Stefanos Tsitsipas vs Borna Coric | US Open 2020 Round 3

Stefanos Tsitsipas takes on Borna Coric in Round 3 of the US Open 2020.

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Quốc Khánh YT
Quốc Khánh YT:
US Open, why on earth that you didn't shown all the match points in this highlights?! This highlight is extremely bad! 😑😑😑😑
Γιωργος Παπαδακης
Γιωργος Παπαδακης:
6 match points and you didnt show none of them! Great highlights 😂
Ben Brennan
Ben Brennan:
Ok so this years US open highlights are officially THE worst that ive ever seen
Aidan Sloyan
Aidan Sloyan:
US Open Commentator: "saving SIX MATCH POINTS..."
US Open Highlights: nOpE
I hate how it’s now the norm for slams to put out too short and just overall terrible highlights, we deserve better ffs
RCoS Na:
Why isn't there any match point saving moments?
T Clipse
T Clipse:
These highlights aren't good but on another note I'm so happy for Coric, he Is not pushover. Good luck going forward
I think they are preparing us for how short roland garros highlights will be
Yash Kshirsagar
Yash Kshirsagar:
who's in charge of these highlights? there were several match points that Coric overcame for this comeback! horrible editing
Human Entity
Human Entity:
What a match, tsitsipas buried Coric but he came back from the dead and defeated the Greek
Davor Bobanac
Davor Bobanac:
Do we have to pay something to someone to see those 6 match points saved?
Isaac Ben
Isaac Ben:
Highlights need to longer smh
Coric looking like Djokovic out there with that comeback
Vinayak Mittal
Vinayak Mittal:
If any match deserved a crowd it was this one
3 minute highlights for a 5 set, 4+ hour match? Pathetic!
ouch. and I thought Fritz choked, this one's gotta hurt.
When Tsitsipas was up 5-2 in the 4th set and serving for it, I thought to myself...."there's no way he can lose this match, right?" And somehow he managed to muck it up.
Bad highlight ! Is that a computer that make them ? Please ask to someone who love tennis to make them !
wow, Tsitsipas was playing great too, so this was a huge win for Coric.
Alexander Pruger
Alexander Pruger:
Massive choke from Tsitsipas but credit to Coric - hung in there and won in the end.
Game Slipped away like the bottle from kyrgios hand.
SketchUp Style
SketchUp Style:
You call this highlights? Sloppy job
Tree Garden Life
Tree Garden Life:
The 4th set is a must watch. Happen to see it and it was awesome. These highlights don't tell the story.
Anirudh Vadlamani
Anirudh Vadlamani:
I was expecting a 4-set/5-set match for Tsitsipas, but didn't expect Coric to pull it off!
He was 5-1 in the fourth!!!
Karlo Marić
Karlo Marić:
Borna je borac bez mane! Sad sredi tog nekog Thompsona i onda u četvrtfinale sa Zverevom.
jorge rodriguez
jorge rodriguez:
Tsitsipas had this match in his hands and let it slip away. Coric more experienced being around the big boys longer, hung in there and ended up winning this match.
Jonathan Low
Jonathan Low:
Coric pulled a Federer and Tsitsipas pulled a Sandgren (AO 2020)
Trent Timoy
Trent Timoy:
This was a crazy good match in so many ways. Stefano's and his father drama (again) and Coric undying spirit to never give up.
marlon gomez
marlon gomez:
what a fight borna!!!
Ryan Gianan
Ryan Gianan:
The commentator kept on saying "George" instead of Coric or Borna.
Jaimin Trivedi
Jaimin Trivedi:
coric is so overrated.
Rust Cohle
Rust Cohle:
Coric is very underrated and whoever makes these highlights should be fired.
Dandy Lengyel
Dandy Lengyel:
Congrats Borna ♥ I love him. After Grigor and Danill my most favorite player.
French open: l have ze worst highlights
US open: Hold my beer
Mithun Sundararaaja Ravikumar
Mithun Sundararaaja Ravikumar:
3 minute Tutorial on how not to edit a video 😂😂
Edward Hannah
Edward Hannah:
He was practically into the 4th round! It didn’t help that Stefanos father kept moving his seat position.
Alexandre Germanos
Alexandre Germanos:
USO really more interested in keeping vids to 3 minutes than actually showing what happened
Cole Weston
Cole Weston:
Whoever is editing highlights this year needs to be fired
andres walker
andres walker:
Unbelievable capacity from this channel to take an extraordinary match and make the shittiest highlights possible
Kiwon Nam
Kiwon Nam:
And to think I turned the stream off at 5-1 in the fourth..........
Sad for Tsitsi, but very happy for Borna! Bravo Coricu!!
Roberto Ruggio
Roberto Ruggio:
Tsitsipas should move on from his father and hire another coach.
Alex Fratelli
Alex Fratelli:
What a great comeback from Coric! So happy for him, good to see he still got the skills to be one of the top players!
kushan shah
kushan shah:
With this result, Novak can now sleepwalk his way to the final.
Great match for both!
