STAY ✔️ or GO ❌? Assessing the ENTIRE Manchester Utd squad… 👀 | Saturday Social

Joe and Smithy are joined by Statman Dave & Chelsea Rory this week on Saturday Social. After a tough run out against Manchester City last weekend, Manchester United’s squad has been questioned this week. We take a look at the whole squad, and decide who should stay and who should go.
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You already know the list is wrong when you see Maguire in the Stay category.
"Ahh Maguire, I have never seen any footballers taking the defense apart like he does."

"Maguire is the most difficult player I have ever defended against."
Luke shaw

"He is the one player I've always had to keep an eye on during the whole match, he is simply unpredictable."
Victor Lindelof

"Every move he generates with his skills terrifies me."
Raphael Varane

"When he is in the box, Maguire is the toughest player I have ever had to deal with."
David De Gea

"There's no player running towards goal I fear more than Maguire."
Wan Bissaka

"At 80m, he is a bargain. He is the most consistent defender I have ever seen."
Sir Alex Furgerson

"He sees the spaces between defenders that no one else can."
Mesut Ozil

"He can play for both sides, such a class player."
Roy keane

"The greatest false 4 in history."
Pep guardiola

"This guy, he is feared even by his own teammates."
Patrick Vieira

"Give me Maguire and 10 pieces of wood and I will give you 11 pieces of wood."
Zinedine Zidane

"When Maguire leads a counter attack, we all rush back on goal to defend."
Paul Pogba

"Harry's sheer presence in this United squad is crucial to our success, he is simply irreplaceable."
~ Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Man city

"He is class. If every team had a player in their team like Maguire, they wouldn't need opposing teams."
Xavi Hernandez

"He is the best player I have ever played with."
Mohammed Salah

"There are two goals in the field, Maguire, he can score anywhere he likes. He is a phenomenon."

"He is the one player every club wants to have in the lineup....
....Of the opposing team."
Paolo Maldini

"Everyone makes mistakes, even professionals, what Maguire does isn't.. Just pure skills."
Neymar Jr

"My only mistake was not being as consistent as him."
Phil Jones

"Maguire is the most kind hearted opponent I have ever faced."
Roberto Firminho

"I have never seen any CB playing the art of Onside trap as well as Maguire."
Carles Puyol

"He was born to defend his team from winning."
Gary Neville

"Don't judge a goal by its side, a goal is a goal."
Harry Maguire

"I almost lost my career because of him."
Mr bean
n y c s h a m y
n y c s h a m y:
When he put Maguire in the Stay section, I knew it was time to turn this off. Maguire is an awful player and any fan who says otherwise is deluded. How he's a regular starter and a captain is crazy
Andy Best
Andy Best:
This was actually really insightful look into the psychology around the club and the fans. It was supposed to be an exercise in being a bit nasty and brutal, to hold the current squad up to the Keane standard, to the Man U who won trebles. Conclusion: nice people, heart in the right place, but in complete denial about what needs to happen.
Aftab Bashir
Aftab Bashir:
Flipping heck, just the discussion around Maguire and Varane is hilarious. You'd think Maguire is the one with 4 CL and a world cup medal!

