds of years ago!
S. H.
S. H.:
It gets so ironic when they’re filming with phones and wearing clothes from sweatshops
Attack symbols, get on the news, then it's all forgotten in two weeks.
Roger Lewis
Roger Lewis:
Well the pidgeons will miss him
Rocco Rina
Rocco Rina:
Your erasing your history if all these statues of slave trader's come down in the future no one will ever no about slavery!!! It's up to you.. doesn't bother me as a white person!!
Denzil B
Denzil B:
Put the statue back up ,,, until there has been a vote on it . BLM are communists.
Gábor Kovács
Gábor Kovács:
The danger of the multicultural/multiracial societies: The " opressed " minorities erase your own history and telling you how to think and how to speak.
Five gold star
Five gold star:
"More than 18 million people, or 1.4% of India's population, live in slavery"

My comments get getting deleted for no reason then stating fact.
Sukiyah Dinnall-whittaker
Sukiyah Dinnall-whittaker:
If anyone’s concerned then go to the harbour side jump in the water and go get it themselves 🥱
That mayor handled that interview very well
Now for the paymasters of Colston and Rhodes, the Rothschild family.
Trust Moe
Trust Moe:
When’s the Churchill state coming down?
Kimber Fae
Kimber Fae:
Was just on YouTube FrugalFitMom she was making a recipe then said “let’s call a spade a spade” SMH. I sent a comment asking what she meant and she was oblivious to the comment
Luar Vik
Luar Vik:
Putting this energy into rocket science and we've been to Alpha Centauri already.
2:47 oh no not this guy, why is he still employed??
When Muhammed Ali fought in Africa he was soooo impressed he actually said, "Thank God my ancestors were on that boat"
Does any African American think differently...I very much doubt it?
is that channel 4's attempt to redacture this interview
Storm Hawk
Storm Hawk:
Just to put things in perspective, Thomas Colton was a man of his time, being a slave owner was deemed completely acceptable in his lifetime. Mainland Britain abolished slavery in 1807 and the Empire in 1834. Since these protesters are against slavery I suggest they channel their energy not pulling down some statue of some long dead slaver but to protest against countries that are still performing slavery TODAY. I’ll name a few nations :
ALL African nations were black people are being captured and sold into slavery as we speak. Do these protestors turn a blind eye because the perpetrators are “other black people” ?
Repulse theMonkey
Repulse theMonkey:
This is mob rule, by the Woke Taliban. Criminal vandals should not decide whether artwork should be on display.
leicester black cabs leicester black cabs
leicester black cabs leicester black cabs:
I want this mayor to be prime minister of England !
This guy is absolutely brilliant!
A A:
2020 and UK still has slave owners statue? I never knew this.
Lazy Catfood
Lazy Catfood:
Nancy Pelosi: What a beautiful sight to behold"
Cat Al Saudi
Cat Al Saudi:
Bristol City Council, Labour Party majority, would you believe it ?
White Wolf
White Wolf:
Slave trading is still going on....look at Africa and Middleast and other parts of the World....not only to BLACK but to many RACES....
Ign acy Moz arow ski
Ign acy Moz arow ski:
Google ZOG 😓 and Podesta f art collection 😹👌🔥🔥🍄🍄 LSD adorable
Josh Edmonds
Josh Edmonds:
true fact: If you tell a Britt the queen has can literally watch their souls die in their eyes
hard truth
hard truth:
That is amazing power to the people.all memories of the evil slave trade should be demolished .i love all of these different nationalities helping us change the world.
Will old Washington's statue be the next, I wonder.
Emma Brooker
Emma Brooker:
Bristols shady Merchant Venturer's Society need bringing out to the light.
Ade Fegan
Ade Fegan:
"more important" to them
I like how the reporter and very long mic are keeping their distance at 1:15😊
G'won Christian 👏🏾 Ask the tough questions. People want to know!
Carolyn Abbott
Carolyn Abbott:
Perhaps some of this energy could now be redirected to combat worldwide, modern slavery which, as it stands now dwarfes historical slavery massively.
CodeName V
CodeName V:
23 of your officers were injuered?
May i suggest go and hide under a table?
Hein Noordewind
Hein Noordewind:
This is insane. Wiping out your history and replacing it with new icons whos only acomplishment is protesting...
Yet the media and politicians all applauded when the statue of Saddam Hussein was ripped down. SMFH
Michelle Phillips
Michelle Phillips:
Iceberg Rose
Iceberg Rose:
Sounds like that statue should never have gone up in the first place. Let it go, move on.
kim warburton
kim warburton:
the statue shouldnt have been up this long imo, should have already been removed
zap zap
zap zap:
C4 - you cut him off! And then you do longer interviews/podcasts which are less interesting.
Ben Smith
Ben Smith:
So while people were prevented from seeing their loved ones before they died from corona virus, these nitwits and numb skulls decide it would be great idea to form a big unruly mob. Real future leaders.
So what your saying is if I find something offensive I should just rip it down. That’s my right I can do what I wait but anything could offensive so that would be ....anarchy...... you Muppets!
I am Korean. And there is one thing you have to know. You must stop being a racist towards asian. Stop bullying Asians. Stop laughing at Asians. If you don't reapect all races, you have no right to talk about racism.
Freshman Junior
Freshman Junior:
The likes vs Dislikes are so satisfying 😂😂😂😂😂
Goa Constrictor
Goa Constrictor:
The US riots proved that Covid-19 is a hoax.
Laura Nwogu
Laura Nwogu:
Ahaaaaaahaa we love to see it🙃🤘🏾
Good ol' Brizzle. Gert lush. 👍🏽✊🏽✌🏽
Ribtickler 84
Ribtickler 84:
Dont worry about covid 19, when they all catch it they will say BAME people are more susceptible to it lol.
Imjust HereJustSayin
Imjust HereJustSayin:
Yes erase history, great job.
TheEndIsHere FinalWarning
TheEndIsHere FinalWarning:
Smart guy everything he said he was correct! Bristol has always been my favourite city outside of London and this mayor and the people of the city who pulled down that wicked statue reinforced that.