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss:
When Tsitsipas was up 5-2 in the 4th set and serving for it, I thought to myself...."there's no way he can lose this match, right?" And somehow he managed to muck it up.
sanjay a p p
sanjay a p p:
Great comeback win from Coric
Six match points saved by Coric and didn't even bother showing single one of them? What kind of a highlight video is this?
v z
v z:
Go Borna as far as you can! This is huge for him, especially since he had some complications after tested positive on corona virus. I am wishing all the best!
I'm surprised. Another top seed out. I have had my eye in Coric since his loss at last years US open first round. Congrats.
Rio de Heaux
Rio de Heaux:
When Dimitrov let me down, Coric picked me back up <3
Tennis RNSW
Tennis RNSW:
Really Tsitsipas I actually believed in you for 1 second smh
Tsitsipas' offence always reminds me of Roger's
Vinko Vinko
Vinko Vinko:
Bravo, Borna! Go on and good luck!
As a Djokovic fan this was awesome to watch
Watched the match, it was crazy Tsitsipas couldn’t finish him. After he broke him in the 5th, I thought he was going to finish it off....NOPE!
George Gibson
George Gibson:
0:15 great point Coric at critical time
John Cairns
John Cairns:
Bro at 2:00 they went back in time to the set we saw Coric win seconds before
Everytime I see an athlete thanking someone up there in the sky it reminds me Agassi's biography.
Scotty's ATP Analysis
Scotty's ATP Analysis:
Larvancio Ramos
Larvancio Ramos:
Finally Coric!!!
Hope this would be a new begining!!!
I watched this match all the way through and this was by far one of the most intense and crazy matches I’ve ever seen. It’s a shame the highlights only shows a few points even though there were so many good ones.
02 Andrew Edwin y
02 Andrew Edwin y:
Probably Coric best match of his career 😅❤well played man
Vedran Grubac
Vedran Grubac:
I watch the whole tennis match it was amazing I stuck with my boy Coro for till the end of the match I knew he had it in him I just wasn’t quite sure if he was going to make it so happy he did it😄😄😄😄
Harris Q
Harris Q:
The Shoe-Squeaks are deafening.
zachary wan
zachary wan:
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
This was an incredible battle. It is not easy to beat Tsitsipas at all. Well done.
Martin Seiler
Martin Seiler:
Have a good flight home Tsitsipas!🙋‍♂️
Sushobhan Choudhary
Sushobhan Choudhary:
Chokesipas out of tournament before it got to start.
Jack Liu
Jack Liu:
Nice match! I don’t remember when is the last time I played, I miss tennis!
Jonathan Kim
Jonathan Kim:
Great job Coric!!!
Can’t stand Tsitsipas
Scotty's ATP Analysis
Scotty's ATP Analysis:
Oh sweet a highlight that has 1 point in the first set
Ordinary Guy
Ordinary Guy:
Man do I love this!!! Massive respect for Borna Coric taking out Sissi-pas!
2:32 this rally is like 2 superhumans :o
1:24 1:58 Wtf just happened
Joe Star
Joe Star:
I turned the match off and went to sleep, big mistake! That just goes to show, it's not over until the last point is played.
drew acabu
drew acabu:
this match deserves more highlights
shivraj yadav
shivraj yadav:
With this early exit from US Open, Stefano’s father security must be on high priority 😜
Аманжан Сарсенгалиев
Аманжан Сарсенгалиев:
3:14 simona halep😂☦️
Coin Chaser
Coin Chaser:
I am shocked😱. Tsisipas was up 2 breaks in the forth and had 5 match points!!!
(and coric saved at least 4 break points) and up a break in the fifth and coric still came through. Unbelievable
David Hsiao
David Hsiao:
Well played Coric! :D
Shobhit Srivastava
Shobhit Srivastava:
Thanks for showing all match points 😀 much appreciated. And also excellent editing @1:56
Kieran Rankie
Kieran Rankie:
Well I didn't expect this result but to be honest is it ever a surprise when one of these young players loses an early round slam match?
Tomasz Jaszczyński
Tomasz Jaszczyński:
Ok now who's doing that highlights? Please make them at least 10 min and choose better rallies and more important points :D
josue villalobos
josue villalobos:
I Lost my money 😭
Benny Smith
Benny Smith:
Are these highlights a joke? How can you not show any of the match points??
UBU LiveLive Nation
UBU LiveLive Nation:
This was a SEXY match
purple lila
purple lila:
Ive always had a cruch on coric😍
Lazirdamha Othman
Lazirdamha Othman:
aggressive & very powerful ground strokes from both player!one of the best US Open match 2020 for sure...
Hart K
Hart K:
Coric was so hot >.<
Aldo Fernandes Azevedo
Aldo Fernandes Azevedo:
Second best game of the tournament until now!
Neil Óg
Neil Óg:
Match points????
hormaz dastoor
hormaz dastoor:
With these highlights seems like US Open will do everything to keep fans uninterested in Tennis . Great job 👍
ibolya kontor
ibolya kontor:
Borna we were praying for you. You kept your cool, and won and you really worked for it. Thank you for the fantastic exciting match!
Didn't feel that Stefanos was at the top of his game coming in. Bravo to Borna for hanging in there and pulling it out. Great match!
JC 1026
JC 1026:
I’m confused, are there other points before every set point?
Karthik Shettyan
Karthik Shettyan:
have to see the full highlights