Maguire is NOT Man Utd standards, how the hell he made the Stay section is just crazy talk.
ryan g
ryan g:
Just watched Maguire score an own goal that nearly cost us two points, and Ronaldo score a hat trick that won us the game. Who are we letting go again?
Sure, keep your defense, they’ll come in handy as bench options. Shaw and Wan-Bissaka have 1 or 2 more seasons to show what they’re really about. Dalot can be a great player. Lindelof seems like a good backup option. Maguire should just leave, unless he’s cool with being a backup.
Rory is spot on with EVERY take. Love him, get him on again!
Sharon- 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]
Sharon- 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]:
Dave: "The defence is one of the big issues at Manchester United and needs to be sorted"
Also Dave: Selects to keep 6 out of the 9 defenders in the squad
Ethan Heneghan
Ethan Heneghan:
I’d love to see Dean Hendo at Everton or West Ham, and maybe get into the England squad
Maguire: Scores an own goal today, should stay
Ronaldo: Scores a hattrick today, should go
mohit aggarwal
mohit aggarwal:
Dave once mentioned to put Darren Fletcher in man utd all time XI... So the maguire one is not that shocking
Traitor to the Cause
Traitor to the Cause:
I’m not a United fan so I love seeing their misery right now but literally everyone except Varane and Sancho needs to be sold and possibly De Gea but I feel like he needs a new challenge
Josh Davidson
Josh Davidson:
When they was talking about maguire I had to check three times if the video was “11 days ago” or 11 month ago 😂😂😂 and watching the rest of this Iv come to the conclusion that these are delusional 😂😂if I was at united there’s probs about 4/5 players that are a stay but as a city fan I’m enjoying this squad so keep them all 😂
Really good video, good debate. As a complete neutral I'm baffled. Depends what level united want to be at. When I was growing up united was the best at everything. If I look at city, Liverpool and Chelsea, united maybe have three or four players at best who would get in their squads as squad players, not starters. If united want to get back they need a massive clear out
Roy Phillips
Roy Phillips:
Dave: "The defence is one of the big issues at Manchester United and needs to be sorted"
Also Dave: *Selects to keep 6 out of the 9 defenders in the squad*
I Am IRonMaN
I Am IRonMaN:
As a Man City fan please keep Maguire, he is a gift that keeps on giving!
Anirudh Chakravarthy Ramji
Anirudh Chakravarthy Ramji:
I know a lot of people don’t want Maguire to stay over recent performances. It has been terrible - but keeping him would be the smart decision.

Last season he was solid for us, he shouldn’t captain - he can be our backup center half. Hope he regains form next season under a new manager. And not being a captain improves his performances
Benz Abanga
Benz Abanga:
Love to see Statman Dave living the dream
Lord Vegas Koomson
Lord Vegas Koomson:
I think they're doing partiality, because how can you add Maguire to the stay group
As a Liverpool fan, keep Maguire at Man United. This is hilarious
As a Manchester fan I can’t stand hearing I love this player so he should stay this is y we’re not competing for trophies we keep players just because we love them not because if they’re good enough🤦
Khangelani Zulu
Khangelani Zulu:
Wow Rory has been absolutely spot on throughout, he's right about Maguire, wan bissaka and Pogba
IM a Chelsea fan and even i see you have a star in Maguire. His stats last season were phenomenal. if theres even a chance he can go back to that you need to keep him.
Nicholas Kriticos
Nicholas Kriticos:
One mistake Ole made at the club was giving Harry Maguire the Capacity… Absolutely Unforgivable decision… Shocking… I always thought that was terrible idea…
Am I in a parallel universe where Rory speaks more sense than anyone else about a club he doesn’t support?
KenG Brissy
KenG Brissy:
Rory choices shows why ManU aren't able to find the right manager, Rory is the only one of the 4 to be accurate
Maguire hasn't been the same since, Greece.

Obviously the players know what he's done and he's let it affect his game, that wasn't great to start with.
Rainizaz Mohd Razali
Rainizaz Mohd Razali:
Love Dave but Rory is always brilliant and on point for his view on United. Cristiano stays, Rashford and Maguire should go. Simple as.
You already know the list is wrong when you see Maguire , McFred in the Stay category and CR7 go category
I had so much respect for Dave. But honestly a Chelsea fan can clearly judge things better than him. His opinion has dented all Man U fans to be incompetent and I dont think he speaks for all of us. Do this segment with Gold bridge and hear a fan with standards, speak the truth about what needs to be done in this club.
Depends. How much money do I have to replace? How many new players can I bring in?

With no limits, I'd only keep a few players and sell most of the squad.
elliot wallace
elliot wallace:
Fred has tallent it’s there and he’s played well the last few games. Scott mctominay has passion but he’s just not good enough for this club
David Reid
David Reid:
I'd keep Bailly and Jones and ask Maguire to leave. Maguire has cost us more goals than any other single player... really not good enough.
Graham Lee
Graham Lee:
When talking about big games for this club and specifically Scott McTominay, the fact that he put Leeds United in the same category as Liverpool and Man City is BEYOND me
Caoimhghin Boyle
Caoimhghin Boyle:
Love how Dave proceeds to keep most of the players who are a problem at united. Baffling. Rory knows more about united than united fans.
"Scored one goal in 2022", my man, Ronaldo took this personally and made it four goals in 2022.
Zach Austin-Humphries
Zach Austin-Humphries:
Actually agreed with the list all the way, until the end. You can't keep Rashford and Maguire based on previous form and then sell Ronaldo just because he'd hit a small slump in his performance.
Lunghi Nkanyani
Lunghi Nkanyani:
This guy doesn’t know what he is doing😭😭😭they should bring Mark Goldbridge to do one of these. Personally I’d let Maguire, Rashford and McTominay go and keep Ronaldo
Ryan Moss
Ryan Moss:
love watching these after a few months to see that ronaldo has scored like 8 of the last 9 goals for the whole team
I find it funny how the non United fans can see that Maguire isn’t good enough but the United fans don’t. The guy seemed more sure on Maguire than Varane. Criminal (Maguire own goal today)
Suriah Selvam
Suriah Selvam:
I'm typing this as we go in terms of where I might disagree . First of all, Deano has to stay. De Gea doesn't have many years left and we can't be looking back in the market at that popint. With Phil, I don't mind giving him a chance. But really depends on his wages. With Harry Maguire, he has to go. His price tag is weighing too heavy on him. It's best for both the club and him that he goes. I think Rory/Dave have got it the wrong way around with Dalot and AWB. AWB is a much better player and everytime I watch Dalot I am reminded of how mediocre of a club United are right now. He is not spectacular in attack, and his defending is attrocious. With AWB, you know you at least get a good defender. He led the league for blocks/tackles for couple of seasons in a row. Needs some improvement in his positioning a little but I think that's coachable. With TElles, I'm on the fence. He's great going forward. He's just absolutely terrible at defending. He has the heart just not a good defender with his reading of the game. I'd even be willing to let Telles go and keep Brandon instead. In midfield, Pogba has to stay. What a generational talent. I know this shouldn't discuss transfers in. But a great DM is all we need to unlock him (see the French national team or even his partnership with Pogba during Project Restart as the perfect example of that. McT is a 50/50 for me but I'd keep him for depth and also that intensity during big games like Fletch used to be in our peak teams. For Anthony, I'm biased but he's one of our most talented No 9's. I think he works well in a fluid system as opposed to being a classic 9. So I'd actually keep him. Absolutely with Dave here on Rash. Even last season, he was amazing until his injuries caught up towards the end. Had a bad Euros because of it. Should never have went as he should have just done the surgery before the Euros. The penalty miss in the final has also obviously hurt it. He's just struggling to recover from both of those. But I think he'll come good again soon. And absolutely on point with CR7/Cavani. Exactly the reason why Anthony should stay too haha.
When it comes to Rashford it depends on the style and strategy of your game. Does he fit Rangnicks's 2nd C for Utd?

Is ETH going to play a fast real counterattcking team? Or something else. It seems really simple.
orathai pandokmai
orathai pandokmai:
Haha I’m just bewildered with Telles & Maguire staying? Atrocious plus selling CR7 come on man…I’ve never disagree this much with Dave on this
Evan Ginsburg
Evan Ginsburg:
Yes a lot of these players aren’t United “standard” but unless they’re gonna drop a billon in the transfer market this summer they have to start somewhere and build up slowly
I love Rory. He just knows what he’s talking about man. He’s not even a United fan but he knows the level United should be operating at.
Ronaldo would be amazing at City where they always have the ball, and he would never have to even act like he was going to attempt to play defense
daniel alexandre
daniel alexandre:
I bet Dave already regrets saying ronaldo should go, and even saying "he only scored one goal in 2022". Now its four Dave! You should know ronaldo better than that!
The ending of this episode is brutal😭 “he’s only scored one goal in 2022” ‘video end’
Hassan Hamid
Hassan Hamid:
to ronaldo, "he has only scored one goal in 2022"
Miguel Magalhães
Miguel Magalhães:
This aged well. Ronaldo just scored a hat trick. Eat that, Dave.
I wouldn't sell Matic unless two defensive midfielders are brought in. He's the only actual defensive midfielder in the team.
Mohammed Abdullatif
Mohammed Abdullatif:
Rory is one of the most knowledgeable football youtubers. Great man
18:03 Rory: "He isn't good enough, he isn't a good enough player he had some terrible moments for the club lately and I don't think he has enough to play at this level"
And somehow Maguire is in the "stay" area
Ulf Lilienthal
Ulf Lilienthal:
Williams at 21 is a definite stay. Is an academy product, stepped in very well in 2019-20. Used the wrong way in 2020-21 (should have gone on loan) and has had a great loan move to Norwich, worked his way into a first choice, player of the month and probably one of top 2 or 3 players ona premier league club. Should get another chance under a new manager at United, especially if you are keeping Donny VanDeBeek.
Yoni Marlow
Yoni Marlow:
Would have liked to see this done after the spurs game lol
M D:
I’d be interested in seeing if any of their decisions have changed over the last month. Ronaldo only had 1 goal in 22 at the time, but now leads scoring in 22.
KenG Brissy
KenG Brissy:
They have so many inconsistent players in the squad, most players aren't good enough for ManU
Ronald Rain
Ronald Rain:
Much as we need English players in the Man united team, I think we just have wrong English players who shouldn't be in the club at all apart from Sancho, Greenwood and Rashford if he improves maybe.
Russell Hustle
Russell Hustle:
If these guys had the opportunity to buil United, they would've surely asked Ronaldo and De Gea to leave immediately and would've begged Maguire to stay😂
Laing D
Laing D:
Rory spot on about Maguire 👏
Rio Elias
Rio Elias:
I love how it cut off with saying Ronaldo has “only scored one goal in 2022” and then bags a hat trick against spurs the next day
Pranoy Biswas
Pranoy Biswas:
The ronaldo should go part really aged well😂... As he scored a hat-trick in the game against Tottenham.. i am not a har core ronaldo fan but letting him go is a bit disrespectful i think.
Fredy Budiman
Fredy Budiman:
after today match against tottemham, i believe they already changes their mind about ronaldo to leave
The fact Maguire is still a regular starter is bad in itself but the fact he is still captain is actually unbelievable & shows how much of a circus the glazers & the board have made the club. Maguire is the worst captain the club has ever had, and that’s not an over exaggeration
I always knew these guys don't know what they're talking about when they didn't include Bruno in the team of the season even tho' he's been the best creator in Europe's top leagues for the past two seasons 😂
Storm Phillips
Storm Phillips:
Great opinions guys, but how is Maguire in the STAY category especially when it was said he is not a Man United player?
Noah Clegg
Noah Clegg:
I would like a list of players Rory considers Good Enough for United.
Guts Pride
Guts Pride:
When he said "Maguire stay" I was screaming "Nooooooo "
When you have a moderator that says that he keeps Maguire, Fred and Rashford and decided to sack Ronaldo from the team says everything how much he understands football. Man United deserves much better!
Keep: De Gea, Varane, Telles, McTominay, DVB, Ronaldo, Sancho, Elanga.

Everyone else should go
Angelic Freedom
Angelic Freedom:
Maguire stay?!🤯
Come on lads be serious 🤣
Ahmed Hossam
Ahmed Hossam:
You lost me at " Shaw having potential to play as a 3rd CB" have you watched Townsend's goal in the 1st leg!!! It's completely his fault
Nagisa Oguro
Nagisa Oguro:
Listening to this hilarious. Keep Rashford, McGuire etc. Let go of Ronaldo and Pogba. As a Manchester City fan, I hope Ten Haag shares your vision 😂
Harshvardhan Gaikwad
Harshvardhan Gaikwad:
For this kind of topic Goldbridge needs to be there, would have been really fun.
As a united fan, Dave isn't impartial when it comes to the clubs 'favourites'. It's interesting that Dave was quick to criticise varanes current form and injuries but not Maguires. He used Maguires previous form to make his argument to keep him but didn't use Champions leagues varane previous stellar form for Real? Dave is too emotional, don't bring him back....Rorys analysis was logical and accurate.
Rishab Pradhan
Rishab Pradhan:
20:57 "He has only scored 1 goal in 2022."
Present : Cristiano Ronaldo has scored the most PL goals in 2022. 👍
Eoin Mulcahy
Eoin Mulcahy:
Love what Rory said about Rashford!
Karthikeyan S
Karthikeyan S:
dave: rashford is in a bad spot but i'd keep him
also dave: ronaldo has only scored 1 goal in 2022 (now 4 obviously)
As a united fan I'm worried by this man's selections, thank you Rory for being a sane voice..... Maguire and Mcfred to stay and pogba to go is so unbelievably wrong on so many levels. Maguire alone has been a laughing stock every game this season because of his performances, how can you back that
jokes aside with maguire being a bomb scare if him and varrane can become a partnership with de gea as club captain it could be fine.

id add pogba into this too with consistency he can perform right now nothing at utd is consistent apart maybe being consistently subpar
Imran Patel
Imran Patel:
Theres no way your getting rid of 12 players in a single and relacing them with 12 new players. Even half the players on stay not the level to compete for biggest titles
Rashford Mctomney Maguire
3 of the biggest problems for me not just on the pitch but the fact that these 3 wont be sold for at least 3-5 years
Venny- 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]🔞
Venny- 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]🔞:
I love Rory. He just knows what he’s talking about man. He’s not even a United fan but he knows the level United should be operating at.
Jesse Mbambadzeni
Jesse Mbambadzeni:
Embarrassed as a united fan to see some of the players Dave wants to still keep. United should only keep 4 players in my opinion
Jamie Drury
Jamie Drury:
Maguire, Lindelof, Fred & Mctominay need to go. I don't know how any utd fan would want to keep any of them. I think this is utd fans thinking their players are better than they are.
Ethan Heneghan
Ethan Heneghan:
As a United fan. I wouldn’t be against Rashford going on loan and just getting some confidence back
D Hom
D Hom:
If you ask dave who United should sign to score more goals.
Dave: Michu, if you back at that season 18 goals in 35 games. They are elite numbers, they just are, thats just elite level.
Jeremiah SEAL
Jeremiah SEAL:
Pov: you’re watching this after Ronaldo’s hattrick against spurs 💀
L P:
The fact that this man instantly and without question put Mctominay in Stay tells you everything you need to know.
When you bring in the "he's a brilliant human" in a purely football conversation you already lost the debate. But I would give rashford a second chance under a different manager
As an a Lfc fan, when he said Maguire should stay I immediately lost respect for his opinion...As an opposing fan I hope they keep him, but honestly, are there really Man U fans who think he's good enough to play for them let alone be Captain?
Crease Mason
Crease Mason:
We need a clear out:

GO: Henderson, Jones, Maguire, Pogba, Matic, Mata, Lingard, Martial, Rashford, Greenwood, Cavani

Bring back: Van De Beek, Diallo, Garner. (Promote Hanniball)

Recruit: Rudiger, Rice, Kane
Dam this aged well. Guy literally bagged a hattrick against spurs and single handedly won them the game. The guy talks about stats so much and misses the most important one. Goals win games and this guy has an abundance
Dimitry Ivanov
Dimitry Ivanov:
Now Ronaldo scored a hat trick against Spurs, then he'll probably carry this team to top 4 and there will still be people like Dave who's gonna want him to leave.
Nicholas Kriticos
Nicholas Kriticos:
Statman Dave was absolutely spot on w Rashford take but we need to immediately sell ronaldo cuz he doesn’t press enough 😂
Someone said that you will never be able to regain what was lost. Hence I believe that Maguire should leave and try to revive his career.
Markus Hagedorn
Markus Hagedorn:
Scoring goals is only one part of many in football. When you have someone who only does one thing, he makes the rest of the team orse, which is the problem with Ronaldo. Defenders need to be able to transition the game and pick attacking passes. Attackers need to chase and win the ball back once it's been lost. Utd have a lot of players who only defend, or only attack, and then often, do neither well.
Lil Hall
Lil Hall:
“He’s only scored 1 goal in 2022”
The next day: Scores hat trick vs Spurs
Niall Ireland
Niall Ireland:
Rory a million % on maguire , he’s a great player playing in a back 11, was clear to see the sort of English bias aswell when they were just trowing varane in the stay category even do he’s our best defenders and has be top class in the games he’s played